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The Best Ryobi Deals This Month

If you are in need of some power tools, or you want to buy your dad something for his birthday, Ryobi is a brand that you should check out. They offer some quality tools for a decent price, especially if you take advantage of a special sale. In this post, we will look at the best deals available at the moment and tell you about some products that are worth checking out.

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Friday September 17, 1am PDT:

Ryobi 40V 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery OP4040
Price: $104
Was: $119
Discount: 13%

What Products Does Ryobi Make?

They are a company that is a bit bigger than you may think. In the US and Canada, they are known for their power tool lineup. These are sold at Home Depot exclusively. At both the Home Depot store and the Home Depot online shop, you will find their products there.

However, they are also known for manufacturing parts for cars, electronics, and telecommunications. This company is quite large, and there’s a chance that products you use may have parts made from them.

With that said, we are not here to talk about their automobile parts. We are here to talk about products they sell at the Home Depot shop and the Home Depot site. During Black Friday 2020, you may want to look at the following.

Circular Saw

If you need to cut something, this company offers a good lithium ion cordless saw. It may be cordless, but it still has quite a bit of power to it. In addition, their reciprocating saw is also quite good.

Drill Driver

If you need to make a hole or drive something, this company offers a powerful drill driver that has good reviews. A quality drill driver can make all of the difference, so if you are someone who is looking for drills, check out what they have to offer. Also, their drill bit selection is excellent as well.

Impact Driver

Their impact driver is quite amazing, too. Their current impact driver is around 33 percent faster than their previous impact driver and can put those screws in effectively. If you are looking for a new impact driver, this can be a good purchase.

Brad Nailer

Do you have a nailing job? Their 18-Volt One Airstrike is a great nailer. The 18-Volt lithium ion battery can provide enough force to jam those nails into whatever surface you need. In addition, the 18-Volt One Airstrike has good reviews, too. We say that you can’t go wrong with the 18-Volt One Airstrike.


Ryobi tends to use batteries that are compatible with most of what they have to offer. Batteries that are especially designed for the brand can be a good thing, as they are crafted to get the most power for the least amount of energy. When you are looking at the best Black Friday sale, you may want to buy some batteries in bulk.

Combo Kits

One thing that they offer is the combo kit. As you probably know, the tool combo kit is a great way to save if you are looking for deals and you are already wanting a lot. One example is their 6-tool combo kit, which includes a saw, drills, flashlight, multi tool, and much more. They all come with a charger and bag, too. The charger and bag will keep everything safe, which is important. Be it a 6-tool, 8-tool, or more, see what deals and savings are happening there this Black Friday.

These are just some of the many products Ryobi offers. If your tool kit is hungry, Black Friday deals may be a good time for you to check them out. Black Friday always brings good deals on their products, and later we will discuss what they have to offer.

Why Is Ryobi So Popular?

This company has been around since the 1940s, and is based in Japan. In the US and Canada, they sell tools through Home Depot and online. For lovers of power tools, Home Depot Black Friday 2020 holiday sales may be a good time to buy these tools.

Of course, you may be a little on the fence about trying Ryobi. Here are some reasons why you should.

Mid-Ranged Tools

One reason you may want to check out Ryobi is because they offer that balance between being cheap and costing an arm and a leg. They are good for casual use, and their tool selection may even benefit a professional as well. Home Depot Black Friday 2020 sales can make their tool selection even more affordable, too.

You can especially save through their tool combo kit packages. Their tool combo kit can include various tools bundled up, from a 6 tool set to an 8 tool. This will allow you to save money if you need a full tool box. This especially applies if you take advantage of Home Depot Black Friday 2020 sales.

They Have Some Good Batteries

Another reason people select Ryobi is that each tool tends to have a battery that is quite decent. A drill, reciprocating saw, or a lithium ion cordless drill driver is going to need a good battery. Their batteries tend to be an 18-volt lithium ion battery. Their 18-volt lithium ion battery lasts a good while and is easy for them to replace. Black Friday 2020 may give you a good battery deal, too.

