100 Biblical Boy Names: With Meanings

Are you looking for a suitable name for your brand new baby boy, but want to be sure it is derived from the Bible? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’re showcasing the top 100 Biblical baby names for boys. From well-known baby names like Joshua and Aaron to lesser-known wonders like Azriel and Mordecai, you’re sure to find a name you love – whether it’s for your first son, second son, third, etc.

1. Aaron

While there is some debate over where Aaron originated, the meaning remains the same: high mountain, exalted, and enlightened.

2. Abel

Abel is a biblical name for a baby boy from the Old Testament that isn’t too overused. It means “breath” and has a Hebrew origin.

3. Abraham

Abraham is one of the most popular Christian names for a baby boy. It has Hebrew origins and means “father of multitudes.”

4. Asher

Asher was one of Jacob’s 12 sons and is derived from the Hebrew word “osher,” meaning happiness. However, the name Asher means fortunate, blessed, and happy one.

5. Azriel

The name Azriel is associated with the Angel of Death in Jewish traditions. It’s a Hebrew name meaning “God is my help” and is commonly spelled Asriel and Azrael.

6. Bartholomew

Bartholomew, a Hebrew name meaning “son of the furrow,” has been a less popular choice for centuries. However, it’s making a comeback as a unique Christian boy name.

7. Benaiah

If you’re looking for rarer Biblical boy names, Benaiah is an excellent choice. It means “built by God” and can be abbreviated to Ben.

8. Benjamin

Benjamin has been one of the most famous Biblical baby names for decades, and it doesn’t seem to be losing steam. You can’t go wrong with the name Benjamin, meaning “son of the right hand.”

9. Cain

Cain was the name of Adam and Eve’s firstborn in the Old Testament. Although it had negative connotations for years, it’s breaking through as a popular Biblical name for boys in this day and age. It means spear or possessed.

10. Caleb

This is one of the more popular Christian baby boy names. It was the name of one of only two Israelites who set out to enter the promised land and means dog or whole heart.

11. Daniel

Daniel has been in the top 15 baby boy names since 1972 and is considered the number one “D.” It has Biblical roots (The Book of Daniel) and means “God is my judge.”

12. David

Right below Daniel is David. One of the most popular Christian names for boys, meaning beloved, David is well-known as a Biblical name thanks to the famous story about Goliath.

13. Dathan

Dathan is undeniably an obscure name from the Old Testament. It’s a perfect option for parents who want their baby boy to have a less common name with Biblical roots.

14. Elijah

Elijah has long been in the top ten list for baby boy names. It’s a Hebrew name that means “Yahweh is God” and is referenced in the Bible as the prophet who rode his flaming chariot to Heaven.

15. Elon

Elon may be one of those few more surprising Biblical names, but it’s derived from a Biblical judge. It means “oak tree.”

16. Emmanuel

Among Biblical names for boys is Emmanuel, meaning “God is with us.” It can be spelled with two or one M’s. It was the name given to the promised Messiah.

17. Ephraim

Another of the lesser-used Christian boy names, Ephraim, is a firm name that means fruitful, fertile, and productive. It was the name given to the second son of Joseph, who found one of the twelve Israelite tribes.

18. Ethan

The name Ethan is used throughout the Bible, making it a solid name for Christian parents seeking a Biblical (and trendy) name. It means strong and firm.

19. Ezekiel

Ezekiel was the name given to a prophet in the Old Testament, the author of the Book of Ezekiel. And with the meaning of “God strengthens,” you can’t go wrong naming your baby boy this name.

20. Gabriel

Gabriel is undoubtedly one of the top Biblican boy names amongst Christian moms and dads. It was the name given to the archangel who spread the word of Jesus’ birth and means “God is my strength.”

21. Gideon

Although Gideon means hewer or having a stump for a hand, it’s swiftly becoming one of the more popular Bible names – but not as overused as other options.

22. Gomer

Parents looking for unique Bible-related baby names will appreciate Gomer, a Hebrew name meaning “to complete.” It was initially the name given to a grandson of Noah.

23. Haran

Among the more unique Biblical boy names is Haran. Haran was Abraham’s brother in the Old Testament. It is a Hebrew name meaning hill or mountain.

24. Herod

While many of these Christian boy names come from Hebrew roots, Herod is an option with a Greek origin. It means “song of the hero” and is a name found in the New Testament.

