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The 6 Best Strollers for Big Kids: 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 Year Old

The most important factors to consider when buying a big-kid stroller is comfort and ease of use. You don’t want to find yourself trying to maneuver and fold a bulky heavy stroller. At the same time, it’s important for your child to fit comfortably in their stroller.

After trying several strollers and hearing what other parents have to say, I’ve determined that the best big-kid stroller is the gb Pockit+ All-Terrain Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller. It weighs only 12.3 lbs, has an infinite number of reclining positions, and folds down in seconds to a handbag-shaped package that is easy to carry around. No other stroller on this list is so lightweight and easy to use, while providing superior comfort.

Discount: 31%
BEST PREMIUM: gb Pockit+ All-Terrain Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller
This stroller is the best of the best. It has a similar capacity as the 3DLite, but has an infinite number of reclining positions, and folds down in seconds to a compact, easy-to-carry, handbag-shaped package.

On the other hand, if your budget is tight, the Summer 3DLite Convenience Stroller the stroller for you. It gets you everything you need in a stroller for big kids at the lowest price possible, and is by far the best value for the money. It’s one of the lightest strollers on this list, second to only the gb Pockit+ above, making it easy for parents to push and carry. It can fit a child up to 43 inches and 50 pounds, has 4 reclining positions, and is very comfortable.

Discount: 9%
BEST VALUE: Summer 3DLite Convenience Stroller
This stroller weighs only 13 pounds, and can fit a child up to 43 inches and 50 pounds. It has 4 reclining positions, and an extra-large storage basket. No other stroller we found had so many features for this price.

And last, if you’re looking for a jogging stroller, the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller is your best bet. It’s by far the best jogging stroller for a big kid. It can handle an astounding 75 lbs, yet weighs less than most jogging strollers on the market.

BEST JOGGING: Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller
This is the best jogging stroller for big kids. It can handle an astounding 75 lbs, yet weighs less than most jogging strollers on the market.

Keep reading for more information on each one of these strollers or to see other good strollers for big kids.

We all know how important a stroller is when your baby is brand new. But what about when they start getting older? Once your child hits the 3-year-old mark, they’re likely ready to leave their ‘baby’ stroller behind. Parents need to know the right stroller to choose for their bigger kids, and we have the secret to success in this list. Here, you will find a variety of strollers for older kids, whether you need a lightweight pram or a jogging stroller to stay active. I’ll also tell you which one we use.

Now, some parents might ask themselves: Do I really need strollers for older children? The answer is yes. Do you want to know why I say this? Well, imagine trekking through Disneyland with a 5-year-old. You think they are finally big enough to go without needing a stroller. Then, imagine carrying said 5-year-old through half the park because their legs are tired. The result? You had a great and exciting trip, but your back is ruined for the next three weeks.

So, don’t think that you don’t need a stroller for big kids. While they might be able to handle a lot of things, walking incredibly long distances isn’t exactly up their alley. You, your legs, and your back will thank you for buying a big kid stroller.

What Should I Look for in a Stroller for Big Kids?

You shouldn’t purchase a stroller for big kids willy-nilly. There is a science behind purchasing a big kid stroller. Well, okay, it isn’t that difficult. But think of it this way. If you have a 5-year-old and need a stroller, but he’s on the taller end of the spectrum, you need to be careful to ensure you’re finding one that meets his size requirements. Here are some of the top things to look for in a stroller for older children.

Criteria #1: Does the stroller meet your child’s size requirements?

This is the most important thing to consider when purchasing a stroller for an older child. That’s because older children are a wide range of heights and weights. Pay close attention to the size limits on the stroller. Some may be more suitable for a taller and stocker child, while others are lightweight and ideal for a growing 3-year-old.

Criteria #2: Does the stroller meet you and your child’s needs?

Again, a stroller that’s designed for a toddler is not going to be suitable for a much older child, say 5 or 6 years old. You need to make sure that your kid is going to have enough room and be comfortable. You also need to make sure that there are features to help you as well. This includes storage space, and for some, a lighter-weight design.

