60 Powerful Names That Mean Protector

If you want your baby to have a name that symbolizes strength, kindness, and resilience, then you can’t go wrong with a name that means protector.

Luckily, “protector” has been used as a name in many different forms, in dozens of different cultures, and for all different genders; so you can be sure that there’s a name that means protector out there that will resonate with you, be culturally sensitive, and will fit with your baby whether they’re a boy or a girl.

Keep reading to get started on finding the perfect baby name for your future protector.

Boy Names That Mean Protector

Boy names that mean protector are fairly common throughout multiple cultures, languages, and time periods. Whether you want to find a name from your own culture, your favorite fairy tale, or something from Greek mythology, I guarantee you’ll be able to find the perfect name for your little warrior. We’ve listed 20 of our favorite names that mean protector, but there are hundreds more out there if nothing on this list speaks to you.

1. Aasim
Origin: Arabic

The first name on our list of names that mean protector comes is of Arabic origin. Arabic is a rich language that’s roughly 2000 years old, is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and holds spiritual significance to members of the Islamic faith, of which there are just under two billion! It’s safe to say that Aasim and other Arabic-origin names that mean protector will resonate with a lot of people.

2. Adarvan
Origin: Persian

Any appreciator of history will have a certain reverence for the Persian language, which is as old as roughly 400 BCE, and which came to prominence in its modern iteration, New Persian, in the 8th or 9th century. This name literally means protector of fire and may be connected either to Hindi or the religion of Zoroastrianism. This is a great name choice for anyone of Persian heritage looking for a name for their little warrior.

3. Aleister
Origin: Greek

This Greek-origin name really takes “name that means protector” to the next level, as it literally means “humankind’s defender.” With this name, you’re sure to raise a son that’s kind, strong, and looking out for those around him.

4. Alexander
Origin: Greek

I think most of our readers will know the source of this name, which again is of Greek origin. Coming from the great ruler and the renowned warrior Alexander the Great, and still popular in multiple cultures today, you can’t go wrong with this name for your son, which literally means “defender of men.”

5. Avigdor
Origin: Hebrew

As one of the oldest languages in the world, you can’t go wrong with a Hebrew-origin name for your child. The language is the native tongue of Israelis, religiously significant to Jews everywhere, and has influenced the cultures of Christianity, Islam, and multiple other religions. This Hebrew-origin name, Avigdor, is first uttered in the Torah in reference to Moses, and it literally means “father protector” or “one who makes boundaries.” This name is a great reminder to your son to look out for others while still taking care of himself.

6. Aylward
Origin: English

This name of English origin is popular today in Ireland, Aylward comes from the old English words for “noble” and “guardian,” and is an amazing choice for anyone looking for a name that means protector for their future son. It’s a particularly good choice for anyone with a long line of British heritage or any literature fanatic who has a soft spot for the older iterations of the English language.

7. Dustin
Origin: Norse

“Dustin” is a popular enough name that you might have never thought twice about its source language or meaning, but this name actually has a Nordic origin and means either “brave warrior” or “Thor’s stone.” It’s a great name for anyone who wants something that embodies protection, and it’ll also hit home to Red Sox fans who watched Dustin Pedroia, or Marvel fanatics with a soft spot for the comic-book iteration of the Nordic god of thunder.

8. Edmund
Origin: English

This name of English origin literally means “protector,” “rich,” or “happy,” and can best be understood as “wealthy protector.” Any fan of the C.S. Lewis fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia will appreciate this name, and it can easily be shortened to the nickname “Ed.”

9. Ehno
Origin: Italian

This elegant name of Italian origin will be a great choice for any Italian or Christian. As the heirs to the culture of the Roman empire, the Italian culture and language are rich and filled with beautiful names that mean protector or other inspiring meanings that evoke a sense of power and kindness mixed into one.

10. Faramund
Origin: German

The original Faramund, also spelled Pharamund, was a legendary Frankish king who is first mentioned in historical sources in the 8th century CE. When spelled with a “Ph,” the name looks similar to “pharaoh,” the Egyptian word for “ruler.” While there doesn’t seem to be any relationship between the two names, that similarity certainly adds to the power of this German-origin name that means “protection” and “journey.”

11. Fremont
Origin: German

Another German-origin name that means protector, Fremont more specifically means “noble protector” or “protector of freedom. The “fre-” prefix will stick out to English speakers and native speakers of other Germanic languages, and this German name is sure to evoke a sense of liberation whenever anyone hears the name of your baby boy.

