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The 9 Best Bassinet Strollers of 2021: Get the Right Carriage for Your Baby

Looking for a bassinet stroller for your baby? This list will help you choose the perfect carriage.

Congratulations! You’re expecting a baby, and now you’re on the lookout for the best stroller out there.

If you’re like many new parents, you’re interested in a bassinet stroller.

It seems, after all, like the perfect solution: Classy, trendy, comfortable for baby, and convenient for you. Some strollers offer a base with three options: Car seat adapter, bassinet, and regular stroller seat. And some are “just” gorgeous, perfect, classic bassinet strollers – the ones popularly known as carriages.

Your biggest problem?

There are way too many options out there. Most seem to be different versions of the same. All are lauded as being “the best.” And every article you’ve read tells you how amazing every bassinet stroller is.

You need facts. What’s good, what’s bad, and which is the best pick for your lifestyle. And that’s exactly what this article is about.

Let’s get started:

Our Top Picks for the 9 Best Bassinet Strollers of 2021

#1) UPPAbaby VISTA (Best Overall)

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UPPAbaby’s VISTA stroller is a versatile convertible stroller that doubles as a bassinet stroller and a regular stroller, and quadruples as a double stroller which can handle any combination of bassinets, car seats, and toddler seats. (You’ll need to buy the second seat separately.)

Its removable, washable fabric guarantees you’ll never have to put your child in an icky stroller, and its extendable warranty offers assurance that you’re getting a good stroller.

The good: UPPAbaby’s VISTA toddler seat is reversible and suitable for babies ages three months and up, and the stroller is compatible – no adapters needed – with UPPAbaby’s MESA car seat. The stroller also offers a one-hand fold, large basket, and a telescoping handlebar – perfect for taller parents.

The not-so-good: While the VISTA offers a wide range of options, it’s also relatively heavy – the frame and bassinet together weigh 28.1 lbs (, and the frame and toddler seat weigh 26.3 lbs (11.95 kg).

Also, when the toddler seat lies flat, the child’s legs remain in a “sitting” position, it’s not clear if the stroller can take other car seats, and though the fabric is washable, it’s not machine washable. It’s also not clear if the stroller is compatible with other car seats.

The best: This is truly an all-in-one stroller: It can be used with a bassinet, car seat, toddler seat – and there’s an option to turn it into a double stroller later on, using any combination of the three. UPPAbaby also offers an option to extend the warranty to three years.

Plus, its bassinet is uniquely suitable for overnight sleeping.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a bassinet stroller that will grow with your baby and family, want a bassinet that can be used for overnight sleeping, and don’t mind spending a bit extra, UPPAbaby’s VISTA is the one for you.

* bassinet approved for overnight sleeping
* reversible seat
* one-step fold
* telescoping handlebar
* stands when folded
* super-large basket (up to 30 lbs/ 13.6 kg)
* high weight limit (50 lbs/ 22.7 kg)
* can be used as a double stroller

* relatively heavy
* relatively expensive
* hand wash only
* compatible without adapters only for MESA car seat

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#4) Inglesina Trilogy City (Hand-operated Wheels)

The latest upgrade from Inglesina’s Trilogy stroller, the company’s Trilogy City offers a narrow stroller which can also be used with either a bassinet or a car seat. Though the stroller seat is suitable from birth, Inglesina suggests using the bassinet for babies 0-3 months. Its easy, one-hand fold and mesh ventilation panel mean easy setup for parents and comfortable napping for babies.

The good: Inglesina’s Trilogy City can be folded with one hand, with the seat facing either in or out, and its swivel wheels are easy to operate without bending down. It also has an adjustable footrest and a reversible seat.

The not-so-good: The bassinet needs to be purchased separately, as do the car seat adapters. Also, though the fabric is removable and washable, it’s hand wash only.

The best: Unlike most bassinet strollers, Inglesina’s stroller seat is suitable for newborns as well, giving parents an additional option for transporting their babies. The Trilogy City also has a high weight limit, ensuring larger babies will still be able to use it well into toddlerhood.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a bassinet stroller with a high weight limit but are on the fence about whether you actually need the bassinet, and you don’t want to be bending down to access the front wheels, Inglesina’s Trilogy City is the bassinet stroller for you.

