80 Beautiful Japanese Girl Names for Your Daughter

It’s no secret that Japanese girl names are very beautiful and usually have deep and lovely meanings that make them special and unique. If you have Japanese roots or want a name for your baby that does, this list should help! Plus, there are names from popular anime series or manga comic books if you are just a fan of Japanese culture.

No matter the reason you are choosing to find the perfect Japanese girl names, these are all wonderful choices. Each one includes a description as well, for educational purposes, to help you choose the perfect one for your sweet new bundle of joy.

1. Ahmya

If you are a fan of anime, you have probably heard this name from My Hero Academia. The name Ahmya means “dark rain” or “black rain” in Japanese. It is a great option for fans of the show or if you like the meaning.

2. Aika

Meaning “love song,” this Japanese name has one of the most lovely meanings. Surprisingly, it’s not a very popular name, so it’s also a unique choice.

3. Airi

This Japanese name means “love and affection,” making it the perfect simple name for your sweet little lovebug. It can also mean “white jasmine.”

4. Akane

This name is the Japanese word for “deep red.” It is unique when being used as a Japanese name for a girl.

5. Akari

Many famous musical artists and actresses in Japan have this name, making it very well known. You will also see it appear in some manga series and video games as well. It means “bright light” in Japanese.

6. Aki

You can see the name Aki in several different ways, including a given name, last name, or nickname. It’s even used as a unisex name! This name is also seen frequently in India as well and means “crystal” in Japanese.

7. Asahi

If you love the warm sunshine, then you might choose this Japanese name. It means “morning sun.”

8. Atsuko

If you have heard of Shonen Knife, then you probably have heard of fashion designer Atsuko Yamano. She is the founding member of Shonen Knife, a Japanese rock band. Why not name your daughter after someone famous?

9. Aya

This Japanese name means “brilliant fabric design” or “kimono design.” It is a Japanese word that is used to describe how beautiful or colorful a piece of fabric is.

10. Ayaka

Since this Japanese name can be written using different Kanji combinations, it can have more than one meaning. It translates to “colorful” or “flower.” Either way, it is a beautifully feminine name that would be a wonderful choice for your baby girl.

11. Ayane

This Japanese name literally means “colorful sound.” It’s a bright and lively name that is perfect for your little girl.

12. Chieko

One of the more popular Japanese girl names, Chieko can be heard all over Japan, as many notable women share this name. It means “child blessed with wisdom” or “thousand blessings.”

13. Chiharu

Depending on the Kanji, this name can mean “clear skies” or “clear weather” in Japanese.

14. Chihiro

If you have seen the film put out by the famous company Studio Ghibli called Spirited Away, then you definitely have heard the name Chihiro. If you are a fan of this film, it would be the perfect choice for your baby girl. It means “thousand questions” in Japanese.

15. Chika

This combination of scattered (chi) and flowers (ka) mean “scattered flowers” together in Japanese. This is from a nanori reading in Kanji.

16. Chiyoko

Meaning “a thousand generations,” this Japanese name is a great option for your daughter. Especially if your family contains Japanese roots. It is a very special and meaningful name for a baby girl. The short form of this name, Chiyo, also means “a thousand generations” as well as “a thousand worlds.” Ko has the meaning “child,” and it is added to make it more unique.

17. Chizue

This name exactly translates to “thousand storks” in Japanese, which in English means “long life.”

18. Cho

In Japan, this name means “butterfly.” Butterflies are beautiful and majestic creatures, so why wouldn’t you want to choose this name? It is also a common name in Korea.

19. Chuya

This baby girl’s name means “pure and clear like water” in Japanese. It is actually a very popular name in Japan.

20. Dai

Meaning “to shine,” this name is actually of Japanese and Welsh origin. The nice thing about this baby girl name is that many families also use it as a masculine name as well.

21. Emi

This girl name means “blessed” or “beautiful smile” in Japanese and is the short form of Emica. It can be spelled using several Kanji combinations that may change its meaning. However, it is a simple name fit for a beautiful child.

22. Emica

Similar to Emi, Emica means “charming” or “blessed” in Japanese. It is a great alternative baby name if you want something that is a little bit more unique sounding than Emi.

23. Eshima

This name means “true-blessed intention,” making it such a pure and wonderful name for your daughter if you want something of Japanese origin for your child.

24. Fumiko

Fumiko directly translates to “beautiful child” in Japanese, making it pretty self-explanatory as to why you might choose this baby girl’s name.

25. Fuyuko

If you love the winter and the snow, then this could be the perfect name for your child. In Japanese, Fuyuko means “winter child.”

26. Haia

This is a perfect choice for your little girl if you know she is going to be active and lively. In Japanese, Haia means “nimble” or “quick.” Plus, it just sounds like a beautiful name.

