125 French Names for Boys

French names are classic and chic and could be a wonderful choice for your baby boy. But there are so many to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to narrow the list down. Well, don’t worry.

Below, there are 125 French names for boys to choose from, and some are separated into specific categories. Do you want to sort through popular French boy names? Or maybe unique French boy names? Each one includes its meaning and significance to history or pop culture. There are plenty of options to either honor your French background or just simply give you the inspiration to choose a name that best fits your baby boy. Either way, you will find the perfect name for your new family member here!

How Do I Choose From All of the French Baby Boy Names?

So, where do you start? If you are looking for more information on French naming traditions, you can find a wealth of information here. Traditionally, many parents have chosen a given name for their child using Roman Catholic Saints. It was very common for girls to be named using the feminine version of male French names in France.

However, many modern French parents pick a name for their child based on aesthetics. They gravitate to the one that sounds beautiful and has a meaning that is significant to them. This is why make French names such as “Gabriel” and “Hugo” are so popular.

Below are 4 main categories for French boy names, along with some additional names for even more options!

These French boys’ names are popular all around the world. They have cracked the top lists in France, other European countries, Canada, and even the United States. Many of these male French names have ties to famous people as well.

1. Alexandre
Origin: French

This is the French form of Alexander and it means “defender of the people.” It’s a great French spin on a classic name.

2. Arthur
Origin: Celtic

This name has Celtic roots and means “bear.” King Arthur had many ties to France in medieval times. This could be a great option if you are a history buff who enjoys learning about the Middle Ages.

3. Cedric
Origin: Old English

This name means “loved” and was invented by the French author Sir Walter Scott. Scott introduced this name in his 1819 literary work Ivanhoe.

4. Christophe
Origin: Greek

Meaning “follower of Christ,” this is the French form of the Greek name “Christopher.” Christophe Lemaitre is a famous French athlete.

5. Enzo
Origin: Italian, French

This strong and popular name is both Italian and French. It means “winner” or “ruler of the house.”

6. Ethan
Origin: Hebrew

This name means “firm and strong” in French, and it is of Hebrew origin. It is very widely used for boys in the United States.

7. Gabriel
Origin: Hebrew

This name is a popular boys’ name in Europe, and it means “God is my strength.” Many devout parents love this name for their baby boys.

8. Georges
Origin: Greek

This is the French variant of the Greek name “George,” and it means “farmer.”

9. Gustave
Origin: French

This name means “staff of the Goths.” We don’t hear this name very often, but it is one of the top French boy names in France.

10. Hugo
Origin: Old German

This is a popular name meaning “intellect.” You will notice that this name has risen in popularity in recent years.

11. Léon
Origin: Greek

This is the French form of “Leo,” and it is of Latin and Greek origin. It is the Greek word for “lion.”

12. Lucas
Origin: Greek 

This is one of the most popular French boy names in Canada. You can alternatively use “Luc” as a more traditional name. It means “bringer of light.”

13. Marcel
Origin: French

This name means “young warrior” in French. It’s perfect for your little warrior!

14. Maxime
Origin: Latin

This bold name is the French form of “Maximillian” and the Latin word “Maximus.” It means “the greatest.”

15. Nathan
Origin: Hebrew

This name actually has Hebrew origins, and it means “He has given.”

16. Nolan
Origin: Irish

This name is popular in France, Canada, and even Belgium. It means “champion.” It’s a great option for a given name that is more known as a surname.

17. Raphael
Origin: Hebrew

There are several historical figures named Raphael, including French Olympian Raphaël Pujazon. It means “God has healed” in Hebrew.

18. Samuel
Origin: Hebrew

This name means “His name is God.” It has several origins and is used in many languages.

19. Simon
Origin: Hebrew

This name is derived from Hebrew, and it means “He has heard.” You can find it spelled as “Simeon” in the New Testament.

20. Thibault
Origin: French

This is the French form of the German name “Theobald.” It is a very common surname in France, and it means “courageous people.”

