50 of the Most Popular Teddy Bear Names for Your Stuffed Animals

Believe it or not, the teddy bear is an important childhood toy. Naming a teddy bear can also be just as important to your little one. If they aren’t sure of what to choose, you can use this guide to give them some inspiration. After all, a child’s teddy bear is like their best friend. It will be a huge part of their lives as they grow. Below are several categories of teddy bear names. Examples are cute teddy bear names, famous teddy bear names, and even funny teddy bear names. You can also learn some fun facts about the history of the iconic teddy bear, too!

Who Invented the Teddy Bear?

If you are wondering where this timeless stuffed animal came from, then look no further. The teddy bear dates back to form President Roosevelt who was nicknamed “Teddy.” Theodore Roosevelt famously went on a hunting trip and refused to shoot a bear, calling other bear hunters unsportsmanlike.

A candy shop owner named Morris Michtom and his wife also made stuffed animals. After receiving President Roosevelt’s permission, they created a stuffed toy bear and named it “Teddy’s bear.” Since then, “Teddy’s bear” or teddy bears, have been one of the most popular toys in history.

Why is Your Child Choosing a Teddy Bear Name Important?

A little one’s teddy is meant to be like one of their play buddies. Letting your child pick a name for their toy bear gives it more meaning to them. Let’s talk about it!

  1. Letting your child choose the name for their teddy bear gives them more independence. it further solidifies that the bear belongs to them and helps create a deeper connection.
  2. Teddy bears encourage imaginative play. There are so many games that your little one can come up with where they can include their new friend. Giving their teddy bear a name helps it to feel more real. It is great for child development as well.
  3. Feeling included is something they will remember forever. Allowing your child to have more responsibility as they grow will make them feel more confident.

If your little one is having trouble figuring out the perfect name, there a fun ways to get those creative juices flowing. Turn it into a game by drawing names from a hat or a matching game where the first match they make becomes the name.

Besides choosing a name, you might consider letting your child help choose the bear as well. You can make it a special event and take them to Build a Bear or let them help you look online so they can choose what they want it to look like.

Cute Teddy Bear Names

These names are absolutely adorable and would make perfect teddy bear names.

1. Buttercup
Origin: English

Meaning “yellow wildflower,” this would be a perfect name for a yellow bear.

2. Buttons
Origin: English

If you like the name or if the teddy bear is wearing a lot of buttons, this would be so cute.

3. Cuddles
Origin: Middle English

It’s simple and great if your child loves to cuddle.

4. Fudge
Origin: African American

The perfect teddy bear name for a chocolate lover.

5. Fuzzy Wuzzy
Origin: English

Fuzzy Wuzzy comes from one of Rudyard Kipling’s poems. He also wrote The Jungle Book.

6. Honey
Origin: English

All kiddos know that bears love honey.

7. Peaches
Origin: Ancient Romans

Peaches are a sweet fruit and it’s used as a cute nickname.

8. Snowball
Origin: English

Many children choose this name for their pet, why not for a teddy bear?

9. Snugglebug
Origin: English

This is a perfect choice if your little one is a snuggle bug, too.

10. Sugar
Origin: German

Short and sweet for a cute teddy bear.

11. Tuffy
Origin: English

This cute name means “excellent” or “impressive.”

Funny Teddy Bear Names

If your little one loves to laugh, your child can pick one of these names for their perfect childhood friend.

1. Beary Potter
Origin: English

This name is a play on the famous character Harry Potter.

2. Bootsy
Origin: American

Some teddy bears wear shoes or boots. This would be a good funny name for that kind of bear.

3. Bozo
Origin: Croatian, Serbian, Slovene

This could be a great choice if your child happens to like clowns.

4. Chubby
Origin: English

If your little one’s teddy bear has thick fur, this would be a funny name.

5. Ding Dong
Origin: English

Alliteration can sometimes be silly, like in this name.

