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The Best Bassinet Strollers in 2024

When you’re starting as a brand new parent, you might look at some strollers and think there is no way your newborn baby will be safe in there. And, well, you’re not wrong. Strollers with upright positions and no car seat attachment are generally designed for at least three months and up, although it’s best to wait till six months. What’s a new mom or dad to do?

Introducing the bassinet stroller. These handy strollers are specifically designed to carry a newborn or infant with no head support. Think of the bassinet stroller as your handy bassinet on wheels. It’s safe and cozy for new babies and gives parents peace of mind, too.

There are a lot of options for bassinet strollers, though. How can you know which one is right for you? That’s where I come in. Bassinet strollers are so nifty, and I just so happen to know the top bassinet strollers you need to know about.

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What Should I Look for in a Bassinet Stroller?

Choosing a stroller that is right for you can be quite a challenge, especially with such an immense number of options on the market. Well, I’m here to help you make a purchase you’re confident in. Let’s start by looking at some of the most important things to consider when shopping for a bassinet stroller.


Depending on your needs, you might need a stroller to accommodate two children with two different seat options. Other parents may want a stroller that accepts a car seat, making it a “travel system” type of stroller. So, take a look at the different modes offered by the stroller. Some have seats that have various reclining positions to grow with your baby. Some will accept a car seat for easy travel.

Weight Limits

There are two “weights” to keep an eye on. First, look at the stroller weight. Not every stroller is designed to be lightweight. But if finding a lightweight stroller is important to you, look at which ones are designated as “lightweight” options. Secondly, check the weight limit for your baby or child. Some products will have a higher weight limit than others, meaning they last longer.

#3 Criteria: Comfort Features

You want your baby to be comfortable whether they are using the bassinet or the regular seat. So, see if the bassinet stroller comes with any added comfort. For example, a padded seat is a great feature. An adjustable footrest also allows for a more comfortable ride, especially as your baby gets older.

Parent Features

It’s not all about your baby! Don’t forget to seek out features for yourself, too. For example, all-terrain wheels will keep you and your baby comfortable wherever you go. A large basket, whether it’s a large basket underneath or a large basket off to the side or back, will give you plenty of room to store your essentials and accessories. A car seat cover that is machine washable or can be spot cleaned with mild soap is also a plus!

Size and Folding Abilities

Every mom and dad love a stroller that can be folded easily, but unfortunately, not every bassinet stroller is designed with parents in mind. If you want a bassinet product that comes with a one-hand fold and folds in seconds into something nice and compact, then look closely at these options below!

Safety Features

We have to talk about safety, too. Many features can add to a bassinet pram. For example, wheels that have suspensions or wheels with easy maneuverability add safety. Some strollers have an extra-large canopy or a canopy that can be adjusted to keep the baby safe in the sun. How about a sturdy frame? These are all things to consider on your hunt for the best product.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Baby Stroller

I went in-depth for this bassinet stroller review, y’all. I focused on several different factors, including the price and features. But I didn’t want to take the manufacturer’s word for it. I spoke to real moms and dads about their favorites and checked out the good and bad reviews to make my top bassinet stroller picks.

Our Top Picks for the Best Bassinet Stroller of 2021

Who’s ready to discover the best bassinet strollers on the market for 2021? Below, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a convertible bassinet stroller, a super lightweight model, or one that grows with your growing family. Let’s dive in, parents!

Stroller Weight: 22 Pounds
Weight Limit: 45 Pounds

Dimensions: ‎23.5 x 34.5 x 44.75 inches

Graco Modes Pramette Stroller
View on Amazon | $187.1

When I hear the word “best value” and “stroller” in the same sentence, Graco always comes to mind. I have had so many of their wonderful strollers and have never been disappointed. The same is true for the Graco Modes Pramette Stroller. Seriously, this bassinet stroller does it all, which is why it ranked as my “best value” pick for bassinet strollers. So what does it offer? Let’s check it out.

Grows With Your Child (Easily)

This bassinet stroller will transform your life. No, literally. It’s a super convenient bassinet stroller that transforms as your child grows. It can be used as a bassinet for a comfy spot for your infant, but you can also attach a Graco infant car seat (sold separately – infant car seat base not included).

When your child can hold their head up, easily switch to the toddler seat mode and enjoy a toddler stroller. Yup, this is a 3-in-1 model that’s super handy and a cinch to transform – much easier than other bassinet strollers 3-in-1 models.

One-Hand Fold

Besides being a handy 3-in-1 bassinet stroller that doubles as a toddler stroller and travel system, this Graco stroller comes to the rescue one more time with a convenient one-hand folding system.

