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23andMe DNA Kits: The Best Deals We Found

The 23andMe DNA kit sale has begun! This is the most popular DNA testing kit, and people all over the internet have been waiting for this time of year to get a discount or special deal.

Take a look at this:

Today’s Deals

23andMe DNA kits were one of the top 10 products sold on Black Friday last year, and this year should be no different. When else can you get discounts as high as 50%??? But 23andMe is not the only company discounting their kits today.

Today we’re going to talk about how these kits can become even cheaper for you than they normally are, making these types of DNA testing technologies come down to tens of dollars, not hundreds. Stick around if you’re intrigued to see how this amazing technology can help your life, and how to harness huge savings.

DNA Kits: The Future is Now

DNA testing has been around since we started to understand the human genome in the 20th century. It’s an amazing testament to what we can achieve as a species and a step towards understanding ourselves, how we got here and where we’re going.

DNA kits have become popular for confirming parenthood, checking for disease risk and other medical conditions. As they become more and more common, they’re being used for everyday things like understanding the family tree and where you came from. This is what 23andMe does – the DNA kit we’re going to focus on today.

23andMe is a home DNA kit for testing important information about your genetic make-up, such as:

  • Genetic health risks (from celiac to degenerative brain disease)
  • Ancestry
  • Wellness and tolerances to certain food groups
  • Carrier status for latent medical conditions
  • Cosmetic traits and other interesting information

This is a huge wealth of insight into the genes you’ve inherited and how they might affect your life as you age. The info you can learn from your genetic make-up is a huge benefit to combatting the risks of illness and aging. You can use this to structure your diet, deal with some key medical concerns and optimize your life.

It’s also non-intrusive, which you’ll probably be glad to hear! There’s no blood-testing, needles, or weird tests. It’s as simple as spitting in a test tube, mailing it back, and waiting a few weeks for a comprehensive analysis. That’s all it takes.

More Deals That We Track

Watch for Lightning

Lightning deals are where the craziest discounts strike. They’re short-term sales than last from minutes to a few hours. These are the prize you get for paying attention: additional discounts on top of the already-impressive price cuts.

If you’ve got your heart set on a single product, waiting for a lightning deal and keeping your eyes on that browser tab might be worth it to add % onto your savings. Especially with a niche product like DNA testing kits, this can be a great strategy.

Final Thoughts

If you’re even remotely interested in using the DNA kit, Black Friday is a great time to pull the trigger. It’s a test that can provide important lifestyle information for the next few decades of your life. It is a great way to get the data you need to live the best life you can.

From dealing with health risk to the cosmetics of aging, this product is a great investment in your health and wellbeing. Whether 23andMe takes the #1 spot again or we see more competition, savings here are significant.

If the price is your obstacle to DNA testing, it’s time to look for Black Friday Deals and capitalize on the possibility of a half-price product. At less than $100, you’re going to see a lifetime of return: self-awareness is a hell of a commodity!


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