65 Adorable Old-Fashioned Girl Names

If you are expecting a new baby girl and are looking for some baby name inspiration, then look no further. Many parents are opting for more old-fashioned baby names for their children these days, giving their little girls names that will leave a real mark on their family tree.

If you have a love for old-fashioned names, then this list should be a huge help. Each name you will see below has its meaning included, giving you a little insight into its history. Whether you want a German meaning or a French meaning, or even a biblical name, I’ve included something for everyone. Let’s dive in and see if any of these baby names speak to your heart.

1. Adelaide
Origin: German

This is a girl name of German origin meaning “nobility.” Many nobles throughout history share this name, as well as popular fictional characters such as Miss Adelaide from the musical Guys and Dolls. A cute nickname for Adelaide would be Addie.

2. Agnes
Origin: Greek

This name Agnes comes from the Greek name “Hagne,” which means “pure.” It is the Latin version of this name, and it isn’t as popular as it used to be, making it a great choice if you want a unique old-fashioned name for your daughter.

3. Alma
Origin: Latin

This is the feminine form of the name Almo and is of Latin origin. This is one of the most classic girl names and would be a great name for a little girl. It means “kind” in Latin.

4. Annabelle
Origin: Greek

A variant of Anne, Annabelle is a Hebrew name that means “God has favored me.” An alternative spelling is Anabel, which also has Greek roots with the same general meaning.

5. Annette
Origin: French

If you are a fan of the famous actress Annette Benning, then this old-fashioned girl name would be a wonderful choice. This pretty name means “grace” in French.

6. Barbara
Origin: Greek

This is another name shared with a famous person, though her spelling is slightly different: the one and only Barbra Streisand. Barbra is great if you want something a little bit more unique. Barbara is derived from the word “barbarian” and means “strange” or “foreign” in Greek.

7. Bernadette
Origin: French

The female form of “Bernard,” Bernadette is a French name. It means “brave bear.” It also comes from Saint Bernadette, a poor girl in southern France during the 19th century who claimed to see visions of the Virgin Mary.

8. Betsy
Origin: Hebrew

This cute nickname for Elizabeth means “pledged to God” or “God is my oath” in Hebrew. It is a great retro alternative if you want a name for your little one that is a more old-fashioned girl name.

9. Blanche
Origin: Latin

Derived from the Latin word “Blancus,” Blanche means “white” in French. It was originally a name given to fair-skinned girls in both France and Germany years ago. You can find this name in the popular TV series The Golden Girls as well.

10. Brenda
Origin: Celtic, Old Norse

Meaning “sword” or “blade of a sword,” this old-fashioned girl name has many different origins, including Celtic and Old Norse. It’s also the female version of Brandr, a popular name for boys in the Middle Ages.

11. Callie
Origin: French

This name is a unique diminutive form of Caroline or Carrie. It means “beautiful” in Greek and would be a great choice for a baby girl. Some people even use it as a short and adorable nickname for Callista.

12. Celeste
Origin: Latin

In Latin, this name for a baby girl means “heavenly.” This old-fashioned celestial name is perfect for an astronomy lover.

13. Clara
Origin: Latin

Clara is the Latin spelling for the name Clare and means “clear” or “bright.” The famous woman Clara Barton played an important part in the American Civil War by risking her life to bring supplies to soldiers. She is also credited with founding the American Red Cross.

14. Clementine
Origin: French, Latin

This name is of French and Latin origin, and means “merciful.” It is one of the most simple and vintage names you’ll find on this list, making it a perfect old-fashioned name for your baby girl.

15. Cora
Origin: Latin

The name Cora means “maiden” or “heart” in Greek. Your little girl is sure to steal your heart if you choose this name for her.

16. Cordelia
Origin: Celtic

This name is rarely used anymore, making it one of the less common older names. It means “daughter of the sea” in Celtic. It is also the same name as King Lear’s only daughter.

17. Daisy
Origin: English

This female name brings happiness. Not only is it a flower name, but it also means “day’s eye” in Old English. It is the perfect choice for your energy-filled daughter if you also happen to have an old soul.

18. Daphne
Origin: Greek

This girls’ name means “bay tree” in Greek. If you are familiar with Greek mythology, then you probably recognize this name. Daphne was the daughter of the river god Peneus. Its Hebrew meaning is “Laurel.”

19. Darla
Origin: English

Have you seen The Little Rascals? If you have, then you know that Darla is the darling little girl in both the series and the movie. It just so happens that this name also means “darling” in English and is a derivative of Darlene.

