From Aaliyah to Zoe: The Ultimate Collection of Ghetto Girl Names

The old African-American names commonly represent Ghetto Girls. The name list will give you the space to find out the best name for your girl.

After reading every name I’ve shared, you will get tons of ideas and eventually can pick up the best one. Thankfully, you won’t get tired at all because I break down the list in many variations starting from A to Z.

If you made up your mind to choose a name that starts from any specific letter then simply move your eyes and read that particular name suggestions.

I believe you will find the perfect match for your perfect baby girl.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with A

Origin: Arabic

Aaliyah is a cute Arabic name that means a person with great ambition. Tell your little girl, that she is ambitious and overcome every challenge in her life.

Origin: Arabic

Aisha means alive. You will see your daughter is full and alive throughout her life. By the way, this name takes a famous comedian Aisha Tyler.

Origin: African Names

Ayanna means beautiful flower. It reflects natural beauty and elegance. You can tell your daughter she shares her name with Ayanna Pressley a prominent U.S. politician who showcases power and grace.


Origin: Igbo (African)

Amara is an eternal name. It brings great power with eternity. The origin is African Americans so, parents from these two nations can tell their daughters where they belong.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with B

Origin: African American

Bonquisha sounds like something flushing out, LOL! It is a funny Afro-American name inspired by uniqueness. Your lovely daughter will glad to know when she will grow up, and also feel special.

Origin: Irish

Briana is a popular Irish name that means “strong & virtuous.” It is often used for a girl who lives long and remains strong.

Origin: English

Brandy is a short unique English name that highlights an extrovert social girl who loves family gatherings. For a big and cultural family, this name sounds like the perfect one.

Origin: Italian

While many Italian characters mean “beautiful,” the character for Bella is probably the most popular baby girl name.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with C

Origin: French

Chanel is a very popular French name. It seems that your girl would be stylish and fashion oriented as the name suggests.

Origin: Spanish

Cierra is another funny pronounced name for Spanish netizens. This lovely name shows your daughter will become strong and powerful when she grows up.

Origin: Latin

The next Ghetto name was inspired by Queen Mother. Candace Owens holds this name who was a political lady. If you want your little girl to become a political figure in the future then it sounds like the best one.

Origin: Italian

Italian people love arts and creativity and Carmen represents something like that. It is a unique ghetto name that brings art & creativity to her life.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with D

Origin: English

Destiny signifies fate and purpose. It’s a name filled with hope and aspiration. Destiny’s Child the famous girl group highlights potential for greatness. A name that suggests a bright future.

Origin: Greek

Diamond shines, sparks, and beautifies like a gemstone. This shining Greek name would be a perfect match for your girl.

Origin: Hebrew

Danisha comes from a deep meaning of spirituality, a name that is passed from generation to generation. It sounds perfect for anyone who understands the deeper meaning of our life.

Origin: French

Desiree is a name that is filled with dreams and ambitions. It’s a perfect match for your daughter who will grow up to chase her dreams.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with F

Origin: African American

Fo’Landra is sort of unique and full of character. Perfect for a girl who will carve her own path. Sounds like strong agility sparks her from the African region and then brings into the American race.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with J

Origin: Persian

Jasmine is a Flower name that comes from Persian people. The name reminds me of the Cartoon Queen from “Aladin” Character. It means a fragrant flower with beauty. It is a common Persian name but rare in Western people.

Origin: Arabic

This name reminds the talented singer and poet Jamila Woods, who is also from the mixed-race generic. So, I suggest this beautiful Arabic name that means grace and creativity.

Origin: Hebrew

Janelle is a popular Hebrew origin name that means gratitude and divinity. Janelle Monáe the renowned musician represents artistic flair and spiritual depth.

Origin: English

The most common name in English. The name means amusement so it gives your daughter a trouble-free life that lets her go around the world.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with K

Origin: Hawaiian

Kiana is a beautiful Hawaiian girl’s name that uses the character for spiritual connection. The famous actress took this name so your girl could get inspiration from her.

Origin: Italian

The next name Kiara sounds similar to the previous one. This name becomes popular in Italy from the first motocross lady race Kiara Fontanesi.

Origin: African

Kenya is another popular girl name that carries a sense of pride and identity. This African American’s name is followed by successful writer Kenya Barris. If you love this character, then you can think of this name.

Origin: Australian

Kylie is something out of the world, a superb unique, and versatile name that teaches your daughter to embrace energy and sparks in her life.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with L

Origin: Arabic

Latifa means letter in Arabic-speaking people. A perfect Ghetto name for your daughter who will be growing up with kindness and joy.

Origin: Spanish

Latoya means victorious one. It signifies triumph and success. Latoya Jackson a member of the famous Jackson family makes this name popular.

Origin: African American

Laquisha is a girl’s name of American origin meaning cinnamon or cinnamon-like spice. Most of us who were born in the 90s and the late 20th century have come across the name Lakeisha. This old-fashioned girl name is also known as Keziah which refers to cassia trees known for their sweet scents and aromatic bark.

