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The Top Neato BotVac Vacuum Deals: D7, D4, More!

You may look at your old robot vacuum, and realize you need an upgrade. Or if you don’t have a robo-vac, you may want one. Now is a great time to get a good deal.

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Neato Robotics Neato Replacement Kit, Multi
Price: $45.6
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Neato Robotics Neato Botvac D Series Combo Brush
Price: $23.9
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Here’s why you should give Neato a try.

What is Neato?

Neato is a robotics company founded in 2005, yet their first product is not even a decade old yet. Their first robot vacuum had its debut in 2010, and since then, they are well-known for their Botvac and XV line of vacuums.

The Neato robot vacuums are known for their D shape. Most robot vacuums, such as the Roomba, are rounder, but Neato sets themselves apart with its unique shape. The D shape is more than just an aesthetic choice; it helps clean the corners better, something that many robot vacuums tend to lack.

Some Neato Vacuums to Consider

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Neato, here are some ones to consider.

Botvac D7

This is one of the most popular robo-vacs on Neato’s market today, and it’s a mid-range at about $500 on Amazon as of this post. Here are some of its features:

  • Unique mapping. While it’s not like a higher-end robot that uses cameras, the D7 uses lasers to map in a grid. This is an improvement over the typical random direction, which many cheaper robo-vacs tend to have.
  • The D7 works well on most floor types, saying it provides equal power to every surface. This is nice, but it doesn’t go into the turbo mode and clean deep into carpets like some do.
  • It’s the better robot for pet hairs. The D7 boasts a bigger brush, which may help clean cat and dog hair better than the competition.
  • It’s got smart capabilities. You can use Alexa, Echo, Google Home, and other devices to program the D7 and to tell it where to go and where not to go.
  • Finally, it has a decent battery, with up to two hours of cleaning. It does take about two and a half hours to charge, however.

Of course, if you’re on a budget, then you may want to consider the D4 instead.


This is the cheaper model in the D series. There’s also the D5 and D6, but we feel like comparing two polar opposites. The D4 goes for about $350 online. The D7 is honestly not too big in price difference, but $150 is a lot for some people. Is that extra money worth it? Here’s how the D4 is different.

  • The Filter isn’t as good. Don’t get us wrong, the D4 still has a great filter, but the D7’s is even better. If you’re hyper allergenic, you may want to go with the D7.
  • Both have different brushes. The D7’s is a lot less noisy, works well on all floors, and is great for pet hair. Meanwhile, the D4’s brush isn’t anything to scoff at, but it’s not as powerful. If you have floors that constantly get dirty or a shaggy dog or cat, go with the D7.
  • Both use WiFi, but the D7 uses 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz, while the D4 just uses 2.4. What does this mean? The 5.0 GHz option tends to get less interference, especially if you have a lot of devices connected to it and have a bigger house. The D4 may lose signal a lot, which can be a problem.
  • The D4 only has one floor plan you can save, while the D7 has multiple. Also, the D4 doesn’t have that zone cleaning feature.
  • The D7 has a manual mode as well. Keeping everything automated is nice and all, but when there’s a certain spot you want to clean, you can direct the D7 manually to it. You can’t do that with the D4.
  • The D7 has a “Find” mode that allows you to look for your robot should it get stuck. The D4 doesn’t have that. Robot vacuums love to get stuck in the oddest areas sometimes, so it’s a nice feature.
  • Finally, the D4 only has 75 minutes of battery life, but it doesn’t take as long to charge. Only an hour and 40 minutes for the D4.

Both are good, but if you have the money, we say to go with the D7. If you want something a little in-between the D5 or D6 may be worth checking out as well.

Any Tips?

When owning a Neato, or any robo-vac for that matter, it’s important to follow these tips.

  • Prepare the room before use. Remove any cords or other objects that the vacuum may get stuck in. Make sure there’s nothing on the ground that you don’t want ran over or sucked in. Try to move any chairs out of the way as well.
  • Clean the filter and brushes regularly. Make sure to empty the dustbin after use, too.
  • With the D7, try connecting it to 5.0 GHz for less interference, especially if you have a bigger house. Disconnect some devices from your WiFi if you’re still having any problems.
  • When buying replacement parts, always go with authentic components. Check Neato’s site if you’re unsure if the parts you’re looking at are official or not. Sometimes, bootleg parts may not be as powerful.

Black Friday Deals

Neato vacuums are always for sale on Black Friday. You may be able to find one for half off, or at least a few hundred knocked off it. With a big purchase like a Neato, check on all fronts. Look online, but also call and see if your local Target, Walmart, or other store is offering a Neato for even cheaper. There’s a reason why the brick and mortar stores still attract crowds during the busiest shopping day of the year.

Neato is a great little robo-vac brand, and this Black Friday can be your introduction to it.

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