21. Thomas
Origin: Greek, French

This name has several origins besides French, but it always has the same meaning: “twin.”

22. Timothée

This is the French version of the Greek name “Timotheus,” and it means “honoring God.” Timothée Chalamet is an upcoming actor who shares this name.

23. Tristan

This is the Old French form of “Drustan,” and it means “sorrowful.” The inspiration comes from the novel Tristan and Iseult, which takes place during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

24. Valentin

Taking inspiration from Saint Valentin, this is a bold male French name that means “power” and “strong.” Saint Valentin sparked the holiday Valentine’s Day.

Common French Names For Boys Used in France

These French names are used all over France. They aren’t as common in other countries such as the United States, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t wonderful French boy names.

1. Albert

Besides being one of the most popular French boy names, Albert has several origins, including German and English. It means “noble” or “famous.”

2. André

This baby boy’s name means “warrior” in French. It’s the French form of the Greek name “Andrew.”

3. Antoine

This common French name is derived from the Latin name “Antonius,” and it means “praiseworthy.”

4. Charles

This name is derived from the Old English word “ceorl,” which means “free man.” It is also the French version of “Karl.”

5. Claude

This French name is becoming more uncommon. It was more popular in the Middle Ages because of Saint Claude, a French Jesuit priest.

6. Clément

This French name is of Latin origin, and it means “merciful.” It is derived from the Latin surname “Clemens.”

7. Denis

This baby boy’s name is derived from the Latin name “Dionysus” and is used for a follower of the Greek god of wine.

8. François

This name means “Frenchman” or “free man.” It is a variation of “Francis,” an Old French unisex name that is still used often today. The French pronunciation of this name is “fran-swa.”

9. Guillaume

This French form of “William” means “with a gilded helmet.” It also has origins in Old German.

10. Henri

This is the French version of “Henry,” an English name meaning “home-ruler.” Henri Matisse was a famous French artist.

11. Jacques

This is the French form of the Hebrew name “Jacob,” and it means “supplanter.” Jacques Cousteau was a French explorer who helped develop the aqualung for diving.

12. Julien

This name means “child born of love.” Julien Pacaud is a French artist and illustrator.

13. Louis

This was a popular name for boys in France meaning “famous warrior” or “famous battle,” and it was shared by many kings. The French pronunciation is “loo-ee,” which differs from English speakers who say “loo-is.”

14. Mathieu

This name is the French form of “Matthew,” and it has Hebrew origins. It means “gift of God.”

15. Olivier

This name means “from the olive tree.” Other versions of this name include the Greek spelling “Oliver” and Old Norse “Aleifr.”

16. Pierre

This is an Old French boys’ name that means “rock” or “stone,” and it was often used as a topographical name for a quarryman or stonemason.

17. Ruben

This is a French variant of the Hebrew name “Reuben,” which means “behold, a son.” It is shared by famous singer and recording artist, Ruben Studdard.

18. Sébastien

This is one of the most common French boy names. It means “man from Sebaste,” and it is derived from Latin.

19. Sylvestre

This name has Germanic used. It is the French variation of “Silvester,” which comes from the German word “silva,” meaning “wood.”

20. Victor

This is both a common French given name and surname. It has Latin origins, and it means “conqueror” or “winner.”

Unique French Boy Names

These French names are fairly uncommon, but sometimes a unique name can give your baby boy something special. It will make them feel special, too!

1. Abelard

This name means “brave” or “brave Abel” in French and “noble strength” in German.

2. Alain

This baby boy’s name means “little rock” in French.

3. Amaury

This French baby boy name means “work.” It is shared by the famous pastry chef Amaury Guichon.

4. Augustin

This is a derivative of the Latin name “Augustus,” which means “great” or “majestic.”

5. Baptiste

Typically a French surname, this name is a shortened form of “Jean-Baptiste,” and it means “baptized.”

6. Basile

This name means “king” or “regal” and is derived from “Basileios,” who was an ancient Greek emperor.

