100 Scottish Girl Names and their Meanings

From Frances Wright to Mary Burton to Nicole Kidman, there have been famous Scottish women throughout the ages. Scotland has a rich, independent culture, and Edinburgh is probably the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen.

So if you want to embrace your heritage, then we have you covered. There are some fantastic Scottish girl names out there. So bust out your haggis and your kilt and find the perfect name for your baby girl on our list of 100 Scottish girl names.

Popular Scottish Girl Names

Every culture has its classic, popular names, and there’s no reason to invent the wheel. There are plenty of popular Scottish girl names out there, you just need to pick the one that you like best. Besides, if you live abroad, then even a popular Scottish name might be more than enough to make your daughter stand out just the right amount.

1. Amelia
Origin: Old Germanic

Amelia is a lovely English variant of the German “Amalia,” and this popular Scottish name translates to “industriousness.” If you know the value of hard work or loved the “Amelia Bedelia” books as a kid, then this is the perfect Scottish name for your Scottish girl.

2. Aria
Origin: Albanian, Hebrew, Italian, Persian, and Sanskrit

Aria is a fascinating name that has coincidentally popped up in several completely different languages, with different meanings in each language. In Albanian, it means “treasure” or “gold.” In Hebrew, it means “lion.” In Italian, it translates to “air” and refers to a type of classical music piece. Lastly, in both Persian and Sanskrit, it means “noble.” Whichever translation resonates with you the most, this is a popular Scottish female name that’s great for your baby girl.

3. Amber
Origin: Latin

Amber is a popular Scottish female name that comes from Latin. This yellow-gold substance is used in a lot of jewelry, and is crucial to the storyline of the classic Spielberg movie “Jurassic Park.”

4. Anna
Origin: Hebrew

Anna is a popular name in most English-speaking countries, and it’s actually the Latin version of the Hebrew name “Hannah,” which literally means “grace.” In the Bible, Hannah desperately prayed for a baby boy before giving birth to the prophet Samuel.

5. Ava
Origin: German, Latin, Persian, and Hebrew

Ava is a lovely name of unclear origins, but we do know that it means “birdlike” or “lively.” If you love the imagery of flight and freedom, then this is the perfect popular Scottish name for your baby girl.

6. Ayla
Origin: Hebrew

This is one of the more popular Scottish girl names that isn’t very common in the United States. Ayla is the Hebrew word for “oak tree,” and it’s a beautiful name for your baby girl that embodies strength and resilience.

7. Bonnie
Origin: Scottish Gaelic

The first name on our list that actually boasts Scottish origins, Bonnie comes from the Scottish word of the same pronunciation, which means “pretty.” This is a popular name in multiple English-speaking countries, and a great name to help you and your baby girl embrace your Scottish roots.

8. Callie
Origin: Greek

Callie is an adorable name with Greek origins that, similar to Bonnie, means “beautiful” or “lovely.”

9. Chloe
Origin: Greek

The beautiful and popular “Chloe” boasts the Greek meaning of “blooming.” It’s the perfect name to teach your little girl that she’s never done growing and thriving.

10. Daisy
Origin: English

This lovely flower is a popular namesake for Scottish girls. The daisy flower’s name comes from the Old English daegeseage, which means “the day’s eye”. This is a reference to the fact that the flower opens during the day and closes at night.

11. Ella
Origin: Greek and Hebrew

Though many Greek names actually come from Hebrew, the fact that the name “Ella” exists in both languages seems to be a coincidence. The Greek name comes from the mythological daughter of King Athamas and the cloud nymph Nephele. The Hebrew name can either refer to a tree indigenous to the Middle East, or the modern Hebrew word for “goddess.” Either way, it’s a great, popular name for your baby girl.

12. Eilidh
Origin: Scottish

Eilidh is probably the most “Scottish-sounding” option of our Scottish baby names, and this Scottish Gaelic name has the beautiful meaning of “radiant one.” This is one of the best Scottish girl names to tell your baby girl how much she lights up the room.

13. Evie
Origin: Australian

Since this name is the Australian variation of the Latin name Eve, it might be more accurate to say its origins are Latin, but it’s all a question of how far back you go. This cute variation of Biblical first woman ever is a great name for your little girl.