* adjustable leg rest
* stroller seat suitable from birth
* reversible seat
* one-hand fold
* stands when folded
* car seat compatible
* mesh canopy panel
* washable fabric

* bassinet not included
* car seat adapter must be purchased separately
* not machine washable
* expensive

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#2) Graco Modes Bassinet Stroller (Best for Budget)

41baeJSBXVL. SL500

Available as a bassinet stroller or a travel system, Graco’s Modes Bassinet Stroller is Amazon’s Choice and offers an all-in-one option for parents looking to buy a convertible bassinet stroller on a tight budget. Its seat converts from bassinet mode to toddler seat, and accepts all Graco’s Click Connect car seats with no adapter required.

Parents looking for a more comprehensive package can purchase the travel system, where the car seat comes included.

The good: Graco’s Modes Bassinet Stroller meets Disney size requirements, reclines fully, and has the company’s classic one-hand folding mechanism.

The not-so-good: The stroller’s fabric – and therefore the bassinet’s as well – is spot clean only and not easily removable. Also, the stroller can’t accept any car seats other than Graco’s Click Connects, and the one-year warranty is relatively short.

The best: The Modes seat is reversible, both in bassinet mode and in seat mode, and having one seat for both functions saves you storage space.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bassinet stroller that’s completely reversible, Graco’s Modes is the bassinet stroller for you.

* meets Disney size requirements
* car seat compatible
* one-hand fold
* stands when folded
* reversible seat
* bassinet converts to toddler seat
* budget-friendly

* compatible only with Graco’s Click Connect car seats
* not washable
* relatively short warranty

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#3) Bugaboo Cameleon3 (Best Frills)

41kWT8X S4L. SL500

Bugaboo’s Cameleon3 is a high-end stroller with a bassinet, 3-position seat, and a rain cover. Made with recycled materials, this stroller offers adjustable suspension for a smoother ride, and can be used from birth through three years with either a bassinet, stroller seat, or car seat.

The good: With an included rain cover and a telescoping handlebar, the Cameleon3 ensures a comfortable walk no matter what the weather, no matter what your height.

The not-so-good: It’s not clear whether this stroller’s warranty is two years or three, and car seat adapters must be purchased separately. Also, this stroller is on the expensive side.

The best: The Bugaboo Cameleon3’s handlebar is reversable, and its fabric is machine-washable. Don’t put it in the dryer, though.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a high-end convertible bassinet stroller with all the frills and perks, this is the stroller for you.

* car seat adaptable
* reversible handlebar
* machine washable fabric
* warranty is at least 2 years
* telescoping handlebar
* rain cover and bassinet included
* adjustable suspension

* car seat adapter not included
* high price tag

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#4) Babyzen Yoyo+ 0+ (Lightest weight)

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Babyzen’s Yoyo+ comes in two versions: 0+, which offers a bassinet or “nest”, and 6+, which allows babies to sit upright or recline. Both versions are car seat compatible, but you’ll need to purchase the adapters separately.

According to Babyzen, once you’ve purchased the 0+, all you need to do once your baby grows out of the “nest” is swap the fabrics you’ve got for the 6+ fabrics, and you’re ready to go. It’s not clear, though, if the 6+ fabrics are included or if you’ll need to purchase them separately.

The good: Babyzen’s Yoyo+ is a lightweight stroller that folds compactly and is easy to carry. Its one-hand fold and unfold mechanism allows for easy maneuvering, and a mesh pocket on the back of the seat offers additional storage when baby is upright.

The not-so-good: You’ll need to purchase the car seat adapter (and possibly the 6+ fabrics) separately, and older babies using the stroller without the “nest” can only recline 145 degrees.

The best: Unlike most bassinet strollers, Babyzen’s 0+ nest includes a 5-point harness, allowing you to leave your baby in it safely, even after he or she starts rolling over.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact, easy-to-carry bassinet stroller that can be used from birth to toddlerhood and has machine washable fabric, Babyzen’s Yoyo+ is the one for you.

* nest includes 5-point harness
* two-year warranty
* machine washable
* car seat compatible
* folds compactly
* easy to carry
* lightweight
* 3 canopy positions

* not inexpensive
* car seat adapters must be purchased separately
* older babies can’t recline all the way

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#5) Bugaboo Fox (Best High-end)

5191kw2JleL. SL500

Bugaboo’s Fox bassinet stroller is a high-end convertible stroller, which can be used with a stroller seat, bassinet, or car seat. While its offer isn’t unique – other than the large basket – this stroller is more customizable than most, allowing you to choose not only the seat colors but the wheel caps and handlebar grip as well.

The good: The Bugaboo Fox has integrated car seat adapters, saving you an additional purchase, and its fabric – except for the basket – is machine washable. Plus, its basket is super-large, with a 22 lbs (10 kg) capacity. It also has a reversible seat and all-terrain wheels.

