60 Black Girl Names With Origins and Meanings

Choosing a name for your brand new baby girl is already a tough task. It can be even tougher if you want it to have significance to your family or heritage, but you also want it to have its own unique flair. Below, you will find a list of 60 Black baby girl names that are all wonderful choices for a woman of color.

You will notice that they have been broken down into 6 different categories, and each name includes its origin and meaning. There are pretty names, popular names, badass names, and so much more. Another great thing is that we also included some famous people in history and pop culture as well. Do you want to name your daughter after iconic Black women like Jada Pinkett Smith or Indira Gandhi? Are you looking for something more unique or something with an African American meaning? There is a broad variety of names to choose from, hopefully giving you an easier time finding the perfect one for your little princess.

Prettiest Black Girl Names

These names either sound beautiful or have beauty included in their meaning in some way. Take a look to see if you can find a name for your pretty little girl!

1. Alexandra
Origin: Greek

This is a wonderful Black girl name that means “defender of mankind.” It is also the feminine form of “Alexander.”

2. Aniyah
Origin: Hebrew and Polish

This name is derived from the Latin name “Anna.” It means “God’s grace” in Polish and “to help” in Hebrew.

3. Jasmine
Origin: Persian

In Persian, Jasmine means “gift from God.” It is derived from the Persian word “Yasmin,” which refers to the fragrant flower we know as jasmine.

4. Kalisha
Origin: African American and English

This name has Latin roots and is a variant of “Alisha.” It means “noble and kind.”

5. Keisha
Origin: African American and Hebrew

This is the modern version of the name “Lakeisha.” It means “her life” in African American and “great joy” in Hebrew.

6. Makeba
Origin: Hebrew

“Makeba” is the Hebrew name for the Queen of Sheba, a biblical figure who was said to bring gifts and also part of many legends in the Middle East. It means “greatness.”

7. Sarafina
Origin: Italian and Hebrew

The Italian meaning of “Sarafina” is “seraphim” or “angel of the highest order.” The Hebrew meaning is “burning ones.”

8. Shanice
Origin: Hebrew and Swahili

In Hebrew, this name means “God is merciful.” The Swahili meaning of “Shanice” is “wonderful,” and it is the African American form of “Shani.”

9. Trinity
Origin: English and Latin

“Trinity” means “triad” in Latin. The English meaning of this name refers to the “Holy Trinity,” which describes the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as one God in Christianity.

10. Zuri
Origin: Swahili

This is a gorgeous name commonly chosen for Black girls to celebrate their heritage. Its Swahili meaning is “beautiful.”

Other Pretty Black Girl Names

Here are some extra choices for pretty names for Black girls.

1. Ayah
Origin: Arabic

This name has Arabic meaning and is a verse in the Islamic Quran. It translates to “miracle, sign, evidence.”

2. Badriya
Origin: Arabic

This Black girl’s name is Arabic meaning “like the full moon” and is popular in the Muslim religion.

3. Candice
Origin: African

“Candice” has a connection with the Ethiopian Queen in the Bible. It translates to “Queen Mother” in the African language. It’s both a beautiful and unique African name.

4. Jamila
Origin: Arabic

This name is of Arabic origin, and it means “beauty” or “elegant.”

5. Keeya
Origin: Irish

In Irish, Keela means “beautiful” or “graceful” making it a great choice for a pretty name for your baby girl.

6. Latrice
Origin: Latin

This baby girl’s name is of Latin origin and it means “noble” or “patrician.” It’s a popular name in the Christian religion.

7. Lulu
Origin: Arabic

This pretty baby girl’s name means “pearl” in Arabic. It is also a variant of the German name “Louise.”

8. Maha
Origin: Arabic

This Black baby girls’ name means “beautiful eyes” in Arabic, making it both simple and cute.

9. Tazara
Origin: Arabic and African American

This African American name has Arabic roots, and it means “one who is elegant and graceful.” It sounds beautiful and would be a wonderful choice for your baby girl.