7. Benoit

This is a great option if you are looking at unique French boy names. It comes from the Latin word “Benedictus,” and its meaning is “blessed.”

8. Corentin

Saint Corentin was a Breton saint of seafood in Brittany, France. The name means “tempest” in French.

9. Dio

This is the shortened French version of “Dionysus,” who was the Greek god of wine.

10. Florent

This name has a couple of meanings, including “flower,” “flourishing,” and “prosperous.”

11. Izod

This is traditionally used as a surname, making it a great candidate for a unique French given name. It means “strong.”

12. Mael

This name means “chief” or “prince” and is shared by a fifth century Breton saint.

13. Obert

This French boy’s name has German roots. It means “wealthy” and “bright.”

14. Pacome

This name means “of strong nature” and is very rarely used. It shares the name with Saint-Pacôme, a municipality in Quebec, Canada.

15. Pascal

This name is the French alternative to the Italian name “Pasquale.” It means “born on Easter day” in French.

16. Quincy

This name means “estate of the fifth son” in French.

17. Romain

This is the French variant of the Latin name “Roman,” which means “citizen of Rome.”

18. Severin

This French and German name is a great unique name for your baby boy. It comes from the Latin word “Severus,” and it means “serious” or “severe.”

19. Tanguy

This is a Breton given name that means “warrior” in French. It is not one of the common French boys’ names, but that is what gives it special meaning.

20. Yannick

This name was first heard in the region called Brittany in France. It means “God is gracious.”

Gender Neutral French Names

Whether you are finding out the gender of your baby, keeping it a secret, or want to find the perfect name for your child, this is a great list to look through. All of these names can be used for a baby boy or a baby girl.

1. Andrea

This name is mostly used as a female name, but it is given to baby boys as well. It means “brave” and is also the feminine version of the Greek name “Andrew.”

2. Aramis

This is great for a literary buff who is a fan of The Three Musketeers. Aramis was one of the title characters. The name was created by Alexandre Dumas himself.

3. Beau

This French name means “beautiful.” It is a name used in English as a term of endearment for “sweetheart.”

4. Bellamy

This name means “good friend” in French and can also be used for girls. It’s a popular name that is used often for both genders.

5. Blaise

This name is derived from the Latin word “Blasius,” which means “blaze” and is taken from Saint Blaise, who was a doctor in Iceland known for his miracles.

6. Camille

This name means “helper of the priest.” Even though it is primarily used as a female name, it is unisex, and it is a great option for a baby boy as well.

7. Chandler

This name is derived from the Old French word for “chandelier,” and it means “candle seller.”

8. Chevron

This is a French occupational name that represents the V-shaped insignia used to indicate rank in the armed forces.

9. Emile

This name means “eager” in French. A famous bearer of this name is Emile Zola, a French writer.

10. Etienne

This is the French spelling for the English name “Stephen,” and it means “crown.”

11. Gene

This is a short form of “Eugene,” and it means “of noble descent” or “well-born.”

12. Hilaire

This is the gender-neutral form of “Hilary,” and it means “merry” or “cheerful.”

13. Jordane

This is the French spelling of “Jordan,” which is the river where Jesus was baptized. It means “down flowing.”

14. Jules

This name means “youthful” and is derived from the Latin name “Julius.”

15. Lavern

This is a great choice if you are shuffling through French baby boy names. It’s great for girls too, and it means “alder tree grove.”

16. Merle

This name for boys can also be used for girls. It means “blackbird.”

17. Milan

This is the French habitational name for the Italian city “Milan.”

18. Monet

Taking inspiration from the famous painter Claude Monet, this would make a great first name. It means “to be heard.”

19. Nikola

This is predominantly seen as one of the most used French boys’ names, but it is great for a girl as well. It means “people’s victory.”

20. Paris

This is in honor of the capital city of France.

21. Remy

This name means “oarsman” and it is used by the main character in Ratatouille: Remy, the chef mouse.

