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The Best Baby Strollers in 2022

With my first son, I went through many different strollers. Some were too bulky and heavy, while others didn’t have enough space for my little guy. It was a struggle, especially as a new and young mom that didn’t really know what to look for in strollers.

One day, I stumbled upon travel systems. They were like a dream come true for all of our adventures, big and small. Of course, I quickly realized that my big stroller wouldn’t be great for grand trips to places like Disneyland, so I added a lightweight umbrella stroller to my gear.

My journey changed once more when I had my second child, a beautiful baby girl. And I was soon to discover that toting two kids around wasn’t going to be easy. My first double stroller was a nightmare and almost impossible to push. After a few other tries, I finally found my “golden” double stroller that made gliding my kids around a breeze.

As you can see, finding a stroller you love isn’t always simple. That’s why I’m here to share my experiences and point you in the direction of the best baby strollers of 2022.

Types of Strollers

Before we get started on which baby strollers are the best for 2022, we need to look at the different types. There are plenty of choices, and one might be suitable for a particular family but not for another. It all depends on your specific needs. Let’s take a closer look.

Bassinet stroller

Most parents, new and old, know what a bassinet is. It’s essentially a miniature crib best for newborns and infants up to six months of age. Well, a bassinet stroller allows you to take a bassinet on the go. These are great for brand new babies that aren’t old or strong enough to sit in a conventional stroller seat. 

Umbrella stroller

Often referred to as a lightweight stroller, an umbrella stroller is a handy compact version that you can take just about anywhere. The advantage of an umbrella stroller is that it’s easy to maneuver and can fit in overhead cabinets on a plane or in the smallest trunks. 

Travel system

The travel system is undeniably the handiest stroller you will ever own, and I believe every parent should have one. A travel system accepts an infant car seat, so you can tote your baby around, even when they’re brand new. As they get older, you can ditch the infant car seat and allow them to sit upright and enjoy the view. Because it’s so versatile and grows with your baby, a travel system is an excellent investment.

Jogging stroller

 Are you a parent that wants to be on the move? I don’t know about you, but I loved to run before having kids. And I certainly didn’t want to give up this passion once I had them. A jogging stroller allowed me to enjoy a swift run with ease. Other strollers will be far too much of a hassle to jog with, and you’ll appreciate the maneuverability and comfort of a jogger.

All-Terrain Stroller

All-terrain strollers are similar to jogging strollers but not quite the same thing. An all-terrain stroller is best for those who plan uneven terrain outings regularly. For example, someone who enjoys hiking might consider an all-terrain stroller over other options.

Sit and Stand Stroller

If you’re the proud parent of a new baby and toddler, you will enjoy the convenience of a Sit and Stand Stroller. This stroller is designed for two children, with a toddler seat in front (some can accept an infant car seat) and a board for an older child to sit or stand in the back. They’re very lightweight compared to other strollers designed for multiple children.

Stroller Wagon

Some parents love to have a wagon for their kids. Stroller wagons are spacious, and kids have a blast riding in them. They tend to be heavier and bulkier than other options, but they’re well worth it for things like trips to the park or beach.

Double Stroller

 A double stroller is exactly how it sounds—a stroller for more than one child. A double stroller can be designed for two twin babies or children of different ages. There are side-by-side options, convertible strollers, and others for parents needing a double model. You can also find double jogging strollers, double umbrella strollers, and more.

With the many stroller brands out there, it’s helpful to take a look at each one’s unique features. Here are a few of my favorites.


Graco is one of my favorite brands because they offer high-quality and budget-friendly products with ease of use in mind. They’ve been in business for over 60 years, making them a reliable company parents know and trust.


 Another company that’s been around for the last 60 years, Chicco offers sleek and stylish options for parents that are reliable, comfortable, and safe.

 Baby Trend

Baby Trend is a great choice. Its products are also budget-friendly, yet they never sacrifice comfort, safety, or style.

