Helping Parents Raise Happy, Resilient Kids

Who We Are

We are a team of doctors and psychologists with a comprehensive approach to mental, emotional, and behavioral issues in children and adolescents.

Our goal is to shift the focus from your child’s “misconduct” to what that conduct may signal.

Our mission is to help you and your child navigate the challenges you face, and to optimize your child’s psychological and emotional well-being.

We want your child to thrive.

Ree Langham, Ph.D.

Child and family psychologist with over a decade of experience. Dr. Langham writes about ADHD and anxiety.


Kim Langdon, M.D.

Retired obstetrician-gynecologist with 19 years clinical experience. Dr. Langdon writes about eating disorders, pregnancy, and postpartum.

Dr. Shannon McHugh

Shannon McHugh PsyD.

Licensed clinical and forensic psychologist. Dr. McHugh writes about  behavior, social skills, childhood struggles, and trauma.

Ana Jovanovic

Ana Jovanovic, Psychotherapist

Licensed psychotherapist and coach with over 5 years experience in working with children and adolescents. Ana writes about executive functions, attachment, and learning disabilities.

Dr. Pierrette Mimi Poinsett MD

Pierrette Mimi Poinsett, M.D.

Board certified general pediatrician with over 25 years experience. Dr. Poinsett writes about pediatrics, autism, and nutrition.

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How to Get Help for Your Child

Boy at Assessment

Tests & Assessments

What to expect from the tests physicians and psychologists most frequently use to evaluate your child’s behavior. Find out how these assessments are utilized to diagnose ADHD, autismanxietydepression, anger management, emotional issues, and more.

Teen in Therapy

Treatments & Therapies

No single type of therapy works for everyone. We explain what the options are, what questions to ask, and what to keep in mind when choosing among them. Once treatment is underway, you will also find out what you can do to help it succeed.

Boy With Spinner

Product Safety & Reviews

Many companies claim their products improve behavior and mental health. We explain what the research shows, and we share the results our own clients have had with weighted blanketstrampolinesspinners, and more.