25. Hezekiah

Although this may be one of the more outlandish baby names for boys, it’s the name of an Old Testament king of Judah and means “God gives strength,” making it an excellent option with many suitable abbreviations.

26. Isaac

If you were overjoyed to find out you were having a boy, Isaac is an excellent Biblical name to choose. It means “laughter” due to Sarah and Abraham laughing at the news of their pregnancy in old age.

27. Isaiah

One of the names of a prominent prophet of the Old Testament, Isaiah, is now easily one of the trendiest baby names for boys. With a robust definition of “Salvation of the Lord,” it’s clear why it’s a top pick.

28. Ishmael

Ishmael is another top choice as a Christian name, the name given to Abraham and Hagar’s firstborn son. It means “God will hear” and has Hebrew roots.

29. Jacob

Jacob was undeniably one of the most prominent figures in the Old Testament. It’s also been a trending boy name for centuries. It means “supplanter” is one of the obvious choices for best Christian names for boys.

30. Jadon

Jadon is a good option if you’re looking for a Biblical baby boy name that’s increasingly growing in popularity and has a strong definition. It means “God has heard” and is easily one of the trendiest names 2024, especially when spelled with variations like Jaiden or Jayden.

31. James

Although James is one of the most common baby boy names, it never seems to fail at being a handsome and firm selection. It was initially the name of two apostles of the New Testament and is another baby boy name meaning “supplater.”

32. Jared

Those looking for popular Bible names that aren’t out of the box will appreciate Jared. This mighty name means “He descends” and was originally a name given to one of Adam’s descendants, making it a solid Biblical name.

33. Jason

Riding on the coattails of other popular J names like Jared and James is Jason. Jason is a Greek name that means “to heal” and is amongst some of the most used baby boy names.

34. Javan

Less popular compared to other “J” baby boy names, yet a masculine and handsome choice, is Javan. This name means Greece and was initially given to a son of Noah in the Bible.

35. Jeremiah

Jeremiah is a Hebrew name meaning “appointed by God” and was first given to a famous prophet in the Bible. Naturally, these features make it one of the most solid Bible names for boys.

36. Jericho

Those who would prefer to name their baby boy after a Biblical place rather than a Bible figure will appreciate Jericho, the spot where trumpets were heard and strength was born.

37. Jesse

Every parent will agree their child is a gift, which makes the name Jesse so fitting. This Hebrew name is literally defined as “gift” and is known as the father of King David in the Bible.

38. Jethro

Jethro has recently seen an uptick in popularity over recent years, and may be the more adventurous Hebrew name you’re looking for. It means excellence.

39. Job

Job is known in the Bible for his resilience, remaining faithful to the Lord regardless of his trials and tribulations. That alone is enough for parents to choose this Christian name, meaning persecuted.

40. Joel

As Joel was given to one of the mighty men of King David, it’s clear to see how Joel is one of the stronger Biblical boy names out there. Its actual definition is “Jehovah is his God.”

41. John

John has easily been one of the most predominant baby boy names for Christians over the past few hundred years, and it continues to reign supreme. It’s classic and has a definition of “God is gracious,” ensuring it’s the perfect name for any newborn baby boy.

42. Jonah

Jonah is a name most known for the Biblical story of Jonah and the whale. Yet, it’s also known for being a cute name for a baby boy. It means “dove.”

43. Joseph

It can be hard to find a Bible name that’s seen in the Old and New Testaments, but it is not impossible. Joseph is a great example. This is a timeless name for boys and men across the globe and means “Jehovah increases.”

44. Joshua

Joshua has long been a common choice for baby boy names nationally. Yet, it’s also a strong Bible name with firm roots, the name of the man who led the Israelites to the Promised Land. It means “the Lord is my salvation.”

45. Judah

Judah is a “praised” name among Christian moms and dads – and not just because the name literally means praised. Judah is a good Biblical name as it was the name given to one of Jacob’s sons.

46. Justus

Not as common as other J picks like Joshua or Jared and not as intense as Justice, Justus is the perfect in-between. This New Testament name means “just” and is undeniably one of the more unique choices among baby boy names.

47. Kenan

There aren’t a whole lot of options when it comes to Bible baby names for boys starting with “K,” but Kenan is one of them! This Hebrew name means possession and was given initially to the great-grandson of Adam.

48. Lazarus

Lazarus is known as the man who rose from the dead – and nowadays, the name itself is making a revival. More and more baby boys are being given the name Lazarus, a firm Bible name meaning “God is my helper.”