Criteria #3: Is the stroller the right style?

Aside from comfort and design, another thing to consider is whether or not it is the right style. Think about whether or not you need something more portable and lightweight. These are best for on-the-go moms and dads. On the other hand, a very active parent might want to ditch the umbrella stroller and opt for a jogging stroller. Still, some parents might need extra space to accommodate more than one child. Once again, pay attention to features and style to ensure the stroller is specific to your needs.

Criteria #4: Is the stroller the right price?

Of course, you should always consider the price. You might have to skimp on a few features here and there if you’re on a budget. If you are willing to spend a little more, make sure that the features are worth the extra dollars. Luckily, there is a wide variety of strollers to choose from on this list. Finding one that you love for a price you can afford will be a cinch.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Stroller for Big Kids

I researched extensively to find the best strollers for big kids. As a mom, I know the importance of finding the best items for your child. I paid attention to the overall features of the stroller as well as the price and design. I also looked at reviews from parents across the world, considering their customer reviews when adding them to this list.

My Top Picks for the Best Stroller for Big Kids of 2022

#1: gb Pockit+ All-Terrain Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller (Best Overall)

Recommended ages: Newborn +
Weight limit: 55 pounds
Stroller weight: 12.3 pounds

gb Pockit Plus All-Terrain Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller
Get the gb Pockit Plus All-Terrain Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller at Amazon

When you’re looking for a premium big kid stroller, you’re likely thinking about something lightweight yet still fully-functional. Almost everyone can benefit from a lightweight stroller, whether they need a stroller for a big kid or a baby stroller. So why did we pick the gb Pockit+? Let’s take a look at why this stroller is one of the best strollers on this list.

Ultra-Compact and Self-Standing

But the gb Pockit+ takes convenience a step further than other strollers. This is done in two ways:

  • Transformation in seconds. It’s true – the gb Pockit Plus comes with one of the most unique transformations on this list. It actually breaks down into a handbag-shaped package that can easily be carried around. Being only 10 pounds, it’s not much heavier than other items parents are likely to be carrying around.
  • Airplane carry-on compliant. Not all strollers are created equal, especially when it comes to their airplane carry-on compliance. While most strollers won’t make their way onto the plane, the Pockit Plus does. This stroller folds down swiftly and can be stored above your head for easy access.
  • Self-standing. The self-standing feature makes this stroller so much easier to store. Simply break it down and toss it anywhere, whether it’s in the trunk or the closet. It takes up little to no space!

Infinite Reclining Positions

Comfort is key when it comes to a stroller for a 4-year-old, 5-year-old, or even 6-year-old. That is why the gb Pockit+ comes with an infinite variety of reclining positions for your child. These strollers are designed for complete customization when it comes to comfort, so there is less whining during the trip and more good times to be had.

UPF 50+ Protection Canopy

Aside from comfort, safety is also a major concern for the majority of parents. Unfortunately, while using a stroller, children can be susceptible to some pretty horrible weather conditions – especially when it comes to the sun. Well, the gb Pockit+ ensures your child is safe from harmful UV rays by tossing a large sun canopy above with UPF 50+. Gone are the days when parents have to worry about sunburn while using a stroller!

Durable and Agile

The gb Pockit+ is made using high-quality materials that keep you and your child safe while in use (and when being stored). Aside from reliability and durability, it’s also constructed to be agile. Up front you will find a pair of swivel wheels that allow for easy navigation, whether you’re touring the busy city streets of Rome or making your way down a winding path.

Final Thoughts: If you are willing to spend a little more on a lightweight stroller, then consider the gb Pockit+. This is notably the best lightweight stroller as it is lightweight, super compact, yet still highly durable and ready to take on any terrain. Plus, it has a fairly high weight capacity, so this is a great stroller for big and small kids.

What do parents have to say about this best lightweight stroller, though? Well, parents have said that this is stroller is “The answer to traveling with an older toddler” and remark, “What a jewel of a stroller.” Need we say anything else? You can’t go wrong with this stroller, whether you’re using it near or far. Well worth the money!