12. Hafez
Origin: Arabic

This Arabic-origin name, alternatively spelled “Hafiz,” means protector or guardian, and is a great choice for any Arabic speaker or Muslim. As a bonus, this name can easily be modified to be Persian simply by adding the prefix “Mu” to the beginning. The Persian version, Muhafez, literally means protector or bodyguard.

13. Kandarie
Origin: Hindi

This eloquent name is one of the many names that mean protector that you can find in the Hindi language and Hindu faith. It will speak to anyone of Hindu faith and all residents of the Indian Subcontinent. That’s more than two billion people, so you can be sure that the meaning of this name won’t be lost on that many people.

14. Liam
Origin: Irish Gaelic

As Liam is a very popular name to this day, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard this Irish-origin name before, especially if you’re a fan of the Liverpool-based rock band “Oasis.” The Irish language is a rich one, and you’ll see many more names that mean protector on this list that are of Gaelic origin.

15. Ned
Origin: English

This English-origin name can best be translated as “rich protector,” and it’s a great name for your baby boy. Fans of the hit TV series “Game of Thrones” or the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” may also love this name if they relate to the character Ned Stark, himself portrayed as an unwavering protector with resolute morals. Don’t worry, I’m willing to bet your baby boy will have an easier time with things than George R.R. Martin’s character did.

16. Nakoa
Origin: Hawaiian

This strong-but-beautiful name boasts Hawaiian origin and will be especially meaningful to anyone indigenous to the island so often associated with paradise. This protector name literally means “the warriors,” and is the name that Jason Mamoa, known for his performances as Aquaman and Khal Drogo, gave to his son.

17. Tarak
Origin: Hindi

The second name on our list of Hindi origin, Tarak means protector or star, so anyone with an appreciation for astronomy, astrology, or the heavens will love this name.

18. Sigmund
Origin: German

A German-origin name that you’ll most likely associate with Sigmund Freud, Sigmund literally means “protection through victory,” and this is a great baby boy name if you believe that the best defense is a good offense.

19. Skoldolfr
Origin: Icelandic

Skoldolfr is a great baby boy name for any parent wishing to embrace their Nordic roots. This name of Icelandic origin literally means “protector wolf,” and is a great choice if you want to raise a son who isn’t afraid to bare their fangs when the situation calls for it.

20. Wali
Origin: Arabic

The last of our boy names, and the last of our Arabic-origin names, Wali is a beautiful name that means protector or guardian. The “wah” sound will make this name stand out a little in English settings, and it will sound distinctly Arabic to anyone familiar with the language. This name also has an association with holy people in Islam.

Girl Names That Mean Protector

That’s it for the baby boy names on this list, now it’s on to the girls. You might feel that it’s hard to find girl names meaning protector, but there are some strong female protector names out there, and we’re going to help you find them. Keep reading for the best girl names that mean protector.

1. Abrial
Origin: French

French is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful languages out there, and the name Abrial is no exception. This French-origin name roughly means “protected,” and will instill a feeling of safety in your daughter wherever she goes; a feeling she’ll hopefully pass on to others.

2. Alessia
Origin: Italian

This lovely name of Italian origin means “defender” and it’ll fit right in just about any American or European context. Who knows? Maybe your daughter will take “defender” in a different direction and become an all-star athlete.

3. Alexandra
Origin: Greek

This Greek-origin name is the female version of the name of the aforementioned famous warrior Alexander the Great. There is something about this majestic name that gives off even more power than the male version.

4. Aloisa
Origin: German

Another warrior name, this one of German origin, Aloisa literally means “renowned warrior,” so you can be sure that this name will give your baby girl the fierce determination she needs to protect whatever it is that needs protecting.

5. Axelia
Origin: Icelandic

The feminine version of Axel, which itself means “father of peace,” Axelia is an amazing name choice for parents who want their daughter to know that peace is something worth protecting.

6. Bellatrix
Origin: Latin

There are dozens of names out there that mean warrior, but, unfortunately, fewer girl names on that list. Though the character probably isn’t someone you want your daughter emulating, fans of Harry Potter will love this Latin-origin name that means female warrior. Pay homage to your favorite fantasy series or your favorite Helena Bonham Carter performance with this protective name that gives off a mysterious aura.

7. Bernadette
Origin: French

This French-origin name actually borrows from the German word for “bear.” It has a beautiful ring to it, and an even more beautiful meaning, as it literally translates to “strong bear.” Your strong bear will be able to protect anyone and everyone with this name.

