Postpartum OCD: Why We Need to Talk About It

Postpartum OCD

Everyone knows that new mother’s are susceptible to postpartum depression.  But did you know that postpartum OCD is also very common? Most people don’t, and that’s exactly why we need to start talking about it. This article contains everything you need to know about postpartum OCD, also known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  If you have any suspicion that […]

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No More Tomboys!

I’m on a new crusade against the word Tomboy. If I get my way, I’ll cut it out of every dictionary. It’s all because of my own parenting challenge with my teenage children. Breaking Gender Roles My oldest child is artistic, creative and sensitive (and still cries when upset or angry). Child 1 has spent […]

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5 Foods That Are Affecting Your Child’s Mood

Kid with Sugar

by: Krista Hillis B.A.Sc Psychology and Neuroscience We often view mental health issues as an ‘adult’ problem, but the unfortunate reality is, children also suffer from mood disorders and other mental health conditions. In fact, mental disorders among children have continued to increase, with approximately 13 to 20 percent of children affected on an annual […]

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The Best and Safest Trampoline Brands of 2017

If you’re looking to buy the perfect trampoline, you’ve probably seen more than one “best trampolines” list. Some of those lists are nearly identical, and others contain trampolines which make you think, “Huh? What’s great about this, other than the price or color?” Sometimes you see a list which looks promising, but provides almost zero […]

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Yes! You Are A Great Parent!

Girl Hugging Mother

If you’ve been a mom or dad for more than three minutes you’ve most likely experienced the guilt that comes with parenting. Suddenly you see life through the lens of “Am I doing enough? Are they happy? Healthy? Do they know I love them?” It’s natural to worry from time to time. It shows that […]

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Look Who’s Talking: Baby Redesigns Home

Baby Talking

As a baby, it goes without saying I don’t like to complain. Just get on with it by myself, that’s my motto. But sometimes there are problems which are so glaringly obvious I can’t ignore them. I’ve tried, don’t get me wrong. But when I’m put down for a nap for example, right in the middle […]

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The Danger of ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry’

Big Boys Don't Cry

“All she does is cry.” My son was not too impressed with his new sister. Warned by peers who had been there before, I hadn’t promised him a friend or a playmate… or even someone who he would have anything in common with. (Unless of course his hobbies included bringing up milk and pooping around […]

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