100 Southern Girl Names: A List of the Most Beautiful and Meaningful

Whether it’s that southern hospitality, the amazing food, or the beautiful countryside, there’s plenty to love about the south. If you’re a proud southerner, you shouldn’t be afraid to wear your culture on your sleeve and give your southern baby girl a nice, southern name. Of course, finding the perfect southern name isn’t always easy, but that’s what we’re here for. Here are our 100 favorite ones.

Popular and Common Southern Girl Names

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to show off your southern roots. There are plenty of popular southern baby girl names out there, so it’s not like you need to start from scratch. Here are some of the most popular southern girl names to start off your search for the perfect name for your southern baby girl.

1. Abigail
Origin: Hebrew

Abigail is a lovely southern baby name meaning “my father’s joy.” In the Bible, the original Abigail was the wife of King David. This is the perfect name to get your southern baby’s bond with her father starting off on the right foot.

2. Ann
Origin: Hebrew

Ann is actually a nickname for Hannah (a fine southern name in its own right), which itself comes from the Hebrew word of similar pronunciation, which means “grace.” In the Bible, Hannah prayed so strongly for a baby that she was given the privilege of being the mother of the prophet Samuel.

3. Anna
Origin: Greek

Anna is the Greek version of Hannah, and by extension of Ann. Because of that, it has the same meaning and origin, but I think you might find that “Anna” has more of the southern charm you’re going for.

4. Anne
Origin: Latin

Just to show how versatile the name is, here is our final variation of Ann, the Latin name Anne. Once again, it obviously has the same origins as Anna and Ann, so it’s all up to preference at this point. Whichever you think has more southern charm, that’s the perfect southern name for your baby girl.

5. Alma
Origin: Latin

Alma is actually a fairly versatile name, in that it independently developed in multiple languages with different meanings. In this case, the Latin-origin version of Alma means “nourishing” and “kind.” That sounds like the perfect unique southern girl name to me.

6. Audrey
Origin: English

Audrey finds its roots in Old English, and it means “noble” or “strength.” It also shares etymology with the words for supernatural power. If you want to raise a southern superheroine, Audrey is the name for your baby girl.

7. barbara
Origin: Greek

While the Greek origin of this name is the word for “stranger or foreigner,” Barbara surged in popularity after the Christian Saint Barabara. And what’s more southern than Christianity? Barabara is one of the most southern names out there.

8. Beverly
Origin: English

Beverly is a British name that means “stream” or “meadow.” This lovely southern name conjures up the imagery of rivers and meadows that anyone in the know will associate with the beautiful nature of the south.

9. Billie
Origin: German

Few things feel more southern than replacing a “Y” at the end of a name with “ie.” Perhaps surprisingly, Billie is a German-origin name, meaning “determination” and “strength.” Whether you’re a fan of the Michael Jackson song Billie Jean, or the young talented artist Billie Eilish, Billie is a great name to help your baby girl embrace that southern tenacity.

10. Bonnie
Origin: French

The female counterpart of the infamous crime couple Bonnie and Clyde actually hails from the south herself, as she was born in Rowena, Texas. Bonnie is a French-origin name meaning “pretty,” coming from the French word “bon.” This is the perfect name for a cute southern girl with a rebellious side.

11. caroline
Origin: German

Caroline, most commonly associated with the popular Niel Diamond song “Sweet Caroline,” is a German name meaning “free person.” Especially if you’re from North or South Carolina, this is the perfect sweet southern name for your baby girl.

12. charlotte
Origin: French

Charlotte is a French-origin name that is the female version of Charles. It shares etymology with our previous name, Caroline, and also means “free woman” or “petite.” There’s just something about the French language that makes for great southern baby girl names.

13. Christine
Origin: Latin

Christine is one of the most southern baby names out there, and, not surprisingly, this Latin-origin name means “follower of Christ.” Christine is the perfect baby girl name for any proud southern Christian.

14. Claire
Origin: Latin

Claire is actually the English version of “Clara,” a Latin-origin name meaning “bright,” or “clear.”

15. Donna
Origin: Italian

Donna is an Italian-origin name meaning “woman.” Isn’t it funny how mundane words can make for pretty names when they’re in a different language? Donna is a timeless southern name.

16. Ellen
Origin: English

Ellen is the English version of Hellen, a Greek-origin name meaning “torch” or “light.” With this name, you’ll have a cute southern girl who lights up the room.