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#2: Summer 3DLite Convenience Stroller (Best Value)

Recommended ages: 6 months, up to 43 inches
Weight limit: 50 pounds
Stroller weight: 13 lbs.

Summer 3DLite Convenience Stroller
Get the Summer 3DLite Convenience Stroller at Amazon

Whether you’re looking for a stroller for a toddler or a stroller for a 6-year-old, one thing that comes to mind is value. I love getting the best value on any item I purchase, so finding a stroller that met the description as the ‘best value’ was wildly important. With that being said, I chose the Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller. It has plenty of valuable features and convenience is built into the name; you can’t go wrong with that!

Lightweight Umbrella Stroller – Just 13 Pounds

If there is one type of stroller that every parent should have in their arsenal, it’s an umbrella stroller. Umbrella strollers are specifically designed to be compact and lightweight. They can be used for quick walks around the block or taken to amusement parks and other exciting venues. The best part is, they are small enough to fit in compact spaces and pop up in a matter of seconds. Perfect for the on-the-go moms and dads.

Well, the Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller is designed to be super portable. It weighs only 13 pounds! Being such a lightweight design, this stroller makes a great option for travel and every day use. Take it anywhere and you will be glad you did.

4-Position Recline

Kids like to be comfortable – can you blame them? Well, the unfortunate part of owning an umbrella stroller is that they typically don’t come with any type of recline. But the Summer 3D Lite is different. This comfy stroller comes with 4 different reclining options. This makes it easy for young children, such as 3 and 4-year-olds, to take a nap while out and about. Older kids will like being propped up and able to see the world.

Compact Fold and Easy Storing

Ease of use is just as important as any other feature. The Summer 3D Lite breaks down quickly and easily and even comes with a carrying strap to make life that much easier on parents. Aside from that, the canopy is entirely removable to save space. When you need it on sunny days, simply attach it back to the stroller. It’s a cinch!

Plenty of Storage Space

Another common problem with umbrella strollers is that they simply don’t have enough storage space. The Summer 3D Lite packs a punch of storage to their product, though. This stroller comes with an extra-large storage basket that taps out at 10 pounds. Here, you can place all of your must-haves from snacks to toys, iPhones to water bottles. Plus, there is an additional rear storage pocket and a cup holder for moms who can’t leave their coffee at home.

Final Thoughts: This is the go-to umbrella stroller if you’re looking for absolute convenience. It’s a great lightweight stroller that can be used with children up to 43 inches and 50 pounds. With fairly high numbers like these, kids of all ages can use it. Moms and dads will enjoy how compact and lightweight it is, making it the go-to for travel and everyday use.

As far as actual customer reviews are concerned, it was hard to find any negative comments. Most of the negative reviews were about minute details, such as the cup holder being a bit small or the 5-point harness being wider than other models. These are minor inconveniences that can be overlooked. The overwhelming number of positive comments outdoes any negative ones, making this a confident purchase for any parent.

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#3: Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller (Best Jogging Stroller)

Recommended ages: 3 months +
Weight limit: 75 Pounds
Stroller weight: 26 pounds

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller
Get the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller at Amazon

Parents who enjoy things like running and hiking need a high-quality jogging stroller in their arsenal. If you think you can get by jogging with a lightweight stroller or travel stroller, think again. I have tried it, and I failed miserably. This is especially true when you’re dealing with older kids. You simply can’t get a smooth ride, and that puts a real damper on your workout.

With that being said, you need a jogging stroller you can depend on. Our favorite, without a doubt, is the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller. This is the powerhouse of jogging strollers. It comes with all of the best features you can imagine, allowing for a superior workout that burns leftover baby weight in no time. Here are some of our top reasons for loving this jogging stroller.