Seriously, friends. Have you ever tried to fold a stroller? It can be one of the biggest nuisances you run across as a family. Yes, even worse than waking up multiple times a night to feed your little one.

That’s another reason why I love this stroller. It’s a cinch to fold, and it folds up tight and compact. This not only makes the stroller a breeze to store at home, but it’s great for on-the-go, too.

Remove the car seat (using a travel system with a car seat) and use the one-hand fold to collapse the stroller. Toss it into the trunk, and you’re ready to go. Did I mention it’s only 22 pounds? Yeah, super light, too, making this stroller your new best traveling buddy.

Reversible Seat

A reversible seat is important when you have a new bundle of joy because you want to keep an eye on them. The Graco Modes travel system that doubles as a bassinet stroller and stroller seat come with a bassinet mode that works as a reversible seat. Allow your child to enjoy the great outdoors or keep an eye on them when they face you.

The Downside: The major “uh-oh” with this bassinet stroller is that you can’t collapse the stroller when it is in forward-facing mode. It must be in the rear-facing position to fold. This is a major hassle!

Final Thoughts: Overall, this is a great 3-in-1 stroller that will see your child through their newborn stage and up. It’s convenient and can be switched to a stroller seat, bassinet (a reversible seat), or travel system without any extra tools or equipment. There is also plenty of additional storage, including a cellphone holder, which most strollers have yet to offer.

Stroller Weight: 25 Pounds
Weight Limit: 50 Pounds

Dimensions: ‎33.5 x 19.5 x 9.5 inches

When you think of something premium, it should be dripping in gold. And that’s exactly what the cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller is all about. No, seriously. It has a golden stroller frame complete with a fancy brown canopy and bassinet, creating a luxurious appearance. But there’s more to love about this premium stroller other than the looks. Here’s why it’s #1.

Three Seating Positions

One of the coolest features of this bassinet is that it comes with three seating positions to see you through every step of the way. Use the bassinet option for your newborn baby and switch to the semi-reclined option when they’re working out those neck muscles. When they’re a bit older and ready to take on anything, go for the upright position, so they can explore the world around them.

With three unique seating arrangements on a single stroller seat, you can rest assured this bassinet stroller grows with your child from newborn stage up to toddlerhood. It is far more advanced in terms of reclining abilities compared to the Graco Modes, ensuring your baby is comfortable and safe every step of the way.

Plus, it’s really simple to switch to the three different modes, meaning less stress for new moms and dads. Yes!

All-Terrain with Advanced Safety Measures

Who said bassinet strollers couldn’t take on the rocky pavements? Other strollers might not be equipped to take on the challenge, but this cynebaby bassinet stroller is. This stroller comes with 360 swivel wheels that are entirely anti-shock to ensure that the stroller frame absorbs all of the shock, leaving your baby nice and comfortable no matter what.

Not only that, but the rear wheels are ax-shaped for a smoother ride from start to finish. You won’t find any of these added safety features on any of the other strollers on this list!

This bassinet stroller is so safe that it even passed the American ASTM F833 standard test. Of course, this gives parents plenty of confidence in their new ride.

Convenient Adjustable Handlebar and Canopy

As a mother on the tall side, I can’t explain how important it is to have a stroller with adjustable handlebars. I’ve had other strollers that did not have this feature, and it seriously hurt my back, even after a short amount of time. If you’re like me, you will love this feature.

Not only that, but the large canopy is adjustable, too. Being as XL as it is, you can be confident that your baby has a safe sleep space out of the sun and any other undesirable elements.


This is undeniably one of the best bassinet strollers on the market because it’s built tough and long-lasting, which is something you won’t find with most strollers (even the other models mentioned here today). What exactly am I talking about, though?

  • Rubber wheels are durable and inflation-free
  • The eco-friendly fabric is not easily ripped, punctured, or torn
  • The aluminum alloy frame is designed to be anti-rust
  • PA plastics are not oxidized or cracked easily

You’re bound to get many years out of this bassinet stroller as your baby grows.

Plenty of Accessories

Most bassinet strollers might have a few goodies included with purchase, but it’s nothing compared to the cynebaby Bassinet Stroller.

Each purchase comes with a foot cover and mosquito net to keep your baby safe, a wrist strap, a seat cushion for superior comfort, and storage for baby and parent (parent’s tray and baby tray).

Needless to say, this stroller offers way more accessories than the Graco (and the other competitors listed below).