17. Emily
Origin: Greek and Latin

Another name of Greek and Latin roots, Emily is a Greek name that means “rival,” or a Latin name meaning “wily” or “persuasive.” Personally, the Latin version speaks to me a little more, but no matter which translation you have in mind, Emily is a fantastic cute southern girl name.

18. Emma
Origin: German

Surprisingly, Emma shares no relation to the previously-mentioned Emily. This is a German name meaning “whole” or “universal.” Emma is a cute name that will let your baby know she’s perfect just the way she is.

19. Jacqueline
Origin: French

Jacqueline is a name meaning “holder of the heel,” or “may God protect.” It’s the feminine form of Jacques, and despite its French roots, this classic southern name actually goes all the way back to the Hebrew name Yaakov, which is the original Hebrew form of Jacob.

20. Jane
Origin: English

Despite the fact that the language is relatively young, many southern baby names boast English-origin roots. In this case, the lovely name Jane means “God is gracious.”

21. Jesse
Origin: Hebrew

Jesse is the English version of the Hebrew name “Yishai” which is actually a boy’s name that means “God’s gift.” In English, this name has become unisex, so it’s also worth keeping in mind if you’re on the search for baby boy names as well as baby girl names.

22. Julia
Origin: Roman

This feminine version of Julius has been one of the most common baby girl names for thousands of years, and the timeless nature of this Roman name goes well with its meaning of “youthful.”

23. Mary
Origin: Aramaic and Hebrew

The name of Jesus’ mother boasts Aramaic and Hebrew origins, and it has many translations, including “beloved”, “rebelliousness”, and “wished-for child.” This is one of the most timeless southern girl names out there.

24. Naomi
Origin: Hebrew

Another Hebrew-origin name, which once again has roots in the Bible, Naomi means “pleasantness” and it’s been a classic southern and non-southern name for decades. In the Bible, Noami was the mother-in-law of Ruth, who (spoilers) we’ll talk more about later.

25. Nina
Origin: Spanish

Another name that features a bit of a grab bag of meanings, Nina is most commonly associated with its Spanish-origin translation “little girl.” However, this girl’s name also means “enclosure of fish” in Babylonian, and “fire” in Quechua.

Classic Southern Girl Names

There’s just nothing quite like the charm of real classic southern names that make you think of an old-time southern belle. The South has a rich history, and it’s one that’s worth embracing. If you know that oldies are usually goodies, then this is the list for you. Here are our favorite old southern girl names.

1. Arlene
Origin: Gaelic

If you’re a proud Irish family that found its way to the South, then Arlene is the perfect southern name for you. This Irish-origin name means “pledge or promise,” and also means “free spirit.” This is a great, multifaceted name for your baby girl.

2. Belle
Origin: French

Belle is a French name meaning “beautiful.” It sounds great, and fans of “Beauty and the Beast” will love it. Plus, with this name, your baby girl can embrace her southern roots and be a literal Southern Belle.

3. Beatrice
Origin: Italian and French

Beatrice comes from the Latin name “Viatrix,” meaning “voyager” and “Beatus” meaning “blessed.” Make your daughter a blessed and lucky traveler with this name.

4. Blanche
Origin: French

This name comes from the French word blanc, which means “white” or “pure.” It has that southern twang to it, and if you’re a fan of the classic Tennessee Williams play “A Streetcar Named Desire,” then you’re sure to appreciate naming your daughter after the thoroughly southern Blanche Dubois.

5. Carol
Origin: English

Just like a Christmas song, the English name Carol literally means “joyful song.” With a daughter named Carol, it’ll feel like Christmas all year round.

6. Catherine
Origin: English

Another English-origin name, Catherine means “pure.” Plus, the powerful Catherine the Great is something of a girl boss icon.

7. Constance
Origin: Latin

Constance is a beautiful Latin-origin name meaning “constant,” or “steadfast.” It’s a classic southern name and it has an inspiring meaning that will teach your baby girl to never give up.

8. Darlene
Origin: Old English

Darlene is an old-school southern name meaning “darling.” It’s an affectionate name that will let your baby girl know how you feel. Fans of the hit Netflix show “Ozark” may also love this name because of the ferocious older female character from the show, Darlene Snell.

