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The Best Breville Barista Express Black Friday Sales (BES870XL)

I love Espresso and so it’s natural for me to want to see what kind of Black Friday deals are available on the Breville Barista Express this year. This is one of the best machines if you like your Espresso exactly right.

Today’s Deals

I scoured the internet for deals this year. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anything too exciting. Here is what I did find:

Deals we recommend, last updated on Friday November 26, 9am PST:

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Just like other small kitchen appliances – if this has been on your list of items to purchase, now is the time to get it.

I’ve also looked at other stores online, but this one is the best price I’ve found.

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Here’s more about the Barista Express:

Your average coffee make isn’t too expensive. For around $20-$50, you can get yourself a quality coffee maker that creates a hot cup of joe. For most, this is a satisfactory way to start your day. However, if you’re a hardcore coffee enthusiast, you may like to start your day with a nice coffee espresso from your favorite coffee house.

However, these add up in cost. If only there was a way to make your own at home. Well, now you can with the Barista Express.

What is the Barista Express?

The Barista Express is an espresso maker from Breville. It promises cafe-quality espressos and coffee from the comfort of your own home. As we all know, making coffee at home instead of buying it from Starbucks or other coffee shops can save you a lot of money, but when you want a nice espresso, you sometimes want to go to the coffee shop. This promises to bring that shop home. Here are some of its features.


As you probably know, a quality coffee maker is one where you get to grind the beans yourself. Buying pre-ground coffee is useful and all, but if you want the freshest cup out there, you gotta do the grinding. The Express makes grinding easily. It uses what’s known as dose-control grinding. This allows you to get the right amount of coffee grounds you want in order to give you the strongest taste and effect.

You can make the grinder automatic, or use it manually. Either way, you know you’re getting the best coffee out there. It’s fast as well, claiming to get you everything in under a minute. In order to grind, you use this dial, and the dial is quite easy to use. It’s also hands-free, meaning that you don’t have to do the hard work yourself.

One of the reasons why people buy from a coffee house is because making coffee takes time, even if you schedule it. However, this machine does it quite fast, saving you not only money, but time.

It Makes Espressos Perfectly

The Express is known for its accurate espresso making. It uses this technique called digital temperature control, which makes sure the water is at the optimal temperature for the best espresso. Yes, all coffee machines make the water hot, but this one gets it at the perfect temperature so it doesn’t have any problems upon extraction.

Latte Art

One of the best features of espressos is being able to make art out of the milk foam. You’ve probably seen some good pictures on the Internet that show off what you can do with latte art. If you’re wanting to be an artist, this machine does have a steam wand, which allows you to make some killer art. Give it a go!

How Many Shots?

You can choose between single or double shots, which is great depending on how much you need. For those days, especially the days where you’re waking up early to pick the best deals, you sometimes want to pick the double shot option. Just remember that coffee is no substitute for a full night’s sleep!

It Looks Sleek

Although this isn’t a feature, one thing we love about this coffee maker is its appearance. It has that sleek, metallic look to it that gives it an even more professional appearance. Looks do matter for some people, and that’s okay.

The Price

This espresso maker doesn’t come cheap. If you want quality, cafe-style drinks, it’s gonna cost around $700 for its normal price. On Amazon Prime, you may be able to find it for a few hundred less, but even then, it’s still an investment.

As we said, if you’re getting espressos on the daily, it does eventually pay for itself. If you’re a casual drinker of espressos, there may be less value out of it, so beware.

Other Coffee Makers

In addition, Breville has other high-end coffee makers to check out. Some cost more than the Barista Express, while others are a bit more budget friendly. Feel free to do your research on all the Breville products and see which one is good for your budget and coffee needs.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks for the Barista Express

  • Always check the water level. One downside to this machine is that it doesn’t warn you if the water is low. You have a chance to burn your coffee maker if it’s too low, so always double check on that end.
  • Experiment! This is perhaps the best tip you can have. Try different beans, and play with various settings. If you want the perfect espresso, make sure you try different settings until you can get it right.
  • Don’t be afraid to practice drawing with the wand in order to get the best latte art possible. With practice, anyone can be the perfect artist with their lattes.
  • Do some reading of the manual before you try. This is common sense with any appliance, yet many people tend to go straight to using the device. This may work with something simple, such as a toaster, but for something more complicated, give the manual a glance.

Black Friday Deals

As we said, this is an expensive item, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here. There’s a chance that you can find some good deals. With a hot item like this, they do run out fast, but if you look on all outlets, you may be able to find one.

What do we mean by this? Well, you can check all online shops, and then hit up your local brick and mortar stores. Sometimes, you may be able to find some deals by shopping the old fashioned way.

The Barista Express is a great product to check out for a hardcore coffee enthusiast. If you’ve ever dreamed about making quality lattes at home, now’s your chance.



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