 Baby Jogger

 This company is parents’ one-stop place to shop for all things exercise and kiddos.


 If you’re looking for innovative and new-age products, Uppababy is your best choice.


 With 30 years in the biz, Summer is a reliable company that tends to make products with a focus on compact convenience.


This 100+-year-old brand started as a feeding company and branched out into other top-quality baby products such as strollers.

What Should I Look for in a Baby Stroller?

Before we dive into my top five best stroller options for 2022, let’s take a look at some of the things you need to consider before getting too deep into your browsing.

Your Specific Needs

The first thing to consider is your specific needs. For example, someone preparing for a newborn will find a travel system (complete with a stroller and separate car seat) convenient, while another parent with two older kids will want two toddler seats and child cup holders for convenience. Then, you need to consider things like whether or not you want a full-size model or something used for travel or jogging.

Age Range

Some strollers are best for newborns and infants, while others are meant to be used with older kids. Some are meant to be used from the time your baby is born until they’re old enough to go out without a stroller. It’s important that you check the stroller’s age-range recommendation and weight limit before you invest.

Added Features

Whenever you hunt for baby products, one thing you shouldn’t skimp on is convenient features. Every stroller is going to have different advantages. For instance, an adjustable canopy will be a godsend for those who live in rainy areas, while an extra-large basket and ample storage space are ideal for another.


Some strollers are just strollers, and that’s okay because they serve their purpose. However, others come with unique designs to make your life easier. Some may be small and compact enough to fit in an overhead compartment. Others will have a one-handed fold, self-standing fold, or multiple seating positions and can recline to appease parent and child.


Babies aren’t cheap, and neither is the baby gear that follows. That said, some parents are on a tighter budget than others—and that’s okay. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of five of the best strollers on the market. The prices vary from less than $100 to over $500, which means everyone can find something that fits their budget.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Baby Strollers

If you skim through the baby stroller section, you will find plenty of options. And you’re likely curious how I came up with this selection of the best baby strollers of 2022. Well, a lot of my determination came from personal experience. I’ve gone through quite a few strollers during my time as a momma.

However, I also considered the stroller itself. I looked at the advantage each stroller offered compared to other similar models. I also looked at reviews to see if there were any significant drawbacks mentioned or not. A lot of the strollers on this list came up with little to no downsides, which is why I’m recommending them to you today.

Our Top Picks for the Best Baby Strollers of 2022

What are we waiting for? I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to find out which strollers ranked as the best for 2022. Let’s go!

#1: Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System With SafeMax Car Seat (Best Value)

Stroller weight: 38.5 Pounds
Weight limit: 50 Pounds
Dimensions: 19.8 × 21.7 × 34.3 inches
Recommended age: Newborn – Toddler

When I think of getting the “best value” in a stroller, my mind instantly goes to a travel system. As I said earlier, a travel system will be your best friend. It becomes a cinch to transfer babies from car to stroller without waking them. Simply keep them in their car seat, and use the adapter to place them securely into the stroller. While there are many great travel systems on the market, I had to go with the Evenflo Pivot.

Six Riding Options

Most travel models will be somewhat essential. They will allow you to secure the infant car seat into the stroller, but that’s about it. The Evenflo Pivot is different. This stroller grows with your child, making it a significant investment. You can use the infant car seat to keep your baby safe and secure or transform the stroller into a bassinet stroller in a flash. The bassinet provides a snuggly spot for the baby to rest. As they get older, ditch the infant car seat and let them enjoy the toddler seat instead.

Effortless Ride

The problem with travel systems is they tend to be bulky and difficult to operate, which makes many parents steer clear. You will enjoy that the Evenflo Pivot comes with large cruisy tires and an ergonomic handle. Together, this creates a smooth and effortless ride almost anywhere.

Drawback: There weren’t many drawbacks to this stroller, which is why it ranked as the best value. It’s budget-friendly and reliable. The only minimal issue was that it’s a bit wider than other models, which means it might be a struggle to fit in small entryways and hallways.