9. Dolly
Origin: English

There aren’t many southern girl names better than Dolly, an English name meaning “gift of God.” Dolly Parton, beloved pretty much everywhere in the US, southern or otherwise, was born in Pittman, Tennessee, and is basically an American hero.

10. Doris
Origin: Greek

This Greek-origin name has the lovely meaning of “gift from the sea.” Doris Day was a famous old-time actress, singer, and activist from the 40s all the way into the 60s. Vegetarians, vegans, and other animal lovers will particularly love her, and this name, for Day’s animal rights activism.

11. Dorothy
Origin: English

If you love The Wizard of Oz, then this is the perfect name for your southern girl. “God’s Gift.” While Kansas isn’t quite the South, any real southern girl knows that there’s no place like home.

12. Edith
Origin: English

Edith is a classic name meaning “rich” or “blessed” in Old English. If you want your southern girl to live a trouble-free life of comfort, then name her Edith.

13. Edna
Origin: Hebrew

Edna is a lovely Hebrew-origin name meaning “pleasant” that was originally pronounced “Adina.” Fans of The Simpsons will love this name for the loveable Mrs. Edna Krabapple. Hopefully, your daughter will never have to deal with someone as devious as Bart Simpson.

14. Elaine
Origin: French

This is yet another lovely French name, meaning “shining light.” Show your southern girl that she lights up the world by naming her Elaine. Fans of Seinfeld will love this name for the iconic character Elaine Benes.

15. Estelle
Origin: Occitan

Estelle is a name coming from the Occitan language (we’ve all heard of that, right?) and it means “star.” Occitan is a little-spoken Romance language native to southern France, Monaco, and parts of Italy. It’s basically the southern tongue of the Romance languages, so this is really the southern girl’s name of southern girl names.

16. Geraldine
Origin: German

Geraldine is a powerful German name meaning “spear ruler,” and it’s a great fit for a strong southern girl who knows how to fend for herself.

17. Gertrude
Origin: German

Another feisty German name, Gertrude literally means “strength,” because everyone knows that southern girls know how to take care of themselves.

18. Grace
Origin: Latin

Since the word is still used in English, you probably know what the Latin-origin name Grace means. It’s a beautiful name that embodies both kindness and physical gracefulness. Whether you love the old sitcom “Will and Grace,” or the newer hit “Grace and Frankie,” Grace is the perfect name for your southern daughter.

19. Henrietta
Origin: English

Henrietta is a lovely, classic-sounding English name meaning “home-ruler.” This is the perfect name for your southern girl to show the boys who will be wearing the pants.

20. Joan
Origin: Hebrew

This name can be pronounced either Jo-ann or Jone, though you’d probably agree that the first pronunciation has more of a southern personality to it. Joan comes from the Hebrew name Yochanan, which means “God is gracious.” This is a great name for a religious southerner.

21. Joyce
Origin: Irish and French

Joyce boasts both Irish and French origins. It’s actually the Latinized form of the Breton name Judoc, meaning “lord.” Make your daughter the queen of the castle with this name.

22. Lucille
Origin: French

Lucille is a French name meaning “light.” If you grew up on old-school sitcoms, then you might appreciate this name for its connection to the star of “I Love Lucy” Lucille Ball.

23. Margaret
Origin: Latin

Margaret is a Latin-origin name meaning “pearl.” Show your daughter that she’s priceless by naming her Margaret.

24. Lydia
Origin: Greek

Stemming from Greek, Lydia is a lovely name meaning “beautiful one,” “noble one,” or “from Lydia or Persia.” While that last translation probably doesn’t feel very relevant, I think you’ll agree that the first two meanings are perfect for your little girl.

25. Ruth
Origin: Hebrew

Ruth is a fantastic Hebrew name meaning “friend.” This name is even better if you’re a baseball fan or admire feminist trailblazer Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Plus, Ruth from the Bible was the mother of kings, as she was the ancestor of the mighty King David.

Cute Southern Girl Names

If there’s one thing southern girl names are known for, it’s their cute charm. Southern names just have more character to them than the names you find in New York or New Jersey. Sometimes it’s just an alternative spelling – Kayleigh is just cuter than Kayly – and sometimes it’s a name that makes you think of a southern belle. Either way, here are our favorite cute southern girl names.

1. Alabama
Origin: Native American

You might not know that the state of Alabama is named after the Native American tribe that calls the land home. Naming your daughter after this southern state is a great way to show some southern pride. Don’t hide the fact that you’re from the Deep South. Plus, you can easily shorten the name Alabama to Ally and have a great, common nickname on your hands.