10. Zaila
Origin: Sanskrit and Arabic

In Arabic, this wonderful name means “blessed child” and in Sanskrit, it means “mountain.”

Unique black girl names

Unique Black Girl Names

These names are found in different cultures and religions and would be a great uncommon choice for a baby name.

1. Akilah
Origin: Arabic

This name is unique but also sounds beautiful. It is used most often in the Muslim religion, and it means “intelligent” in Arabic.

2. Amari
Origin: Hebrew, Indian, and Greek

This name for Black girls has several origins. Its Greek meaning is the same as it is in Hebrew and Indian. It means “eternal” or “eternal beauty.”

3. Bahati
Origin: African/Swahili

In Swahili, “Bahati” means “luck” or “fortune.” It is actually a unisex name as well.

4. Fahari
Origin: Swahili

This Swahili name for Black girls means “magnificence” or “splendor.” It is a cute name with a beautiful meaning.

5. Gemma
Origin: Italian

This Italian baby girl’s name means “precious jewel” in Italian. Saint Gemma was an Italian saint who was canonized in 1940.

6. Laqueta
Origin: American English

In English, “Laqueta” means “the quiet one.” It’s an uncommon name, but it sounds very sweet.

7. Malaika
Origin: African/Kiswahili

This name means “angel” in Swahili. It is also derived from the Arabic word “Malak,” which means “angel” as well. It is one of the most popular traditional African girl names.

8. Nailah
Origin: Arabic

The Arabic meaning of this name is “successful.” It’s a lovely unique choice for your baby girl.

9. Semira
Origin: Hebrew and African

The Hebrew meaning of this name is “the highest heaven,” and the African meaning is “fulfilled.”

10. Zahra
Origin: Arabic

This name is the feminine version of “Azhar,” and it means “brilliant” or “radiant.” It’s fairly uncommon but has been popularized by the Muslim religion.

Popular Black Girl Names

Whether in pop culture, history, or just commonly used, you will find the most popular names in this category.

1. Aaliyah
Origin: Arabic

The Arabic meaning of this name is “heavens” or “exalted.” It was made popular by the late African American singer Aaliyah.

2. Destiny
Origin: English

The American English meaning of this name is “fate.” It is derived from the Latin word “detinare,” which means “to determine.”

3. Ebony
Origin: Greek and English

When looking at the Greek meaning, “Ebony” comes from the Greek word “ebenos,” which means “dark wood tree.” The English meaning is the same.

4. Gabrielle
Origin: French

This name is of French origin, and it means “God is my strength.” It is shared by the African American actress Gabrielle Union.

5. Imani
Origin: Arabic

This name means “belief” or “faith.” This is one of the most common names for Black girls. However, it is also used as a male name in the Swahili language.

6. Jada
Origin: Hebrew and Spanish

This is both a Hebrew and Spanish name. It refers to “jade,” the green precious stone in Spanish, and it is “wise” in Hebrew and found in the Old Testament. A famous bearer of this name is African American actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

7. Laila
Origin: Arabic

“Laila” means “dark” or “night” in Arabic. Some people translate it as “night beauty.” Laila Ali is one of the famous bearers of this name. She is a retired boxer and the daughter of late boxer Muhammad Ali.

8. Kiara
Origin: Several, Including Italian and Persian

This is a variant of the name “Chiara,” and its Italian meaning is “light.” It means “queen who is keen on beautifying her territory” in Persian. It also has roots in other languages, such as Latin and Swahili.

9. Nevaeh
Origin: American

This is actually a very simple, beautiful-sounding name. It is “heaven” spelled backward.

10. Tiana
Origin: Slavic

In the Slavic language, Tiana means “fairy queen.” This is one of the most popular names for Black girls due to the animated Disney film The Princess and the Frog, which featured the first African American Disney princess. It’s a wonderful choice for your little princess.