14. Freya
Origin: Scandinavian

Despite being a Scandinavian name that comes from the Old German Frouwa, meaning “lady,” Freya has become a popular name among Scottish girls, and it’s a great choice for your Scottish girl.

15. Grace
Origin: English

This English translation of the Hebrew name “Hannah” is a great name that will make sure your daughter embodies elegance and grows up to be a graceful young woman.

16. Ivy
Origin: Old English

The original meaning of the word ivy is actually unknown, though it obviously currently refers to the type of plant. This nature-inspired name is a popular classic, and a great name if you happen to have a soft spot for the Batman supervillain Poison Ivy.

17. Maisie
Origin: Scottish Gaelic

A name of Scottish origin, Maisie is a nickname for the Scottish girl’s name Mairead, itself the Scottish version of Margaret, which boasts the Greek meaning “pearl.” This name is a great way to tell your baby girl how precious she is.

18. Mia
Origin: Egyptian

Despite being such a popular name among Scottish folks and English speakers, Mia boasts ancient Egyptian origins, coming from the Egyptian word Mr, which means “beloved.” This is a beautiful name with a rich history.

19. Millie
Origin: Latin

With Stranger Things becoming one of the most popular shows on television and actress Millie Bobbie Brown becoming an icon, you can bet that this name will only rise in popularity across the globe. Millie comes from the Latin word that has the beautiful meaning of “gentle strength.” Teach your lovely Scottish little girl that strength can present itself in ways other than aggression.

20. Olivia
Origin: Latin

This popular English name comes from the Latin word “olive” which actually means peace. This is where the symbolism connecting the olive tree to peace comes from.

21. Orla
Origin: Celtic

Orla is a Celtic name that goes hand-in-hand with the Scottish highlands, and it has the majestic meaning of “golden princess.” If you want to spice things up a bit, you can opt for the alternative spellings of Orlaith, Orla, or Orlagh with this name. Any fan of the Scottish play “Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour” or its source novel “The Sopranos” will love this name.

22. Rose
Origin: Latin

This name comes from the beautiful flower and is consistently one of the most popular names out there. There’s just something so appealing about the imagery of something that’s beautiful but has its share of thorns. Pretty doesn’t equal harmless.

23. Ruby
Origin: Latin

The beautiful red gem gets its name from the ancient Latin language, and it’s a popular girl’s name across the British Isles, and, to a lesser extent, in the United States. You can’t go wrong with this lovely baby name.

24. Skye
Origin: English

There’s just something so captivating about the vast expanse of the bright blue sky. Skye is a lovely popular name that has a certain modern and trendy feel to it.

25. Willow
Origin: Old English

The last of our popular Scottish girl names, Willow has origins in Old English and comes from the name of the beautiful tree. If you love the beautiful greenery of mother nature, then this is the perfect baby girl name for you.

Unique Scottish Girl Names

If you’re going to go out of your way to specifically pick a Scottish name for your baby girl, you might as well pick one that will help her stand out a little bit. Luckily, with all of the rich history of Scotland, and with the fact that it’s now a relatively small country, there are plenty of Scottish girl names out there that haven’t been used to death the way some other common English names have. Here are our favorite unique Scottish girl names that will make sure your daughter is separated from all the Jessicas and Rebeccas.

1. Adaira
Origin: Hebrew

With yet another Hebrew name, the influence of this ancient Semitic language is very much present on our list. Adaira is a unique name that means “exalted,” and it coincidentally has a certain Scottish sound to it.

2. Aileana
Origin: Scottish Gaelic

Scottish girls’ names really know how to throw in some extra vowels. While it might be tricky to spell, Aileana is a beautiful Scottish girl’s name that means “from the green meadow.”This is the perfect baby name for nature lovers.

3. Aisling
Origin: Irish Gaelic

Aisling is an uncommon Irish name that means “dream.” Your daughter will certainly stand out with this wanderlust-filled name.

4. Cailean
Origin: Gaelic

Traditionally a boy’s name, Cailean has become gender neutral, and it translates to “battle” or “rock.” Don’t be afraid to play with gender norms a little bit and give your daughter this strong and unique name.

5. Caitriona
Origin: Greek

Caitriona is actually the Gaelic version of Catherine, the Greek name meaning “pure.” It’s funny how a name can go from common to unique just by changing the language. One of the many fun parts about Scottish names!