The Downside: There really weren’t too many downsides to this bassinet stroller. A few moms had an issue with the seat belt, and a couple thought it was slightly awkward to carry, but other than that, it was a “golden” stroller – literally.

Final Thoughts: This is the cream of the crop when it comes to bassinet strollers. From the convenient adjustable handlebar to the bassinet’s reversible seat that converts into three reclining positions to the all-terrain wheels to the added safety features, this is a bassinet stroller that just won’t quit (and to be honest, we don’t want it to quit!).

YouTube video

Stroller Weight: 27 Pounds
Weight Limit: 70 Pounds

Dimensions: ‎36 x 25.7 x 39.5 inches

Uppababy Vista V2
View on Amazon

Families who were blessed with two bundles of joy rather than one will enjoy the Uppababy Vista V2. Not only that, but this impressive stroller is also suitable for families with two and three children of different ages, providing you with a stroller that truly grows with your budding family. Here’s why we love it.

Can Carry Up to Three Children

The Vista comes as a single stroller, but it certainly doesn’t stay that way. With the opportunity to add two additional traveling seats, this stroller easily accommodates up to three children at once. This is the perfect and one and only option for the young family that has three under three!

Two Bassinets at a Time

Sure, the Graco Modes and cynebaby can accept a single car seat and transform into a travel system. That’s great and all, but what about the families with twins? With the Vista V2, you can attach two infant car seats. Place MESA car seats on both attachments to create the ultimate travel system for twin parents.

It doesn’t stop there, though. While this stroller can accept two infant car seats, it can also be used as a separate bassinet for each baby. That’s right – two bassinet modes, making it a breeze to stroll around with your twin babies knowing they’re safe and secure.

Detachable Bassinet

I will never suggest leaving your baby in a stroller bassinet, much like I wouldn’t suggest they sleep in an infant car seat. But the same is not true for the Vista V2. The bassinet is entirely detachable so that you can take the baby anywhere.

When used in conjunction with the Bassinet Stand accessory (sold separately), you can safely and securely have an area where your baby can sleep overnight. You simply won’t find this same convenience with the other models on this list.

Convenient and Easy to Clean

Speaking of the bassinet, it is loaded to the tee with features that allow pristine comfort and convenience for you and your baby. For example, the back of the bassinet comes with a zipper extension that can unzip for additional airflow. There is also a pop-out sunshade shield and canopy to keep your babies safe from the elements.

With a water-repellent inner liner, leaks, spit-up, and sweat are no match for quick cleanups. Just wipe it clean and get ready to roll. The other bassinets found on this list don’t have this impressive and convenient feature (not even our premium pick, cynebaby), making it a go-to stroller option for moms that want easy cleaning convenience.

The Downside: The biggest issue with this stroller is that it is the heaviest option on the list, especially when the MESA infant car seat (or two) is attached. Therefore, it is a little more difficult to push and carry than other models. Some even stated that the wheels made an off-putting rattling noise.

Final Thoughts: If you have twins or three small children, this is undeniably the stroller for you. It comes with a separate bassinet and car seat attachment to accommodate twin babies or babies and an older child. This model offers plenty of storage space, all-terrain wheels, and a cup holder to appease parents, too.

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Stroller Weight: 18 Pounds
Weight Limit: 50 Pounds

Dimensions: 44 x 15 x 39 inches

Dream on Me Mia Moda
View on Amazon

Being a parent is hard and expensive. But if you’re in the market for a bassinet stroller and are on a strict budget, don’t worry – there is an option for you. Introducing the Dream on Me Mia Moda, otherwise known as the best low-cost bassinet stroller on the market today. It doesn’t slack on quality, either. Here are some of the Mia Moda bassinet stroller features you can enjoy.

Comfortable and Safe Padded Seat

Some of the other products on this list do not have padded seats for the toddler seat. What’s up with that? The Dream on Me Mia Moda comes with a toddler seat that is entirely padded. Not only is the stroller seat comfortable, it’s safe, too. When your baby reaches six months, they will sit safely with a five-point harness and multiple reclining positions for superior comfort.

Swivel Front Wheels

With an emphasis on ease of maneuverability, parents can take this stroller basically anywhere. Thanks to the uniquely designed swivel front wheels, whether in the bassinet seat or the stroller seat, you can easily maneuver through even the tightest and most difficult areas. The same can’t be said for the Graco Modes!

Lightest Weight

This stroller has the lightest weight of any other model on this list, weighing in at just 18 pounds. Incredible! Being such a lightweight stroller, you can travel freely without feeling like your arms are going to snap off from a heavy stroller (trust me, I’ve been there).