8. Dealla
Origin: Irish

Another beautiful Irish-origin name makes its way onto our list. Dealla literally means “protector” but can also be understood as “early invader.” If you want your daughter to know that it’s okay to charge to action, embrace your Gaelic side with the Irish-origin Dealla.

9. Deandra
Origin: English

Deandra, derivative of Diana, is a beautiful name of English origin that means “defender of mankind” while also having etymological connections to “divine” and “manly.” Teach your daughter that she doesn’t always have to toe gender lines with this powerful and multi-faceted name.

10. Delmira
Origin: German

The next German name on our list, but certainly not the last, is Delmira, which means “noble protector.” Embrace protectiveness and regality with this German-origin moniker.

11 Eda
Origin: English

This English-origin name has a short and sweet ring to it, and it comes from the Old English word meaning “wealthy guardian.” You may have caught the similarity to Ned or Ed, and you’d be correct. This is a great female equivalent for any Game of Thrones fan who loves the Stark family patriarch.

12. Edme
Origin: Scottish

This name of Scottish-Gaelic origin boasts the beautiful meaning of “rich protector.” It’s the female version of Edmund, and it makes a great baby girl name for Narnia fans who just don’t really relate to Susan or Lucy.

13. Griselda
Origin: German

This German-origin name means “gray battle” And is said to embody great patience. With this name, your daughter will be able to tough it out under difficult circumstances to protect what matters to her.

14. Gunilla
Origin: Swedish

This Swedish name will help you embrace your Scandinavian origin by bestowing the moniker “battle maid” upon your strong daughter who’s willing to fight for what’s right.

15. Hilda
Origin: Old Norse

Hilda is the feminine version of Hild, who, in Norse mythology, was a Valkyrie who conveyed fallen warriors to Valhalla. Name your daughter after a supernatural guardian with this name of Scandinavian origin.

16. Ramona
Origin: Spanish

This Spanish-origin girl’s name, related to the German-origin Raymond, means “wise protector.” Bless your daughter with strength and intelligence by naming her Ramona.

17. Ritza
Origin: Greek

This Greek-origin name will give your daughter the aura of a mythical hero, and with a name that means “protector of man,” she’ll really be the protector of all protectors.

18. Sandra
Origin: Greek

Another Greek-origin name, Sandra is actually a variation of Alexandra, and just like its source name, this eloquent nickname means “guardian of men” or “protector of humanity.”

19. Shamira
Origin: Hebrew

Shamira, which means “guarding” or “protecting” is definitely not a typical name, but the beauty of modern Hebrew is that it’s very recent revival means it’s still developing before our very eyes. Add to the history of this ancient-but-modern language and bring the name Shamira into the mainstream.

20. Valerie
Origin: Latin

The last name on our list of girl names meaning protector, Valerie literally means “strong” or “valiant.” You can’t go wrong with a Latin-origin name for your daughter. Raise a strong and feminine fighter by naming your baby girl Valerie.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Protector

With an increased awareness of transgender and gender-queer identities, there’s probably more motivation now than ever to give your child a strong and beautiful gender-neutral name that doesn’t put them in any boxes early on. Thankfully, there are some great choices out there for gender-neutral names that mean protector.

1. Aiden
Origin: Irish

Literally meaning “little fire,” this Irish-origin name is a great choice for anyone who wants their child to light up the room and add some comforting warmth to the world around them.

2. Akiva
Origin: Aramaic

Aramaic, a Semitic language older than both Hebrew and Arabic, can be seen as the true neutral ground of Judaism and Islam. The name Akiva is a common name amongst Israelis and Religious Jews, but as it’s the Aramaic version of Yaakov (the Hebrew origin of Jacob), it could be suitable for Muslims and Arabic speakers as well. I’ll be honest, I’ve only ever come across Akiva as a male name, but there’s such a prominent culture of unisex names in Israeli cultures that Hebrew speakers shouldn’t feel afraid to be a trendsetter and genderswap this Aramaic name that means protector.

3. Alexis
Origin: Greek

I don’t think you need me to tell you that this Greek-origin name is yet another reiteration of Alexander. Give your child a gender-neutral version of Alexander so they can be a great defending warrior.

4. Andy
Origin: Greek

A diminutive for Andrew, but also a great name in its own right, this Greek-origin name literally means “brave.” In Greek mythology, Andreus was the son of the river-god Peneus, while the name Andy will harken to famous athletes like Andy Roddick and artists like Andy Warhol.

