The Top Picks For Mattress Sales and Deals

Mattresses are a big purchase, and now is a great time to save.

There are lots of deals around right now. Here are our favorite:

Today’s Deals

Linenspa 6-Inch Innerspring Mattress - Twin
Price: $74.99
Was: $79.99
Discount: 6%

Casper Sleep Element Mattress, Queen, 2020 Model
Price: $536
Was: $595
Discount: 10%

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Understanding Your Mattress Options

There are five basic types of mattresses: innerspring, air, foam, gel, and water. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each is key to finding the right mattress for your situation.

1. Innerspring Mattress (firm and soft)

How it works: Steel coils and layers of upholstery provide cushioning and insulation.


  • Easy to find.
  • A wide range of price and firmness options.
  • Shifting positions is easy.
  • Hard innerspring mattresses are safe for babies, according to experts on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


  • One partner may be able to feel the other shifting.
  • Both partners must adapt to the same level of firmness.

2. Inflatable Air Mattress

How it works: One or more chambers of air within the mattress provide support. Some models include foam or other extra layers.


  • A very wide range of prices, from less than $50 for low-tech versions to more than $4,000 for high-tech versions.
  • Some models allow each side of the mattress to be inflated to a different level of firmness for each partner.


  • Beds without two chambers may rise on one side when someone sits on the opposite end, which could bother a partner at night.
  • For beds with two chambers, a hard “trench” may be felt in the middle.
  • Unsafe for babies, according to experts on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

3. Foam Mattress (firm and soft)

How it works: Polyurethane, combined with other ingredients, allows the mattress to mold to the body.


  • Some models can have different levels of firmness on each side for different partners.
  • Isolates movement, so one partner won’t feel the other moving around.


  • May get hot at night.
  • Unsafe for babies, according to experts on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

4. Gel Mattress

How it works: A molded “gel” material is combined with other materials, such as foam, to mold to the body.


  • Some models can have different levels of firmness on each side for different partners.
  • Isolates movement, so one partner won’t feel the other moving.


  • Some customers have reported gel mattresses to heat up as much as memory foam mattresses.
  • Unsafe for babies, according to experts on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

5. Waterbed Mattress

How it works: A waterbed can either be hard-sided or soft-sided. A hard-sided waterbed is a water-filled mattress. A soft-sided waterbed is also a water-filled mattress, but is kept in a foam frame within a fabric casing.


  • Conforms to body shape.
  • Stays cool in hot weather.
  • Some models come with two chambers for different partners to isolate movement.


  • Needs to be heated for most of the year in most regions.
  • Banned from some apartments due to a risk of damage from popped beds.
  • One partner may be able to feel the other shifting in beds without separate chambers.

As you can see, there is no clear winner when it comes to mattress options. The best mattress for you depends on what you prioritize.

No matter which kind of mattress you decide to get, make sure you get a good deal this Cyber Monday and Black Friday week. 

What Else Goes on Sale on Black Friday

The Best Black Friday Mattress Deals for 2018

The best deals you can get today are listed here. We update this list on a daily basis to make sure you are always aware of the most current savings.

What To Expect This Year

The mattress isn’t exactly a new product: it’s been a necessity and a luxury for hundreds of years. This means that we’re looking at a product that has been subject to very few revolutionary changes over its lifetime.

However, with the changes we’ve seen over the past few decades – the rise of memory foam and other forms of posture-support mattresses – we’re actually on the tail-end of a change in technology. This is relatively rare in the history of mattresses, but comes with a fantastic benefit; the technology that once cost thousands of dollars is now available with a two-digit price tag.


The entry-level memory foam mattress – at 8” – is under $100. Retailing at $95, our example mattress comes with a level of comfort that many of us would still consider a luxury (when was the last time you bought a mattress?). To anyone who hasn’t bought a new mattress since before 2010, this type of product is going to be a great change.