Front and Rear Suspension

The Dream on Me Mia Moda stands up to our priciest competition by offering front and rear suspension. With independent shocks, the ride stays smooth for your child no matter where you’re traveling. With the inclusion of a link brake system, it’s a cinch to stay safe and secured wherever you go.

The Downside: The two biggest downsides to this stroller are that it has no cup holder, and it is somewhat difficult to learn how to fold. There is also the issue that the bassinet seat is not a reversible seat like the ones found on the Graco Modes and cynebaby options.

Final Thoughts: This is a great option if you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank. It comes complete with shock absorption and a padded seat with multiple reclining options to keep your baby cozy and safe wherever you travel. It’s also impressively lightweight and easy to maneuver, with two big plusses for moms and dads.

Stroller Weight: 23 Pounds
Weight Limit: 66 Pounds (both seats)

Dimensions: ‎46.5 x 21.3 x 40.2 inches

For growing families out there that have a newborn and a slightly older child, you need a bassinet stroller that can accommodate both of them; and that’s why I love the besrey Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler. It’s suitable for different ages and grows with your budding family. Here are some of the top reasons why you should add this to your cart ASAP.

Double Seats

This stroller comes with two seats: one that can flatten to create a bassinet seat (up to 33 pounds) and one toddler seat that can accommodate children up to 3 years old and 33 pounds. The toddler seat in the front also comes with three positions to ensure optimal comfort while on the go.

With both the bassinet seat and the toddler stroller seat included in one device, this standout stroller is the best choice for families with an infant and an older kid.


Although this stroller may appear to be the biggest on this list, it actually collapses quite well. Most products get bad reviews about how large the stroller is when it’s folded, but not this product. When folded, the stroller is only 43 x 22 x 10 inches and 23 pounds total. Pretty impressive for a stroller designed for two! It’s much lighter than the Uppababy Vista V2.

SUV Grade Shock Absorbers

Yes, a few other options like the cynebaby and Dream on Me have shock absorbers, but are they SUV grade? If you want the most comfortable ride for your baby and child, the besrey is the ultimate choice. It comes with SUV-grade front and rear suspensions on all four wheels. Also included are the agile front swivel wheels for simpler steeling you won’t find elsewhere.

Linked One-Step Brakes

Safety first, right, parents? While most baby strollers come complete with brakes, the besrey double stroller with infant stroller seat and regular stroller seat comes with one-step brakes. Speaking of safety, you will also enjoy that the stroller seat comes with an adjustable five-point harness.

Protection from the Elements

First and foremost, I will start by saying how huge the canopies are. Your older child and baby will be safe and protected from the sun’s harsh rays with no problem. But there’s more. This bassinet stroller also comes with a rain cover!

Why is this important? Because this is the only bassinet model in this review list that comes with a rain cover. With a rain cover at the ready, even a sudden rainstorm is no match for your family.

The Downside: While the bassinet stroller comes with an adjustable footrest and adjustable canopy, it doesn’t come with an adjustable handlebar. There is also no snack tray for the front stroller seat.

Final Words: Undeniably the top pick for parents of two kiddos, this double stroller comes with an infant bassinet mode and regular seat for two kids of different ages. It also has a one-hand fold, is impressively compact, and allows maximum coverage from the elements. Parents also love the large basket for storage underneath and the universal drink holder to hold everything from bottles for babies to cold water for parents.

Bassinet Strollers Comparison Chart

ProductStroller WeightWeight LimitDimensions
Graco Modes Pramette Stroller22 Pounds45 Pounds23.5 x 34.5 x 44.75 inches
cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller25 Pounds50 Pounds33.5 x 19.5 x 9.5 inches
Uppababy Vista V227 Pounds70 Pounds36 x 25.7 x 39.5 inches
Dream on Me Mia Moda18 Pounds50 Pounds44 x 15 x 39 inches
besrey Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler23 Pounds66 Pounds (both seats)46.5 x 21.3 x 40.2 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

Bassinet Stroller with Mother

At this point, you likely know which best bassinet strollers are right for you. But if you’re still pondering your decision or want to learn more, check out these frequently asked questions below.

Do I Really Need a Bassinet Stroller?

A lot of parents wonder if a bassinet stroller is really worth the extra cost. Well, it’s true that you do not necessarily “need” a bassinet stroller.

As long as the stroller you have can accept an infant car seat (that attaches securely to the car seat base and stroller), then you don’t need a bassinet stroller. The combo stroller that accepts an infant car seat is a travel system that keeps newborns safe and cozy.

