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The Best Swing Sets Sales, Deals, and Discounts this Month

A nice swing set can keep the kids entertained and willing to play outside. Heck, you may even join in with them. Here are the deals we found today:

Deals we recommend, last updated on Thursday January 27, 8am PST:

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How to Choose a Swing Set

Age Range

Swing sets can be for all ages. Something like a Little Tikes or My First set is good for small children, while there are some meant for bigger kids or even adults. Remember that in a couple years, your child may grow out of a small Step 2 or Melissa & Doug set, so make sure it can grow with them. The size and weight limit can tell you what age ranges it’s good for.


How much space does it take up? Can it be used inside or out?


Some will prefer plastic, especially if it’s a Step 2 product. However, others may like a wooden swing set. Sets like that can be good if looks matter to you.


How much are you willing to spend? Do you want something cheap, or something more expensive? Black Friday deals can help stretch your dollar far. Also, factor in shipping and look for sets with free shipping, such as Amazon Prime.

Why Do Swing Sets Make Popular Gifts?


They are popular gifts because they are a timeless form of entertainment. Swing sets get the kids out, and kids love getting some air on them.

Even adults like swinging. If you can find a set that supports an adult, you can swing with your kids.


Siblings or friends can bond on these swings, and parents can bond with their kids. There’s still a place for playground equipment to help your kids and their friends interact with each other and have a great time together.

The Pandemic

Another reason the swing set is popular this year is because of COVID-19. You may not want to take your kids to the park where everyone is sharing the swings. In some areas, the swings may not even be open! Having a set you can keep at home is a nice feeling.

What Swing Set Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

If you’re looking to get a set, Black Friday deals are a good time to get them. We don’t know what deals Black Friday 2020 will bring, but we can get some insight by looking at what was going on last year.

Business Wire had an article about the best garden toys, which include sets. Other examples of garden toy brands include Little Tikes’ Princess Cottage and Backyard Discovery, a wooden swing maker.

In general, we saw Black Friday deals that were around 40-50% off the sales price. Considering you can find swings that are discounted even more because they are off-season, Black Friday is a great time to get Backyard Discovery or other garden toys. You can bring a set home your kid will love.

Also, we should probably mention that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events may last a lot longer due to the pandemic. You may expect to see deals that go on for a good month instead of a week or a weekend. This can allow you to prepare more.

Other Toys that Go on Sale on Black Friday

Where Can I Buy Swing Sets?

Plenty of stores, like Walmart, Target, and similar places may sell them. In addition, online stores do as well. You can find good deals on them on Amazon and similar websites. Any place that would sell outdoor products should have them. Look at several stores, both online and nearby, and compare deals. You may find that ordering online is the best decision, or you may find a trip to your local store brings you the best deal.

Final Words

Black Friday is an excellent time to look for swings. Besides the fact that they are discounted, they are also off-season, allowing you to save more. If you live in an area with mild winters, you can enjoy the set now. If not, you may enjoy it next year. In a time where being at home is more important, having swings to keep your kids happy and active is a good purchasing decision.

We hope you find the best swings for your situation. Good luck with your search!

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