6. Dallis
Origin: Scottish Gaelic

The Scottish variant of the name “Dallas,” Dallis is a Gaelic name meaning “from the dales.” It’s a unique Scottish name, and perfect if you fall into the Venn diagram of “Scottish” and “Texan.”

7. Finola
Origin: Irish

A beautiful and unique moniker, Finola is an Irish name meaning “white shoulder.” Nobody in school will have the same name as your daughter Finola.

8. Iona
Origin: Greek

Iona is a multi-faceted Greek name meaning “dove,” “omen,” or “yew-place.” Regardless of which meaning you have in mind for your little girl, she’ll certainly stand out with the name Iona.

9. Islay
Origin: Scottish

A lovely name of Scottish origin, Islay translates to “river.” Many Scottish female names harken to nature and bodies of water.

10. Kenna
Origin: Welsh

Elsewhere on the British Isles, Kenna is a strong and unique Welsh name meaning “greatest champion.” If you want to raise the next gold-medal-winning Olympian, then you need to give your Scottish girl this name.

11. Lorna
Origin: Scottish

Like many of our Scottish girl names, Lorna is unique in its sound but also sticks to the theme of nature. Lorna literally means “fox,” and it’s the perfect name for your majestic daughter.

12. Mysie
Origin: Scottish

The Scottish culture really is just full of interesting and creative names. Mysie is a name meaning “pearl” or “child of light,” and it’s sure to make your Scottish girl feel loved and cherished.

13. Nessa
Origin: Greek

Nessa is a Scottish variation of Agnes, a Greek name meaning “pure” or “holy.” Scottish baby names really know how to show affection.

14. Nighean
Origin: Scottish

Though your daughter, unfortunately, won’t stay young forever, Nighean is a Scottish name meaning “young woman” that will make sure she never forgets her inner child.

15. Rhona
Origin: Scottish and Welsh

Depending on where you find yourself on the British Isles, Rhona will have a different meaning. In Wales, it’s a name meaning “fair” or “slender,” while in Scotland, this name translates to “from the rough island.” Either way, it’s a great baby name with some personality and Scottish history to it.

16. Saundra
Origin: Greek

This lovely and unique name is actually the Scottish form of “Cassandra,” which boasts roots in the mythology of Ancient Greece. In Greek mythology, Cassandra was a Trojan priestess and prophet dedicated to the god Apollo.

17. Sawney
Origin: English

Sawney used to be a common slang term, but it’s fallen out of use, and you can be a trendsetter by turning it into a given Scottish name. Sawney literally means “Scottish” so you’ll really be wearing your Scottish pride on your sleeve if you give this name to your baby girl.

18. Senga
Origin: Scottish

Senga is a Scottish name meaning “slender”. Coincidentally, it’s also “Agnes” backward, but there’s no relation between the two names.

19. Seona
Origin: Scottish

A great unique name for any religious Scott, Seona is a Gaelic name meaning “God is gracious.”

20. Sorcha
Origin: Irish Gaelic

Sorcha is one of the most unique and beautiful Scottish names out there. This Gaelic name, meaning “brightness,” will guarantee that your daughter always shines.

21. Tavie

Origin: Latin

Tavie is an interesting and quirky Latin-origin name meaning “eight.” If eight is your lucky number, or if you’re expecting your eighth daughter, then this is the perfect name for you.

22. Torra
Origin: Scottish

A cursory Google search of the name Torra will immediately tell you that it’s nothing if not unique. This Scottish name meaning “from the castle” is the perfect name to let your Scottish princess know that she’s as good as royalty.

Origin: Welsh

Another name borrowed from Wales, Vanora is a regal name meaning “white wave.” You may have trouble finding it on souvenir keychains though.

24. Wylie
Origin: Scottish

Yet another one of our Scottish girl names that references nature, Wylie is a lovely name meaning “well-watered meadow.” This name doesn’t just evoke nature, but nature when it’s thriving.

25. Yvaine
Origin: Scottish

The feminine form of the equally unique Yvain, Yvaine is a Scottish-origin name meaning “star.”

Traditional Scottish Gaelic Girl Names

When you boast a heritage as rich as Scottish culture, you might as well embrace it. After all, as the saying goes: embrace tradition. If you want a name for your daughter that harkens back to older days, then here are our favorite traditional Scottish girl names. -Ina is the suffix used to make traditional masculine names feminine, so you’ll be seeing a fair amount of Scottish names with that suffix here.