20. Diana
Origin: Roman

The Roman goddess Diana is just as widely known as the name of Princess Diana of England. No matter what you are naming your little girl after, it is one of the most lovely names. It means “divine” in Latin.

21. Dorothy
Origin: English

Dorothy was a very popular name in the early 1900s and is sometimes used as a variant of Dorothea. It means “gift of God” in Greek. You may also recognize this name from the ever-popular Wizard of Oz.

22. Edith
Origin: English

This is another name that used to be extremely popular and is of English origin, meaning “prosperous in war.” It is a beautiful name that many parents are starting to bring back.

23. Eileen
Origin: Gaelic, Scottish, Irish

This is another old-fashioned baby name that has many different origins including Gaelic, Scottish, and Irish. Its meaning is basically the same for each: “bright” or “shining one.”

24. Eleanor
Origin: Hebrew

Arguably one of the most traditional names on this list, this name is rising in popularity. Its meaning is Hebrew for “God is my candle.” If you want to name your baby after someone influential in history, Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady, wife to former president Franklin Roosevelt.

25. Eloise
Origin: Old French

This is one of the few old-fashioned baby names inching higher up the popularity list that has multiple meanings and origins. The most popular is the French, meaning “famous warrior.”

26. Enid
Origin: Old Welsh

This unusual name is said to be Old Welsh for “life” or “spirit.” It’s the perfect old-lady-chic name for your baby girl.

27. Etta
Origin: English

This old-fashioned girl name has an English meaning, which is “estate ruler.” It is a short and fun name that can be the short version of Henrietta or Rosetta.

28. Felicia
Origin: Latin

If you are looking for a name that literally brings happiness, look no further. Felicia has a Latin meaning and it’s “lucky” or “happy.” What more could you want in a classic name?

29. Gladys
Origin: Old Welsh

The feminine name for Gwladus, Gladys has a Latin meaning of “land” or “nation.” If you are really into retro names, this is a good choice, especially if you want your baby girl sharing a name with the famous singer Gladys Knight.

30. Gloria
Origin: Portuguese, Spanish

Gloria has a Latin meaning, and it is “glory to God.” Famous actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Saarsgard chose this name for their second daughter, proving that it is not just an old lady name.

31. Greta
Origin: Latin

This old-fashioned baby name has a German meaning of “pearl.” This is a simple and uncommon name, making the perfect choice for a first name or even a middle name.

32. Helen
Origin: Greek

This is the English form of the Greek origin name Helene, and in Greek mythology, Helen was the daughter of Zeus.

33. Hilda
Origin: German

This is a German name for “battle woman.” It’s also a shorter name for Brunhilda, which isn’t as pretty sounding as Hilda. So you still get that old-fashioned feel with Hilda, and it is much easier to spell.

34. Ida
Origin: Scandinavia, Old German

Ida is a very popular name in Scandinavia and is Old German for “industrious one.” It’s the perfect name if you want something short and sweet for your baby girl.

35. Irene
Origin: Greek

Coming from the Greek goddess of peace, this name was once very popular in ancient Rome and has made its way into the United States as one of the most popular old-fashioned baby names.

36. Josephine
Origin: Hebrew

This name is Hebrew, meaning “Jehovah increases.” It is also the female form of the name Yosef or Joseph. If you are looking for a religious name, you can find this one in the bible, so it could be a great option if you are stuck trying to figure out the best old-fashioned girl name for your little one.

37. Julia
Origin: Latin

If you are a fan of the famous actress Julia Roberts, then Julia would be a great name for your baby. It’s a classic name with the Latin meaning of “youthful.”

38. Kathy
Origin: Latin

This name derives from the Latin form “Katharina.” Kathy has the Greek meaning “pure.” It is a simple and easy-to-pronounce name if you are looking for something old-fashioned but not complicated.

39. Lorraine
Origin: French

This name actually originates from the place name Lorraine, located in France and where Joan of Arc is from. Its original French meaning is “kingdom of Lothar.”

40. Louise
Origin: French

Louise is the French version of the male name Ludwig. Its French meaning is “renowned warrior.” It is more popular as a middle name but would also be a great choice for a first name as well.

41. Lucille
Origin: French

This name is linked to the famous actress Lucille Ball and has a French meaning. A great nickname for this old-fashioned name is Lucy, or you can even use it as an alternative. It means “light” in French.

42. Lydia
Origin: Greek

This name comes from a region in Asia Minor and is also named for King Lydos. Its Greek meaning is “noble.” You may also choose this name if you are a fan of the cult classic movie Beetlejuice. Lydia is the name of one of the main characters.

