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The Best Nerf Guns Deals and Sales

It’s Nerf or Nothin’! That phrase shows you how confident Nerf is with the fun of their products. They make foam play weapons, with their most notable products being their guns that shoot foam darts. More complex Nerf weapons can cost money, especially if you’re having a party full of kids. Let’s look at the world of Nerf and what special deals are available today:

Deals we recommend, last updated on Wednesday September 22, 1am PDT:

Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go Kart, Orange/Grey/Black
Price: $217.99
Was: $299.99
Discount: 27%

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K, Blue
Price: $84.16
Was: $104.99
Discount: 20%

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How to Choose a Nerf Gun

When picking a Nerf blaster, there are several factors to consider.


Nerf toys meant for younger children tend to be simple, cheap, and don’t fire darts too fast. This is to prevent injury and not overwhelm the child with a product that has a million bells and whistles.

Meanwhile, Nerf toys meant for older audiences tend to be faster, bigger, and have more ammo to them. These toys are too big for small children, and they do fire darts at a speed that may not be safe for little tykes. Always check the age recommendation on these products and find the gun that’s appropriate for your child. If they are too young for the big ones, buy them something smaller and then upgrade as they grow if they continue to show interest.


Finding the best Nerf items for you or your kids can depend on your style. Do you want a machine-gun style toy? Do you want something that is like a sniper rifle? Finding the appropriate style for you or your child is a valuable step. You may also have a kid who is versatile, and buying a backup weapon may be smart.

Other Toys

What if your child prefers a Nerf sword, or a bow? Not everyone wants a gun. Also, you can find many accessories to help keep the upper hand in battle. For example, there is the Nerf vest, which holds dozens of darts in a convenient location.


Finally, you can find Nerf toys in a variety of prices. Simpler ones will cost very little, with more elaborate toys costing quite a bit. The best deals on Black Friday tend to center on bigger ones.

Why Are Nerf Guns So Popular?

For two main reasons.

Practicing Your Aim

For kids, a Nerf is a safe way to practice their aim. You can line up some cans or targets and have your kid blast them, without worrying about ricochet or other safety issues. Shooting a target can also help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination.

Playful Fights

Another reason these are popular is because you can give two of them to kids and they can have a playful little fight without getting hurt. With that said, make sure to encourage friendly competition, and keep stressing the importance of not using real weapons.

A Strategic Battle

Nerf guns meant for an older audience are popular as well, and it’s easy to see why. With bigger, more elaborate guns, you can get several friends together to have a battle. Strategy, patience, and aim combine for an epic fight. Think of it like a laser tag or paintball gun fight, but with Nerf.

Another reason these are popular is because Nerf keeps upping the ante, with bigger and better products always in the research and development team’s sights. Today’s guns are definitely miles above what you may have had as a child.

What Nerf Gun Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

If you’re looking to buy some Nerf products, one of the best times to get some good deals is during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Whether it’s at Amazon, Walmart, or Target, prices are slashed and deals are offered. Of course, we don’t know what will happen this year, so let’s look at what savings people had last year.

At Walmart, some people got a $10 gift card with certain products, which is a unique sale for sure. You could see this as $10 off the product if you plan to spend more at Walmart.

On Amazon, a Fortnite gun that cost $14.99 was $1.66 off, which isn’t too impressive in savings. However, other stores, like Kohl’s, had much better prices and deals. For example, their sale was up to 50 percent off, making it ideal if you were planning to spend on some of the bigger products for older audiences.

So all in all, the Nerf sale is a little mixed. Some deals are great, while others are not impressive, with buyers not even saving two bucks on a gun. Luckily, 2020 may bring deals that are better, as the Black Friday sale may last a while longer due to the pandemic. You can feel content knowing that you can look around and find some deals that will satisfy you.

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Final Words

Nerf has certainly evolved over the years, with some great products under their belt. Whether you’re a kid who needs a simple gun, or you’re an adult who wants something a little more elaborate and strategic, there’s a Nerf product out there for everyone. Black Friday seems to bring the best in Nerf deals, and we expect the same for 2020, hopefully with bigger savings than $1.66 off.

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