Origin: African American

La’Kisha blends with the name Kisha which means a woman who is happy and full in her life. It’s a name that carries a sense of specialness and affection.

Origin: African American

La’Tanya is a funny ghetto name with a rhythmic sound. When it is raining and you are having fun in the countryside, you will hear the sweetness of this name. Therefore, this name is also a type of Country girl name

Origin: African American

Levondia is deeply connected with old-age African American tradition. If your heart and mind rest back into the African region then you can keep this name for your baby girl.

Origin: African American

La’Quishria is an inventive name that blends cultural influences. It represents creativity and a unique identity often celebrated in African American communities. A name full of character and individuality.

Origin: African American

La’Quishraniqua means beauty and fragrance. You can keep this so that your daughter will always spread beautiful fragrance throughout her life.

Origin: African American

La’Quaysha is another funny hard to hard-to-pronounce name among white American people. However, it sounds lovely and soothing to the ear.

Origin: African American

The toughest name when it comes to pronouncing. This is mostly used as a nickname for black baby girls.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with M

Origin: French

Monique means advisor representing wisdom and counsel. Monique Coleman an actress known for her role in High School Musical brings this name to life with her talent.

Origin: Greek

Mya is a meaningful Greek name that sparks into your girl and when she grows up then she will thank us for choosing this name.

Origin: Hebrew

Makayala comes from a Sematic language and it means savor. Your girl would be delighted with this great name once she is a grown-up lady.

Origin: Hawaiian

Malia means calm peaceful suggesting inner serenity. Malia Obama the daughter of former President Barack Obama took this Hawaiian name. It is a beautiful one-syllable girl name indeed!

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with S

Origin: African American

Shaniqua means God is gracious. Ideal for a girl who has a great inner spirit and so you can see your daughter will always shine bright.

Origin: Irish

Shayla means from the fairy palace bringing a touch of enchantment and magic. It evokes a sense of whimsy and wonder. Perfect for a girl who embodies magic and charm.

Origin: Arabic

Shakira means thankful. The world-renowned singer Shakira recalls this name who dances with rhythm and gratitude.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with T

Origin: Swahili

Tameka means twin suggesting harmony and balance. Tameka Harris took this name. So, it seems to be the most appropriate black twin girl name. Amazingly the name embraced with balance and harmony.

Origin: Latin

Tiana means princess highlighting elegance and sophistication. Tiana the beloved character from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog brings this name a regal charm. A name filled with royal elegance.

Origin: Hausa

Tanisha means born on Monday reflecting time and heritage. Tanisha Thomas the reality TV star brings a modern flair to this traditional name. A name that embodies heritage and rhythm.

Origin: Latin

Trinity means threefold symbolizing unity and strength. It’s a name that underscores the importance of family and community bonds. A name that carries love and support.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with X

Origin: Greek

Xandra means defender of the people. It’s a name that conveys protection and strength. Your daughter will be thankful to you when she reaches at her adult age.

Origin: Greek

Xena means guest or stranger suggesting hospitality and uniqueness. Xena the warrior princess from TV fame embodies fierce independence. A name that speaks of strength and hospitality.

Origin: Spanish

Xiomara means famous in battle highlighting courage and fame. Xiomara Castro the first female president of Honduras exemplifies strength and leadership. A name that carries bravery and leadership.

Origin: Greek

Xyla means wood-dweller reflecting a connection to nature. A name that brings to mind a peaceful earthy lifestyle. Perfect for a girl with a love for nature.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with Y

Origin: Persian

Yasmine means jasmine flower which is a great sign of beauty. Yasmine Bleeth known for her role on Baywatch brings this name to life with her charm. A name that blossoms with beauty and grace.

Origin: Arabic

Yara means small butterfly suggesting delicacy and grace. Yara Shahidi a young actress and activist embodies lightness and beauty. A name that flutters with elegance and lightness.

Origin: Greek

Yolanda means violet flower reflecting vibrancy and color. Yolanda Adams the gospel singer showcases lively spirit. A name that dances with vibrancy and life.

Origin: French

Yvette means yew tree symbolizing strength and endurance. Yvette Nicole Brown the actress known for her role on Community highlights resilience. A name that stands tall with strength and grace.

Ghetto Girl Names That Start with Z

Origin: Arabic

Zara means princess or blossom. Zara Tindall the British royal is the idol for this name. A name that blossoms with regal beauty.

Origin: Hebrew

Zaniyah means lifetime endurance and timelessness. It’s a name that suggests everlasting strength. Perfect for a baby girl who will grow up with steadfastness and endurance.

Origin: Arabic

Zaria means a flower that blooms up at late night. Here is why, in Arabic, it also means night flower. A unique name for your daughter fly above the crowds and stand out.

Origin: Greek

Zoe means life celebrating vitality and energy. Zoe Saldana the famous actress embodies a dynamic and lively spirit. A name that breathes life and energy.

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