2. Addison
Origin: Old English

Addison is an Old English name meaning “son of Adam.” Despite this meaning, it’s become increasingly unisex since the 90s, and it’s a cute southern name that has a track record of athletic prowess. From baseball players Addison Ried and Addison Rusell to women’s soccer player Addison Steiner, there have been some all-star athletes named Addison. This is a great name for anyone who knows southern girls can be cute and tough at the same time.

3. Alice
Origin: French

Alice comes from the French word for “noble,” and this is a perfect cute southern name for any fan of the wonderfully silly and goofy Alice in Wonderland.

4. Bette
Origin: Hebrew

Though the line back to Hebrew is a little convoluted, Bette stems from the Hebrew name “Elisheva,” which was anglicized into Elizabeth. Elisheva itself means “my God is abundance.”

5. Dallas
Origin: English and Scottish

While Dallas is a Scottish name meaning “meadow,” you’ll probably be more concerned with the city. Show off your Texas pride with the perfect southern girl name.

6. Della
Origin: German

Della is yet another name meaning “noble,” this one boasting German roots.

7. Eileen
Origin: Gaelic

Eileen is an adorable Gaelic name meaning “little bird,” “strength,” and “desired.” Only you get to decide which meaning best describes your southern daughter.

8. Eva
Origin: Latin

Eva is the English version of the Latin “Eve,” itself coming from the Hebrew “Hava,” which means “life.”

9. Evelyn
Origin: English

While it’s a name of English origin, Eveleyn’s exact meaning is unknown, which gives a whimsical mysterious element to this cute name.

10. Faye
Origin: Middle English or French

Faye is a name meaning “fairy” in English and “loyalty” in French. Whichever meaning you pick, it’s a very cute name.

11. Florence
Origin: Roman

Florence comes from Florentius, which is a Roman name meaning “blossoming” or “flourishing.” Your cute southern daughter will always thrive with this name.

12. Frances
Origin: French

A great name if you appreciate freedom or hail from France, Frances literally means “from France” or “free one.”

13. Genevieve
Origin: Celtic

A Celtic name meaning “of the race of women,” Genevieve’s translation may be a little clunky, but it sure sounds cute.

14. Georgia
Origin: Greek

While it comes from the Greek name meaning “agriculture,” Anyone from the great state of Georgia will rep this southern name with pride.

15. Hazel
Origin: English

Hazel is an English-origin name that either refers to the color or a type of tree. Either way, it conjures up lovely colorful imagery.

16. Imogene
Origin: Celtic

Imogene is a lovely name meaning “maiden” or “innocent.” Teach your daughter to hang onto her youth and innocence.

17. Jennie
Origin: English

Jennie is a classic and cute southern name meaning “white fairy” or “fair one.”

18. June
Origin: Roman

The name of the spring/summer month is derived from the Roman goddess Juno, who was the queen of the gods. This is a cute southern girl name with a lot of power behind it.

19. Kathleen
Origin: Greek

Kathleen is a variation of Catherine, which as we mentioned earlier, means “pure.” You might decide that this variation has more of a southern feel to it.

20. Kathryn
Origin: Greek

Kathryn is an alternative spelling of the aforementioned Catherine. What’s more southern than creative name spellings?

21. Lucy
Origin: Latin

Lucy is a Latin-origin name meaning “light.” Any fan of The Beatles will love this name because of the classic song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

22. Mae
Origin: Roman

Mae is a Roman name that comes from the month of May, which is named after the plant goddess Maia. This is a cute name backed up by the power of mythology and nature.

23. Maxine
Origin: Latin

Despite its cute sound, Maxine is a powerful name meaning “the greatest.” Teach your daughter that there’s no sense in false modesty.

24. Pauline
Origin: Spanish

Pauline comes from the Spanish name “Paulina,” which means “younger.” This is a great name for the cute baby of the family.

25. Sadie
Origin: Hebrew

Sadie is a cute Hebrew-origin name meaning “princess.” Show your daughter she’ll always be a princess to you.

Nature-Inspired Southern Girl Names

There’s nothing more beautiful than nature. And for that reason, there aren’t any southern girl names more beautiful than those that come from nature. Here are our favorite nature-inspired southern baby names.