27. Hanae

This Japanese girl’s name means “blossom,” which will probably remind you of beautiful cherry blossoms, which are a popular flower that grows in Japan.

28. Hanako

If you love flowers, you’ll love this name. It means “spring blossom” or “flower child” in Japanese. There is also an urban legend in Japan about a girl named Hanako.

29. Hayami

Even though Hayami is a popular last name, it is also a given name to girls in Japan. It means “unusual and rare beauty.”

30. Hikari

This is another unisex name that is more commonly used for girls. It means “light” in Japanese and can even be seen in anime TV shows such as Legend of Light.

31. Himari

This was ranked #1 in a list of the most popular Japanese girl names in 2020. It means “sunshine” in Japanese. Alternate spellings using different Kanji characters also have it translating to mean “sunflower.” Either way, it’s a great choice for a beautiful child.

32. Hina

Ranking as #10 of the most popular Japanese girl names in 2020, Hina means “light” or “sun.” It is the perfect name for the little light in your life. A variation of this name that you could also use is Hinata, which means “sunny place” in Japanese.

33. Homura

A fictional character in the popular anime series Bleach, Homura is a bold name that is a perfect option for your daughter. In Japanese, it can mean “blaze,” “flame,” or “beauty.” Just used as a word rather than a girl’s name, it usually only means “blaze.”

34. Humiya

Meaning “history” in Japanese, Humiya is a common name for a girl that you will hear in Japan. It is unique when used in other countries, making it great if you want your little girl to have a completely different name.

35. Ichika

This girl’s name of Japanese origin means “a thousand flowers.” You can’t get any prettier than that for your beautiful child.

36. Izanami

This is a name that you can find in Japanese mythology. Izanami was both the goddess of creation and death. Its meaning in Japanese is “she who invites.” This could be a great name choice if you have an interest in mythology.

37. Jin

This is a very unique name that you don’t often hear in Japan for a baby girl. It translates to mean “tenderness” or “gentleness.” It may be simple, but it has one of my favorite meanings.

38. Junko

This combination name uses separate Kanji words that are brought together to make a great name for a girl. Jun means “pure” or “obedient” in Japanese while ko means “child.” When combined, you guessed it, “obedient child.”

39. Kaida

Another name that is not common in Japan, Kaida means “little dragon” in Japanese. It’s perfect for a little girl with a fiery personality.

40. Kairi

If you are a video game buff, then you have probably played or heard of the Kingdom Hearts series. Kairi is the main female character in these games and is increasing in popularity. In Japanese, the name means “sea.”

41. Katana

In Japanese, this name means “honor” and also shares the name with the well-known katana sword. There is also a superhero in DC Comics that shares this name, as well as several other characters in anime and other video games. If you are into pop culture, you might choose this name for your little girl.

42. Keiko

This is one of those Japanese names that seems to take on several meanings, but it is known for being one of the most optimistic and positive names that you can choose. Some examples that you will find are “happy child,” “blessed child,” and “respected child.” Here’s a fun fact: Keiko is also the name of the orca in the classic movie Free Willy.

43. Kitiara

This is a strong and bold name, which is well-suited for your little warrior princess. This name means “blade of the North” in Japanese.

44. Kohana

You can find this sweet name in several cultures and languages, and the meanings are all very similar. The version that is of Japanese origin means “little flower.”

45. Koharu

This Japanese name can actually mean both spring and summer, “late summer” to be more precise. If you are a lover of warmer weather then this name could certainly work for your child. Especially if they are going to be born in late summer!

46. Kosuke

In Japanese, this name means “rising sun.” Few things in life have more natural beauty than a sunrise.

47. Kumiko

This name typically has two meanings in Japanese, “beautiful child” and “respected child,” both of which are great meanings for a little girl’s name.

48. Maeko

A simple and pure name of Japanese origin that translates to “truthful child.” The meaning is very similar to Kumiko, but it is a little bit easier to pronounce.

49. Maemi

Meaning “smile of truth” or “honest child,” this is a sweet-sounding name for your baby girl if you are wanting a name of Japanese origin.

50. Mai

This name directly translates to mean “linen robe” in Japanese. However, a character in the popular show Yu-Gi-Oh, which turned into a card game, is named Mai. That connection may be why you ultimately choose this name for your child.

51. Midori

Meaning “green” or “grow” in English, this name is what is used to describe plants or leaves. It’s a perfect choice for your little girl if you have a green thumb.

52. Mio

Mi means “beautiful” in Japanese and when combined with “o” it means “cherry blossom.” If you love these flowers then this could be a great name choice for your beautiful little cherry blossom. It is also the ninth most popular name for a Japanese girl in 2020.