The not-so-good: Though the stroller comes with integrated adapters, they’re not appropriate for every car seat: For many, you’ll need to purchase additional adapters separately.

The best: All the fabrics are recycled, and the stroller has a one-hand fold and stands while folded.

Also, the Fox’s modular make allows for personalization: Wheel caps, seat liners, bags, canopies, rain covers, and of course the bassinets and seats, are all available in a variety of colors, and the handle grips can also be switched.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a bassinet stroller that will allow you to have fun with colors and patterns, and you don’t mind a high price tag, this is the bassinet stroller for you.

* reversible seat
* machine washable fabric
* car seat compatible
* recycled fabrics
* options for colors and fabrics
* super-large basket (22 lbs)
* one-hand fold
* stands while folded
* relatively high weight limit

* adapters for some car seats must be purchased separately
* expensive

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#6) Joolz Hub (Best Warranty)

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Joolz’s Hub is a convertible stroller that allows for both a bassinet and a car seat.

Unlike most of the other strollers mentioned in this article, it offers two different options for newborns: A regular bassinet, which can be used from birth until your baby starts to roll over, and a “cocoon” which fits over the seat and can be used for babies up to 18 months.

The flip side? Neither of them are included with the stroller itself – they have to be purchased separately.

The good: The Joolz Hub is a sleek convertible stroller offering options for infants and toddlers, as well six seat positions, a reversible seat, an adjustable handlebar, and one-hand steering.

The not-so-good: Everything must be purchased separately: the bassinet, the cocoon, and the car seat adapters. Also, the fabric isn’t machine washable (and it’s not clear if it can be removed for washing), and the weight limit, at 33 toddler lbs or 15 kg, is rather low.

The best: The Joolz Hub allows babies to recline almost completely flat, and the cocoon can be used from birth until 18 months. Also, the stroller comes with a lifetime warranty for the original owner of a registered product, and a 2-year warranty in all other instances.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a bassinet stroller that doesn’t require a separate bassinet and has a lifetime warranty, the Joolz Hub is the stroller for you.

* two options for newborns
* cocoon can be used with toddler seat
* adjustable handlebar
* one-hand steering
* reversible seat
* stands when folded
* six seat positions
* bassinet and cocoon must be purchased separately
* car seat adapters must be purchased separately
* not machine washable
* low weight limit (33 lbs/ 15 kg)

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#7) Diono Quantum (Quick to Convert)

diono quantum classic stroller

Diono’s Quantum allows parents to save space, since there’s no separate bassinet: the seat itself can be used as both a bassinet and a toddler seat, and switching between the two is relatively simple.

Designed to be intuitive, this stroller has an easy fold and brake, included adapters, and a removable storage basket.

The good: The Diono Quantum has a ventilation panel in the canopy, is car seat adaptable, and its fabric can be removed for washing. Four clips allow parents to change the bassinet into a toddler seat, avoiding the need to store one of the two when it’s not in use.

The not-so-good: Several customers have complained that the front wheels automatically lock, making the stroller difficult to turn. Also, even though the bassinet mattress and liner are included for UK customers, they don’t seem to be included for US customers, and Diono doesn’t sell them separately.

The best: With a fifty-pound weight limit and a reversible seat, the Quantum is bound to serve you until your child can get around on his own.

Is it for you? If you’re looking for a convertible bassinet stroller that saves you space and doesn’t cost a fortune, Diono’s Quantum is the bassinet stroller for you.

* car seat adaptable
* high weight limit (50 lbs)
* bassinet easily becomes toddler seat
* detachable basket
* canopy has ventilation panel
* reversible seat
* easy to fold

* bassinet mattress and liner not included for US customers
* front wheels lock automatically
* relatively short warranty
* relatively heavy

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#8) Roan Rocco Classic Pram (Classic Style)

515IOGw1NyL. SL500

A popular bassinet stroller, Roan’s Rocco Classic Pram has a classic tray underneath, replacing the more contemporary basket. With large, all-terrain wheels and a fully reclining seat, it’s easy to see why this stroller has become popular among parents and reviewers alike.

The good: Roan’s Rocco bassinet stroller has a reversible seat and an adjustable handlebar and footrest, as well as a ventilation panel in its canopy and all-terrain wheels.

The not-so-good: To say it was difficult to find information on this stroller would be an understatement. Though it seems to be popular among parents, the company website is difficult to navigate and did not provide information on washing the stroller, its warranty, or the weight limit for the bassinet. Also, the wheels don’t swivel.