22. René

This name means “rebirth.” René Descartes was a famous French mathematician who is known for discovering the link between algebra and geometry.

23. Sacha

A famous bearer of this name is actor Sacha Baron Cohen. The meaning of this name is “defending warrior” in French.

24. Yael

This name comes from the Hebrew word for “mountain goat.” Actress Yael Grobglas shares this name.

25. Zuri

This name is primarily used for girls, but it works well for boys, too. It means “white and lovely.”

Even More French Names for Boys

1. Algernon

This Norman-French name means “with mustaches.”

2. Alphonse

This German name has a French origin, and it means “ready for battle.”

3. Autry

This baby boy’s name is derived from the Old French name “Audry” and means “noble strength.”

4. Bernard

This French name means “brave as a bear” and is a great choice for your baby boy.

5. Breton

This name means “from Brittany” in French, which is a northern region of France.

6. Curtis

This boy’s name is derived from the Old French word “curteis,” which means “polite” or “courteous.”

7. Darrell

This is a habitational French surname used to describe someone from Airelle, France.

8. Dartagnan

You probably recognize this name from the protagonist in The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. It means “from Artagnan,” which is a village in France.

9. Delroy

This name of French origin means “of the king.”

10. Durant

You would often hear this name in Jewish communities in France. It means “enduring.”

11. Fabien

This is a common surname that is the French spelling of “Fabian,” which is Latin and means “of the Fabius family.”

12. Frederic

This French name is derived from the German name “Friedrich,” and it means “peaceful ruler.”

13. Gaston

In French, this boy’s name means “stranger” or “foreigner.” It has been popularized by the popular Disney classic film, Beauty and the Beast, which also takes place in France.

14. Germain

With both French and Latin roots, this name means “cousin.”

15. Guy

This is a French boy name that means “guide.”

16. Harvey

This is a Breton name with French origin, meaning “battleworthy.”

17. Jean-Luc

This name means “God is gracious” in French and is shared by the famous character Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek universe.

18. Joffrey

This is the French form of “Geoffrey,” and it means “peace of a stranger.” You might recognize this name from the Game of Thrones series, as it’s shared with the character Joffrey Lannister.

19. Kylian

This is the French form of “Cillian,” which is a Celtic name that means “little warrior.”

20. Lafayette

This is a location-based name, and it is used for someone living near a beech tree. It is derived from “Lafaye” in Southern France.

21. Landry

Taken from the 7th bishop of Paris, St. Landry, this name means “ruler.”

22. Laurent

This French name has Roman roots and means “from Laurentum,” which is an ancient Italian city.

23. Loïc

This is a French name of Breton origin that means “famed warrior.”

24. Marc

This name meaning “warlike” in French but can also mean “consecrated to the god Mars,” who is the Roman god of war.

25. Maurice

Typically a given name for boys but also used as a surname, it means “dark-skinned.” Belle’s father in Disney’s Beauty in the Beast is one famous bearer of this name.

26. Montague

This is a common habitational surname that means “steep mountain” or “pointed hill.” It would also make a great unique French given name for boys.

27. Napoleon

This name means “man from Naples,” and it’s shared by the famous politician Napoleon Bonaparte.

28. Neville

This French boy’s name means “new town.” Neville Longbottom is a well-known character from the Harry Potter series.

29. Noel

This name means “born at Christmas time.”

30. Orville

This name means “gold town” and is shared by famous aviator Orville Wright.

31. Percy

This is a diminutive form of the name “Percival,” and it means “one who pierces the valley.”

32. Philippe

This name means “lover of horses,” making it one of the cutest French boys’ names.

33. Raoul

This is a variant of “Radulf” in German, and it means “wolf counsel.”

34. Richard

This French name means “strong and powerful leader.”

35. Thierry

This name comes from “Theodoric,” and it means “ruler of the people.” Thierry Henry is a former football player and current professional football coach in France.

36. Yves

This name means “yew wood” in French.

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