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Bissell SpinWave Cordless Hard Floor Expert, 23159
Price: $145.09
Was: $175.09
Discount: 17%

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Need more information?

We’ve put together a guide to their main lines of products, the differences between each model and what are they specifically made for.

If you’re hunting for deals on items such as vacuums, carpet cleaners, hard floor cleaners and sweepers, but are having a hard time deciding on what to actually get, this should help you at least in terms of what Bissell has to offer.


Bissell has a wide offering in terms of vacuums, making them in most versions such as Upright, Cordless, Canister, Hand-held, Robot and Remanufactured.

Do note that the more robust and pricier vacuum models from Bissell tend to be an intersection between several of these categories.

That means, you could get a vacuum that’s both upright and canister, cordless and even designed specifically for pet hair.

That being said, let’s see what each category is about:

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

These are Bissell’s version of a standard upright vacuum, good for a quick clean of large areas and rooms. They come in bagged or bagless varieties and also in their “specialized for pets” form.

Here are some notable models:

  • Pet Hair Eraser, Upright Pet Vacuum 2087: This one is both an upright pet vacuum as well as a portable canister, thanks to its detachable top.
  • CleanView Rewind Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner 1819: This one’s a basic version of an upright vacuum, with a triple action brush roll for multi-surface cleaning.

Stick & Cordless Vacuums

These are lighter vacuums, specifically designed for hard floors and reaching small spaces. When deciding on one of these, look out for battery running time and whether it has an extension wand to reach high places and corners.

Some notable models:

  • Multi Reach Cordless Vacuum 2151A: This one can convert to a hand vacuum, has an extension wand and weighs only 5 lbs.
  • FeatherWeight Vacuum 3106P: Priced at only $27.99, this one is super light, also converts to a hand vacuum. Great for super quick clean-ups.

Canister Vacuums

The main differences within this category is whether the canister vacuum is bagged or bagless. There are also specialized pet vacuums within this one.

Notable examples:

  • Hard Floor Expert 2001: This one has a canister that glides easily from room to room without the need of a power plug.
  • Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vac 18P03: A specialized dry vac cleaning system for garages and cars.

Cordless and Hand Vac’s

The names say it all really. Great for quick clean-ups and small spaces.

  • Multi Cordless Handheld Car Vacuum 1985: Features an ergonomic handle to avoid your hand from cramping up while using this on your car’s interior.
  • Lithium Max Pet Cordless Hand Vacuum 2133: With 25 minutes of running time, this one’s great if you only need a quick way of cleaning up after the areas where your pet usually is.

Robot Vacuums

Of course, Bissell had to have its own line of smart robot vacuums. They currently have only two models, the SmartClean 1650C and the SmartClean Multi-Surface 1974.

Both of them navigate by themselves while cleaning your home for several types of dust and debris. The main difference is that one has multi-surface adaptability, which means it recognizes and adapts to multiple floor types, thus doing a potential better job on each of these.

It’s important to note that Bissell has yet to develop an app to go with these, so scheduling and other tweaks are made in the device itself.


These are basically Bissell’s refurbished vacuum cleaners. They are re-assembled, examined, cleaned and inspected by Bissell themselves, but are simply not a brand new vacuum. The main benefit of this is the reduced price, but you get a shorter guarantee than with a new one.

Carpet Cleaners

In order to thoroughly clean what vacuums leave behind, as well as taking care of messier stuff like dirt, spots and stains, Bissell also manufactures high-quality carpet cleaners.

This is something that might be used a lot less frequently than vacuums, but it helps if you really want to do some deep carpet cleaning yourself.

As with vacuums, there are several styles to choose from:

Upright Carpet Cleaners

These promise professional style results, feature rotating brushes that (when used with carpet shampoo) are great for removing dirt and stains.

Of course, as most Bissell products, there are models that are designed specifically for cleaning after pets.

Some notable models:

  • ProHeat 2X Upright Carpet Cleaner: This one is sort of a middle ground between a professional grade carpet cleaner and home-use vacuum. It’s main feature is that it’s 2-in-1, meaning it can be used as an upright cleaner for full rooms, and as a portable deep cleaner (thanks to its detachable head) for stairs, furniture and cars.
  • Big Green 86T3: If you really have lots of carpeting to clean, this one’s a professional grade cleaner with a two-tank system and robust powerful motors.

Those are the two main models for Bissell’s carpet cleaners. All of them have special presentations where they’re made specially for pets, or sold as a part of a bundle with carpet shampoos, hand vacuums and other goodies. So be sure to look out for those.

Portable & Handheld Carpet Cleaners

These are meant for much less rigorous cleaning of smaller areas, great for rugs, upholstery and car interiors. For some cool examples, check out the:

  • Little Green ProHeat 14259: Big green’s little brother, features pro-grade power in a small package. It features a built-in water heater to help it lift tougher stains.
  • SpotBot Pet Robotic Portable Carpet Cleaner 2114: It features an Automatic Smart System that lets it measure and distribute the right amount of water and cleaning formula according to the amount of cleaning needed.
  • Pet Stain Eraser 2003: This is as portable as it gets. It’s a cordless hand-held carpet cleaner for quick removal of stains anywhere.

Canister Carpet Cleaners

This gives you a carpet cleaner with a water-filtrated vacuum in one single machine. Great for cleaning both carpets and hard floors. The model currently available is the Big Green Complete Deep Cleaner & Vacuum 7700.

If you want something between a high-powered vacuum with a lightweight handle to reach hard spaces, as well as a carpet cleaner, this is it!

