Best Deals on Espresso Machines - February 2019
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Best Espresso Machine Deals


Looking for an espresso machine? We’ll be sharing all the sales we find right here. Here you go:

Today’s Deals

The following products are on sale right now at Amazon. Click on each item to see more colors/sizes.

DeLonghi BCO430 Combination Pump Espresso and 10-cup Drip Coffee Machine with Frothing Wand, Silver and Black DeLonghi BCO430 Combination Pump Espresso and 10-cup Drip Coffee Machine with Frothing Wand, Silver and Black
Price: $199.99
Was: $249.95
Discount: 20%

DeLonghi America, Inc EC685M Dedica Deluxe espresso, Silver DeLonghi America, Inc EC685M Dedica Deluxe espresso, Silver
Price: $286.78
Was: $349.95
Discount: 18%

Hamilton Beach 40792 Espresso Maker, One Size, Black Hamilton Beach 40792 Espresso Maker, One Size, Black
Price: $99.99
Was: $129.00
Discount: 22%

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We’ve talked a little about coffee machines in the past, but the espresso machine is by far the most popular development in coffee making over the past few decades.

Once an item of supreme luxury and the preserve of the wealthy, these products have come right down to being super-affordable for the average Joe.

Are you not content with affordable and want a great deal? Are you looking to get a better product at a lower price? Prime Day might make these a reality, with even more amazing deals on this fantastic product.

Espresso Machines and American Dreams

So why buy an espresso machine? We think there are 3 main reasons they’ve become so popular, and why getting a deal on this product is a great opportunity.

Great Coffee

This is the obvious one – a better quality cup of coffee. The whole point of an espresso machine is to bring premium quality coffee to your life at a much-reduced cost, all from the convenience of your own home.

You don’t have to roll out of bed and head to the nearest coffee shop anymore. On a tired work day, you can roll out of bed, into the kitchen and get your java fix at almost 0% effort. Given that many of us struggle to remember our own names before that first cup, this is a big deal!

The two things we love to pay for are convenience and quality. An espresso machine brings both, providing an easier and better cup of coffee than you’re used to dealing with.

2. Your Choice of Machine

Okay so this one is a bit unusual, but the point is that whether you’re rolling in cash or on a budget, there’s an espresso machine for you.

They range from the pro-sumer style, selling at $$$$ each and offering you the very best in coffee-tech to the money-saving pod-operated style. They’re both going to be better than instant coffee and provide a good cup, but it’s a balance between premium quality and convenience.

We love both, but for many people the $$$$ pricetag for a full home-barista setup just isn’t worth it. Especially if you’re concerned with convenience and busting your morning routine!

3. Variety and Options

Used to the same old cup of joe every morning? Well that’s not as much of a problem when using an espresso machine.

Whatever the brand, espresso machines are equipped to provide a wide variety of hot drinks without the technical know-how or normal upfront costs. Pod-based espresso machines are a great example, with pods for everything from chai lattes to matcha teas on the market.

I love a black coffee as much (if not more) than the next person, but having the option to choose without buying a whole new bag of raw materials/taking 30 minutes fiddling with latte art is a big benefit.

Variety packs can be a great benefit, allowing you to sample some of this variety at a lower cost – all without the possibility of buying pods and not liking them. All-in-all, the versatility of an espresso machine is a big plus.

4. They’ll Save you Money in the Long-Term

This is one that we keep bashing away at because its essential: if you drink coffee regularly, an espresso machine can actually save you money.

If you’re prone to buying coffee on the go, you’re going to be spending far more every year than you would be if you invested in an espresso machine and a travel mug.

The math to this is pretty simple: the average cost of a cup of coffee is $1.8 – $3 depending on where you live. However, using an espresso machine in your own home can easily bring these costs down under $1/cup – including the original cost of the machine.

Given that the average customer spend for your local starbucks is around $10,000, you could be saving a huge amount of money by investing in one of these convenient devices. Not to mention how much sugar you can cut out of your diet by making your own.

What Else Does Prime Day Have in Store for You?

Before we leave you to dream of amazing coffee, there are a few other things that you should think about on prime day.

We’re excited about all the sales, but some products and lines are always going to stand out. Here are someof the ones we’re most excited about:

If you’re going to be spending for homewares and tech, Prime Day is full of fantastic offers and you can save $$$+ by simply signing up and taking advantage on products that you might have bought anyway!

Prime Day – What can you Expect?

So, what sort of deals should you be looking forward to when Prime Day rolls around?

Back in 2017 we saw the baseline or Amazon’s prime day sale at around 20%. This was the average across most products, with individual savings reaching up into the 80% range on certain products.

Can we expect an 80% saving on an espresso machine this year? Probably not. They carry a price tag for a reason – they’re not cheap to make. However, espresso machines popped up as some of the most-loved deals of 2017.

We’re expecting savings of around 25% on most models to stay competitive. This is obviously going to be more difficult with pro-sumer machines, which are still going to be in the 4-digits.

We’re also expecting the occasional stand-out model sale. Last year, Tassimo dropped the price of their vivy machine by as much as 45-50% on prime day. With the huge amount of competition and ever-increasing sales numbers, keep your eyes peeled for sales like this in 2018.

Our Buying Tips

1. Keep an Open Mind and a Stacked Wishlist

This is our favourite piece of advice because it’s so simple. Don’t stick to a single model if you can help it – build up a wishlist of products that you’d like (including some that are out of budget) and use this to judge your prime day deals.

You might find that a huge 50% off deal strikes at a product you were tempted by, meaning an aspirational product is now in your budget, or one of your top 3 is now 20% cheaper than the others!

2. Upgrade on Prime Day

There is no better time to upgrade your expectations than prime day. With huge potential savings, our biggest recommendation is to get something better for a better price. Mid-range espresso machines from brands like De’Longhi (such as the ECP/ECI machines) are a great choice for outstanding coffee with a more reasonable price tag.

3. Sign up!

If you’re not signed up for amazon’s prime service (a worthwhile subscription by itself) you’ll miss out on prime day deals. It means free shipping on 100,000s of products and big savings on Prime Day itself.

When it comes to homewares and other essential items, this is a great chance to make the most of your money. Keep your eyes open and make sure to be signed up to Amazon Prime this month.


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