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The Best Vacuums for Pet Hair: Which One Will Fix Your Hairy Situation?

No matter how fine your pet’s coat is, it’s going to shed some fur. Fur can get all over your couch, floor, and countertops if you have a jumpy fur baby. Myself, I have two shorthair cats who shed quite a bit.

If you have a friend or family member who is allergic, they’ll come to your home with watery, red eyes and more sneezing than someone who whiffed a line of pepper.

Besides regularly brushing your pet, one way you can clean up the mess they leave behind is to get a vacuum cleaner that works well with pets.

Our Picks for the Top 6 Vacuums for Pet Hair

Let’s look at some pet vacuums, starting with a budget one.

#1. Bissell PowerEdge Pet (Best for Budget)

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When it comes to pet vacuums, many of them you don’t want to cheap out on. Pet hair, for cheaper vacuums, can be quite annoying. With that said, there are a few vacuums that manage to walk that balance beam of quality and affordability. One fo those vacuums is the Bissell PowerEdge Pet. It has “pet” in its name, so it has to be good.

The vacuum goes for an average of $69, making it cheap for most budgets. Here are its pros and cons.


Cleans Pet Hair Well

When it comes to pet vacuums, it better clean up your pet hair. The Bissell PowerEdge Pet is great for pet hair and general cleaning as well. Its V-shape allows it to pick up more debris, especially in corners. This vacuum works well for hardwood floors and lower pile carpets. It even cleans up furniture legs quite well.

It’s Easy to Clean Up

One disadvantage of some of the cheaper vacuums is that cleaning it up is a pain, and cleaning your vacuum is always necessary. For the Bissell, cleaning up is a breeze. Just empty its dirt cup and you’re good to go. Also, the filter is washable, which is quite the convenience.

Easy Assembly

When you take it out of its box, you don’t have to do too much assembly to get this running. Just follow a few simple instructions and then you’re all set.

Easy Storage

Besides being easy to put together, you can put it in a closet or another area of your home and it won’t take up too much room. This vacuum is great for smaller apartments and other compact situations.


Short Power Cord

This is a vacuum that leads a lot to be desired in regards to its power cord. It’s a short cord, and even smaller homes may find themselves having to switch up the power outlet. Some may not mind, but others may be a little bit turned off by this. A short cord is fixable via an extension cord, however.


If you have a pet who is sensitive to noise, you may want to put them in another room while you clean. This vacuum is loud, as per most budget vacuums.

It Does Get Clogged Sometimes

Being a budget vacuum, there’s a higher chance that your vacuum will clog up. It doesn’t happen as much as other budget vacuums, but if you have a pet with thick hair, the Bissell may have a harder time staying free from clogs.

In addition, there are a few other issues as well, such as a tiny path and difficulties with rugs, but these problems all depend on how your house is.

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#2. Miele Complete C3 (Strongest Overall)

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Have a lot to spend on a pet vacuum and want the best of the best? This pet vacuum is expensive, but is perfect for pets. The New Miele Complete C3’s price tag will scare off most people, but you get what you pay for.

The C3 goes for around $999, but on Amazon, you can find it for $899. Still, that is one hefty price tag. You can also purchase a performance pack that includes other accessories and filters for the vacuum, and that goes for about $1,098. For convenience sake, we’ll be looking at just the $899 model.

For a house that’s filled with pets, or a business such as a cat cafe, this vacuum is a great investment. It’s also a good investment if you’re living with someone who has an allergy. Here are its pros and cons.


Eliminates Pet Odors

We love our pets, but they can leave some odors behind. In order to keep your house smelling fresh, we highly recommend a vacuum that can remove pet odors.

The C3 has a filter that uses active charcoal layers to eliminate any pet odors. Your house will smell fresh every time. The filter also eliminates any particles up to 0.3 microns, as is expected with most high quality filters.

Powerful for Any Surface

With the C3, you don’t have to worry much about what surface you have. This vacuum is great for all surfaces. For hardwood, it works well on every floor type. If you have carpets, this goes in deep.

The vacuum portion is attached to a hose, making cleaning up furniture and getting in the corners quite easy. Overall, there are many reasons the C3 is great for cleaning.

This vacuum is easy to rotate as well. The C3 has this feature known as the Parquet Twister, giving 180 control. This is great for those pesky turns.

Easy to Control The Suction Power

Using a foot switch, you can control its suction. The C3 has six levels of suction. Sometimes, you may just need a light cleaning, and other times, you need a vacuum that can handle the tough jobs. The C3 has a power level for every situation, and they’re all quite amazing.


