Perinatal Mood Disorders

Perinatal Mental Disorders

10-15% of pregnant and postpartum women experience depression disorders.

13% experience anxiety disorders.

Others may fall into a cycle of substance abuse and eating disorders.

Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness, most victims never talk about what they are going through, or – worse – their complaints are ignored. These women suffer in silence, and their illnesses are left untreated.

We are here to change that.

At Parenting Pod you can read about the risk factors and symptoms of postpartum depression, anxiety, psychosis, and more.

You can read about real-life experiences of women who suffered through it.

And you’ll know that you are not alone.

We have a psychologist, a medical doctor, and a neurologist on staff, all to ensure that you get the facts you need so you can get help and get treated.

Scroll down this page and get the information you need.

Postpartum Psychosis: Symptoms, Risk Factors, and What To Do About It

When motherhood spirals out of control. Many people are familiar with the concept of postnatal depression, and many health professionals are now specifically trained to be on the lookout for any susceptibility and symptoms. But more recently there has been greater awareness of another, rarer, emotional consequence of childbirth and motherhood – the rather frighteningly […]

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