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Trampoline Safety for Parents: How To Prevent Serious Injuries

Trampolines have been a backyard staple for decades, providing entertainment for generations of children. While most kids find the springy shenanigans irresistible, parents and guardians may be a bit hesitant

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The Warning Signs of Mental Illness in Children

Though it is not something we like to consider, the fact is that children can develop the same mental health problems as their adult counterparts. Knowing how to recognize these symptoms and support your

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Child Passenger Safety: The Definitive Guide

Car accidents are the #1 killer of children ages 1-14. Yet 3 out of 4 people use their car seats incorrectly, even though using a child restraint properly can reduce the risk of death by up to 71% in a

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Tips for Communicating With Your Teenager

Adolescence. If only you could read their mind. You glance across the table. There they are, head down, eating dinner. And you wish for the hundredth time that week that you were a mind reader. That you

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