Steam Cleaners and Hard Floor Cleaners

There are several inventions in this category, some of them combining several devices in one, but all of them generally meant for hard floors. Here’s a look at each of them:

Steam Mop

This aims to replace the mop and bucket with what Bissell calls a steam mop. It features a built-in scrubber as well as replaceable steam mop pads that let you clean sticky and dried-on spots.

They can also sanitize floors, while infusing the room with a particular fragrance of your choosing.

Of course, there are bundle versions, pet-friendly versions, and even a device that combines a vacuum and a steam mop.

Wet Dry Cleaners

In the same way Bissell has successfully combined a carpet cleaner and a vacuum into one device, they have created a machine that lets you both vacuum and wash your floors at once.

This is called the CrossWave. The robust version, Crosswave Deluxe, lets you vacuum and wash a wide variety of hard floor surfaces, as well as choosing between either vacuuming or washing, letting you clean rugs as well.

Then there’s the SpinWave, which takes the concept of the steam mop a bit further and lets you not mop, but scrub your floors with a lightweight device. It’s great for cleaning hard floors like tile, laminate, and hardwood both for everyday neatness and sticky messes.

As with most Bissell products, be sure to look out for special bundles!

Handheld Steam Cleaners

The sole product in this category to date is the Steam Shot, a handheld hard surface steam cleaner that’s also 100% chemical free.

It features an elongated snout with a brush on the end, which is great for reaching hard places that you just wouldn’t be able to clean with a handheld vacuum.


And finally there are sweepers. If the steam mop is Bissell’s mechanized version of an old-fashioned mop, these are their version of a regular broom.

Luckily, they stretched the concept to include both carpet sweepers and floor sweepers. There are two main categories to choose from:

Manual Sweepers

These are easy to use, eco-friendly (electricity free) and will be able to handle multiple surfaces. Most of them can be worked like a regular broom but feature a more intricate brush system, its own dust bins and are good for both carpets and floors. There are two main models:

  • Refresh: A sturdier sweeper, with a 7-brush cleaning system.
  • Sweep Up: A more lightweight version, with 3 twisted brush rolls, 2 small ones on the front/back and a large one in the center.

Power Sweepers

Bissell’s electrical version of the sweeper is cordless and rechargeable. Thanks to the power, they can pick up large and small debris with little effort from the user. The sweeper comes in two main forms:

  • Perfect Sweep Turbo: 7.2 volts of power, with  a top loading dirt container and 60 minutes cordless time.
  • EasySweep: 4.8 volts of power, with a no-touch dirt container and 45 minutes cordless cleaning time.

More About Bissell Products

Apart from having a pet-friendly option for pretty much each type of product they manufacture, Bissell also has its own pet foundation. They assist animal welfare organizations nationwide by donating up to $1,000,000 to multiple of them each year.

They also donate up to $10 for each pet product that is purchased. You can learn more about their efforts to find a home for every pet here.

Bissell products can easily ship to anywhere in the U.S. from their online store. They’re also carried by most major retailers.

What else is on sale this week?


Basics on Bissell Vacuum Prices

The Bissell Vacuums are mid-tier products that balance performance with a reasonable, and often fantastic, price tag.

On the other hand, these great RRPs mean that there’s less swing or “wiggle room” during sales – we don’t often see these products dropping by great amounts. This is what we refer to as a product being “settled” in the market: it’s reached an RRP so good that there’s not much left to take off!

Today we’re going to look at the history, what we can expect from the Bissell vacuums this year, and how previous Black Friday sales provide us with a good idea of how to play it when Black Friday 2018 comes around!

History Makes Sales: Bissell Vacuum on Black Friday 2016-17

The mid-tier vacuum we’re looking at today is the Cleanview upright. This is one of the most popular Bissell Vacuums, making it a great place to look. It’s the kind of vacuum that makes vacuum shopping simple and pain-free: a product with good performance at a good price.

During previous Black Friday sales, between 2013 and 2017, the Bissell vacuum has been one thing: predictable. The RRP on this product is around $80 during the rest of the year, while previous black Friday sales have brought it down to around $60 at lowest.

This is a sale of around 20-25%, something we see often during black Friday sales. It plays it safe: this is a discount worth grabbing, but it isn’t enough to really shock us. 20% is around the average for black Friday sales, so this trend doesn’t fill us with excitement like some other sales we’ve seen.

In fact, the average sale doesn’t even reach this mark – Bissell Vacuums tend to drop to $70 rather than the all-time low of $60. This is the inevitable result of a product that has a good RRP, but it definitely isn’t an exciting sale compared to those seen on other products.

What To Expect on Black Friday 2019

There’s not much we can say here – you might already be getting the impression that you can expect a sale of around 10-25% on the Bissell mid-tier vacuum. The Cleanview is a cheap product to start with, but provides very little in the way of sales – even during consumer holidays.

We recommend being flexible on branding and models during the 2019 Black Friday sales. The best sales come from products like the PowerGlide – the model up from the Cleanview that comes with an RRP of around $170 but often drops to $120 during big consumer holidays. If you’re looking to make an investment for the long-term, this product makes more sense on Black Friday.

There seems to be a pretty obvious difference between the two product lines: the Cleanview doesn’t need black Friday to pose a great deal. As ever, the more-expensive product shows a greater range during the sales, while the mid-tier Cleanview is already affordable so sales make very little difference.

So, when Black Friday 2019 comes around, the PowerGlide provides the best way to get more for your money, while even small reductions to the Cleanview make for a simple, incredibly-cheap vacuum. If you’re looking for something simple to do the job, you might not need big sales, but if you’re looking for quality and long-term investment, the more expensive models are where to look.


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