49. Levi

Levi has the perk of being shorter and easier to swallow compared to some other Bible baby names. It means joined or attached and has ties to the Old and New Testaments.

50. Luke

Are you looking for a Bible baby name from the New Testament? Luke is a premier pick! This was the name of the author of the third Gospel of the New Testament and means “man from Lucania.”

51. Malachi

Malachi was originally the name of the twelfth Hebrew prophet. Nowadays, it’s a popular Bible name for boys. This Hebrew name means “my messenger.”

52. Mark

Mark was the author of the second Gospel of the New Testament, making it a perfect choice for those seeking specific Christian names from the second half of The Book. It’s also popular and straightforward, so there’s no fear of mispronunciations. It means warlike.

53. Matthew

Your baby boy is a gift from God, and therefore, you can’t go wrong with the Bible boy name that holds the definition: Matthew.

54. Micah

Micah was the name of a Biblical prophet and means “who is like the Lord,” making it a Biblically-focused solid boy name. However, it’s also becoming increasingly trendy as it’s less common than other options like Michael.

55. Michael

On the other hand, those who don’t mind sticking to classic names can choose Michael, the name of an archangel in the Bible. This Hebrew name means “who is like God?”

56. Mordecai

This baby boy name is definitely a mouthful, but it’s one of those baby names you won’t soon forget with a strong Bible significance. It means “follower of Marduk” and is of Hebrew origin.

57. Moses

Moses is, without a doubt, one of the most notable figures in the Bible with a remarkable story. In the Bible, he’s a leader and prevails over anything in his way, making this a good boy name for a first born. Its actual meaning is “delivered from the water.”

58. Nathan

When looking up popular baby names starting with “N” for boys, you’ll likely run into Nathan. This baby boy name has been trending for years, and there’s no end in sight. It’s an attractive Bible name meaning “given.”

59. Nehemiah

Although Nehemiah may be one of the less popular baby names for boys, it’s one that any Christian family will appreciate. It means “comforted by God” and was given to the prophet who rebuilt Jerusalem after Babylonian captivity.

60. Nicodemus

Nicodemus was a scarcely used boy name in the New Testament, but nonetheless, it has ties to the Bible. It means “victory of the people.” One perk to this name is you can utilize the nickname Nico, which is quite popular nowadays.

61. Noah

You can’t think of “Noah” without thinking of the famous ark. That said, it’s a top pick for those looking for a Biblical boy name. It means rest and response.

62. Obadiah

The name Obadiah is sprinkled throughout the Bible. And with a meaning like “servant of God,” it’s an evident top choice for Christian moms and dads – albeit one of the lesser known Biblical boy names.

63. Omar

Those seeking “O” baby names for their baby boy may consider Omar. Although only mentioned briefly in the Old Testament, Omar has a strong definition you’ll like: flourishing, thriving, and eloquent.

64. Ozias

Are you looking for lesser-known Bible baby names? Ozias is a boy name seen throughout the Bible, but it’s not as popular as other baby names. It is a Greek name meaning salvation.

65. Paul

Paul was one of Jesus’ Apostles, which immediately ranks this boy name highly for Christian moms and dads. And although Paul means “small,” it’s a prevalent first name and middle name.

66. Peter

Another one of Jesus’ Apostles and another top-notch boy name for Christians is Peter. Peter is undeniably a Christian pick but is also quite popular in mainstream society. It’s defined as rock or stone.

67. Philip

Yes, there’s another excellent Bible boy name that falls under the “P” and “Apostle” category. It’s Philip, and it means lover of horses.

68. Raphael

With the meaning of “God has healed,” Raphael is undeniably a beautiful name for any baby boy. It also has excellent Biblical significance, being the name of one of the archangels.

69. Reuben

Reuben is one of many definitively masculine boy names from the Bible. It is a Hebrew name meaning “behold, a son,” which is all the more reason to name your brand-new baby boy it.

70. Reuel

Want a boy name that is robust and rare? Reuel is a perfect choice! This sturdy name was given to Moses’ father-in-law and is defined as “friend of God.” It doesn’t get much better than that.

71. Samson

Samson, meaning “sun,” is a well-known Bible name. He was known as the supernaturally strong character who lost his strength after his hair was cut, which immediately gives this name some exciting and fun history.

72. Samuel

Like many other baby boy names on this list, Samuel has an old-world charm that is highly enjoyable for many parents. It’s a Biblical name meaning “told by God,” making it even more appealing.

