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The Best Deals on Shark Vacuum Cleaners

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For some people, adulthood is a synonym of an obsession with vacuums. And who can disagree? Seeing those floors and rugs crispy clean is certainly pleasing.

Over the last few years, the Shark brand has growingly become associated with that feeling; the pleasure from seeing things sparkling clean.

Their vacuums have been the subject of much hype due to their innovative designs and the way they accommodate to the lifestyles of busy professionals and homemakers alike.

More About Shark Vacuums

The Shark brand is one of the many brand names under the company SharkNinja Operating LLC. Formerly, the company was known as Euro-Pro, which is a family run company that has been in the appliances business for over a century.

They then developed the brands Shark Clean and Ninja Kitchen, focusing on appliances for busy people that, above all, are top performers but darn easy to use.

When it comes to vacuums, they have become one of the top competitors in the industry by offering a wide-range of models that are supposed to cater to the needs of a wide variety of individuals.

That is, models that are specifically designed to fit into certain lifestyles and home types.

So whether you’re a stay-at-home parent with kids, a working professional with little time to spare, or an animal lover with an adorable creature that’s always leaving traces of fur behind, it’s likely that Shark has a vacuum just for you.

Let’s take a look then at some of the available models and the features that distinguish them from each other.

How To Choose A Shark Vacuum Cleaner

As with all products, the most important thing is asking yourself what is it exactly that you’re looking to get accomplished.

Is it just very little dust and debris on easy to reach places and only one type of surface? Or do you need vacuuming for a home with lots of different surfaces, high ceilings, stairs, baseboards, and other off-reach places?

The are also questions like pet hair, and the variety of debris that might be lying around. You probably already know what you need, but terms like “DuoClean”, “IONFlex” and “Navigator” are just confusing.

So, here’s a brief overview of what each line offers:


This is Shark’s more traditional model. They’re lightweight and designed to maneuver easily around furniture, but nothing too fancy in terms of bending or becoming handheld (more on that below).

Several of them are “Lift-Away” though, which means that they can transform from an upright vacuum to a canister with just the touch of a button. Apart from that, the canister detaches to help you clean hard-to-reach areas without dragging or carrying it around.


Rocket – These are also somewhat traditional, but are specially designed to do harder work on carpets and hard floors. To do that, they feature more suction power than the Navigator’s, but they’re generally lighter than all vacuums on that line. For example, the regular Rocket weighs only 8 lbs and the one with Duo Clean technology is just 10 lbs.

Some of the models on this line also have versatile features like hand-vac mode for floor-to-ceiling cleaning and swivel steering, which provides great control for maneuvering around furniture.

Duo Clean

Any Shark vacuum with this name features a Dual Brushroll technology developed by SharkNinja. It was invented to pick up both finer dust from carpets, larger debris on hard floors and even those particles that tend to stick to other flat surfaces.

The technology is basically a large bristle brush roll with a softer brush roll in front of it. Most Duo Clean vacuums also feature headlights so that you can see what you’re vacuuming even better. You could now vacuum in the evenings if necessary!

The features are varied with Duo Clean vacuums, as the technology is present in several other Shark lines. That means you can get it as an upright vacuum, ultra-light, and some of them have cool stuff like noise reduction, hand-held mode, and pet & allergen cleaning.


These vacuums feature two rechargeable ION power packs, so you can vacuum without the need of an electrical cord while also eliminating the need to constantly go back to a wall charger. In other words, the likelihood of your vacuuming session being interrupted due to low battery is drastically reduced.

The vacuums on this line also have a feature called “MultiFLEX”, which means that the arm of the upright version bends so that you can get under furniture really easily. It can also convert into a handheld vacuum, for use in higher areas or car interiors.

Of course, there’s also a version that includes everything inherent to the IONFlex, but with the Duo Clean dual brushroll.

ION Robot

As the name implies, these are Shark’s version of robot, self-navigating vacuums. They are WIFI enabled and depending on the model, can connect to Shark’s own mobile app for Android or iOS. The 750 and 755 integrate with the app, while the 720 and 700 come with a remote control for scheduling.

All ION Robot Vacuums feature smart sensor navigation (so they can vacuum around without bumping into objects), spinning side brushes, detangling technology, a lithium ION battery and they’re own dustbin that’s really easy to empty.

More Products to Consider:

Whatever Shark model or other product you decide to get, I wish you lots of luck and happy bargain hunting!

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