Quietness is always important with any pet vacuum. The C3 has a quiet motor that purrs like a kitten, and you can always use a lower power level if you want to make things a little quieter. Great for a household of sensitive pets.

Great Warranty

If you’re going to buy an expensive vacuum, you better hope its warranty is good in case if something is wrong. The C3 has a warranty for its motor that is up to 7 years. You can have plenty of peace of mind when you purchase the C3.


Not Cordless

We figure that with this vacuum’s price, it would be cordless, but this is not the case. However, the cord doesn’t get in the way too much, which makes this con a little more forgivable.

There Aren’t Too Many Service Centers

If you want to get your C3 serviced, there aren’t too many authorized service centers. Of course, you can follow the instructions and figure out a way to send in the vacuum if you do need it serviced.

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#3. Tineco Pure One S12 (Best Stick Vacuum)

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Looking for a stick vacuum, which is a great vacuum when you don’t have too much space? You can find stick vacs that are thin, yet are full-figured in regards to how powerful they are. One stick vac that does the job well is the Tineco Pure One S12. Here’s why it’s a fantastic vacuum.


It’s Cordless!

Finally, we’re looking at a cordless vacuum. Don’t get us wrong; some corded vacuums are okay, but we do love the freedom a cordless has to offer.

The Tineco Pure One S12 doesn’t have a cord, and its runtime is up to 100 minutes. For most, that’s plenty of time, and its screen shows you how much power you have left so you can be smarter with your vacuum. It also comes with an extra battery, so if you run out of juice, you can have some backup in order to avoid having to wait.


This vacuum is another one that manages to be relatively quiet with all things considered. While not the quietest vacuum on the market, we are impressed with how well it manages to suck things up while being not too loud on the ears.

Smart Features

The S12 is a smart vacuum. You can connect it to an app and get all the features you’d expect, such as reminders, tech support, performance, and more issues related to your vacuum. It isn’t like a robot vacuum, where you can schedule cleanings, but you can do quite a lot with it.

A Unique LED Display

Not too many vacuum cleaners have a display that tells you everything there is to know, but this vacuum manages to have one that gives you all the details, such as battery life, status, and more information.

Really Powerful Suction

This vacuum delivers some of the best suction around, with its power automatically adjusting depending on how dirty your floors are. Its sensor, called the iLoop, manages to catch dust that other vacuums simply do not. It works well for hardwood floors and carpets, especially low to medium pile.


Dirt Can Get Stuck

One problem that has been reported with this vacuum is that sometimes, the dirt can get stuck in its bin and have a hard time emptying out. Make sure you know how to clean it out if you’re going to purchase this vacuum.

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#4. Neato Robotics D7 (Best Robot Vacuum)

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If you have pets that shed a lot, you should vacuum the floor as often as you can. For regular maintenance, you may want to consider a robot vacuum that does the work for you. There are many types of robot vacuums to choose from, and you may wonder what the best one for pets is. One model to look at is the Neato Robotics D7. Here’s why this vacuum works well for pets. ‘

A Huge Brush

The D7 has a brush that is 70 percent bigger than most robot vacuums. This allows it to clean up pet hair like never before. If you have a pet who sheds a lot, we highly recommend this one.

It Doesn’t Cut Corners

What you may notice about the Neato line of robo vacuums is their shape. Most robots have a round shape, but this one has more of a D shape. This allows the vacuum to get in corners much better. Many pieces of dirt and hair love to sit in corners, so the D7 is awesome if you want a full pet cleaning.

Strong Battery Life

One concern anyone has with a cordless vacuum is the battery life. However, the D7 doesn’t have to worry about that. It has up to two hours of battery life, making it great for most homes. Like most robot vacuums, the D7 will return to its home and charge if the battery is low, allowing you to resume the job later on.

It Maps Your Home

The cheaper vacuum cleaners move around in random directions. They work fine for what they are, but they tend to miss spots. If you have pets, there may be spots filled with hair and dander.

The D7 has a feature that is found in many higher end robot vacuums on the market day, which is the ability to map your house. It uses laser-guided mapping, which allows to to map even in the dark. It’ll clean everything in a straight line, guaranteeing more cleaning in the long run.

Smart Features

Most robot vacuums on the market, even the cheaper ones, have smartphone integration. Using it, you can schedule cleanings and view the vacuum’s performance. It’s definitely a nice little bonus.

Using the app, you can look at maps, and view maps for different floors if you live in a multiple story house, and set boundaries if you don’t want the robot in certain areas of your home.

Works Well On Both Surfaces

If you have a carpet or hardwood, the D7 should work well on both surfaces. It manages to transition from one surface to another quite well, in our experience.



