50 Sizzling Hot Names That Mean Fire

Choosing a baby name can seem like such a difficult task. After all, this is what your little one is going to be called for the rest of their lives. No pressure, right? So of course, you are going to want something that is symbolic or means something to you. Names that mean fire are traditionally bold, unique, and are just inspiring.

Below you will find a list of 50 baby names that mean fire that will be perfect for your energetic baby boy or baby girl. It is a versatile list of options to give you plenty of ideas, since choosing a baby name is one of the most important decisions you will ever make as a parent. Read on to see what our favorites are.

Boy Names That Mean Fire

1. Agni
Origin: Sanskrit

This name comes from the Hindu God of fire that shares the same name. It is a word of Sanskrit origin that directly means “fire,” give your baby boy both a unique and vivid name.

2. Aidan
Origin: Gaelic

Derived from Aodhan, who is the Celtic God of sun and fire in the Gaelic language. You will also notice that it shares the name with Irish St. Ai∂וריdan. Since it translates to “little fire,” it’s the perfect choice for your firecracker.

3. Apollo
Origin: Greek

In Greek mythology, Apollo was the son of Zeus, and later became the god of the sun and light. It also means “manly” in Greek. It’s the perfect name for your fiery child.

4. Azar
Origin: Persian

This name has Persian roots and means “fire.” It is a creative name and not very popular, lending some originality to it.

5. Barak
Origin: Hebrew

This is a Hebrew name that means “lightning,” and can be found in the bible as one who led an Israelite army. It’s a great mix of religious meaning and uniqueness.

6. Blaze
Origin: Latin

Of course, this baby boy’s name is pretty self-explanatory. It’s of Latin origin and means “fire,” and it is derived from the name of St. Blaise. It is a great option for your little blazing fire.

7. Brenton
Origin: Old English

This Old English name means “Bryni’s settlement.” Bryni is derived from Bryne, which means “flame.” It would be a great option for a name for that special and lively new baby boy in your life.

8. Cyrus
Origin: Old Persian

In Persian, Cyrus means “sun” and can also be found in the Hebrew bible as Cyrus the Great, the deliverer of the Jews. It’s a simple name for a baby boy but is still bold and different.

9. Drake
Origin: English

Meaning “dragon,” this baby name of English origin is a great fire name. Since dragons are fantasy creatures that breathe fire, it’s no surprise why Drake would be such a good choice.

10. Egan
Origin: Irish

If you are wanting an Irish name that means fire, then Egan is a great option. It translates to “little fire,” which can be great to describe your fiery little one.

11. Fintan
Origin: Irish

Another Irish name that you never hear is Fintan, which means “white fire.” According to Irish mythology, Fintan mac Bochra was said to be the only survivor of the Great Flood of Ireland. It may be a simple name, but your baby boy will appreciate the meaning behind it.

12. Flint
Origin: Old English

An English name that is a great boy name with a fiery background. Flintstone creates the spark that can start a fire when it is struck by steel. This is one of my favorite baby boy names that mean fire.

13. Helios
Origin: Greek

Helios was the Greek god of the sun before he was replaced by Apollo in Greek mythology. He is the brother of the moon goddess Selene and very well known if you are a mythology buff. Another great choice for a fire name for your child.

14. Idris
Origin: Welsh, Arabic

This name is of Welsh and Arabic origin, meaning “fiery leader” or “prophet.” It’s a very noble name that is increasing in popularity due to the famous actor of the same name, Idris Elba.

15. Ignacio
Origin: Spanish

Of Spanish origin, this name means “fiery.” Many choose this as a derivative of the Roman name Egnatius which means “born from fire.” However, the English spelling is Ignatius if you prefer it over Ignacio, or if you want to name your boy after St. Ignatius.

16. Kai
Origin: Frisian, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, English

This name has roots in so many different languages. However, in Scottish Kai means “fire.” It is a simple and unique name that would be a bold choice for a name for your son.

17. Kenneth
Origin: Gaelic

A Scottish name, Kenneth is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic Cinaed, which means “born of fire.” It is a great alternative for Cinaed if you are looking for an easier-to-pronounce name meaning fire.

18. Nuriel
Origin: Hebrew

This name translates as “fire of the Lord” in Jewish mythology. It would be a good choice for a boy name if you want something that has a connection to Hebrew origin but also has a powerful meaning.

19. Phoenix
Origin: Greek, Egypt

A phoenix is a mythical bird that is born from the ashes of a fire. You can find the phoenix as a prominent figure in both Greek and Egyptian mythology. Plus, it’s a super cool name!

20. Rhys
Origin: Welsh

Even though this name doesn’t exactly mean fire, it still has that fire spirit. It is a Welsh name and is also a common last name that means “passionate” or “enthusiasm,” which, in all honesty can relate to having the fire or passion in you for something. It’s a great choice.

21. Sampson
Origin: Hebrew

This is a variant of Samson, and the P comes from the Greek spelling of the name. However, in Hebrew, they both mean “sun.” You can’t get more fire-like than that.

22. Sulien
Origin: Celtic

This is another great boy name choice and is Welsh for “sun born.” There is also a Celtic sun god that shares this name as well. It’s perfect for the new little love of your life.

