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Instant pots are AWESOME! They totally change the way you cook in the kitchen.

Deals on instant pots are hard to find during the year, but now I’ve got a bunch for you:

Today’s Deals

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Need more information about Instant Pots?  Here you go:

About Instant Pots

As one of the most popular kitchen appliances in North America, Instant Pots are seeing dramatic discounts.

Instant Pots have been met with a fair share of success due to their speedy cooking times (they cook in a fraction of what regular slow cookers do) and also due to the way they minimize the hazards of regular pressure cookers (leaving the gas on for a long time, steam blowing up… that sort of thing).

According to Quartz Media, Instant Pots were among the most popular products in the U.S. and Canada during Amazon Black Friday 2017. And now as well they are rated as the number one selling brand on, and hold the highest overall customer ratings.

With such an enthusiastic demand, most models of the Instant Pot – no matter how old or new – are seeing some sort of discount.


More About Instant Pot Pressure Cookers

The people that started Instant Pot in 2009 are technology enthusiasts with active, busy and environmentally conscious lifestyles.

They set out to improve their own personal experiences, and those of other busy families and professionals, in the preparation of quality food. Basically, reducing cooking time and promoting better and healthier eating through electrical pots jacked up with microprocessor-controlled programs.

Each Instant Pot electric pressure cooker is a conjugation of those ideas, trying to raise the bar in terms of functionality, user-friendliness and safety with every new product release.

Let’s take a look now at how each of the main Instant Pot lines of products is different from one another, and which one might best suit your lifestyle.

How to buy the right Instant Pot

As with any kitchen appliance, the trick is being sure of your daily cooking needs and seeing each product feature until you find the one that best fulfills those needs.

So let’s dissect the options:


This is the best-selling multi-cooker from Instant Pots. It combines 7 kitchen appliances in 1 device. Namely, these are Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker, and Warmer.

The duo, as you may have noticed by now, is available in three models:

  • Duo Mini: 3qt cooking pot and 700W heating power.
  • Duo 60: 6qt cooking pot with 1000W
  • Duo 80: 8qt cooking pot with 1200 W

All of those feature the same basic LED panel and button pad, which is simpler than on other Instant Pot models but quite functional.

Any Duo Instant Pot is also smart as well, it’s embedded microprocessor remembers certain settings of the way you cook. It also monitors pressure and temperature, keeps time and adjusts heating intensity.

The different Duo models also have a 3-ply stainless steel bottom where food doesn’t stick, it generates no noise and leaks absolutely no steam.

Duo Plus

This one takes the concept of the DUO and adds 3 new cooking programs (making it 9-in-1). These are Cake, Egg and Sterilize. The latter actually lets you pasteurize milk and sterilize baby bottles, jars and utensils.

The Cake program incorporates pressure cooking into the making of soft and moist cakes. Then there’s the Egg program, which can whip up your morning eggs within a few minutes.

Another important feature with the Plus is the large and blue LCD display. It presents you with a more user-friendly interface. It’s also customizable, since you can save up to 3 settings per program on the “Less”, “Normal”, and “More” modes.

As most Instant Pots, it’s also programmable, which means you can postpone the start of the cooking process in order to have dinner ready at your convenience. In case you ever need to wait longer, or don’t know when you’ll be able to sit down, it also features a “Keep Warm” mode that keeps your meal hot and ready. Something unique to the Duo Plus is that you can turn the “Keep Warm” mode on or off even after a cooking program has started.

Duo Ultra

This one has all the programs as the previous two, but adds the “Ultra program”, which is 16 smart programs for specific dishes, such as soup/broth, meat/stew, bean/chili and several others.

The ‘Ultra’ also provides custom programming for pressure and non-pressure cooking. It also features something called the ‘Altitude’ adjustment, which is supposed to alter the cooking time based on your altitude elevation (assuming that certain recipes may be timed for sea level). To make things easier when following recipes, it also lets you choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The display is also quite more sophisticated, as it features a large LCD screen and a big dial for easier adjusting. The screen also presents you with a ‘Cooking Indicator’, which provides a visual of the progress of your dish while it is being prepared.