If you’re wanting to buy this robot, it’s quite expensive. On Amazon, it goes for about $598, with its original price well above $800. There are definitely cheaper robot vacuums you can purchase as well, but if you have pets that shed a lot, then you may want to spend more on the D7.

Bin is Small

This is an issue with many robot vacuums. The wastebin is a bit small and you may find yourself having to clean it out again and again. A robot vacuum that cleans itself is extremely expensive, but they do exist.

Best Handheld Pet Vacuum

Sometimes, you have to go mobile. Handheld vacuums are a good way to clean small messes. If Fido decides to shed a mountain of hair on your couch, a handheld may be the most convenient way for you to pick up their mess. But which vacuum is the best in regards to handhelds? We have to go with the Bissell Handheld Pet Eraser.


Works on Multiple Surfaces

When you think of a handheld vacuum, you may not imagine one that can adjust automatically to whatever surface it’s on, but the Bissell Handheld does wonders in that regard.

This allows it to clean up your pet’s mess as best as it can, going above and beyond what most other pet vacuums can do. Whether you’re cleaning the carpet, hard surfaces, the stairs, or anything else, the Bissell hand vac works well.

Designed to Pick Up Pet Hair

The Bissell Handheld uses a rubber nozzle designed to pick up hair and pull it out. Its design picks it up with ease without any tangles or any of that nonsense. It does come with two nozzles as well.


The Bissell Handheld goes for about $30. For $15 extra, you can buy a pet brush as well. This is the average price for most handhelds, but this one is specially designed for your pets in mind.


Not Cordless

When you think of a handheld vacuum, you may imagine one that is powered by a rechargeable battery. This one, however, is corded.

It does have a long, 16 feet cord, but still, it’s a little disappointing that you have to deal with a cord. This takes away the convenience of the vacuum a bit, especially if you have to clean in an area such as a car, or another area where an outlet is too far away.

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#5. Light N’ Easy (Best Steam Mop)

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Sometimes, your pet makes a mess that a regular vacuum just can’t clean. Whether they threw up, had a little fun with some garbage, or missed the litter box, you need a powerful mop to sanitize their mess. Steam mops work well in that regard, and one of the best ones is the Light N’ Easy Steam Mop, or LNE. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


Multiple Uses

The LNE can detach, turning it into a handheld. This is great for countertops and other surfaces that require a handheld.

Different Levels of Cleaning

You can adjust its settings from low to hi, which are a good fit depending on what type of surface you have. It can go up to 110 C, or 230 F, which can clean up almost all messes quite well. In addition, it’s great no matter what type of water you’re putting inside of it.

Heats Up Fast

With some steam mops, you have to bide your time a bit before you can clean because it takes a while to heat up. We love slow burns, but not when it involves cleaning! This mop takes about 30 seconds, so you don’t have to wait too long beforehand.


Power Cord is a Little Small

Small power cords, while a fixable problem through extension cords, are a bit of a hassle to deal with. The LNE doesn’t have the worst cord in the world, but some people may think it’s a bit short.

Water Tank Could Be Better

The water tank in the LNE is a bit small as well. If you have a larger home, you may have to fill it up again to do a full cleaning.

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#6. Dyson V6-V11 Attachment Lamnu Groom Tool (Best Grooming Tool)

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If you want to reduce pet hair, you should eliminate it from its source. Regular brushing and grooming helps prevent shedding, and a vacuum grooming tool can suck up any loose hairs on your dog or cat while being gentle on them.

Most will come in the form of an attachment for your vacuum. The best one has to be the LANMU Groom Tool, which is an attachment for Dyson vacuums V6-V11.


Gentle, But Effective

This grooming tool can remove hair, dead kin, and other pollutants on your pet before they shed it off. It does so gently (your pet may love it!) but in a way that’s powerful and will keep your pets nice and clean.

Lifetime Warranty

This attachment is cheap at $20, but to give you a little more peace of mind, it also has a lifetime warranty. Few products can guarantee a warranty that strong, but the LANMU can.


Only Works on Some Vacuums

As mentioned before, this attachment only works on some vacuum models. Always double check to see whether or not this will work on yours.

