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What is the Best Double Umbrella Stroller in 2024?

As a mother of two kids, I know how large and in charge double strollers can be. Double strollers are definitely not fun, especially in high-traffic areas like Walmart, the park, or even theme parks!

That’s why I loved when I found my perfect double umbrella stroller: the Dream On Me. It’s my favorite because it gets me the best value for the money, it’s extremely lightweight, and super easy to maneuver and fold.

I also love the Maclaren Twin Triumph, and recommend it to anyone who has an unlimited budget. That’s because it has all the advantages of the Dream On Me, plus extra padding and a higher-weight limit.

Double umbrella strollers are a lifesaver because they are infinitely more compact and lightweight than other double strollers on the market. That said, wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, you can feel confident that you’ll have a comfy and safe ride for your littles.

There are a lot of double umbrella strollers on the market, though. How can you know which one’s right for you? This article will share the top five best double umbrella strollers on the market. You’re bound to find the product that’s perfect for you.

My Top Picks for the Best Double Umbrella Stroller of 2024

Who’s ready to shop for their ultimate double umbrella stroller? Trust me; once you pick out one of these umbrella strollers, it will be the only stroller you will want to use from here on out. Let’s get into it, parents!

#1: Dream On Me Umbrella Stroller (Best Value)

Recommended age: 6 Months+
Weight Limit: 40 pounds per seat
Stroller Weight: 26.5 pounds

Dream On Me Umbrella Stroller
View on Amazon | $103.69

Originally, Dream On Me was not a brand I had to have. It wasn’t even a brand I really cared about. That was until I got my hands on a Dream On Me Umbrella Stroller. I bought one from a garage sale because it looked too good to be true. Lots of storage, plenty of room for my little boy and girl, and it appeared to be fairly lightweight and easy to manage. Well, I was right. Here’s why I (and many others) love this double umbrella stroller.

Only 29 inches wide

Why does width matter? Well, if you have tried to use any other type of double stroller, you will know that they tend to be wider than wide. Ditch those oversized double strollers and indulge in this ultra-compact umbrella stroller that is only 29 inches wide – the narrowest stroller on the list. Being so petite and thin, it can be maneuvered anywhere, including the happiest (and busiest) place on earth. (Trust me – I’ve been there, done that.)

Comfortable and Sturdy Seats

I love two things about these seats: the sturdy iron frame and five-point harness keep my kids safe, and the reclining footrests ensure the kids are comfortable. This lightweight double stroller is perfect for two differently-aged kids as the front bar can be entirely removed. The hood is also entirely adjustable with mesh inserts for proper ventilation while you stroll. Talk about first-class in comfort.

Super Smooth Ride with Soft Ride Wheels

Have you ever tried to maneuver a double stroller? Um, it’s a nightmare. I don’t recommend it. What I do recommend, though, is a double umbrella stroller like this one from Dream On Me. It comes with Soft Ride wheels, which essentially means you get a super smooth ride no matter where you go. Plus, the front swivel wheels have an impressive 30 maneuverability, and the rear wheels can lock.

Hand Washable Storage

Last but not least, let’s talk storage. With two little ones, you’re carrying a ton of items. Well, this lightweight umbrella stroller for two comes with extra-large pockets on the back of both seats. They are entirely hand washable, so even spills and messes won’t stand in the way of your beautiful new stroller.

Downside: For the most part, everyone loved this stroller. The only drawback was that the seats are a bit snug and not heavily padded, but what do you expect when you’re choosing a 29-inch width umbrella stroller?

Final Thoughts: Overall, this is one of the most lightweight double strollers you’ll run across. It is super easy to maneuver and maintain. It can be folded up in a matter of seconds, which means you don’t have to fiddle around trying to pack it up.

#2: Maclaren Twin Triumph (Best Premium)

Recommended age: 6 Months+
Weight Limit: 55 pounds per seat
Stroller Weight: 23.15 pounds

Maclaren Twin Triumph
View on Amazon

Feeling a little greedy when it comes to your double umbrella stroller? I don’t blame you. You want the absolute best for you and your little ones. And that’s where the Maclaren Twin Triumph comes into play. This impressive double umbrella stroller is truly the triumph of the competition, and here’s why.

One-Hand Compact Fold

Trying to fold up a double umbrella stroller, even one that claims to be a lightweight stroller, can be really challenging. When you’re trying to get everyone in the car, the last thing you want to do is to fiddle with a stroller. Well, the McLaren Twin Triumph includes a one-hand compact fold that makes it easier than ever to collapse and be on your way. In fact, this is the simplest double umbrella stroller mentioned in this article.

Aircraft Grade

Are you and your family big travelers? Then you want to be positive that your double umbrella stroller can come along for the ride. Well, the Maclaren Twin Triumph is a lightweight stroller that is aircraft grade approved. So, whether you’re planning a European destination or a beachside getaway, this double umbrella stroller has you covered.