1. Adamina
Origin: Hebrew

Right away we see that -ina suffix. The English and feminine form of “Adam.” This name meaning “woman” is both traditional and profoundly Scottish.

2. Agnes
Origin: Greek

There sure seem to be a lot of Scottish baby girl names that mean “pure.” Add Agnes to the list, which is a traditional name boasting Greek roots.

3. Aileen
Origin: Irish Gaelic

If you have family that calls Ireland home, then Aileen is a great name choice for you. This Irish name is a traditional one that means “bright,” or “shining light,” because your beautiful daughter is a shining light in your life.

4. Ainslie
Origin: Old English

Another nature-themed name, Ainslie is an old-fashion name that means “clearing in the woods.” It’s a lovely name that inspires hope.

5. Ann
Origin: Hebrew

A Latin-influenced nickname of the Hebrew name “Hannah,” Ann, just like every variation on Hannah, means grace.

6. Arabel
Origin: Roman

Arabel is a beautiful name that means “prayerful.” Perfect for anyone religious who wants to embrace tradition.

7. Bridget
Origin: Gaelic

Bridget is a Celtic goddess, and this is a powerful traditional name meaning “power” or “strength.”

8. Caristine
Origin: Latin

Caristine is the Scottish form of “Christina,” which is itself the feminine form of Christian. This is the perfect name for someone who wants to wear both their Christianity and their Scottish heritage on their sleeve.

9. Davina
Origin: Hebrew

Yet another r-ina name, Davina is the feminine form David, the name of the legendary king, and a Hebrew name meaning “beloved.”

10. Deoiridh
Origin: Scottish

Deoiridh is a traditional Scottish name meaning “pilgrim woman.” This is the perfect name for a natural-born adventurer.

11. Elspeth
Origin: Hebrew

Elspeth is the Scottish spelling of Elizabeth, itself the Latin version of the Hebrew Elisheva. This name means “God is my oath.”

12. Emilia
Origin: Roman

If you know you’re going to have a daughter with a competitive spirit, then go ahead and name her Emilia. This Roman name means “to rival” or “to excel.”

13. Fenella
Origin: Gaelic

An alternative spelling to “Finola,” this Scottish name naturally also means “white shoulder.”

14. Fiona
Origin: Gaelic

Fiona is a lovely name meaning “fair.” Any fan of the Shrek movies will love this name.

15. Gavina
Origin: Celtic

If you’ve been paying attention, you probably guessed that Gavina is the feminine version of Gavin. You’d be right, and like many Scottish names, it references nature. This name means “white hawk.”

16. Heather
Origin: Old English

Heather is a popular classic name, and one of the more common Scottish baby girl names. It has the beautiful meaning of “evergreen flowering plant.”

17. Hilda
Origin: German

This German-origin name meaning “maid of battle” is perfect for your tough Scottish girl, and it’s fairly uncommon among Scottish baby girl names

18. Jamesina
Origin: Old English

You guessed it. Jamesina is the feminine version of James, which itself comes from Jacob, a Hebrew-origin Latin name meaning “supplanter.”

19. Kirstine
Origin: Latin

Kirstine is the Scandinavian spelling of the more common Latin Christina. It literally means “follower of Christ.”

20. Lachina
Origin: Norwegian

This Norwegian name means “warrior from the land of the Lochs,” which is quite the mouthful. It’s easier to just say Lachina.

21. Margaret
Origin: Greek

While not as uniquely Scottish as Maisie, Margaret is still fairly popular among Scottish baby girl names. It means “pearl.”

22. Mairi
Origin: Hebrew

Mary is a Hebrew name meaning “bitter,” “beloved,” “rebelliousness,” “wished-for child,” “marine,” and “drop of the sea.” That’s quite a diverse name, and this spelling gives a Scottish flair to it.

23. Morag
Origin: Hebrew

Morag is the Scottish version of Sarah. Don’t ask me how Morag turned into Sarah, I have no idea.

24. Murdina
Origin: Celtic

There’s that -ina suffix again. Murdina means “sea warrior,” and it’s perfect if you love the water and appreciate a little toughness

25. Una
Origin: Gaelic

While the meaning of this name isn’t known, it most likely means “the personification of truth, beauty, and unity.”