Smart Bluetooth

The biggest change with this one is that it enables programming and monitoring from smartphones and tablets. So it’s as if you had that large LCD screen with a ‘Cooking Indicator’ from the Ultra, but on the palm of your hand.

Naturally, a free iOS and Android app can be downloaded by the user, which even allows for the sharing of recipes with others within the app.

Do note that the app is not compatible with all smartphones and tablets, so it’s best to make sure you have a compatible device before settling on this cooker.

Also, you have to be within 30 feet of the Instant Pot, so it’s only an option if you’re still at home and just want to monitor the process without having to be in the kitchen. Cooking from the road or the office is not a reality with Instant Pots just yet.

Function-wise, it has the same 7 cooking procedures as the basic Duo, but features 14 smart programs for specific dishes.


This is the other line from Instant Pot, and it was actually introduced before the Duo. It’s 6-in-1, so it’s only lacking the Yogurt Maker feature. Other than that, it’s a very similar cooker in terms of customization and available settings. The only other thing it lacks is the option to cook at low pressure. It’s available in 6qt 1000W and 8qt 1200W versions, as well as a ‘Mini’ 3qt version.

Many people consider the Lux and the Duo to look exactly the same, but here are some other important differences (which explain the price variations):

The Lux only has a “High” setting, while the Duo has both “High” and “Low”
The “Keep Warm” function for the Lux is only 10 hours, while the Duo lets you set the function for up to 99 hours and 50 minutes (but who would want to keep a meal hot for that long?)

The Lux is in essence an older model, so certain safety and ease-of-use considerations that were implemented in the Duo are not present there.

Do consider that the size-power relation is the same for all available sizes, in both lines.

Gem Multicooker

Finally, there’s this wider multi cooker that uses the same technology from other models, but applies it to a different kind of pot for different functions. These are roasting, stewing and baking. Apart from that, it can also do several of the things the Duo and Lux do, such as slow cooking, sauté, cook rice and keep food warm.

Furthermore, the multicooker features a ceramic-coated non-stick inner pot that you can even transfer to your oven or to the center of your dinner table. Both the inner pot and the lid are dishwasher safe.

The Gem Multicooker is also programmable, features heating power of 1500W in one convenient and small package, which also means you can cook larger birds, roasts or even bake cakes without heating up your entire kitchen.

So there you have it! Whether you’re looking for discounts or simply the best Instant Pot for your home, make sure to also check out which accessories are included with each model, as these may vary.

What Else Should I Get?

The following products always have great deals. Check them out:

What to Expect

The instant pot is one of the products that we consider to be an almost-essential homeware. It’s not essential to survive, but it is one of the most time-tested and commonly-sold products for the kitchen. With the addition of slow-cooking to your life, a great diet and a culinary life are a lot easier.

The only problem this poses is this: products that have been around forever don’t really change much over time and this is definitely a time-tested product. This means that we’re not going to see huge swings in the price over time, and that features and the march of progress seem not to make too much difference to the instant pot or slow-cooker.

The sale data we can see on the instant pot over the past few years – even on Black Friday – are pretty predictable. Because the technology isn’t developing as rapidly, the sales aren’t as big and the products don’t really change. The defining characteristic for the instant pot on black Friday 2018 – and every year before that – is consistency.

This consistency comes with two simple, opposing results for what you can expect: sales won’t be huge, but they will be around where they have been in previous years. This is one of the reasons why looking back at the trends from 2015-2017/18 can really give you an idea of how this year’s sale will play out.

Reliability and Product Details

First, the smaller sales are worth discussing. Things that get better fast or become cheaper to make see the biggest sales – especially if they’re new on the market. We always discuss this with consumer electronics because they’re rapidly developing, they’re usually on sale because of huge cultural popularity and the “hype” makes them prime territory for big sales.

The instant pot is none of those things, so we’re really not expecting a huge sale of 50% or more – even if Black Friday sales continue to become more and more lucrative. There’s simply not that much left to discount – the RRP of an instant pot is pretty settled and companies won’t make money dropping prices by big percentage-points.

Happy bargain hunting!

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