The best: The Roan Rocco comes with a rain cover, side cover, everything you need for both the bassinet and the seat, and even a diaper bag.

Is it for you? If you’re looking to make a single purchase and want a stroller with a fully reclining seat, adjustable handlebar, and a more classic look, this is the bassinet stroller for you.

* all-terrain wheels
* reversible seat
* ventilation panel in canopy
* height-adjustable handlebar
* adjustable footrest

* no warranty information
* no care information
* unclear what the bassinet weight limit is
* car seat adapter must be purchased separately
* no swivel wheels

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Want to see how the details compare?

 WeightWeight limitBassinet weight limitCar seat compatible?Machine washable?Bassinet included?Seat belt for bassinet?Warranty
Babyzen Yoyo+ 0+6.6 kg (14.52 lbs)From 6 months to 40 lbs (18 kg) or 38”/ 95 cm.9 kg (20 lbs)Yes, adapters sold separately.Machine wash coldYesYesTwo years
Bugaboo Cameleon321 lbs (9.54 kg)Up to 36 months ( 17 kg or 37.5 lbs)9 kg (20 lbs)Yes, adapter purchased separately.Fabric is machine washable, hang to dry.YesNo3 years, or 2 years for original owner only (not clear which).
Bugaboo Fox21.8 lbs (9.9 kg)Up to 36 months (17 kg or 48.5 lbs)9 kg (20 lbs)YesFabric (excepting basket) is machine washable.YesYes2 years, 3rd year available if you register your stroller.
Diono Quantum38.2 lbs (17.36 kg)Birth to 50 lbs (22.7 kg) and 40” (101 cm)20 lbs (9 kg) and 25” (63 cm)YesSeat and canopy fabrics – hand wash cold. Carriage liner – machine wash cold, delicate cycle, mild detergent.YesNot clearOne year
Graco Modes Bassinet Stroller23.36 lbs (10.61 kg)Up to 50 lbs (22.7 kg) or 45” (114.3 cm).No informationYesNo. Wipe with mild soap. Do not soak seat.YesNot clear but it seems so.One year
Inglesina Trilogy City21.31 lbs (9.68 kg)Up to 55 lbs (25 kg)9 kg (20 lbs)Yes, adapter sold separately.Follow instructions on the labels. Hand wash in cold water.NoNo informationTwo years, optional third year, original owner only.
Joolz HubStroller with seat – 25.3 lbs (11.5 kg), bassinet – 9 lbs (4.1 kg), cocoon with seat – 11 lbs (5 lbs_, cocoon – 2.2 lbs (1 kg).From 6 months to 33 lbs (15 kg).Bassinet: Birth to 9 kg (20 lbs)


Cocoon: Birth to 18 months

Yes, adapters must be purchased separately.NoNoNo informationLifetime warranty, dependent on registering product within 6 months of purchase and for original owner only. Two year warranty in all other instances.
Roan Rocco Classic Pram33 lbs (15 kg)Up to 3 years or 40 lbs (18 kg)No informationNoNo informationYesNo informationNo information
UPPAbaby VistaFrame: 19.3 lbs (8.7 kg) Seat: 7.3 lbs (3.2 kg)
Bassinet: 8.8 lb (4 kg)
From 3 months to 50 lbs (22.7 kg)9 kg (20 lbs)YesHand wash in cold water.YesNo informationTwo years, option to purchase third year.

What else do you need to know?

Bassinet strollers – also called prams or carriages – are a popular choice among parents of newborns. The reason?

Bassinet strollers allow the baby to lie flat, even swaddled (swaddling is no longer recommended), and man parents love that they can walk in the door and leave the baby sleeping “in bed,” instead of taking baby out and risking a cranky, tired, baby who can’t fall back asleep. The bassinets also seem more comfortable than regular strollers.

But even though bassinet strollers are convenient and many babies sleep well in them, it’s important to note that most bassinets are not recommended for sleep. Of the strollers mentioned in this article, only two have bassinets which are suitable for overnight sleep: the Vista and the Wayfarer.

And even though we adults like things soft, it’s super-important to remember that soft does not equal safe for babies.

Worse, many, if not most, bassinet strollers lack a harness to keep the baby in place. Many are the instances when a parent was carrying their bassinet stroller up or down stairs – and the baby fell out, down, and rolled down the steps until reaching the bottom (or a landing).

