32 One-Syllable Girl Names

“Elizabeth,” “Jessica,” “Rebecca.” It feels like all of the classic girl names are just really long.

Rattling off a three-syllable name every time you need to get someone’s attention can get tiring, and giving your daughter a less-known multi-syllable name is dooming them to the frustration of telling people how to pronounce it hundreds of times.

A nice one-syllable name for your little girl will keep things short and sweet and help your daughter stand out without making classroom attendance roll call more annoying than it has to be.

And on that note, here are our favorite one-syllable baby names for your daughter on the way.

Trendy and Popular One-Syllable Girl Names

There’s nothing wrong with going with the flow and following the latest trends. Like just about everything else, names are always changing and coming in and out of style. You want to stay with the times so that people don’t think of an 80-year-old woman when they hear your daughter’s name.

That’s why we’re starting our list with some of the most modern popular one-syllable girl names.

1. Blair
Origin: Scottish Gaelic

The first one-syllable girl’s name on our list, Blair is an English name of Scottish Gaelic origin. This name is technically unisex, but it definitely has a more feminine feel to it. It translates to “field” or “meadow,” and is a great short name for your baby girl.

2. Blake
Origin: Old English

Another name that is technically gender-neutral, whether you end up having a baby boy or a baby girl. Blake is a great name for your little one. This mono-syllabic name is of Old English origin, and it literally means “shining” or “pale.”

3. Claire
Origin: French

The first of our one-syllable names that’s more or less universally feminine, Claire means “bright,” “clear,” or “famous.” This is a great one-syllable girl name if you want to raise a kind soul who lights up the room or a future celebrity who makes a name for herself.

4. Fay
Origin: Old French

Our fourth name is an excellent choice for the fantasy nerds out there. Fay comes from the Old French word “faie” meaning “fairy.” This French word in turn is derived from the Latin word “fata,” which translates to “destiny.” That’s a lot of meaning squeezed into just one syllable! This is a great magical name for your baby girl.

5. Greer
Origin: Scottish

Greer is a wonderful, timeless name whose use stretches all the way back to the Byzantine Empire. This mono-syllabic girl’s name translates to “alert,” or “watchful,” and it’s perfect if you want to raise an observant daughter who’s aware of her surroundings.

6. Jade
Origin: Spanish

There’s no better way to make your daughter feel loved and cherished than naming her after a precious gem, and the beautiful, green jade makes for a great namesake. This one-syllable name is even better if green eyes run in your family.

7. June
Origin: Roman

Most people probably don’t know that the name for the month of June comes from the Roman Goddess Juno, the goddess of love and marriage. This is a great, short name that embodies the carefree nature of summer and the essence of love borrowed from its Roman namesake.

8. Pearl
Origin: French

The second precious gem on our list of one-syllable girl names, there’s just something unmatched about the flawless beauty of a pearl. Show your baby girl that she’s a priceless gem by naming her after this beautiful gem whose name comes from the lovely French language.

9. Sage
Origin: English

Whether you’re a nature lover, or you appreciate intelligence and wisdom, Sage is the perfect name for your daughter. This short name will instill in your daughter a love for mother nature and a thirst for knowledge.

10. Wren
Origin: English

This short-and-sweet English name comes from that of a small, brown songbird. Teach your daughter that she’s meant to soar and sing by giving her the lovely name Wren.

Nature One-Syllable Girl Names

There’s just no better source of names than mother nature. Nature-inspired names are pretty much ubiquitous across the entirety of the different cultures throughout human history, and you can’t go wrong giving your daughter a name taken straight from the beautiful planet we call home.

Here are our favorite one-syllable names for girls.

1. Beck
Origin: Old Norse

Hailing all the way back to Old Norse, this to-the-point name means “brook” or “stream,” and it’s the perfect baby name for any water lover. As a little bonus, this name is used by the multi-time Grammy-winning musician Beck who’s best known for his hit song “loser.”

2. Brooke
Origin: Old Norse, English

Another name that means “small stream,” this name doesn’t need to go all the way back to Old Norse for its meaning, as Brooke is still an actively-used word in the modern English language. And that can be a good thing; it’s nice to have a name whos meaning is transparent and out in the open for all to appreciate.

3. Bird
Origin: Old English

There’s just something so majestic about flight. If you want your daughter to know that no walls will be able to hold her, then help her channel the spirit of the birds in the sky so she can fly above all of her problems. Basketball fans will also love this nature-derived name thanks to WNBA legend Sue Bird.

4. Bloom
Origin: Middle English

Besides being pretty, a blooming flower is an act of nature that embodies maturity and growth. “Bloom” is a beautiful name that will help your daughter gather the strength she needs to never stop growing and developing.

5. Cat
Origin: English

Who doesn’t love cats? These majestic creatures are cunning, graceful, and independent. All traits that make these lovable felines the perfect namesake for your daughter.

6. Dove
Origin: English

A little more specific than the name “Bird,” Dove is a great choice for anyone that wants their daughter to have a name with all the symbolisms of flight and freedom, while also leaning into the extra layer of the dove’s association with peace.