Hood and Sun Visor Included

Okay, so a lot of double umbrella strollers are going to include a hood. Most of them will also be waterproof and have UPF 50+ UV protection, like this Maclaren Twin Triumph double stroller. What sets this stroller apart? Well, this is the only model that comes with an included sun visor, too. This means that your little people are protected from the harmful sun rays, giving you more confidence in their health and safety.

Impressive Comfort for Parent and Child(ren)

There are so many great features added to the Maclaren Twin Triumph. For example, each seat comes with independently adjustable seats so that each child can recline to their comfort. Plus, the seats are heavily cushioned, and there is a support cushion along the leg rest. What does this mean? Maximum comfort for your child – leaps, and bounds above the Dream On Me option.

A few other convenient and comfy additions include height-adjustable shoulder harnesses, ergonomic handles, and an oversized shopping basket to keep your goodies in one handy spot. Weighing only 23 pounds and with such an immense number of features, it’s no wonder this ranks as our number one pick.

Downside: There really aren’t many negative things to say about this double umbrella stroller. However, one area that gave some parents a headache was the harnesses and buckles. Some say they are challenging to adjust and buckle up, but it takes a learning curve before smooth sailing.

Final Thoughts: This tiny but mighty umbrella stroller has all of the features you could ever dream of. Although it’s a small, lightweight stroller, it still comes with plenty of comfortable and convenient plusses, such as padded, comfortable seats and an extra-large storage basket. Parents also love that this stroller can handle up to 55 pounds per seat, much higher than other models.

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#3: Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight (Best for Differently-Aged Kids)

Recommended age: Newborn and Up
Weight Limit: 50 pounds per seat
Stroller Weight: 26 pounds

Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight Double Stroller

Get Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight Double Stroller at Walmart

When I think of Joovy, I think of great baby and kid products that always impress. Well, the same is true for the Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight stroller. This is the best stroller for more than one child, and here are the reasons why.

Comfort for Two Children

The Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight lightweight umbrella stroller is designed to keep two littles comfortable and safe at once. Each seat independently reclines, much like the Maclaren, so that kids can adjust to their needs.

Not only that, but the adjustable leg rests are great for dealing with multiple kids. Even if only one child needs the adjustment, it’s a convenient option for parents with two little ones (like me). With so many options, this is the most adjustable stroller on the list.

Water and Stain-Resistant Fabric

Another reason this lightweight stroller ranked on my top five is because the fabric is entirely water and stain-resistant. As a parent, you know what a big mess kids can make, and you don’t have to worry about any stains leaving a mark on your nice stroller. No other stroller mentioned has this great feature!

Pockets and Cup Holders

With kid-accessible mesh pockets and zippered parent pockets, there’s a lot of space to hold you and your child’s necessities and values. Talk about convenience! Did I mention there are three parent cup holders? That’s more than most full-size strollers!

Downside: This is another side-by-side stroller that doesn’t have a whole lot of negative reviews. The only big drawback is that the footrest is a bit oddly placed, so it’s hard for some children to locate it and use it.

Final Thoughts: This Joovy Twin Groove stroller conquers the competition in terms of adjustments for multiple children and is also one of the easiest to keep clean, which is great if those are the two most important things you’re looking for.

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#4: Delta Children LX Side-By-Side Tandem Stroller (Best Low Cost)

Recommended age: Up to 36 Months
Weight Limit: 35 pounds per seat
Stroller Weight: 19 pounds

Babies and kids aren’t cheap, and prices only skyrocket when you have your second (and third, fourth, fifth, etc.) child. I totally get that plenty of parents are looking for a bargain when shopping for a lightweight double umbrella stroller, and that’s why I have included the Delta Children LX Side-By-Side Stroller on this list. Here are a few reasons why we love it.

Compact Yet Reliable

The biggest plus of this side-by-side stroller is that it is incredibly compact, so much so that it can fit through 30-inch doors. It also meets Disney size requirements, so you know this is a super-compact stroller that can go anywhere with ease.

Although it’s on the small side and can only handle weight up to 35 pounds per seat, parents still enjoy the added safety measures such as a five-point harness and shoulder pads. These double umbrellas meet or exceed ASTM standards and CPS standards and are entirely JPMA certified for your confidence.

Lots of Storage

There’s no secret that the Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller is smaller than most strollers (including the other double umbrellas on this list). However, it certainly doesn’t skimp on storage. This travel stroller comes complete with two storage bags and an attachment parent cup holder.

Downside: There are a few downsides to this stroller. While you can handle the stroller more easily due to its small stature, the sun canopies are on the small side, and some people have bought attachments for better protection. Other people have even considered separate handles because the handlebars are not adjustable and far too short for some people.

Final Thoughts: If you’re looking for a cost-effective travel stroller that you can easily take anywhere, then consider the Delta LX to be your number one pick. Though it has a low price, it is still a comfortable and reliable stroller that many parents will enjoy.