Uniquely Designed Workout Wheels

Two features go into a smooth ride: wheels and suspension. The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight has both. In the back, you will find 16 inch rear wheels. These large-sized beauties ensure that there is a smooth, sleek ride from start to end. It also helps to absorb shock better than typical stroller wheels. With shock absorption, children feel calm and comfortable, even when in use over awkward, bumpy, and rock-lined terrain.

The front wheel is also designed to be large and in charge. The front wheel is notably easier to swivel than typical stroller wheels. Aside from superior maneuverability, the front wheel can also be locked in place. This allows for a quicker run, so you are still able to sprint during your HIIT workouts.

Lightweight Jogging Stroller – 26 Pounds

I know what you’re thinking – 26 pounds isn’t exactly lightweight. But compared to other jogging strollers on the market, this jogging stroller is incredibly light. Most are well over 30 pounds! The Joovy Ultralight, though, is made to be lightweight yet still durable. Being a lighter weight allows for better portability, so you can stay active even when you’re far from home.

High Weight Capacity

One major standout of the Joovy Zoom 360 is the fact that it has a high weight capacity. Yes, the Joovy Zoom 360 can handle an astounding 75 pounds. Those with larger children will enjoy a high weight limit. So, even if you aren’t in the market for a jogging stroller, you might still find this stroller to be the best stroller for you and your needs.

Wide Seat with Multi-Position Recline

This is notably a top-of-the-line big kid stroller for all ages, whether you have a 4-year-old or a 7-year-old. That is all thanks to the high weight limit. But it doesn’t stop there. With comfort in mind, this stroller comes with an extra-wide seat that can handle big kids. It is also set up high, so kids big and small can get a good look at the world around them. When they want to sit back and relax a bit, simply choose one of the many multiple-position recline options.

Car Seat Adapter

Now, you’re probably wondering why we would add car seat features to a big kid stroller guide. The answer is simple – some people are looking for a stroller that will grow with their child. Well, this jogger comes with a car seat adapter. Why does this matter? With an adapter, you can bring your small child along for the ride when they’re still brand new. When they get older, you can ditch the adapter and simply use the jogger.

To put it simply, this jogger will see you from the beginning of your child’s life to the middle. It’s not only the best stroller for a child over 50 lbs, but best for anyone who wants a jogger that will get plenty of use.

Final Thoughts: If you’re looking for jogging strollers that will change the way you work out for good, then consider the jogging strollers from Joovy – most notably, the Joovy 360 Ultralight. This stroller comes with all of the best features you would ever want from jogging strollers. From the high weight capacity to the uniquely designed wheel with premium suspension capabilities, this is a jogger any mother will love to own.

This jogger has plenty of positive reviews. Parents say that their children love it; even those who have big kids say that their child is nice and comfortable. Some parents have said that this is an excellent option for a child with special needs, too. Since there is so much space and room for big kids, those who need a special needs stroller might consider it. The only downside is that it’s a bit difficult to collapse, but that’s expected with a jogger – even a lightweight jogger.

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Runner-Up: Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller
Get the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller at Amazon

Another highly recommended jogger is the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller. This jogger has a bit lower weight limit, with 65 pounds being the maximum weight capacity. However, the Baby Jogger City Mini is far easier to fold, as it only needs a single hand. The Baby Jogger City Mini also comes with a uniquely designed suspension system. However, it fails in comparison to the oversized wheels found on the Joovy jogger. All in all, this is an excellent second option.

#4: Dream on Me Coast Stroller Rider (Best Low Cost)

Recommended ages: 6 months +
Weight limit: 45 pounds
Stroller weight: 13.50 pounds

Dream on Me Coast Stroller Rider
Get the Dream on Me Coast Stroller Rider at Amazon

When you are looking for a big kid stroller, you want to find something that can grow with them. After all, even though a stroller might be able to accommodate a big child, this doesn’t mean they always want to be pushed around in one. That’s where innovation is key. The Dream on Me Coast Stroller Rider is, without a doubt, the most innovative stroller on this list. It’s a 3-in-1 design that is truly impressive, especially for the low price.