#2: UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller (Best Overall)

Stroller weight: 25.5 pounds
Weight limit: 50 pounds
Dimensions: 37.5 × 22.75 × 40 inches
Recommended age: Newborn – Toddler

If money is no object, and you’re looking for the best of the best, let me introduce you to the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Stroller. This unique baby stroller truly has it all—if you’re willing to pay the higher price tag. This is another option that grows with your child by accepting an infant car seat (like the Evenflo Pivot). So why should you consider this one instead? Let’s check it out.

Dual-Action Rear Suspension

Plenty of strollers on this list come with all-wheel suspension, and that’s great if you need something specific for all different types of terrain. The Uppababy is different because it has an all-wheel suspension and dual-action rear suspension. Its double springs work together to ensure your baby has the smoothest ride possible, whether strolling around in their infant car seat or enjoying the toddler seat.

Zip-Out Extension Canopy

I’ve dealt with a lot of strollers that had useless canopies. They weren’t large enough, so the sun would end up in my baby’s eyes and irritate him. With the Uppababy V2, that’s a thing of the past. This stroller comes complete with a zip-out extension to create an impressively large canopy that blocks your baby from all of the elements. It’s the most extensive canopy on this list!

Reversible, Reclinable Seat

Babies are curious, especially as they get older. That’s why you will love the reversible seat that allows your child to see you when they need comfort or see the world when they want adventure. Not only is the toddler seat entirely (and easily) reversible, but it comes with a one-handed recline. The reclining seat can be fitted up to 180 degrees, ensuring your child has the perfect position for strolling around.

Surprisingly Lightweight Travel System

Yes, the Uppababy Cruz V2 can become a travel system—thanks to the car seat adapter that accepts a MESA infant car seat. However, the Uppababy isn’t bulky, clunky, and wide like the Evenflo Pivot. This travel system is surprisingly lightweight (10 pounds less than the Evenflo Pivot!) and is relatively compact. You can store this handy stroller in almost any trunk with ease.

Drawbacks: Parents, you will be excited to hear that this stroller had almost zero negative reviews. In fact, the only reason some parents took off a star is that the color is browner than green, which wasn’t what they were expecting. Other than that, the stroller is fashionable and convenient, with a smooth ride that won’t disappoint.

#3: BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller (Best Jogging Stroller)

Stroller weight: 28.5 pounds
Weight limit: 75 pounds
Dimensions: 26 × 25 × 45 inches
Recommended age: Newborn – Child

If you’re an avid jogger or like to work out in general, you’re going to need a jogging stroller. Please, don’t try to use everyday strollers or umbrella strollers to exercise. It will be a huge hassle, and you’ll likely end up frustrated with a backache as I did.

There is really no better brand than BOB Gear when it comes to joggers. This company is known for offering top-of-the-line jogging strollers that allow for the best workout post-baby. Here’s why the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 (complete with air-filled tires for a super smooth ride every time) should be on your list.

Plenty of Storage

I don’t know about you, but I like to have plenty of storage space. Whether I’m going for a jog around the block or meeting at the park for a playdate, storage is key to parental success. That’s why I had to mention that this stroller comes with six different pockets and an impressively large storage basket underneath. You won’t find this type of storage with other models! With so much room, you’ll never have to go without.

Adjustable Handlebar

I have dealt with many strollers that didn’t have an adjustable handlebar. As a mom standing 5’9″, this wasn’t always the most comfortable venture. I knew I needed to find a jogging stroller to match my height. Who’s trying to run hunched over? Well, the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 comes with entirely adjustable handlebars for superior comfort wherever you go.

Padded Seat with Near-Flat Recline

Yes, mommas and papas need to be comfortable on the go. But so should your child. The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 is designed to ensure ultimate comfort for your child. The seat can be upright, or you can use the near-flat recline option to let your love bug nap while you jog. Did I mention the seat is constructed with ultra-compression padding? Your child might get the best sleep of their life in this stroller. (And in case you’re wondering—yes, this stroller comes with an adapter for infant car seats if you need it).