#5: Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight (Best for Infant and Toddler)

Recommended age: Newborn+
Weight Limit: 45 pounds per seat
Stroller Weight: 23 pounds

Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight
View on Amazon | $314.95

If you’re anything like me, you’re not looking for a twin stroller. Instead, it would be best if you had a double stroller to accommodate a newborn in a car seat and a slightly older child. Unfortunately, most of the strollers on this list are designed as a twin stroller or a stroller used for two youngsters out of car seats. But not with the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight. Here’s why we love it.

Can Be Used from Birth on Up

Obviously, the standout feature of these umbrella strollers is that they can accommodate car seats. Thanks to the inclusion of the Universal Car Seat Adapters, these lightweight double strollers have unlimited car seat compatibility, making it a breeze for parents with newborns to get moving.

Different Ways to Ride

Of course, there are many options for older kiddos, too. They can use the rear seat, bench seat, or standing platform. You won’t find these seating options on any of the other strollers on this list!

Reclining Seats and Storage

The older child will enjoy a seat with three different reclining options to keep them nice and comfy during the ride. Parents will also love the inclusion of a parent organizer, which makes this lightweight stroller an excellent choice for all.

Downside: As these super lightweight strollers accept an infant car seat, this is exactly what you might think would happen: there’s not a whole lot of room for the older child. While the one seat for older kids is still comfortable, it’s a little bit of a tighter squeeze than others would like. It is also one of the less easy strollers to fold, which could be a deal-breaker for some.

Final Thoughts: This is an excellent option if you are looking for umbrella strollers that can accommodate a car seat without slacking on the storage basket or front seat for you and your older child. It might not have the lightest weight, most impressive front wheels, or even top-notch folding abilities, but it is compact, easy to use, and will be able to keep your newborn and older child comfortable for everyday use.

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What Should I Look for in a Double Umbrella Stroller?

There are a lot of important things to consider when you’re shopping for double umbrella strollers. Making the right choice is imperative for your well-being, trust me. With that in mind, I have pointed out the most important things to look for in double umbrella strollers.

Does it accept a car seat?

This is not an important requirement for parents of twins looking for a twin stroller to keep their kiddos comfortable. But for someone in a situation like I was in, with a newborn and a young child, finding a stroller that accepted car seats was imperative. If you have one car seat and need a stroller that accepts car seats, make sure you seek it out on this list (hint: the only one that accepts car seats is #5).

What safety features does it have?

As a parent, you are always concerned about your child’s safety. The same is true for your stroller, too. Look for a stroller that includes a five-point harness for each kid. Large canopies that shield your child from the elements are also a great feature. Lockable front wheels and a good brake system can also help you determine which umbrella stroller is the right one for you.

Are there any comfort features?

You also want to know that your child is comfortable during the ride. So, finding a side-by-side stroller with heavily padded seats is always a good idea. You can also look for more features such as reclining seats, a cup holder for each side-by-side seat, and adjustable leg rests.

How about convenience?

If you are shopping for a side-by-side double umbrella stroller, you’re trying to leave humungous double strollers in the past. So, look for convenient features for parents. Find a model that is super lightweight and comes with a carrying handle.

Find a stroller with an extra-large storage basket to hide your goodies, such as a diaper bag. A cup holder is also a great addition.

Don’t forget the ease of folding, too. The more ergonomically easy it is to fold the stroller, the less time you will have to fiddle around with it. Plus, a quick fold means you can toss the carry strap over your shoulder and be on your way in no time.

Here’s How I Determined the Best Double Umbrella Stroller

I have a lot of experience with strollers, especially double strollers. I reflected on my past experiences with certain double umbrella strollers and considered which double umbrella strollers my besties loved. Lastly, I checked out the features and reviews of each double umbrella stroller. I never rely solely on the company’s remarks. I want to make sure it truly is one of the best by looking at actual customer reviews (which include complaints, sometimes!).

Verdict: Your Best Double Umbrella Stroller 

After reading this, you’re likely a side-by-side and double umbrella stroller expert. But if you didn’t have time to reach through it all, don’t worry. I’m breaking down the top five quickly below.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Dream On Me Umbrella Stroller. This stroller comes with all of the same features you’d find on higher-end products, such as easy maneuverability and being ultra-compact.

For those that want the best of the best, consider the Maclaren Twin Triumph. This stroller is the most lightweight yet has the highest weight accommodations. It’s also immensely comfortable for kids and convenient for parents with its reclinable seats and plenty of storage.

If you need a stroller for two children, consider the #3: Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight (Best for Differently-Aged Kids). With lots of adjustment abilities, it’s ideal for kids of two different ages or twins.

If you want to keep the spending under $100, pick Delta Children LX Side-By-Side Tandem Stroller. Although budget-friendly, this stroller is a convenient pick for parents that enjoy traveling with two little ones.

For those needing a stroller that accepts a car seat, choose the Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight. This great stroller is the only stroller with a car seat attachment on this list, so parents with newborns and younger children will appreciate this model.

If you have two children, I highly recommend buying a double umbrella stroller, and any of these fine models will work. Just make sure that you’re searching for important or necessary features for you, such as a car seat option with plenty of adjusting features or one that has superior comfort.

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