Safety, therefore, is of utmost importance. Here are a few rules for safe use of bassinet strollers:

  1. Never use a bassinet stroller with a baby who can roll over. When your baby begins to roll – either back-to-stomach or stomach-to-back, it’s time to switch to a regular stroller. Babies typically reach this milestone at about three to five months.

In any case, do not use a bassinet stroller with babies over six months of age.

  1. Never leave your baby sleeping in the bassinet unsupervised – unless the manufacturer has specified that the bassinet component is safe to sleep in and intended for use overnight.
  2. Never carry your bassinet stroller up and down stairs while your baby is inside it. I think this one is self-explanatory, but it’s worth emphasizing. Instead, place your baby in a carrier, fold your stroller, and carry the folded stroller down or up the stairs. Or, ask someone else to carry the stroller while you carry your baby.
  3. If possible, purchase a bassinet stroller that also offers a harness. The safety belt, or harness, should be a “five point harness” – a strap over each shoulder, a strop over each hip, and a fifth strap between the legs, to close the other four.
  4. Look for a sturdy model that won’t jiggle your baby too much when you roll over bumpy areas such as gravel.
  5. Be sure the bassinet connects securely to the stroller’s base. You should not be able to jiggle it, and if you tip the stroller, the bassinet should stay put. At the same time, you’ll want a mechanism that is easy to operate, so you don’t end up fighting with the bassinet to take it on or off the base.

Bassinet or 180 degree recline?

Many parents wonder whether to purchase a bassinet stroller, or a regular stroller that reclines all the way back. Unfortunately, most strollers do not offer a 180-degree recline – it usually maxes out at about 175 degrees, and even that is rare.

That said, since strollers are not intended for sleeping in, as long as the baby lies almost flat, it’s not a make-or-break if the stroller doesn’t lie absolutely flat.

What IS important, though, is to make sure the stroller you choose has an option for newborns and infants under 6 months: Many strollers are not intended for younger babies, or should only be used for 0-6 month old babies together with a car seat or bassinet.

Which type of stroller – bassinet or full recline – you choose depends mostly on which model offers most or all of what you need. There’s no real difference either way.

Choose a stroller with a wide base and don’t hang bags on the handles. Especially with a bassinet stroller, it’s important to choose a model that has a wide base and large wheels: These strollers tend to be more sturdy and offer a smoother ride.

Never, ever, hang your bags on the handlebars, regardless of which stroller – or type of stroller – you choose. This could tip the stroller backwards, harming your baby – or in the case of a bassinet stroller with no harness, throwing your baby onto the floor.

Instead, place your bags underneath the stroller, on the rack, or in the basket. Be sure you don’t exceed the recommended weight limit for those areas: Most baskets can hold only up to 5 kg (11 lbs), and some can handle only 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a car seat instead of a bassinet?

Technically, yes – but it’s not recommended. First, the angle of a car seat is not ideal for baby’s spine and posture. Second, too many parents place baby’s car seat at the wrong angle, increasing the risk of baby’s head falling forward, cutting off air flow. Third, car seats are not intended for sleeping in, and babies should not spend extended periods of time in them.

Is it best to use a classic carriage or a regular stroller with an option for a bassinet?

If you’re a first-time parent and you’re looking for an economical option, a regular stroller offering the option to use a bassinet might be your best bet.
On the other hand, if you already have a stroller – or someone has offered to buy you a regular stroller or sell you one second-hand – you might want to splurge and buy a classic carriage.

Can a newborn sleep in a bassinet stroller?

Even though bassinet strollers are convenient and many babies sleep well in them, it’s important to note that most bassinets are not recommended for sleep. Remember, of the strollers mentioned in this article, only two have bassinets which are suitable for overnight sleep.

How long can you use a bassinet stroller?

When your baby begins to roll – either back-to-stomach or stomach-to-back, it’s time to switch to a regular stroller. Babies typically reach this milestone at about three to five months. Definitely do not use a bassinet stroller with babies over six months of age.

The bottom line?

If you’re looking for a looking for a bassinet stroller but thinking ahead to your next baby, you’ll want to purchase UPPAbaby’s Vista. If you’re looking for a sturdy travel system, choose the Graco’s Modes. And if you’re looking for a super-light bassinet stroller with a harness, choose Babyzen’s Yoyo 0+.

Parents who want to use the bassinet for overnight sleeping will want the UPPAbaby’s Vista. And parents looking for a high-end splurge will want to choose Bugaboo’s Cameleon3 or their Fox.

Do you have one of these strollers? Know one which should’ve made the list but didn’t? Let us know in the comments!

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