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The Best Electric Scooter Pre Black Friday Deals of 2021

If you live in a bigger city, or you have an older kid who wants some freedom, electric scooters can deliver on both fronts. Of course, a good electric scooter can cost quite a bit. That’s why Black Friday electric scooter deals are awesome. You can get yourself or your kid one tough scooter for a good price.

Deals we recommend, last updated on Sunday October 24, 11am PDT:

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter - Green
Price: $144.64
Was: $169.99
Discount: 15%

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter - Black Deck - Blue - FFP
Price: $151.37
Was: $159.99
Discount: 5%

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How to Choose an Electric Scooter

When deciding on an electric scooter, here’s some criteria to consider.

Battery Life

Electric scooters are powered by a battery, and how long they last is typically measured in miles or minutes. Some can go for 20 miles before needing a recharge. Obviously, battery life can depend on speed and other factors as well. Not only should you figure out battery life, but another thing to consider is how long it will take to recharge it.

Since you are buying this during the winter season, you may also want to look for something that won’t be affected by the cold. Some cheaper scooters have batteries that die faster, and the last thing you want is to be left out in the cold.


Most electric scooters can’t go super fast, but some can go up to 40 miles an hour. This is great for traveling around a city, where car traffic tends to be awful. If you’re buying for a child, you may want electric scooters that don’t go as fast. When looking at a scooter, see how many MPH it goes up to, and decide if this is ideal for your situation.


How durable the scooter is can be another consideration. If you knock it over, or if there’s a little rain, you don’t want an electric scooter that can’t handle it. A good scooter will be made from quality materials and can take a few bumps.


If you have to slow down, you want a scooter that will have easy-to-use brakes. Also, your electric scooter should have a parking brake as well. Good brakes can save you from getting injured or possibly dying should something happen.


You want an electric scooter that will fit your height and weight. The weight limit of a scooter is especially important. Some scooters are adjustable, which is good if you have a child who is growing.


The color, look, and aesthetic of an electric scoter is also important. Having a scooter that matches you or your child’s favorite color or look is important.


You want an electric scooter made by people who will stand by their product, especially if it’s something that’s more expensive. If you get a lemon that has a dead battery, or if it starts to fall apart, you want a company who will offer repair, replacement, or refund for free. Always look at the warranty and see if it’s something you feel comfortable with, especially if you are spending more on a scooter.


Finally, you want an electric scooter that will fit within your price range. You can find cheaper units for under $100, which are good for kids. Mid-range units that are about $300 are suitable for small commutes. Meanwhile, you can find more expensive electric scooters that are over a grand. These can go far.

On Black Friday, electric scooters tend to be discounted, so you may be able to find a more expensive unit that ends up having a price that fits your budget.

Why Are Electric Scooters So Popular?

Electric scooters are popular for two reasons, and the reason depends on the age.


For kids and young teenagers, the electric scooter gives them a sense of freedom and independence. It allows them to explore their town or neighborhood with ease, and it keeps them outside. While they don’t provide the same amount of exercise as a bike, the electric scooter does encourage kids to go outside, and it looks stylish, too.


For older teens or adults who live in a city, commuting to a job can be a chore. Traffic is backed up, walking takes too much time, and public transportation can be frustrating. An electric scooter allows for fast travel across the city, and since it uses a battery, it doesn’t create as much pollution, either. With an electric scooter, you may be able to sleep in and cut your commute in half.

What Electric Scooter Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

While the holiday season is a little cold for the electric scooter, Black Friday deals can be awesome. This especially applies if you’re looking to splurge a little and get yourself an electric scooter that costs more. If you’ve wanted a scooter for you or your kid, Black Friday is a good time for you to do that.

What electric scooter deals do we expect this Black Friday? We are not sure yet. It’s a little bit early. However, one way we can figure out what Black Friday deals to expect is to look at last year. Let’s look at some models and see what they were going for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

GoTrax GXL V2

This is a mid-range scooter that is good for adults who have a small commute ahead of them. The GoTrax GXL tended to go for $500, which is to be expected for a mid-range model. However, during Black Friday, the scooter went for $269, which is nearly half of its original price. Overall, the GoTrax GXL had a good deal going for it.

Hover 1

The Hover 1 is another mid-range scooter, and it retailed at the time for $348. At Walmart, you could get one for $198. That isn’t too bad of a scooter deal, either.

Swagger 5

This scooter tended to go for $410, and on Black Friday, it went down to $299.

Turboant X7

This scooter went for $200 off its original $599 price.

Many of these scooters have since been reduced to their Black Friday prices. With this year’s specials, you can expect similar Black Friday deals on newer models. Scooters, and other electric vehicles, are constantly evolving, and looking to the newest model can give you a unit that lasts you a long time.

Unlike the December 2019 season, we expect 2020 to have Black Friday deals that last for a while longer. This is because of the pandemic, as people are staying home more and may not have the money right away to spend. That’s why you may find deals throughout the season.

What Other Deals Can I Get on Black Friday?

Final Words

The electric scooter has gone a long way since the traditional kick scooter of old. Today’s scooters can go far, last a long time on a single charge, and you can find one for a nice price. Black Friday can make this price even better, as deals can cut the price of one down by nearly half.

If you are commuting in a city or are looking for a way to help your kid feel more independent, the price is right. This Black Friday, see what deals are happening and get yourself a great scooter that will last a while.

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