53. Moriko

Another combination of Japanese characters, “forest” (more) and “child” (ko) making this name mean “forest child.” It is great for nature lovers.

54. Naoko

For your honest little girl, this name means “obedient child.” It can also be spelled Nahoko if you are looking for an alternative.

55. Nara

Nara is a place name for an old capital city in Japan. It is also used in several other cultures such as Hindi and Native American.

56. Natsuki

If you love the summer, then you’ll love this name. It means “summer” in Japanese but can also mean “vegetables” or “greens.”

57. Nozomi

Meaning “hope” in Japanese, Nozomi is a great name for your beautiful child.

58. Ohta

This simple name has a powerful meaning. There are two Japanese translations. One is “eyes of the almighty God” and the other is “free of impurities.” If you are religious, this could be a great name for your little girl.

59. Okimi

This is a sweet name that means “bright shining light” in Japanese and is one of my personal favorites for a girl.

60. Ran

In my opinion, this is a great option for a middle name. It means “water lily” in Japanese.

61. Rie

Meaning “logic” or “blessing” in Japanese, there are several famous people who share this name. One is Rie Ishizuka, who is a voice actress whose most notable works include providing the dubbed voice of a main character in the cult classic movie 10 Things I Hate About You.

62. Riko

This is another Japanese name that means “white jasmine” and would be a great choice for your child.

63. Rikona

This name means “intelligence” in Japanese. If you believe you are raising a little smarty-pants, then this is the perfect name for you.

64. Risa

If you are looking at names for girls and really want one that has a meaning that involves flowers, look no further. This name of Japanese origin means “growing flowers.”

65. Sachiko

You can choose this name for your lucky charm as it means “good luck” in Japanese.

66. Sawako

Meaning “lively and pleasant child” or “cute baby” in simpler terms, this is a common given name in Japan for girls.

67. Seiko

I really like this name, and it helps that it means “clear” or “crystal.” It is the perfect pure name for your beautiful child.

68. Shoko

This name really pops because of its originality; it sounds different than your typical name. It means “bright” or “happiness” in Japanese.

69. Suki

This name means “beloved” in Japanese. Not to be confused with Sookie, which is a popular name for a girl and can be seen in the TV shows Gilmore Girls and True Blood. Even though they are pronounced the same, they are completely different.

70. Takara

If you want a name for your little gem, this name would be a great choice. In Japanese, it means “treasure” or “jewel.”

71. Takashi

In Japanese, this name means “filial piety.” If you have never heard of this term, it is when one is good to one’s parents or ancestors. So, it is a name for someone honorable and noble.

72. Tora

This girl’s name can be found in many cultures and has different meanings depending on the language you are talking about. When it comes to the Japanese origin of Tora, it means “tiger.” It would be a good choice for a strong little girl.

73. Tsunade

You can find this name in many different places in Japanese culture, including the manga and anime Naruto and a Japanese folktale. It means “mooring rope.”

68. Umi

If you are talking about the Japanese version of this name, it means “ocean.” I feel like this name would be a solid choice for a middle name for your child.

74. Uta

This musical name means “song” in Japanese. If you are a musician, or if you come from a family of musicians, Uta is a great Japanese name to pay homage to them.

75. Yoko

If you have heard of this name before, it is likely because of Yoko Ono, the widow of the famous member of The Beatles, John Lennon. In Japanese, Yoko means “good girl.”

76. Yori

This name means “reliable” in Japanese. It is both a simple and beautiful name for a little girl.

77. Yoshiko

This Japanese name directly translates to mean “respectful child.” Depending on how it’s written in kanji, the meaning can vary slightly, but it overall means relatively the same thing.

78. Yua

When you look at this word, it is a combination of “bind” (yu) and “love” (a) and translates to mean “binding love” in Japanese. It is perfect for your new child because of the love that you feel for her.

79. Yui

This name is shared with the Japanese singer and recording artist of the same name. It means “binding clothing” in Japanese.

80. Yuna

This name means “moon” in Japanese, which is great if you enjoy constellations and stars. It is a beautiful name for a child.

Final Thoughts

It is important to do your research if you are wanting to choose a Japanese name for your daughter. Mispronunciation or misspelling of most words or names can completely change the meaning, so be careful when using variations. Each of these is a lovely name and completely suitable for that special little girl in your life. Many of these have become increasingly popular in recent decades with the rising interest in manga and anime.

Whether you are trying to get some ideas to reflect your own Japanese culture or if you are not and are just fascinated with the Japanese language, you will find something here that will fit any personality. Just keep in mind that the content provided here is for informational and educational purposes only. I hope one of these Japanese girl names speaks to you!

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