6. Eddy the Teddy
Origin: English, French

Rhyming is always silly and fun. Plus, Eddy the Teddy is an actual type of teddy bear.

7. Mr. Fluffles
Origin: English

Perfect for a fluffy little teddy bear.

8. Pookie
Origin: American

This is an endearing nickname that’s also funny.

9. Waffles
Origin: Dutch

Kids love waffles so why not use that as inspiration?

Boy Teddy Bear Names

Does your child insist they have a boy bear? Check out these boy teddy bear names.

1. Arthur
Origin: Celtic

This name means bear in Celtic.

2. Bear
Origin: English

This name is simple and classic!

3. Bruce
Origin: Scottish, English

This is an English name that means “the willowlands.” Its connection to nature makes it a unique choice for a teddy bear name.

4. Fred
Origin: English, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian

If your child likes to learn and they want their teddy bear to have a royal name, this one means “peaceful ruler” in German.

5. Henry
Origin: English

This is a fun and classic name for a teddy bear.

6. Oscar
Origin: Old English

Another great boy name that means “deer friend” in Irish.

7. Ralph
Origin: Old Norse

This is a strong name but is still a popular name for teddy bears.

8. Rufus
Origin: Latin

This name means “red-head” in Latin so it could work for a teddy bear with red fur.

9. Theodore
Origin: English

This name pays tribute to where the name “teddy bear” came from.

Girl Teddy Bear Names

Here is a list of options for girl teddy bear names.

1. Bella
Origin: Italian

This name is incredibly popular for pets, babies, and even toy bears.

2. Coco
Origin: English

If your child wants a fancy name, this one would be great as it would honor fashion designer Coco Chanel.

3. Edwina
Origin: English

This is a classic girl name that will work for a simple teddy bear.

4. Ellie
Origin: English

This means “shining bright one” in English and would be good for a girl teddy bear name.

5. Lovely
Origin: English

This is a great teddy bear name for a beautiful bear.

6. Maddie
Origin: English

This name means “young woman” in Hebrew, making it a good choice for a girl teddy bear.

7. Penny
Origin: Greek

This is a pretty common name chosen for a toy teddy bear.

8. Polly
Origin: English

This is a fun girl’s name that’s easy to remember. It would work great for a new teddy bear.

Famous Teddy Bear Names

These famous bear names come from everywhere!

1. Baby Bear
Origin: German

If you have read Goldilocks and the Three Bears, then your little one knows all about Baby Bear.

2. Baloo
Origin: Hindi

This is a bear character from The Jungle Book.

3. Boo-Boo
Origin: Uncertain

This little bear is Yogi Bear’s sidekick.

4. Fozzie
Origin: American

Fozzie Bear is a famous Muppet.

5. Funshine
Origin: Uncertain

This is a cute Care Bear name.

6. Lots-O-Huggin
Origin: Uncertain

If you have seen Toy Story 3, then you remember the strawberry-scented bear Lotso.

7. Paddington
Origin: Anglo-Saxon

The Paddington Bear is one of the most famous bears. You can find him in books and on the big screen.

8. Piglet
Origin: Middle English

Even though he isn’t a bear, Piglet is a famous character and friend to Winnie the Pooh.

9. Teddy
Origin: English

This is simple and iconic. It is also tied to Teddy Ruxpin.

10. Tenderheart
Origin: Croatian

This is another one of the Care Bears.

11. Tigger
Origin: Hebrew

Another name of a character that isn’t a bear, but would still work as a teddy’s name.

12. Winnie the Pooh
Origin: English

Almost every child knows who Winnie the Pooh is.

13. Yogi
Origin: Sanskrit

Hanna Barbera’s famous bear Yogi.

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Final Words

Teddy bears are still some of the most popular stuffed toys in the world. They truly are a special part of a child’s life. Getting to choose their teddy bear’s name shows your little one that you not only are trusting them with an important responsibility, but you are also interested in their opinion. Having a special bond with their teddy bear as well as encouraging imaginative play is crucial to healthy development.

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