73. Sargon

If you want to give your baby boy a name fit for a king, you might choose Sargon. This was a name literally given to one of the kings in the Old Testament and is defined as “true king.”

74. Seth

Seth is one of those Biblical baby boy names known for its short but strong presence. The name originally given to Adam and Eve’s third son, it means appointed and placed.

75. Silas

This name’s origins are often debated, but it doesn’t negate the fact it has ties to the Bible. And with two meanings – “of the forest” and “prayed for” – it’s a unique name you won’t tire of.

76. Simon

Although baby boy names that seep through the New and Old Testaments are rare, the few that exist are tremendous – including Simon, a firm and lesser-known name meaning “he has heard” or “flat-nosed.”

77. Solomon

This is one of the more classic baby names that won’t disappoint. In fact, with a definition simply of “peace,” it’s one that’s encouraged for parents everywhere.

78. Thaddeus

Thaddeus has plenty of Biblical significance and is an option that has an antique feel that’s quickly becoming more modern. Although the true meaning remains unclear, the most common definition is “gift of God.”

79. Theophilus

Every Christian parent wants their child to grow up as a friend of God. What better way to do it than to start them with this interesting name, Theophilus, which means “friend of God.” You can call them Theo for short!

80. Thomas

Thomas may have an interesting story in the Bible, but it remains one of the most common and classic baby boy names of all time. It simply means twin.

81. Timothy

This New Testament name tends to weave in and out of popularity, but there is no denying it’s a Bible name you and your new bundle of enjoy will adore. It means “honoring God.”

82. Titus

Titus is an honorable Bible name for a boy. No, really – it is actually defined as a “title of honor,” so there’s no confusion.

83. Tobias

Every Christian parent will agree that God is good, making Tobias an excellent name for their child. The Greek from Hebrew name means “God is good.”

84. Urban

Although this name may have been overlooked, it’s a name found in the Bible – and one that definitely stands apart from the crowd. It’s defined as “of the city” and has Latin roots.

85. Uriel

Uriel was a name given to one of the Old Testament’s archangels, which automatically gave it a boost in the popularity department. However, the meaning makes it stand out: “God is my light.”

86. Zachariah

Those looking for a more professional name than “Zach” or “Zachary” may like Zachariah. It means “ “the Lord has remembered” and has a distinguished err to it.

87. Zebediah

Step outside of the box of ordinary Bible names and opt for the unique Zebediah instead, meaning “gift of Jehovah.”

88. Zebulon

While this name may sound futuristic, it has Old Testament roots. The enticing Hebrew name means “exaltation or little dwelling.”

89. Zion

The name Zion tends to have cultural significance to Jerusalem, but it is a mighty Bible name nonetheless. It means “highest point.”

90. Zimri

If the thrill of saying this name out loud isn’t enough to sway you, perhaps the meaning will: “my music, my praise.” This name is seen throughout the Bile, such as one of the Kings of Israel.

Bonus: Gender Neutral Bible Names For Your New Baby Boy

For those who are looking for a more gender neutral option, here are ten choices directly from the Word:

91. Angel

Every Christian parent will be glad to name their child after a messenger of God.

92. Ariel

Ariel is commonly used as a girl’s name, but if you’re using it based on the Bible, you’ll know it’s 100% male-friendly. It means “lion of God,which is unmitakably powerful.

93. Eden

It’s never a bad idea to name your baby after the place of paradise!

94. Ezra

With a delightful meaning of happy, helpful, and strong, you simply can’t go wrong.

95. Ira

Short and sweet but with a powerful meaning of “watchful,” it’s an excellent choice for baby boys.

96. Jordan

Jordan is an ever-popular boys name with many meanings, including descending, “to flow”, river of judgment, and excellent descendant.

97. Maacah

Maacah has been a gender neutral name since its humble beginnings in the Bible, given to males and females. It means “to crush.”

98. Shiloh

This wonderful name means many things, including a gift from God, charmer, and tranquil.

99. Terah

Terah was originally given to the father of Abraham. Now, it’s used commonly as a girl’s name, but it can still be used for a boy. It means “wandered.”

100. Thea

This glorious unisex name means “gift of God,” so you can’t go wrong giving it to your baby boy.

Conclusion – Christian Names For Boys

These 100 baby names all get their inspiration from the Bible to some capacity, so you know you won’t go wrong choosing one of these wonderful names for your son. Which one is your favorite?

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