The cost on this kind of product might already be relatively low, but it also experiences one of the strongest consistent sales prices of any entry-level product. With regular discounts at 25-30%, we’re impressed with the state of the mattress market. Clearly, there’s a lot of benefit to the developments in mattress technology.

This type of saving is predictable and 2018 only looks more promising: sale prices continue to drop, with early 2018 sales out-ranking those in 2017 by a few percent. This means we’re on-track (and overdue) a large sale in 2018. We’re looking at a minimum of 10%, an average of 25% and we can all hope to see another sub-$70 sale!


The mid-tier mattress is a little more in-line with other products on the market. While it is still advanced and has a settled price, it doesn’t come with the same huge reductions we’ve seen in the entry-level.

However, this is more than just a result of market forces. The product itself is often a huge step-up with adjusted production costs, a different type of material, and being considerably thicker/more durable. We an see why this product costs significantly more – this is the kind of product that would have been considered extremely luxurious at the turn of the century.

The RRP right now is around $250-260. The average sale price is around $200, but the lowest price we’ve seen to-date is a $180 product. This is a similar discount to what we saw on the entry-level product but comes with the gross value of $75 – a huge mark-down. For a product that cost $400 in 2016, this is a fantastic deal.

Deals from 2016, 2017 & 2018

Looking at Black Friday mattress deals of 2016, 2017 and 2018 can give you a good idea of what to look out for this year.

In 2016, buyers were able to get discounts of between $50 and $200 for different types of mattresses.

One of the best deals of 2016 was from PlushBeds which gave $1200 off Natural Latex Mattress inclusive of sheets, pillows and a mattress protector as bonuses.

The brand Amerisleep was offering $200 off any memory foam mattress of any model and size. The Serta brand was also offering a sizeable discount of $200 for the Serta iComfort Foresight mattress. This deal was accompanied by a free boxspring for every mattress. The Tempurpedic brand offered discounts of between $50 and $400 depending on the size and model of mattress. BearMattress had offers of $125 off any mattress, while EveMattress offered $200 off any mattress.

Besides huge cash discounts, some mattress brands were also giving gift cards of up to $50. Sapira Mattress offered buyers with a good deal of $150 off and a $50 Amazon gift card for any size mattress. Buyers also received a similar offer from Leesa Mattress who offered $75 off and a $50 Amazon gift card for any size mattress.

Multiple retailers participated in the Black Friday Mattress deals of 2016, and they are likely to offer similar deals this year. HHGreg was one of the retailers as well as Macy’s that run both online and in store promotions for different mattress brands. Sears also had a variety of in store offers ranging from $139 off on Serta Coralee Queen Set all the way up to $999 off on the Serta Perfect Sleeper Glenellen Super Pillowtop Plush Queen Set.

During last year’s Black Friday, some warehouse stores also had some mattress offers. BJ’s Wholesale gave buyers $699 for the Therapeutic Comfort Cloud Luxury Gel Memory Foam Queen Mattress Set while Costo had a deal of $100 off Comfort Tech 10” Serene Foam Queen Mattress.

The offers available on this year’s Cyber Monday and Black Friday may differ slightly from what was available in 2016, 2017, and 2018. However, you are likely to get a good deal on a good quality and durable mattress from a variety of brands.

Quick Tips for Buying a Mattress on Black Friday 2019

The quality of your mattress is going to be great whatever you opt for. The reality is that this level of comfort and luxury was not available to the average American as little as 20 years ago. Given that the mattress has been a big part of home life for centuries, we’re in a pretty great position to make this kind of purchase.

Ultimately, your budget and your priorities are going to be the ultimate decider in this purchase. These are both essential and luxurious purchases, each of which comes with its own focus.

Black Friday 2019 is a great time to buy a mattress whether you’re buying out of necessity – because your mattress needs replacing – or because you’re looking for a more luxurious bedtime experience. When sales are on it means that necessity is cheaper, while luxury and quality are more affordable.