3-in-1 Innovative Design

The biggest thing that sets the Dream on Me Coast Stroller Rider apart from the competition is the 3-in-1 design. Let’s face it – there is no other stroller on this list that can give you this many different options. But what are the different options, exactly? Let’s take a closer look.

  • Stroller. The stroller is best for younger kids, between the ages of 6 months of 3-4 years. In the stroller position, the product works and feels like regular lightweight strollers. It has a comfortable seat with a high back and plenty of legroom. Plus, it comes with a 5-point harness to keep younger and smaller children safe.
  • Rider.The rider position is best for older kids who don’t want to ride around in a regular ‘stroller’ anymore. The rider ditches the stroller seat entirely. It gets rid of the back and only leaves a small platform for kids to sit on. Here, they aren’t confined using a harness, and there is a ton of space. This extra space makes this a great stroller for kids of all ages and sizes.
  • Scooter. What kid doesn’t love a scooter? Well, instead of going out and buying a whole new toy, you can simply turn your Dream on Me Coast Stroller Rider into a stroller for your kids to ride on. It’s fun and lets your kids stay active, something that is incredibly important in these sedentary times.

Attaches to Almost Anything

Another innovative advantage of the Dream on Me Coast Stroller Rider is that it attaches to almost anything. So, if you’re a parent with a smaller child that requires a travel system to tote them around, you can simply attach this stroller to the back. You can also attach it to wheelchairs, shopping carts, you name it. This makes it easy for parents to take their children anywhere and ensure they are safe at all times.

Easily Folds Like a Book

If we are being completely honest, it is an absolute pain to fold and store the majority of strollers. Trust me, I’ve been there. Trying to fold down a travel system was a nightmare. Even a lightweight stroller can be difficult to collapse! One great thing about the Dream on Me Coast Stroller Rider is that it folds with one hand. Not only that, but it folds down like a book. It’s so small when it’s collapsed, you can easily store it just about anywhere. Bye-bye, bulk!

Convenience in the Palm of Your Hands

There is a reason why the Dream on Me Coast Stroller Rider on the JPMA Innovation Award. The unique style and innovative design set it apart from the crowd instantly. But the stroller doesn’t stop at being an attachable, collapsible, 3-in-1 dream come true. There are a few other great features parents will enjoying, including:

  • Adjustable handles. The handles are completely adjustable to go up and down. Anyone can easily push the small and big kids around. Tall Uncle Joe will have no issue putting the handlebars up, while mom can easily slide them down. This allows anyone to push and feel absolute comfort. No sore back from bending over the next day!
  • Soft-ride wheels. With soft-ride wheels, it’s a breeze to push over a variety of terrains. Not only do these wheels ensure that the stroller is easy to push, but it’s also far more comfortable for the child riding, too. You can’t go wrong!
  • Meets the stroller size for Disney parks. This might not be necessary for some parents, but it is for me. This stroller meets the size requirements for Disney parks. Bring it along for the trip and never worry about your child complaining that their legs are hurting halfway through the adventure.

Low Price

Could you believe that this innovative stroller doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? This wonderful stroller is very cost-effective. Even those on a budget will find that they can likely purchase this stroller and be glad they did. So, if you’re on a budget, check this stroller out. It’s great for a variety of ages and sizes and will be comfortable for many years.

Final Thoughts: If you love 3-in-1 products that give you the biggest bang for your buck, then you will love the Dream on Me Coast Stroller Rider. It’s the most innovative product on this list and can be enjoyed by kids big and small. Parents love how easy it is to collapse and how much use their child will get out of it.

As far as reviews are concerned, it was hard to find any bad comments. People said things like “Love it! Worth the price” and “Amazing for the price.” There were only minor complaints, such as the seat having zero paddings. Other than that, this stroller has incredible reviews, and it’s definitely worth it for the low price.