Drawbacks: Parents were thrilled with this stroller in almost every way. The only downside is that, while it comes with a large storage basket and pockets, there is no parent tray or snack holder. These items must be purchased separately, which is somewhat of a nuisance.

#4: Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller (Best Double Stroller)

Stroller weight: 32 pounds
Weight limit: 50 pounds
Dimensions: 25.63 × 48 × 47.38 inches
Recommended age: Newborn – Toddler

I’m just going to say it—I love Graco products. I have never been disappointed with their strollers. Now, I will be honest and say I didn’t have this stroller specifically, but many of my friends and family members raved about it. Here’s why it ranked as the best double stroller on the market.

Great for Twins or Siblings

When people think of a double stroller, they either think of one for a baby and older kid or one that can accommodate twin little ones. Why can’t a stroller be capable of both? This is undeniably one of the best strollers out there, thanks to its versatility. You can attach two infant car seats at once, making it an optimal choice for twin parents. However, it can also be used with two kids of different ages. With a bench seat and standing platform, this double stroller can act as a sit and stand model when necessary.

By the way, this stroller works with all car seat brands—a big plus!

Impressively Compact

Double strollers aren’t known for being compact at all. Well, the Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 works differently. Although it’s a double stroller, it folds down like a single stroller. Essentially, you can store and transport this full-size stroller as you would any single stroller, which is a big plus for growing families.

Drawbacks: Not too many downsides to these great double strollers, either. Really, the biggest issue was that the storage basket underneath was somewhat challenging to access. The stroller is also on the long side, which is expected with a double stroller frame.

#5: Summer Infant 3D Mini Convenience Stroller (Best Umbrella Stroller)

Stroller weight: 11 pounds
Weight limit: 45 pounds
Dimensions: 44.1 × 8.3 × 7.6 inches
Recommended age: 6 Months – Toddler

I have owned this stroller for years, and my daughter recently grew out of it (she’s six now—wow!). During my years of using this stroller, I loved it. By far, this was the most accessible and most convenient stroller I’ve ever owned. Not only that, but it’s super budget-friendly, which is always a plus when buying baby gear.

Only 11 Pounds

At only 11 pounds, this is undeniably the most lightweight stroller on this list. Being so light, it’s obviously a cinch to maneuver, fold, and store. I took this stroller with me everywhere—including Disneyland, the zoo, and on a plane, and it was one of the most straightforward experiences ever. It’s such a breeze to use. You’ll be glad to have this exceptional stroller at your side.

Padded, Multi-Position Seat

When you think of lightweight strollers that are also on the cheap side, you might not believe you are getting anything glamorous. Well, let me tell you this—the Summer Infant 3D Mini Convenience Stroller doesn’t hold back on features. The padded seat comes with a multi-position recline and a five-point safety harness to keep your child safe.

Drawbacks: There is so much to love about this everyday stroller, from its impressive compact design to lockable wheels. However, the wheels are the biggest downfall. They’re not great on all types of terrain. But you have to consider that almost no compact strollers will have exceptional wheels. They simply aren’t designed for that.

Stroller Accessories

Whether you went with traditional three-wheel strollers, the best lightweight stroller, or a car seat and stroller combo, you don’t want to skimp on the accessories. In fact, sometimes you need accessories, especially if the stroller doesn’t come with convenient items such as a parent tray.

Here are a few options for stroller accessories you won’t want to miss.

Diaper Bags – Technically a  diaper bag isn’t a stroller accessory, but it’s something you will carry along for the ride. Hopefully, you can find a diaper bag that fits in the storage basket underneath your chosen stroller. If not, you can always hang it on the handlebar (that’s what I have always done for convenience!)