By the way, their batteries are compatible with many of their products. You don’t need to worry about looking for AH batteries or keeping all the batteries in a charger and bag. Just keep one or two batteries for all your needs.

Their Tools Hold Up

Some low-to-medium budget tool manufacturers do not have tools that hold up. A plastic tool you would give a child may hold up better. That is not the case with Ryobi. This company offers a large power tool selection with products that lasts a good while. Some of their tool products can even last for years. A power tool can be an investment, so filling up your tool boxes with these may be smart.

With that said, their lithium ion cordless multi tool tends to be the weakest example. This makes some sense. A multi tool tends to have more parts, and more parts means that there is a bigger chance of it breaking. If you end up with a a kit that breaks down, they do have a decent return policy.

Good Reviews

Finally, people love Ryobi because they have positive customer reviews. When you are buying tools, you do have to read reviews from people like you. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a circular saw, a miter saw, a drill, or even a tape measure. Reading reviews can help you decide if you should add their list of products to your tool bag.

Luckily, many of the reviews are quite positive, ranging from 4 to nearly 5 stars overall. Tools, especially bigger ones like a drill and a combo kit, have a chance of breaking down, and it seems like there’s always a vocal minority who will give their products negative reviews because they got a lemon. Luckily, Ryobi seems to lack those.

Many reviewers do say that their power tool lineup tends to be on the heavy side, but most do not mind that. While some reviewers did say that certain tools had to be oiled a little bit, many love the results. Also, their battery pack was praised. Whether it was the lithium ion cordless drill or the 18-Volt ONE work light, most of their batteries held up.

That’s why this company may be a good one to buy from if you are looking for tools to add to your tool bag. Be it a tool combo kit, a drill, circ saw, or other products, they work well.

Their Competition

Before we go to the next section, let’s also talk about their competing brands.


Makita is a brand that is similar to Ryobi. They are Japanese-based as well, and have been around since the 1910s. Makita tools are also offered exclusively at the Home Depot. They do have quite a few similarities, so we recommend you check out Makita as well.


DeWalt is also a big name in mid-ranged accessories for your tool chest. DeWalt is not only available at Home Depot, but also others stories, like Lowe’s and Ace Hardware. One store where you will not see DeWalt products is Harbor Freight. That store offers a Hercules lineup that is similar to what DeWalt sells.


If you are looking for another good tool company to check out, Milwaukee is also a consideration. This company’s products are mainly found at Home Depot and some other sites. Milwaukee is American-based, too.

Now, let’s discuss what deals you may expect this Black Friday at both stores and sites.

What Ryobi Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

While we don’t know what Black Friday 2020 will bring, Black Friday 2019 can give us some clues on deals you can expect this Black Friday 2020. Let’s look at some Black Friday 2019 deals that took place.

First, Home Depot Black Friday sales are always good, and this was the case in 2019. Home Depot Black Friday sales included up to 40 percent off their tools. If you want a tool set, this is especially amazing. Their Ryobi 1V ONE+ 6 Tool Kit was nearly $100 off its original price. Home Depot Black Friday deals always include free shipping, too.

With this brand, you are not going to see a vast selection of stores carrying them. They are found at Home Depot stores in the US and Canada, so Home Depot Black Friday deals are what you need to check out. Both the site and the store can offer quality savings this holiday season.

Besides that, you may be able to find their products on other websites, too. If you missed out on the Home Depot Black Friday sale, consider going to another site. You may find plenty of tools on another site, or a similar brand.

Overall, Black Friday is an excellent time to find some deals on Ryobi products. Finding good deals on different products for your kit may be beneficial, especially if you are home more and want to work on your own projects at home.

Final Words

Black Friday 2020 is a great time for you to look for tools, and Ryobi is an awesome brand to check out. Look at the Home Depot Black Friday 2020 sales going on and see if you can find the best deals. As we mentioned, combo kits will offer the best bang for your buck, but you can find other products as well if you just need one or two things.

Take into account what you need, what your budget is, and what the best deal is. That way, you can find the best deals on everything they have to offer. You may end up with a kit that is filled with everything that you need.

We hope that you find the best deals at Home Depot during the Black Friday 2020 sale. Good luck!

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