23. Tyson
Origin: Old French

Tyson comes from an Old French word, “tison,” which means “firebrand.” If you are looking for a strong and bold name, this is a solid choice.

24. Uriel
Origin: Hebrew

Another name of Hebrew origin, it means “angel of light, the flame of God.” It’s a beautiful biblical name that also has a fire meaning.

25. Vulcan
Origin: Roman

Vulcan was the god of Fire in Roman mythology. In old Latin, “vulcanus” means “fire” and “volcano,” so this should be included in this list of fire names.

Girl Names That Mean Fire

1. Anala
Origin: Hindi

This Hindi baby girl name means “fiery.” It is beautiful and simple for your little one.

2. Arpina
Origin: Armenian

This is an Armenian name that means “rising sun.” Who wouldn’t want that fiery name for their little girl?

3. Bedelia
Origin: Celtic

What better way to name the little flame in your life than after the Celtic goddess of fire and poetry? She is very well known in Celtic mythology.

4. Bridgette
Origin: Celtic

You can find this name in Celtic mythology for the goddess of fire and poetry. It also means “strength” in French.

5. Callida
Origin: Greek, Spanish

This name is of Greek and Spanish origin and it means “beautiful” and “warmth.” Those are two words that you could use to describe a fire, so it is fitting to be included on this list for girl names.

6. Cyra
Origin: English, Persian, Greek

A variant of Cyrah, Cyra is a Persian name that means “sun” or “throne.” It’s the feminine version of Cyrus, which you can find on this page under the boy names.

7. Ember
Origin: Old English

In the English language, ember is what you call the glowing ashes that are left behind after a fire. It can also mean “spark” in Old English. Many parents like to use this name instead of the popular name Amber, and for good reason. It is a wonderful name meaning fire.

8. Enya
Origin: Celtic

When this name is used as a variant for the Celtic name Eithne, it means “fire.” If you are talking about its Irish or Gaelic origin, it means “kernel.” However, it most reminds me of the famous Irish singer Enya, and I think it’s a wonderful name for a fiery personality.

9. Fiammetta
Origin: Italian

The word Fiamma means “flame” in Italian, and that is where this name originates. Fiammetta translates to “little fiery one,” making it another great choice for a girl name that means fire.

10. Hestia
Origin: Greek

If you are familiar with the ancient Greeks, then you probably know that Hestia is the Greek goddess of the hearth. Of course, this makes it a great fiery name for a special little girl.

11. Idalia
Origin: Greek

This name of Greek origin means “behold the sun.” It’s very pretty and would be very suitable for a summer-born baby.

12.. Kalama
Origin: Hawaiian

This is a strong and bold name for a girl that means “flaming torch” in Hawaiian. Some parents even use it for boys, but it is more commonly used for girls.

13. Kalinda
Origin: Hindi

If you know about Hindu mythology, this place’s name is for the Kalinda mountains. In Hindi, it means “the sun.”

14. Mirri
Origin: Uncertain

Another unisex name that is more often given to girls, Mirri is Finnish for “rebellious.” It’s such a cute choice for your little firecracker.

15. Nina
Origin: Spanish, Western Europe

Mama Nina was the Incan goddess of fire, who helped change negative feelings into the fire of love. What more could you want in a fiery name for girls?

16. Nuri
Origin: Arabic

Another unique name for a little fire spirit is this one, which is Aramaic for “my fire.” It also means “light” in Arabic and can be used for a boy as well.

17. Oriane
Origin: French

This name has the meaning “sunrise” and is of French origin. It would be a wonderful option for the new little spark in your life.

18. Reese
Origin: Welsh

If you are looking for an anglicized name for Rhys (see above), then this would be a great choice. It’s Welsh for “fiery.”

19. Seraphina
Origin: Latin

This name comes from seraphim, which are the highest-ranking angels of God. It also means “burning ones” in Hebrew. Famous actress Jennifer Garner chose this name for one of her baby girls.

20. Sol
Origin: Spanish

This name is simply the Spanish word for “sun.” It’s short and sweet but also lively and bold.

21. Soleil
Origin: French

If you would like a fiery name for your little human that is similar to Sol, you can try this one instead. It also means “sun,” but it is a French word.

22. Tana
Origin: Greek

Here is another name of Greek origin that means “fire goddess.” It is a good option for someone who wants a simple and vivid name that means fire.

23. Tanwen
Origin: Welsh

This is a girl’s name that I have never heard of before. It makes such an impact, and I love it. It’s of Welsh origin and means “white fire” or “holy fire.”

24. Udia
Origin: Hebrew

Another Hebrew name that means “fire of God.” This is also one of my favorite girl names that mean fire.

25. Vesta
Origin: Latin

This is the Latin origin name for the Roman goddess of the hearth. So, it’s a great alternative to Hestia if you wanted a similar name meaning fire.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for baby boy or baby girl names that mean fire, these baby names are all strong and unique. Any of these are a great choice if you are stuck on trying to find the perfect name for your little fiery one. These fire names are not as popular as some of the names you hear these days and will show off your child’s personality and originality. I hope that these names that mean fire have given you some ideas for how to call that little fire spirit!

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