5. Angel
Origin: Latin

What conjures up the notion of protection more than a literal guardian angel? This name of Latin origin will feel culturally relevant to Christians everywhere or any speaker of a Latin-based language, which is billions of people, so this name definitely has mass appeal. It’s a little on the nose, but this is an excellent name choice for parents who want a name that’s filled with love and that instills a sense of safety and confidence.

6. Bailey
Origin: English

Bailey, which comes from Bailiff, literally means an officer of justice. Teach your child from day one that justice is worth fighting for with this English-origin name.

7. Casey
Origin: Irish

Fans of the famous short-story Casey at the Bat or products of the 80 or 90s who grew upon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will love this name. Casey, of Irish origin, literally means watchful. Hopefully, your newborn baby will grow up to be more watchful than Casey was when he struck out.

8. Finley
Origin: Irish

Another name of Irish origin, Finley literally means “fair-haired courageous one.” Thankfully, the name itself is less of a mouthful than that. Don’t be afraid to give this name to your little protector even if light hair doesn’t run in your family.

9. Greer
Origin: Scottish Gaelic

The name Greer is of Scottish Gaelic origin, but its use goes all the way back to the Byzantine Empire. This name literally means alert or watchful and is a great name for your future resolute protector.

10. Kamali
Origin: African

This majestic African name is translated as “spirit guide” or “protector” in English. Embrace your heritage with this eloquent name that embodies protection.

11. Kelly
Origin: Irish

This Irish-origin name meaning “warrior” and “bright-headed” is a great baby name for a child of any gender. It’s been popular in the United States for decades, and you can find dozens of male and female athletes alike with this powerful name.

12. Malin
Origin: Old English

People who come from a family of smaller people (guilty) will love this name of Old English origin. Malin literally means “little strong warrior,” and this name is a great way to remind your child that size isn’t everything.

13. Milo
Origin: German

Milo is an Old Germanic form of Miles, derived from the Latin word “miles” meaning “soldier,” and this short and sweet name has been translated as “merciful soldier” in the past. A great choice for those who see the value in holding onto mercy even when protection is needed.

14. Narain
Origin: Hindi

This name of Hindi origin simply means “protector” and it’s also another name of the Hindu god Vishnu. This is a holy and powerful name that will be a great choice for any parent that’s an observer of Hinduism.

15. Randi
Origin: Latin

Our second name that means “protector wolf,” though this one is gender-neutral and of Latin origin. Baseball fans will love the name Randi, though they may prefer to spell it with the letter Y after the fast-hurling pitcher Randy Johnson, who has said that he doesn’t have a home security system, but sleeps with a bucket of baseballs next to his bed. That’s someone who knows how to protect himself!

16. Riley
Origin: Irish

This gender-neutral name of Irish origin comes from the Gaelic word raghalach, which means “valiant.” It’s also the source of the last name O’Reilly, who were historically the kings of East Bréifne in what is today County Cavana. This gender-neutral name is a great choice for baby boys or girls who need a protective name with a powerful meaning.

17. Sasha
Origin: Russian

Sasha is a beautiful gender-neutral name that probably has a female slant to English speakers, but is generally more of a male name in Russia and Russian-speaking countries. It literally means “defender” or “helper of mankind” and is a great name for a strong and feminine fighter regardless of gender.

18. Scout
Origin: English

Anyone who grew up reading To Kill a Mockingbird will love this English-origin name. Give your child a gender-neutral name that embodies curiosity, learning, and using knowledge to help others.

19. Shay
Origin: Irish

This one-syllable word of Irish origin can either mean “admired and respected” or “watchful and hawk-like.” That’s a lot of meaning packed into such a short name. Give your child a moniker that commands respect and embeds them with the ability to assess the situation at all times.

20. Sloan
Origin: Irish

The last name on our list is once again a name of Irish origin. Sloan means “strong protector” and is one of the more to-the-point names that mean protector that you’ll find. It’s a beautiful name that is a great choice for a boy or a girl.

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Final Words

There you have it! 60 powerful and beautiful names that mean “protector.”

If none of these names spoke to you, don’t worry. There are hundreds of other options out there, and remember that you can opt for something that doesn’t literally translate to “protector” exactly, but equals something relatively adjacent.

Think outside the box! And don’t be afraid to break the mold and give your child a unique name that’ll make them stand out a little

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