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#5: Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 (Highest Weight Capacity)

Recommended ages: Newborn to 44 inches
Weight limit: 165 pounds
Stroller weight: 33.1 pounds

Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0
Get the Bob Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 at Amazon

Trying to find strollers that hold up to 100 pounds can be difficult, if not impossible. But plenty of big kids find themselves on the higher end of the scale, especially when they are reaching the ages of 6 and 7. So how can a parent still take their child out and about in a stroller when they have topped the scales? The best thing to do is to find the best strollers for big kids with a high weight capacity. Our favorite is the Bob Gear Flex 3.0. Here’s why.

Highest Weight Capacity

Obviously, the biggest advantage of the Bob Revolution Flex is that it comes with an incredible weight capacity of 165 pounds. That is by far the highest maximum weight out of all of the strollers on this list. With such a high maximum weight, this stroller isn’t limited to being another one of those strollers for 3-year-olds. No, this is the best big kid stroller option that can see them from newborn babyhood all the way to 6 or 7 years old.

Designed for Superior Comfort

Your little one should feel comfortable on the ride, no matter how big they are or where they are going. Well, aside from providing a seat that can handle plenty of weight, Bob strollers are made with a suspension system and air-filled tires for superior comfort. They slide sleekly over any terrain, even the bumpiest roads aligned with rocks and cracks. Take your child anywhere, whether you end up on a rigorous hiking trail or simply go around the block.

Adjustable Handle

An adjustable handle is necessary when it comes to strollers. Why? Because if the handle is too short, you will be left with a backache. If it’s too tall, it will simply be impossible. Well, these strollers come with completely adjustable handlebars. Adjusting to anyone’s height is a cinch.

No-Rethread Harness

Parents aren’t the only one that will benefit from adjustments. With most strollers, mom or dad will have to re-thread the entire safety harness to adjust the height on the seat. That is not the case with the Bob Revolution Flex strollers. Here, you can simply adjust the safety harness with one hand. There is no necessary rethreading. Adjust the safety harness as your child grows older.

Plenty of Storage Space

A lot of the strollers on this list have great storage space, but they still can’t compare with the Bob Revolution Flex strollers. These strollers come with a whopping 6 storage pockets. There is also an extra-large cargo basket underneath that can hold all of your must-haves. There is also a cell phone pocket right at the handlebar, so you can whip out your phone when needed.

Superior Reclining Options

Some of these strollers have 4 reclining positions or multiple reclining positions. The Bob Revolution Flex strollers have the most reclining abilities out of any other strollers on this guide. The ultra-padded compression seat can recline completely upright for all-day comfort. However, when your child wants to sit back and relax, the seat reclines almost completely flat with a single push of a button. Impressive!

Travel System Ready

Again, this is not a must-have for people with older children like 5-year-olds. But for those with small children that still need a car seat, they want to hear that the stroller they’re purchasing can handle a car seat. Bob Revolution works as a travel system. In fact, it is compatible with almost all major car seats. All you need to do is buy the car seat adaptor to bring your small child along for the ride.

Peek-a-Boo Window

This isn’t one of the most incredible features you will hear about, but it is certainly worth mentioning. A lot of parents will enjoy having a peek-a-boo window on the canopy. Why? Because a peek-a-boo window allows parents to check on their child while they’re strolling down the paths. You can check in and chat with your young child and make sure they are a-okay without having to stop and look at the front of the stroller. It’s one of the smaller features, but one that is certainly convenient for moms and dads.

Final Thoughts: If you need strollers with a high weight capacity, this is it. This is undeniably one of the best strollers for big kids, even 6-year-olds and 7-year-olds. It comes with a massive number of features, big and small. From the comfortable seat with one-hand adjustments and recline to the suspension and state-of-the-art air-filled wheels, you can feel confident in your child’s ride.

This stroller has been positively reviewed hundreds of times. Anyone can feel confident purchasing one of these strollers for big kids. There were next to no negative comments. The biggest drawback is there is no snack tray for the child. That must be purchased separately.

