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The Best Baby Swing Deals this Month

If you have a baby on the way, or you’re currently the parent of a baby, you know the importance of baby gear like the baby swing. It can keep your little one calm and happy, which is a blessing when you’re a parent. In this post, we will look at types of swings, some swings to consider, and special deals.

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Let’s look at everything there is to know about these swings.

How to Choose a Baby Swing

Do You Need a Swing or Bouncer?

Before you pick a baby’s swing, you need to decide if it’s right for you. You have a choice between a swing or bouncer. Let’s look at both.

First, the swing. This is a swinging seat that goes in different directions. It may vibrate as well. The point of the baby swing is to soothe a baby or help them go to sleep. These are mainly designed to be for home use, as they are bulky and often need to be plugged in.

Second, the baby bouncer. This is a small chair that bounces around, with a harness to keep the baby in it. This piece of baby gear is designed to allow the baby to safely play and get some energy out if you’re busy doing something else.

How Easy is It to Clean?

Here’s an opinion that’s not controversial: babies are messy! They spit, throw up, and find other ways to make the seat messy. When looking for swings for a baby, you want something that has a removable cover that you can machine wash, or something that’s easy to wipe down.


Some baby swings will go back and forth like your typical swing. Others can go in different motions to emulate rocking. In addition to that, babies swings come with different speed options. Some babies may not respond well to slower speeds and may want something faster, and vice versa.


Some baby swings can play sounds. They may play ambient white noise or lullabies to help your baby fall asleep faster. Premium swings tend to have a good dozen sounds for you to choose from, allowing your baby to feel at peace as they listen to rain, crickets, or other nature sounds.


Your little one won’t care about how the chair looks, but you may want a baby swing with colors that complement your home.

Weight Limit

The baby swing is obviously not meant for children past the infancy stage, but some will have a higher weight limit than others. A bigger baby may be able to fit in one of those.

Multiple Uses

Some swings are two-in-one. What this means is that you can take the seat from the rest of the swing and use it as a rocker.


The baby swing doesn’t have to be an expensive item, but there are some that can cost more and have more advanced features. If your budget is lower, Black Friday baby deals are a good time for you to buy something more advanced for your little one.


You want to buy a swing from a company that will stand by what they sell. Should the swing have something wrong with it, you want to be able to repair or replace it ASAP. The baby swing is a temporary item, as the baby will outgrow it, but maybe you want to give it to someone else or pass it down to your next baby. Either way, getting yourself a swing that’s designed to last for a long time can be a smart move.

Why are Baby Swings So Popular?

It Calms The Baby

No one wants their baby to fuss. If your baby is upset and your hands are full, putting the baby in the baby swing can calm them down. Obviously, you still need to be the one who provides comfort in order to bond with your baby, but using it every now and then when you’re busy can be smart.

It Can Put the Baby to Sleep

If it’s naptime and your baby is still energetic, the baby swing is a valuable piece of baby gear for that. It can help rock your baby to sleep. Please note that, for safety reasons, you don’t want to use the swing as the baby’s bed, so take the baby out and put them in their crib when they fall asleep.

3 Baby Swings to Consider

Graco Everyway

Graco is a big name in swings with plenty to offer. Immediately, you may notice the high price point of the baby swing. However, many will find that this Graco swing is worth it. It goes in eight directions and has 16 motions. Every possible combination that can soothe your baby is here in this Graco swing.

The Graco swing is not just a swing, but also a rocker. You can take off the seat and use the Graco rocker as a way to entertain your baby as well. It makes for a good baby carrier, though you can’t use these swings as car seats. The Graco swing also has a mobile to keep your baby interested. With positive reviews, this Graco swing may be your choice if you have a bigger budget or can find it during those Black Friday baby deals.

Fisher Price Sweet Snugapuppy

This swing is slightly lower in price than the previous swing, but it still costs a good amount. However, you get a lot from this Fisher Price swing. It swings in two directions, has six speeds, and it has two ways to recline. In addition, the Fisher Price swing offers 16 songs and sounds and a machine washable cover. This Fisher Price swing may be great if your kid is extra fussy.

Graco Simple Sway

Here is a swing that is cheaper, especially if you can find some good Black Friday baby deals on it. It goes in a side to side direction and has two speeds and vibrations. Nothing too fancy about this, but it’s good if your budget is low or your baby is picky.

What Baby Swing Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

Baby products can be expensive, which is why if you’re able to purchase them on Black Friday, it’s a smart move. You can get discounts on a car seat, diaper bag, baby food maker and, of course, a swing. You may wonder what Black Friday deals are happening in 2020. As of right now, we are unsure of what Black Friday deals 2020 will bring.

However, what we can do is look at last year’s Black Friday deals on Amazon and other sites and stores to give you some insight. Let’s look at last year’s Black Friday deals.

On Amazon, you could find Black Friday deals on several pricey swings. For example, the Graco Everyway was $64 off, which is about a third of its price. Similar Black Friday deals were found all across Amazon and other stores.

This year, you may have a bigger timeframe for taking advantage of the Black Friday deals, too. Because of the pandemic, some stores are extending their Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals, too. No longer may it be just a single day or weekend, but instead it could last longer. If you’re considering a higher-priced baby swing but you don’t want to rush purchasing one, Black Friday deals may allow you to take your time.

In conclusion, there may be some pretty good Black Friday deals coming your way if you want to find deals on swings. Good deals on swings allow you to save a little money as you’re trying to give the best for your baby.

Final Words

Baby swings are a great tool to keep your infant calm. While it’s important to also rock your baby to sleep using your own arms, we get busy sometimes. A good baby swing can rock your baby to sleep, or at least calm them down. Thanks to Black Friday deals, it’s now easier to find a swing that’s higher quality, but friendlier on your budget. We hope you find the best Black Friday deals for these swings. Good luck!

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