1. Amethyst
Origin: Greek

While the word amethyst has some interesting etymology, you’ll probably already recognize it from the beautiful purple gem, which is technically a lilac variety of quartz. This is one of many great southern girl names that come from natural stones.

2. April
Origin: Greek

Besides the association with the calendar, spring, and the return of decent weather, the name April also refers to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love.

3. Aurora
Origin: Latin

Aurora is a Latin name meaning “dawn.” This name will conjure up the image of beautiful sunrises, the northern lights, and the classic Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty.”

4. Autumn
Origin: Latin

The more British name for “fall” boasts Latin origins and is a lovely name that reminds us of cozy weather and beautiful foliage.

5. Bay
Origin: Spanish

The lovely body of water gets its name from Spanish origin, and it’s a great name for the daughter of any beach lover.

6. Brook
Origin: Old English, Dutch, and German

Another water-themed name, Brook boasts a mixed Germanic heritage, and it’s perfect for people who to prefer to find their water on nature trails as opposed to beaches.

7. Blossom
Origin: Old English

Just like Florence, the name Blossom will make you think of beautiful blooming flowers, and it’s a great metaphor for physical and personal growth.

8. Daisy
Origin: English

This lovely flower earned its English origin name, which means “day’s eye” because it opens in the morning and closes at night.

9. Dawn
Origin: Old English

This name is a little more direct than the Latin Aurora. If you prefer shorter or easier-to-understand baby names, then opt for Dawn instead of Aurora

10. Emerald
Origin: Latin

This Latin-origin name meaning “green” is another one of our lovely southern girl names coming from beautiful gemstones.

11. Fern
Origin: Old English

Another name that makes us think of green, Fern goes in a different direction by referencing the beautiful greenery of mother nature.

12. Flora
Origin: Latin

No need to overcomplicate things; this Latin name meaning “flower” makes for a lovely southern girl name.

13. Gale
Origin: Old Norse

There are few forces of nature more powerful than air and wind. Harness that power for your baby girl with this name.

14. Holly
Origin: English

If you want to name your daughter after a beautiful green plant, you can’t go wrong with Holly.

15. Ivy
Origin: Old English

Batman fans will love this one. Ivy plants have a certain beauty to them, but we also know that some of these plants, like the poison variety, have a bite to them as well.

16. Jasmine
Origin: Persian

Jasmine is a beautiful Persian name meaning “fragrant flower.” The original Persian pronunciation is actually Yasmin, but whoever way you choose, nature lovers and Disney lovers alike will love this name.

17. Lily or Lillie
Origin: Old English

If you love the sight of a little leaf floating on water, then this is the perfect baby name for you. And if you opt for the alternative spelling, you’ll really have a fantastic southern name on your hands.

18. Olive
Origin: Greek

Olive oil has always been somewhat of a delicacy and a luxury, and it’s the focal appoint of some fantastic Mediterranean cuisine. If you love the fruit or grew up on Popeye cartoons then this is a great name for your daughter.

19. Opal
Origin: French, Greek, and Latin

Despite the Latin origin of the name, opals were originally first found in India. These beautiful stones have quite a history behind them.

20. Pearl
Origin: French

Pearl is actually a French name meaning “leg,” which was derived from the shape of the clam that pearls come from. Despite that mundane history, both the name and the stone are beautiful.

21. Rose
Origin: Latin

The lovely rose got its name from Latin, and it’s the perfect name to tell your daughter it’s okay to show her thorns every now and then.

22. ROsemary
Origin: Latin

Rosemary is a Latin name meaning “dew of the sea,” and the lovely purple flowers of this plant are the perfect namesake for your southern baby.

23. ruby
Origin: Latin

The last of our gem-themed southern girl names, this deep red precious stone has a name of Latin origin. Whether you like the stone or red hair runs in the family, this name is perfect.

24. Spring
Origin: Old English

Possibly the most popular season, the etymology of Spring harkens to the fact that it’s when the days start getting longer, and there’s more daylight. Give your daughter a nature-inspired name that lights up the room.

25. Summer
Origin: English

The southern summers may be intense, but intensity can be a good thing. Besides, there’s no time more nostalgic than summer and summer vacation. This is a lovely name that will fill your daughter with carefree energy.

And just like that, we’ve given you 100 southern names for your baby girl. We hope at least one of our names resonated with you, or at least pointed you in the right direction. Good luck!

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