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#6: Evenflo Pivot XPlore Double Stroller Wagon (Best Double Stroller)

Recommended ages: 2 to 5 years
Weight limit: 120 pounds
Stroller weight: 34.7 pounds

Evenflo Pivot XPlore Double Stroller Wagon
Get the Evenflo Pivot XPlore Double Stroller Wagon at Amazon

Two kids? Double the trouble? While that might be the case sometimes, it doesn’t have to be trouble when it comes to getting around. I can tell you firsthand that having a stroller that functions as a wagon, too, is such a major advantage. What kid doesn’t enjoy riding in a wagon? For a top-of-the-line double stroller to track around with your big kids, the Evenflo Pivot XPlore Double Stroller Wagon is a must. Here’s why.

Push or Pull

One of the coolest features of the Evenflo Pivot XPlore Double Stroller Wagon is that it can be pushed or pulled. Switching between the two is as simple as a flip of the handle. When using the stroller as a regular stroller, opt to push. When you’re pulling the stroller wagon along the sandy beach, opt to use the pull option. With two different options of maneuvering your little kids around, it makes everything much easier for parents. Kids love it, too!

All-Terrain Wheels

What’s a good wagon without all-terrain wheels? The Evenflo Pivot XPlore Double Stroller Wagon knows that having a wagon for 2 kids means you’re likely planning plenty of adventures. So, they created their strollers to come with all-terrain wheels for the ultimate freedom. They can easily go up a mountain or down to the sandy shores – your pick!

UPF 50+ Shaded Extra-Large Canopies

Double the kids, double the protection. The Evenflo Pivot XPlore Double Stroller Wagon comes with an extra-large canopy on both sides to ensure that each child is safe, even if the temperatures are on the high side. Say goodbye to the risk of sunburns thanks to the inclusion of UPF 50+ built right into the canopies.

So Much Storage!

Having two kids means that you have a lot of stuff to carry around. Well, storage is not an issue when it comes to this double stroller. One of the major features is that it comes with plenty of storage space for all of your needs. Baby wipes, toys, and snacks can go in the cargo area for parents. In the middle, there is a handy double tray for kids to share their snacks and smiles.

Room for Two

These strollers were made to take on two kids at a time. It is ideal for 2-year-olds up to 5-year-olds and comes with enough space for each child to be comfortable and happy on the trip.

Final Thoughts: When it comes to room for two big kids and enough storage to keep all of your must-haves in one space, the best pick is the Evenflo Pivot XPlore Double Stroller Wagon. These strollers are designed to be used as a push stroller or pull wagon, bringing some fun and creativity to your trip. Plus, each child gets their own canopy and snack tray to keep them safe and happy no matter where you go.

Parents have said nothing but wonderful things about the Evenflo Pivot XPlore Double Stroller Wagon. In fact, it was hard to find any negative remarks about these strollers. Big kids and parents alike enjoy all of the features, from the way it can be maneuvered to the durability and space.

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Runner-Up: YIWANBA Double Stroller Urban Twin Carriage Stroller

YIWANBA Double Stroller Urban Twin Carriage Stroller
Get the YIWANBA Double Stroller Urban Twin Carriage Stroller at Amazon

The wagon design doesn’t work for everyone. This is especially true if you have one young child and one big kid. Sound like your situation? Then you will enjoy the fact that this stroller comes with a cool construction. The small child can sit in front with a safety harness while the big kid can be in the back. The big kid can either sit or stand on the platform behind the baby seat. Being able to sit or stand, the back seat for the big kid is suitable for a variety of ages, from 2-year-olds to 6-year-olds.

At What Age Is a Child Too Old for a Stroller?

If you are in the market for a big kid stroller, you might start to wonder – Is my child too old for a stroller? There is really no point in spending money if your kid is too old. However, there is no set age limit on the age when it comes to strollers.

Everyone has their opinion on when a child should stop using strollers. Many people will tell you that it’s fine to use strollers for 3-year-olds, but a child is too big when they have reached the age of 4 or 5. This is not the case for every child and situation, though.

Someone who is planning a trip where there will be a lot of walking might need a stroller to help their child get through the adventure. Some may have a child with special needs who has difficulty walking, especially long distances.