7. Fawn
Origin: French

Fawn is a name of French origin. It means young deer, and makes for a tender and beautiful name for a baby. It’s a great middle name too.

8. Rae
Origin: Hebrew, Irish

Doe, a deer, a female deer. That’s the meaning of the lovely name “Rae,” that’s simultaneous of Hebrew and Irish origins. Of course, Rae might be a better choice of name to help your daughter avoid having everyone quote “The Sound of Music” at her.

9. Snow
Origin: Old English

There’s just something that’s so cozy about the first snowfall of the winter. Nothing is more beautiful than a flawless sheet of white snow; with the name Snow, your baby girl can embody that beauty.

10. Spring
Origin: German

Going in a slightly different direction, “Spring” is a beautiful seasonal name that embodies warmth, life, and new beginnings. All things that people will associate with your daughter if you give her this wonderful one-syllable name.

11. Vale
Origin: Latin, French

Vale means “someone who lives in a valley,” but it also comes from the Latin word for “farewell.” Embrace the comfort that comes from protection on all sides, and lean into the melancholiness of beginnings and endings with the name Vale. After all, parenthood is the end of one journey and the beginning of another one.

Biblical One-Syllable Girl Names

Many people might think that the Bible is a little… male-centric. And, honestly, that might be true, but there are definitely some strong female heroes in the world’s number-one bestseller that are worth celebrating.

Even if you’re limiting yourself to one-syllable girl names, there are some fantastic Biblical names out there for the religious folks, or for anyone who simply appreciates the impact the Abrahamic faiths have had on human society.

And with that, here are our favorite one-syllable names from the Bible for your baby girl.

1. Anne
Origin: Latin, Hebrew, Hindi

There are two prominent Annes in the Bible. The first is Anne the prophetess, a woman from the tribe of Asher who foretold the birth of Jesus. The second is Saint Anne, herself the mother of Mary, and consequentially the grandmother of Jesus. Additionally, this name means “God’s favor” or “grace,” and is an excellent name for your graceful daughter.

2. Beth
Origin: English

Beth is a great one-syllable version of Elizabeth, who was the mother of John the Baptist. It is descendent from the Hebrew name Elisheva which means “God’s Oath”. Beth can also be short for Bethany, which was the home village of Mary, Martha, and their brother Lazarus. Bethany was also the site of some of Jesus’ miracles, including reviving Lazarus from death.

3. Bex
Origin: English

Bex is a great modern one-syllable adaptation of Rebecca, who was the mother of Jacob and Esau. In the Torah, Rebecca is portrayed as being wise and cunning, and there’s a reason she’s still the namesake of women everywhere after thousands of years.

4. Deb
Origin: Hebrew

Deb is short for Deborah, who was something of a trailblazer in Biblical times. The fourth Judge of pre-monarchic Israel, a spiritual leader, and the only female judge mentioned in the Bible, we can think of Deborah as the first-ever breaker of the glass ceiling. Name your daughter after this ambitious woman to help her excel in all of her career aspirations.

5. Eve
Origin: English, Estonian

Who’s more worthy of being a namesake than the first woman of all time? In Abrahamic theology, Eve was the wife of Adam, and the first woman ever created. Her name also means “life,” and Eve is a great name to celebrate life and womanhood all at once.

6. Jude
Origin: English

The shortened, female version of Judah, traces its etymological origin back to the Hebrew root of the word “praise” or “thanks.” Raise a daughter who’s praiseworthy and grateful with the one-syllable girls’ name Jude.

7. Ket
Origin: Sanskrit

Not many people know this, but the Bible tells of Abraham having another wife after Sarah. Named Keturah, meaning “incense” or “fragrance,” this wife went on to have six children and was the focal point of entire civilizations and societies. Ket is a great short-hand name for anyone who wants to name their daughter after an unsung hero.

8. Liz
Origin: English

You won’t exactly be a trendsetter with this shorthand version of Elizabeth, but that’s just because it’s a time-proven great name. As we mentioned earlier, Elizabeth was the father of John the Baptist, and Liz is a great one-syllable name if Beth just isn’t what you’re looking for.

9. Ruth
Origin: Hebrew

Ruth used to be one of the most popular names in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. It’s of Hebrew origin and means compassionate friend.

10. Sam
Origin: Hebrew

One of the most popular unisex names out there, Sam is usually short for Samantha when used as a girl’s name, but the original Samuel, or Shmuel in Hebrew, was a wise prophet born of a blessing received by his mother Hannah. Samuel also went on to be the guide of the kings Saul and David, and Sam is a great one-syllable name for your baby boy or baby girl.

11. Tess
Origin: English, Dutch

Another nickname for Elizabeth if “Beth” and “Liz” sounded a little too classic for you. Alternatively, Tess is also a shortened form of Esther, a feminist icon who is the hero of the story of the Jewish holiday of Purim. Tess is a great name for anyone who wants to name their daughter after one of the most revered female figures in Judaism.

And there you have it; a list of 30 perfect one-syllable girl names, just for you. Feel free to take your pick, or look around a little if we didn’t list a name that speaks to you.

You can always modify one of the names we’ve listed, and there’s obviously a whole world of options out there just waiting for you. Good luck!

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