Click here to see today's price for the Dyson V6-V11 Attachment Lamnu Groom Tool on Amazon

In Conclusion

Now that we looked at the best pet vacuums around, which are the best? Here are our favorites:

  • Best for budget: Bissell PowerEdge Pet. This is a cheap vacuum that doesn’t have too many drawbacks for what you pay for. If you have a bigger budget, pick something better, but if you are counting every dollar, this is a great vacuum.
  • Best overall: New Miele Complete C3. This is a powerful canister vacuum that has many levels of cleaning and can tackle even the hairiest pets. Great for businesses with pets.
  • Best stick: Tineco Pure One S12. This vacuum has a useful LED, which can give you all the information about its performance, and it integrates with your smart device’s app as well. In addition, it’s cordless with a strong battery life. Also, it detects dirt that’s hidden.
  • Best robot: Neato D7. The Neato D7’s shape makes it great for corners, where some pet hairs can hide, and its brush picks up more hairs than most robots. With some innovative mapping and cleaning options, this is one robot that’s worth purchasing.
  • Best handheld: Bissell Handheld Pet Eraser. While it is corded, the Pet Eraser’s nozzle makes it awesome for cleaning up pet hairs and other messes your precious pets may leave behind.
  • Best steam: Light N’ Easy Steam Mop. This mop has different settings to choose from, heats up fast, and can detach for a handheld option as well.
  • Best grooming attachment: LANMU. While it only works on Dyson vacuums, it’s a powerful, yet gentle grooming tool that stops pet hair before it even sheds.

How We Picked the Vacuums

If you’re wondering what criteria we used to choose the vacuums, here are some factors we considered.


The first and most important factor in deciding whether or not a vacuum is good is if its reviews have a positive average score. If a vacuum is under 4 stars, then something may be wrong with it overall.

Obviously, no vacuum is going to give the perfect experience for everyone, but when the review score is lower, then it may have some problems that reflect more than just a vocal minority.

In addition, we look at professional reviews. A professional review can deep dive into a product and give all the pros and cons it has to offer.

Price and Value

When choosing any product, you want to make sure its price is worth what it has to offer. You can find plenty of knockoff vacuums for cheap, but their features just don’t match up. On the other hand, you can spend thousands for a vacuum that does something that a vacuum for half the price can do as well.

We look at the price and value of each vacuum, and bring you products for all budgets. Whether it’s cheap and effective, or expensive and powerful, you can choose the best vacuum for your situation and be able to get the best clean possible.

The Newest Ones on the Market

We choose the latest models on the market. You can find an old vacuum used, but the problem with an older model is an expired warranty and not being able to get it serviced. All our models are currently available to buy from first party sellers, and we will update this if we hear that one is no longer available to buy from first party memes.


We choose a variety of brands. Sometimes, we may repeat a brand here and there, such as Bissell in this article, bu we don’t try to cover our list with the same brand. Seeing what all models and types of vacuums can offer you is something that you should be striving for.

What to Look For When Shopping for a Pet Vacuum

When you’re searching for a pet vacuum, here are a few things to consider before you purchase one.

What Type of Pet Do You Have?

The vacuum you need for your pet may depend on what breed of animal you have. Dogs and cats both shed, but some shed more than others. A hairless cat isn’t going to shed quite as much as a sheepdog! If your pet doesn’t shed that much, you can get away with purchasing a cheaper vacuum, but if they do shed a lot, a cheaper model may get clogged up too easily.

Do You Need Any Attachments?

If your pets shed all over your furniture, consider purchasing a vacuum that has a hose, which will allow you to clean up on the furniture easier. For pets who shed in corners, look for a vacuum that can clean up those corners quite well.

Also, if you’re into grooming your pets regularly, there are attachments that allow you to use your vacuum to groom your pet, providing gentle and effective suction. We will discuss this more in a bit.

Roller Brush

Consider purchasing a vacuum with a rolling brush. This type of vacuum allows you to pick up pet hairs much easier than one without a brush. In addition, a brush roll that is tangle free can prevent some frustrating cleanup, so make sure the brush roll avoids tangling up whenever it can.


Every vacuum has a filter, but some are better than others. HEPA filters are great at trapping most allergens and dander. If you have someone living with you who is allergic, or you’re inviting someone over who has a pet allergy, a good filter can make it feel like you have no pets at all.

Cordless or Corded?

When purchasing a pet vacuum, a cordless vacuum may work well if you have pets who love to trip over or play with cords. In the old days, cordless vacuums were expensive, underpowered, and didn’t last long. Nowadays, you can find cordless vacuums that are decently priced, suck up hair just as good, and can last a good hour on a single charge.

Noise Level

Many pets hate the sound of vacuums. There are some that can tolerate it a bit more, but if you have a dog or cat that panics over a loud vacuum, it may be a good idea for you to purchase a vacuum that has less of a noise level. Nowadays, you can find quieter, but more powerful models.

What Floors Do You Have?

