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Bose Headphones Deals This Month

Bose are a well-renowned brand with decades of good will in the consumer electronics sector.

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Today’s Deals

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Music matters to us – you can tell by the fact that iTunes, YouTube, and Spotify are all powerhouses on the market.

Headphones and earphones are a big market all to themselves – if you’re a music lover then quality and convenience are going to be key. Bose headphones are some of the best on the market with great prices, features and build-quality.

Why Bose Headphones?

It’s a company that has become popular through quality at a price that we can all deal with – even if its not an easy, everyday purchase. Reputation alone isn’t enough to buy a product, however, so what’s the deal with Bose headphones?

To start with, they’ve got great build quality. We’ve looked at a lot of headphones and there’s a real problem with low-quality brands pushing faulty or poorly-made products. With decades in the industry, you’re bound to build up good relationships with manufacturers – something we have come to expect from Bose.

The features are relatively plain and simple, which we’re happy with. The Bose line includes noise-cancelling headphones, Bluetooth-connected wireless headphones, and a variety of other simple, effective features that improve listening. There are other features available on the market but, to date, most of these have failed to add much to the listener experience.

To finish up this section, we’ve got the most important part: the sound quality. Across the whole line, we’ve found that the reputation Bose has built up is the result of technical quality. They make good headphones – the sound quality is consistently deep and crisp across the range, with great standard EQs.

History of Bose Prime Deals

Bose’s whole range is hit with a huge discount quantity throughout the Prime Day festivities. In 2017, we saw a wide variety of their products being cut by 33-50%. This is above the 20% baseline we see across Amazon’s sales.

This is a big deal, because in 2017 we saw 50% sales hitting even the most premium products. With the noise-cancelling ranges showing huge savings and wireless, active-EQ products showing some of the best savings on the whole website, we’re optimistic for 2019.

Prime Day continues to get bigger every year and with these huge savings in the past we’re optimistic that there’s more great stuff to come! Bose’s range only continues to advance and improve, so it might be a chance to get the premium products at continued, outstanding discounts.

Other Exciting Deals

If you’re trying to get the most out of your money this year, you’re going to want to get big discounts on a variety of products. These are a great opportunity to control your expenditure and invest in long-term savings.

Keep your eyes open, as we’re covering some of the most promising deals.

Prime Day Buying Tips

This is where we get into the meat of the issue: how should you structure your Prime Day shopping to get the most out of the sales we often see with Bose’s range?

1. Save Above Your Budget

With the amount of upper-range Bose products that have seen 50% reductions in the past few years, it’s clearly not unusual for them to shift top-end products. If you’re budgeting you might not have thought about watching these products when Prime Day comes, but you really should.

If you can get a $450 pair of headphones down to $225, there’s a good chance that they’re going to challenge Bose’s own lower-level products on price. There’s no reason to miss out on a better product at the same price and you’re not going to find this level of discount at any other time in the year – even black Friday/cyber Monday.

2. Wishlist it Up

Bose products are great and we’re big fans of what they’re doing within the space, but consumer electronic sis a field full of competition and there’s going to be some intense discounting on Prime Day.

Add other products that meet your specs to your watching Wishlists before the sales start. You’re going to want to focus on quality brands, but if one model or brand is making bigger cuts to their prices then you need to be aware.

3. Watch out for Lightning Deals

These are incredibly short-term deals that occur within the greater Prime Day sales – lasting from minutes to hours. The trade-off for this short-term saving is that the actual discounts can be huge. It’s not uncommon for lightning deals to exceed 50% – even on products like headphones and other tech.

The best way to keep track of these savings is to watch your favourite products and use the Amazon app. You can tailor your notification settings to cover your products and notify you of these types of discounts. It’s much easier than keeping 100 tabs open on your internet browser!

4. Make Sure you’re Signed Up!

This one is a bit obvious, but Prime Day is a celebration for Amazon’s Prime customers so you’re going to need to sign up before the sales start.

While it might sound ludicrous, it’s possible to miss out on the entire event simply because you didn’t pay enough attention and didn’t sign up. That’s a pretty embarrassing way of missing out on that three-figure discount on those headphones you wanted!

Whether you’re going to try your luck with the 30-day free trial or dive straight into the huge Prime customer savings (including free shipping and exclusive discounts year-round), make sure its sorted before you start shopping!


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