43. Mabel
Origin: English

The name Mabel is a Latin name that means “lovable” or “dear.” It is also said to be of English origin and be the shortened form of Amabel, a popular name in the Middle Ages.

44. Margaret
Origin: French

This name has several meanings and origins. It became Margaret when it started being used in England. However, most people recognize it as being derived from the French name Marguerite. It means “pearl.”

45. Marilyn
Origin: Latin

A Latin form of Mary, Marilyn is a great choice if you are looking at old-fashioned names. Mary is Latin, while Marilyn is English. It means “star of the sea.” Many parents pick this name because of the style icon Marilyn Monroe.

46. Millie
Origin: Old English, Old German

Millie is more used as a nickname but would be a great choice if you want something short and sweet. It also has different origins, but they all generally have the same meaning. Millie can come from the Old German name Amelia or Old English name Mildred, as some examples.

47. Miriam
Origin: Hebrew

This name is known as one of the oldest forms of the name Mary. Its Hebrew meaning is “drop of the sea” or “bitter sea.”

48. Myrtle
Origin: Greek

If you are looking at old-fashioned girl names, then Myrtle could be an excellent choice. It comes from the evergreen plant and is an English word. It has a Greek origin though, deriving from the name Myrtos, which means “myrtle.”

49. Nancy
Origin: Hebrew, French

This baby girl’s name is of both Hebrew and French origin. It means “grace.” Nancy has made a comeback to become one of the most popular old-fashioned girl names.

50. Olive
Origin: English

Olive is a name that was created to bring peace. It is of English origin and means “olive tree”. The olive branch is the ultimate symbol of peace, making this name very meaningful.

51. Opal
Origin: Sanskrit

Opal is a Sanskrit name for the word “jewel.” It is also the birthstone for October, making it perfect for your little October baby.

52. Patricia
Origin: Latin

Patricia has the Latin meaning of “noble.” It is derived from the Latin word “patrician” and is sometimes used as the feminine name for Patrick.

53. Paula
Origin: Latin

Coming from the Latin word “Paulus” meaning small, Paula is shared with an old Roman family name. It is also the female version of the masculine name Paul.

54. Queenie
Origin: English

This name was used as a nickname for Queen Victoria. Although it isn’t used very often, it is very cute and would work really well if you are looking for a name with an old-fashioned feel.

55. Rosemary
Origin: Latin

The obvious thing about this name is that it is shared with an herb. Rosemary also has a Latin meaning, which is “dew of the sea.” It’s a unique and beautiful name for your little one.

56. Ruth
Origin: Hebrew

If you are into naming your children after very influential people, then you should consider Ruth after Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It is also has a Hebrew meaning of “compassionate friend.”

57. Shannon
Origin: Irish

This is an Irish name, and it means “old river.” Even though it isn’t quite an old lady name, it is still a little old-fashioned and not used much anymore.

58. Susan
Origin: Hebrew

Deriving from the Hebrew name Shoshanna, Susan means “lily.” An alternative to this name if you would like a slightly different spelling is the Old French version, Susanne.

59. Sylvia
Origin: Latin

Sylvia is the Latin name for “forest.” It is a great choice if you would like a name that is tied to nature.

60. Tabitha
Origin: Aramaic, Greek

Meaning gazelle in Aramaic, Tabitha was brought back from the dead by Saint Peter in the New Testament.

61. Trudy
Origin: Greek

Trudy is a great choice for a baby name. It has the Greek meaning “universal strength.” It’s a bold and lively name.

62. Vivian
Origin: Latin

This name is Latin meaning “lively” and is derived from the Latin word “alive.” This is another older name that is making quite the comeback.

63. Wendy
Origin: English

In English, this name means “friend.” It is also a character from the story of Peter Pan written by J.M. Barrie.

64. Winifred
Origin: Welsh

This is probably another one of the most old-fashioned girl names on this list. It is of Welsh origin and means “fair one.” It is the shared name of a Welsh patron saint.

65. Zara
Origin: Arabic

This name is Arabic, meaning “radiance.” It is short, simple, and packs a lot of punch for the vibrant baby in your life.

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Final Thoughts

If you have your heart set on old-fashioned girl names, then you might find your perfect match on this list. Many of these baby names were once popular and are less so now, making them great if you also enjoy uniqueness. Depending on what kind of origin or meaning you would like the name to have, if that means something to you, you can use this guide to learn a little bit more about each one.

Remember, naming a baby is no easy task, so be sure to take your time and find the right one for your little one. It doesn’t hurt to start looking at baby names for girls early.

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