One thing to think about is the type of flooring you have. Some people have mostly hardwood, or mostly carpet. Then, there are those who have both. Looking for a vacuum that is good for hardwood, carpet, or both is important when you’re deciding what type of pet vacuum you need.

Other Ways to Reduce Dander and Pet Hair

Before we go, we should talk about why pet dander is a nuisance, and how you can reduce the pet dander in your home. Pet dander is the dead skin cells that come off when pets shed.

It’s Responsible for Allergies

Some people are allergic to pets, and there are some who are so allergic, they couldn’t see themselves owning a pet, ever! The pet hair itself isn’t what’s responsible for allergies. Instead, it’s all the stuff that comes with it. By reducing the amount of dander, you can reduce the allergic symptoms. Sometimes, you can even eliminate them altogether.

Your Air Conditioner Can Make it Worse

When you turn on your air conditioner, some dander can go through the ducts and blow all over your house, making your allergies much worse. Air filters can help reduce the amount of dander, but it doesn’t get it all, and you do have to replace them regularly.

How to Reduce Pet Hair and Dander

Here are a few ways you can reduce the amount of allergens in your home, aside from vacuuming and grooming.

  • Try decluttering your home. Not every object in your house is needed, and the more objects you have, the more chances of them collecting dander. I could not do this because I own so many knickknacks, but then again, I’m not allergic!
  • Don’t just clean your carpet or floor. Make sure to clean your bedding, furniture, curtains, and anywhere else that dander could collect.
  • Besides grooming, make sure your pet is getting a bath, too! Pets don’t need baths all the time, but an occasional one can help them, especially if they got into something messy or spend a lot of time outside.
  • HEPA filters work wonders. These are filters designed to catch the tiniest particles that regular filters don’t have. If your air filter isn’t up to snuff, then you may want to upgrade it. Alternatively, clean up your air ducts. Dander can build up over time. Make sure you hire a professional to do this, unless, of course, you are the professional.
  • Focus on the high traffic areas. For example, if your pet isn’t allowed in your bedroom, you may want to focus more on the room where they do spend a lot of time in. Of course, all rooms should have some level of cleaning.

Shopping Tips

When choosing a vacuum for pets, here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Consider getting multiple vacuums. A robot is good for daily cleaning, a regular vacuum works well for cleaning once a week, and handhelds are good for small messes. Of course, if you’re on a budget, a regular vacuum may be what you need.
  • Look for some deals. Amazon and other online retailers have deals all the time. Brick and mortar stores have them as well. If there’s a place that’s closing, you may get a vacuum for cheap. This way, you can buy a more expensive vacuum for less.
  • Don’t pay what you can’t afford. If you can’t get the best one, settle for one that’s suitable for your budget, then upgrade later on. Some people, especially around the holidays, like to splurge. While splurging is fine every once in a while, you should stay within your budget.
  • Look at the return policy before you purchase a vacuum. Can you return or replace it if there’s something wrong? Even vacuums that are highly rated can sometimes be duds, and you don’t want to have a giant brick taking up space in your house.
  • Take some time to read the reviews. It can give you a better insight into what you can expect, and some potential flaws you may have with the vacuum. In addition, reviews may give tips and tricks to allow you to get even more mileage out of your cleaner. Of course, there are many unhelpful reviews out there, so sift through what you find the most trustworthy.
  • See if the product offers any payment plans if it costs a lot, yet you don’t want to spend your money all at once. This way, you can have a good vacuum and some more peace of mind in finances.

Other Pet Cleaning Accessories

Pets can be messy. Even a clean animal, like a cat, can track something in, vomit, or make a mess. You need more than a vacuum. Here are some other accessories to consider when you’re shopping for pet supplies.

  • A lint roller. This will help remove any pet hair from your clothes or other small areas. Lint rollers are especially important when you’re trying to look your best and Fido decides to walk all over your shirt.
  • Deodorizer. Even the cleanest pet can smell. Pet deodorizers, such as Febreze for Pets, can help neutralize odor at its source. Always have a can handy whenever you can.
  • Get the right litter. Cat litter is a necessary evil, and some litter is better than others. Look for litter that eliminates odor, doesn’t track, and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that your cat may hate.
  • A brush. The classic pet brush can detangle and clean any hairs from your pet. Make sure you buy a brush that is effective, yet gentle, on your pet.


If you’re a pet owner, you need a good vacuum that cleans up stray hairs and dander. Even if you aren’t allergic, a clean home is always important and a good move in the event that someone who is allergic comes over. We hope this guide helped you out and allowed you to make a more informed decision.


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