What I can tell you is that I have done some research and I’ve found that a lot of people are currently searching for strollers for 4-year-olds, strollers for 5-year-olds, and even strollers for 7-year-olds.

With that in mind, it’s hard to say when a child is too old. For the most part, children should be out of strollers before they are age 8 (unless circumstances are hindering the child).

For an older child, a baby stroller should never be used. Make sure that strollers being used for a big child are also able to handle their height and weight. Also, check out the other features of the stroller to make sure it’s a good fit for you and your child.

Verdict: Your Best Stroller for Big Kids 

Finding the best big kid stroller can be a challenge, especially when there are so many options. We’ve made it easier with this simple list of the best big kid strollers, broken down into sentences that showcase their best features.

If you want the best value for money, pick the Summer 3DLite Convenience Stroller. This kid stroller is cheap, super lightweight, and is wonderful for children up to 50 pounds.

If you need a jogging stroller, pick the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller. This is a lightweight stroller that is easily transported. It has a high weight capacity and a wide seat that can handle a big child with ease.

If you need a double stroller, pick the Evenflo Pivot XPlore Double Stroller Wagon. These fun double strollers work as a wagon or a stroller. Any child big or small will enjoy the fact that they have their own space, snack tray, and canopy to stay cool, calm, and satisfied on the trip.

When searching for the best big kid stroller, take into consideration your specific needs. Some moms and dads may need a stroller that has a higher weight capacity to hold their big child. Others might need strollers with wheels that allow for the best suspension. Pay attention to the specific features each stroller has to offer to make your decision. Also keep in mind that each stroller has a different function, such as being a lightweight umbrella design or a hefty jogger construction.

9 thoughts on “The 6 Best Strollers for Big Kids: 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 Year Old”

  1. Welp I’m 6’0” my husband is 6’4” and our 4 year old who is 55 lbs has little to no choices in strollers left but our BOB which is breaking our back from hauling around. So frustrating. She has epilepsy and autism. She will need her stroller for a long time.

  2. This just goes to show that we parents of bigger kids don’t really have any choices for our kids and it’s frustrating. My son is a big boy, 65 lbs at age 3, he’s also a runner so I’d like a compact stroller not a jogging stroller for him. It’s ridiculous that you can’t get a great folding stroller for a child over 50 lbs

  3. Thank you for bringing stroller wagons to my attention! A stroller wagon may be our solution. We have a low weight but average height 2.5yo who rarely sits in a stroller and a small 10yo (75lbs) who loves a brief ride when extremely tired or after an injury. We have a second hand citi mini gt I think that gas a lower limit. I was hoping to find a stroller with a 75 lb or more limit and the ability to add a a ride board or bench to a total of 110 or preferably higher weight but it doesn’t seem like that exists.

  4. This is a good resource. Our problem is we have a special needs child that is unable to walk. She is right around that 50 pound limit and it is very hard to find a stroller for her that can handle more than 50lbs. We have a special needs stroller that she has had for a few years but it is not comfortable at all and it also weighs a ton. Spending $600 to $900 is just not in our budget.

    • Look at the baby jogger City mini gt (the older version is better in my option). Weight limit is 65lbs, canopy is Huge, handles like a dream and is compact. We have had many many strollers. This one is my daughters favorite and Mine also!

    • This is my problem too. I’m a mom with a kid with a trach and suplimental oxygen approaching 50 lbs with a regular sized crossover hatchback car. His gear that must come with, suction, o2 tanks emergency kit, takes up a seat in the car. We have been using a double stroller which works but takes the entire trunk space. His handicapped stroller doesn’t fit in my car. I’d rather buy a new stroller then a suv but options seem limited. He can walk but only about a block at a time without tiring and gets too heavy to carry far. So even if I don’t gwt a bigger vehicle where stroller size matters less, I still need a bigger stroller in about 2 lbs.

  5. This has helped us a lot. We are planning a trip and need a stroller for my granddaughter who will be 4 and requires a lot of walking. Thank you.


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