Keep in mind that some bassinet strollers also work as a travel system, such as the Graco Modes or cynebaby. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds. You can connect the car seat but still use the bassinet mode. Plus, when your child is ready, they can graduate to the regular seat at around six months old.

Are Bassinet Strollers Safe?

A bassinet stroller is specifically designed to keep newborns safe, and they do their job swimmingly. A bassinet stroller is incredibly safe for newborns. However, keep in mind that most are not designed for overnight sleeping. The only bassinet stroller that comes with a detachable bassinet that is safe for slumber is the Uppababy Vista V2.

Can a Newborn Sleep in a Bassinet Stroller?

Of course! Newborns can enjoy a nice slumber while you’re strolling them around the block. However, as mentioned previously, the bassinet is not designed for overnight sleeping, just as a car seat is not.

Can the Bassinet Be Used in the Car?

No. The bassinet option on a bassinet stroller should not be used in a car in place of a car seat. You must use a certified car seat complete with a car seat base when driving with your child in the car.

How Do I Put My Baby in the Bassinet Stroller?

Most bassinet strollers do not have anything that you need to hassle with. Simply place your baby inside the bassinet seat gently. Just like at home, you should not place anything inside the bassinet with your baby as this can present a choking hazard. (No blankets, toys, bottles, etc. in the bassinet.)

Until What Age Can My Child Use It?

When using the bassinet option on a stroller with a bassinet area, you can typically use it until your baby is around five or six months of age. What you’re really looking for is neck development.

When your baby can hold their neck up confidently and sit up on their own (or have almost reached this milestone), they can graduate to the actual stroller seat. This seat is typically designed for children ages six months to 36 months (or whenever they exceed the stated seat maximum weight).

Safety Tips

Bassinet Stroller with Father

Here are some basic safety tips to keep in mind.

  • Keep toys and blankets out of the bassinet. Consider this stroller as a bassinet on wheels. You should not place anything inside the bassinet with your baby. This is a choking or suffocation hazard.
  • Keep an eye on newborns and babies. A lot of bassinet stroller combos come with a reversible seat or peek-a-boo window. It is important to keep an eye on your child(ren) at all times.
  • Don’t place babies in the “toddler” seat when they are not ready. Most of the time, babies should not graduate to the big kid seat until they have good head stability and sit independently. This typically occurs around age six months. Use proper reclining during this stage.
  • Protect your baby from the elements. Make sure that you are using the included canopy when strolling with your baby. Most of the time, the canopy is adjustable. Adjust the canopy so that the sun is not directly on your child.
  • Use the brakes to lock the stroller. Whether you are on a downhill grade or not, it is important to lock the stroller when it is not in use. Better to be safe than sorry!
  • Don’t let baby sleep overnight in the bassinet stroller. These are great for traveling with your baby. Unfortunately, they are not designed for sleeping overnight. Take your baby out and place them in the bassinet or crib inside the home.

Verdict: Your Best Bassinet Stroller

I know – trying to figure out which bassinet stroller to purchase for your baby can be a major struggle. If you didn’t want to read through this entire article, check out this simple breakdown of my top five picks and why you might want to purchase them.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Graco Modes Pramette Stroller. This is an excellent stroller that doubles as a travel system with an approved Graco car seat. Enjoy a one-hand fold and a 3-in-1 seat option that is easy to transform.

Those that want the best of the best for your baby choose the cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Stroller. This (literally) golden stroller has all the features you could ever dream of. It’s a long-lasting, super-safe model that comes with all of the accessories you need to get started.

If you need a bassinet space for two or three kids, pick the Uppababy Vista V2. This stroller can accommodate up to three children at a time, including two detachable bassinet seats. The bassinets can click into a stand to provide safe overnight sleeping space for babies, too.

If you want to keep the spending under $120, pick the Dream on Me Mia Moda. Although it’s the cheapest model, it doesn’t slack on quality. It’s also the most lightweight choice with padded seats and front and rear suspension for superior comfort and glide.

For those looking for a stroller that accommodates a baby and child, choose the besrey Double Stroller for Infant and Toddler. With comfortable and safe double seats and SUV-grade suspension, this compact delight is a smooth ride for parents and children.

Finding the right bassinet pram can be difficult, but not impossible, and I hope I’ve made your job much easier. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly bassinet pram or something that can fold with ease, you can find it on this list. Trust me, you’re going to fall in love with your new product and feel confident that your baby is snug as a bug in the bassinet.

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