Stroller Boards – A lot of strollers come with a car seat adapter. But what about older kids that don’t fit into a car seat anymore? Or the ones that are too squirmy for a toddler seat? Insert: stroller boards. These unique boards act like miniature skateboard that attaches to some strollers. From there, you can whiz around the world with your baby in a car seat and your rambunctious toddler in tow.

Stroller Organizer – If you’re a new parent, you will quickly learn that you will be carrying around a lot of stuff. Whether it’s for you, your baby, or both of you, you’re likely going to run out of storage space. That’s why I recommend having a stroller organizer. Seriously, it’s going to make your life so much easier. Nothing overwhelms like an unorganized space, and that includes your stroller!

Stroller Fan – If you live in an area that gets hotter than hot, I recommend buying a stroller fan for your precious baby. They’re going to get hot riding around, especially when strapped into a car seat. Relieve some of that heat and humidity by purchasing and attaching a stroller fan. Don’t forget to get yourself a handheld and portable fan, too, mom and dad!

Stroller Blanket – On the other hand, you need a stroller blanket to keep your baby warm on those chilly walks around the block. I used to keep a small-sized blanket in the storage basket at all times. That way, I would never worry about forgetting it inside, and it was handy to pull out when the weather went awry. Plus, I used it to cover up my child while sleeping, making life much simpler.

Rain Cover – Always keep a rain cover on hand! I live in an area where it’s almost always hot, and there’s little rain. But still, I have a rain cover. Let me tell you—I was so happy to have it when we arrived at Disneyland to find it was pouring outside. What a lifesaver!

Mosquito Net – Nobody wants their precious baby being bitten by mosquitos, and who could blame them, though? Your baby is too adorable! The best way to avoid this is by using a mosquito net. Now, I personally don’t fuss with this because there are no mosquitos near me. But I know plenty of people who live in areas where they are prevalent. Sound like your location? Then get a mosquito net!

Toys – There are numerous toys designed to be used in a stroller. They will usually attach to the bars or overhang on the canopy. Regardless, you’re going to want to load up on a few attachable toys that won’t be able to be thrown out of the stroller. Yes, this happens, and it’s pretty annoying when you’re trying to go for a nice walk around the block with your gal pal.

Verdict: Your Best Baby Stroller 

Okay, let’s be honest real quick, parents. That was a lot to read! If you just want to skip to the final details to make your decision, then check out this quick review of my top five strollers.

If you want the best value for money, pick the Evenflo Pivot. This stellar system is designed for a smooth ride and ease of use. With six seating positions, your children can go from infant car seats to toddler seats and feel 100% comfortable every step of the way.

For those that don’t mind spending a little extra money for a top-notch stroller, consider the Uppababy Cruz V2. This incredible travel stroller system is surprisingly lightweight with an all-wheel suspension. It’s easy to use with a reversible and reclining seat paired with an XL canopy to keep your baby safe from the elements.

If you need a jogging stroller, consider the BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0. From maximum storage to an adjustable handlebar, this jogger is precisely what every active parent needs in their corner.

If you need double strollers, choose the Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0. Perfect for twins because it allows for two car seats attached, but just as good for a baby and older child, this super versatile double stroller is cozy. It also sports an impressive compact fold, unlike traditional models.

For those wanting a compact umbrella-style stroller, consider the Summer Infant 3D Mini Convenience Stroller. It’s comfortable and safe for older babies and kids and weighs only 11 pounds.

See? Stroller shopping doesn’t have to be so challenging. Whether you’re in the market for luxury strollers or you need a budget-friendly and compact umbrella stroller, you can find exactly what you’re looking for on this comprehensive list. The only question remaining is, which one will be the best stroller for you and your family?

Tip: When you are on the go with your child in a stroller and need to carry heavy items, be sure to place them in a low-level storage basket near the rear wheels. Don’t hang any bags from the handlebar because this can make it easier for the stroller to tip over. For more safety tips and information about strollers, see this article from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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