Ana Jovanovic, M.S. Clinical Pscyhology, Author at Parenting Pod
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Ana Jovanovic, M.S. Clinical Pscyhology

Ana Jovanovic is a licensed psychotherapist who works with adults, children, and adolescents. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

Ana works in a private practice, at Nobel Coaching and Tutoring, and has remote clients from around the world. Besides working with children, she also supports adults in navigating through the challenges of parenthood. She has been working in many multidisciplinary teams, cooperating with teachers, speech therapists, special educators, school counselors and psychiatrists.

In addition to being a writer at Parenting Pod, Ana has contributed articles to other popular online publications such as Reader's Digest, MSN, Yahoo News, and Family Circle. She is a firm believer in lifelong learning and continuously invests in her education. For her, the core of the therapeutic or coaching process is a relationship that gives a person the confidence to share, where their thoughts and emotions are welcomed and understood.

Articles by Ana Jovanovic, M.S. Clinical Pscyhology

Separation Anxiety Disorder

It is common to see infants and toddlers upset when separated from their parent or caregiver. Separation anxiety is a normal part of emotional development. By the age of three, children usually learn to

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Separation Anxiety in Children

What is separation anxiety? Tears, clinginess, and tantrums are all common reactions to separation from a parent or a caregiver in the early stages of child development. These behaviors are also some of

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Executive Function Disorder in Children

Executive function disorder is a term commonly used to describe deficits in the skills that are used to manage life’s everyday tasks — impacting planning, organization, working memory, task initiation,

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25 Activities to Improve Your Child’s Executive Functioning

Executive functions provide the necessary base for learning and development. They are the brain functions that enable us to focus, plan and organize our behavior. Because of them, we are able to reflect

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Everything You Need to Know About Executive Functions

What are the Executive Functions? Executive functions are the set of mental processes that help us get things done. These functions are critical for skills that are important for success in the 21st century,

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17 Activities to Support Kids with Dyslexia

Throughout my career as a psychologist, I have had a chance to work with many children who were diagnosed with dyslexia. One of the many things that I have learned is that these kids don’t have it easy. If

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What does it mean to be addicted?

The way we tend to think about addiction doesn’t usually awake sympathy or empathy. We connect it to the weakness of the mind to fight the temptation we are faced with. We seem to think that this is

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14 Ways Attachment Theory Can Help You Become a Better Parent

Did you know that the relationship you form with your child in the first three years of their lives is essential for their psychological well-being? Its quality has long-lasting effects on psychological

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