Beautiful Scottish Girl Names

Don’t let the stereotypes about the accent fool you; there can be a beautiful aspect to Scottish culture, and there are some beautiful Scottish baby girl names out there. Personally, I love the rhythm of longer Gaelic-origin names that you just don’t find in typical American names. Here are our favorite beautiful Scottish girl names.

1. Aberdeen
Origin: Gaelic

Like many Scottish baby girl names, this name comes from a locale in Scotland itself. It’s also the name of a fantastic song by the band Cage the Elephant.

2. Abigail
Origin: Hebrew

You’ve probably noticed that a fair bit of Scottish baby girl names come from Hebrew. Abigail literally means “my father’s joy,” because there’s just something special about the bond between father and daughter.

3. Adele
Origin: Scottish and German

Adele boasts both Scottish and German roots and it’s a fantastic name meaning
noble” or “kind.” Of course, it’s also the name of the famous singer.

4. Aila
Origin: Scottish and Finnish

Not related to the aforementioned Ayla, Aila is an equally tough name meaning “from the strong place.”

5. Alba
Origin: Scottish Gaelic

A lovely name that is truly patriotic, Alba is simply Gaelic for “Scotland.”

6. Ally
Origin: French

Ally comes from the French name Aalis, but may also be connected to the Greek name Alexander, which means “defender of men.”

7. Blair
Origin: Scottish

This name is unisex, but it’s beautiful for either gender and probably slants female. Blair literally means “plain,” “field,” or “battlefield.”

8. Bonnibel
Origin: Scottish

Bonnibel is as beautiful as its meaning, and this Scottish name means “pretty.”

9. Brooke
Origin: French

There’s just something beautiful about flowing bodies of water, and Brook is a beautiful girl’s name.

10. Caoimhe
Origin: Gaelic

While not the easiest to pronounce, Caoimhe is a lovely name meaning “dear” or “noble.”

11. Clara
Origin: Latin

This popular Latin-origin name means “bright” or “clear,” and it’s popular for a reason.

12. Coleen
Origin: Scottish

Coleen really just rolls off the tongue, and this interesting name means “girl” or “woman.”

13. Cora
Origin: Scottish

Cora is a beautiful name with the beautiful meaning of “virtuous.” Plus, it may be spelled differently, but fans of Avatar: The Legend of Korra will love this name.

14. Darcie
Origin: Gaelic

This lovely Gaelic name means “dark.” Darcie is a great choice for a dark-haired family. Plus there’s a certain beauty in the dark of night.

15. Donella
Origin: Gaelic

With the meaning of “ruler of the world,” Donella is a beautiful name not suited for those with false modesty.

16. Edina
Origin: Old English

Edina is a great name with two meanings: “prosperous” and “friend.” Hopefully your daughter will have both financial and social success.

17. effie
Origin: Greek

Short for Euphemia, Effie means “auspicious speech.” If you appreciate the power of language, this name is for you.

18. Eliza
Origin: Hebrew

This name is short for the aforementioned Elisheva, and it also means “God is my oath.”

19. Erwina
Origin: English

Erwina is a lovely name that translates to “beautiful friend.”

20. FIadh
Origin: Irish

Another Irish name for nature lovers, Fiadh means “deer” or “wild.” Let your daughter embrace her wild side.

21. Jeannie
Origin: French

Jeannie lives up to the stereotype of French beauty, and it means “God is gracious.”

22. Joanna
Origin: German

There’s just something about starting a name with that soft “j” sound. Just like Jeanne, Joanna means God is gracious.

23. Natalie
Origin: Latin

In my experience, Brits really just love Christmas even more than Americans do. If you fit that description, Natalie is the perfect name for your winter-birthday daughter. It literally means “Christmas day.”

24. Sheena
Origin: Scottish

Yet another name that means God is gracious, Sheena is uniquely Scottish and a beautiful name.

25. Vertie
Origin: Scottish and Hindu

Vertie boasts mixed etymology, but anyway you spin it this lovely name means “truth.”

There you have it! 100 amazing Scottish baby girl names. This is the ultimate list, and we hope it helped you find the perfect name for your baby girl. Good luck!

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