Badass Black Girl Names

Most of these baby girl names are shared by other famous women, or they have a powerful meaning and origin.

1. Alicia
Origin: Spanish and Latin

This is the Spanish form of the name “Alice,” and it means “noble kind.” It is shared by famous singer-songwriter Alicia Keys.

2. Althea
Origin: Greek

This name means “with healing power” in Greek. “Althea” was the Queen of Calydon in Greek mythology.

3. Aretha
Origin: Greek

In Greek, this name means “virtuous.” It’s a great badass pick because it is also shared by the late Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.

4. Condoleezza
Origin: Italian

Condoleezza Rice is the former Secretary of State of the United States, a high political position that is a milestone for African American women. This name means “with sweetness” in Italian.

5. Halle
Origin: Scandinavian

Not only is this a badass name because its Scandinavian meaning is “heroine,” but also because of the actress who shares this name. Halle Berry is an Academy Award-winning actress and an inspiration to Black women and all African Americans.

6. Misty
Origin: English

This is another one of those baby girls’ names that has special significance. Misty Copeland is the first female African American principal ballet dancer. The meaning of this name is “covered with mist or dew.”

7. Nadia
Origin: Russian

This name is actually of Russian origin, and it means “hope” or “delicate.” It’s a short and sweet name, but also powerful.

8. Oprah
Origin: Hebrew

This name is derived from the Hebrew word for “gazelle.” Oprah Winfrey is an African American talk show host, philanthropist, and all-around powerhouse. She is one of the richest and most famous people in the world, and it is one of the best choices out of all of these baby girl names.

9. Retta
Origin: Latin

The Latin meaning of this feminine name is “lord of the manor” or “house owner.” The actress simply known as Retta has made a name for herself on several popular TV shows.

10. Serena
Origin: Latin

The Latin meaning of this name is “tranquil” or “serene.” It is shared by African American tennis player Serena Williams.

Other Black Baby Girl Names

Are you still looking for that perfect name? Here is a miscellaneous list with additional names that could be perfect for your little one.

1. Alexis
Origin: Greek

This Greek name comes from the Greek word “Alexios,” which means “helping” or “defending.” It is often used as a unisex name.

2. Alyssa
Origin: English and Irish

This name means “noble” and is a very common name chosen for a baby girl. It is a variant of “Alice” and “Alicia.”

3. Brianna
Origin: Irish

You will see that this name has several meanings in Irish, but they all relate to the same thing. Whether it’s “strong,” “noble,” or “exalted,” this is one of the best bold names for Black girls.

4. Chantelle
Origin: French

This name of French origin means “stone” or “candle.” It is also used to refer to a singer as well.

5. Dominique
Origin: French and Latin

This is a French name with Latin origin, and it means “of the Lord.” It is also the feminine form of “Dominic.”

6. Indira
Origin: Hindi and Sanskrit

Indira Gandhi was a prime minister in India, proving that women can do big things. The name means “beauty” in Hindi.

7. Monique
Origin: Greek and French

This name is of Greek and French, meaning “wise” or “alone.” It is the French form of “Monica.” Monique Coleman shares this name, and she is an African American actress.

8. Nia
Origin: Swahili and Welsh

This name means “purpose” in Swahili. The Welsh version of this name is “Niamh,” and it means “bright.” Actress Nia Long shares this name.

9. Tanisha
Origin: African and Sanskrit

This is a great choice for someone with African heritage, and it means “born on Monday.” As for Sanskrit, it means “ambition.”

10. Venus
Origin: Latin

This name is of Latin origin and is the same name as the Roman Goddess of Beauty. Professional tennis player Venus Williams is another famous person with this name.

Hopefully, you will find a baby name that stands out to you and will be the best match for your little girl. This list includes all kinds of names, and you will also learn some history about where they come from and their significance. Good luck with your search!

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