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FitBit Discounts on Amazon

Last year the FitBit was all the rage. It was on everyone’s wishlist and warmed the wrist of every CEO and “biohacker” out there.

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With rave reviews and so much hype that it sold over 70 million units worldwide. That’s a huge amount of sales for such a niche product and it’s clear to see that the FitBit has been a global phenomenon since 2014.

What is it?

The FitBit, in case you hadn’t heard, is a smart watch technology that focuses on measuring and managing your fitness and physical activity.

It’s a cool piece of tech that measures everything from heartrate to steps to sleep patterns. With this information, you can improve your daily fitness and calorie output. This is only a small set of the possibilities and the integrated app allows you to do all kinds of cool measurements and plans using the watch itself.

If you’re a fan of fitness or simply want to take some of the burden off your health goals, the FitBit is a great investment. For many people, the only problem with this cool piece of tech was the price tag – up to $350 on some of the premium models.

With Amazon’s Prime Day event coming up, this might not be a problem much longer…

Prime Day 2019 – the Right time to Buy Your FitBit

The FitBit’s sales have been dropping over the last year or so – 2018 saw a 30% drop in sales and with the gadget seeing less “hype” as time goes by, this trend might continue.

Why does this affect you? Well, to start with it means they’re going to be going out of their way to find new customers and maximise appeal. If you’ve never owned a FitBit, prices are on the way down and your first one might be at a great saving.

However, if you’ve got a first-generation FitBit, it might be a good time to upgrade. Technology is advancing rapidly and with the decline in sales, return customers are going to be great for everyone – better savings, better tech.

Prime Day Loves Tech Sales

If you paid attention to Amazon’s Prime Day sales over the past four years, you’d see that tech is an area where big savings can be made. Generation Y, Millenials and the new “Generation Z” all love their gadgets.

Amazon, a company at the cutting edge of public technology, knows this and they’re keen to slash prices on these products. They sell at big discounts – averages of around 30% – and you can pick up products like the FitBit that were hugely popular on launch.

If you missed out, these cuts are a great opportunity to see what the rave reviews are about.

Prime 2019: Trends and Predictions

In 2018, Prime Day savings were around $40 on most models. However, we’re willing to bet that you’re going to see continued improvements on bargains in 2019.

Between continued decline in sales and the fact that Amazon’s multi-day event is now becoming more and more popular, there are good reasons for buyers and sellers to celebrate bigger discounts.

With the number of sales increasing every Prime Day, it’s not a surprise that this continues to happen. We might see reductions much higher than $40 – with some products becoming way more affordable!

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Buyers Tips: FitBits on Prime Day 2019

So, you’re considering it, right?

If you’re on the fence with the FitBit, that’s fine. It’s a big purchase and, until the deals come out, it’s not time to make a choice. These buyers tips are for that exact purpose: to help you figure out how to respond to Prime Day sales.

Here are our best FitBitTips for the 2019 fire sale.

Know what you’re looking for

We say this every time Prime Day comes up: you need to know what you want before it starts. The number of reductions is huge – with 100,000s of products going on sale across Amazon’s whole online marketplace.

It’s easy to get swamped, miss out on the important deals, and buy stuff you don’t need or want because its on a sale at 85% discount. Don’t do that. Make a wishlist before it starts and use that to compare sale prices.

Buy Cheap or Premium?

This is a hard question – do you go for the rock bottom prices on an entry-level model, or do you go with the premium product and make the savings there? This isn’t a straight answer, but we do have a strategy for this.

If the discounts are huge, buy premium. This is simple – with tech, you get what you pay for most of the time. Entry-level products are great but they’re already low-priced because features are cut and quality is lower. This might mean buying another one or upgrading sooner than you’d like.

If discounts are high (in %), aim for premium. You might be able to grab a $300 FitBit for $200, which is a better long-term investment than buying a $100 FitBit and replacing it within a year. The features and build quality are going to pay off.

Priorities and Use

So this one is specific to fitness. Make sure you have covered the main bases before you dive into buying fitness tech.

This sounds simple, but we’ve seen people wearing FitBits on the same hand they are using to eat a 10-pack of snickers. Fitness is about the fundamentals and if your diet and exercise suck, it doesn’t matter how many steps you take in a day.

Make sure you’re going to benefit from the product before buying – that’s obvious.

With the changes in the way we shop, you will easily save this amount back over the course of the year!

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