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9 ways to build your child’s self-esteem (and avoid later mental health problems)

Did you know, as a parent, you are the main source of self-esteem for your child? The responsibility of being a parent can be overwhelming. You may come to the end of this article and find you are reflecting

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5 Ways Pesticides May Harm Your Family

From asthma to diabetes, Alzheimer’s to cancer, there are a wide range of common diseases that currently threaten public health. Although each of these diseases are caused by varying factors,there

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Can We Blame our Parents for Our Bad Parenting Decisions?

We’ve all done it. Blamed our parents for why we behaved the way we did. “It is in my genes”, we say. “It is because of the way I was brought up”.  A scapegoat answer that somehow justifies

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Tips for Communicating With Your Teenager

Adolescence. If only you could read their mind. You glance across the table. There they are, head down, eating dinner. And you wish for the hundredth time that week that you were a mind reader. That you

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Yes! You Are A Great Parent!

If you’ve been a mom or dad for more than three minutes you’ve most likely experienced the guilt that comes with parenting. Suddenly you see life through the lens of “Am I doing enough? Are they

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