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The Best Trampoline Black Friday Deals of 2023: Up to 56% off

Lots of parents like to take advantage of Cyber Monday to get a trampoline. So we’ve put together the best Black Friday trampoline deals of 2023 for you to take advantage of (or jump on 🙂 ). Take look at what is available – as of today:

Amazon Trampoline Deals

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Savings on Walmart

Walmart has some amazing deals this year. We especially like:

Springfree trampolines – some of them are close to 33% off

Bounce Pro trampolines – over 33% off!

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Ah, the trampoline. If you had one as a child, you know how fun they are. Besides providing some good exercise, they are a good way for kids to bond and make some incredible memories. However, if you’re shopping online for a trampoline, you may notice there are so many out there. In this post, we’ll help you shop for the best trampoline, and explain why they’re a great Black Friday deal.

Why a Trampoline?

If your kid needs to get outside and play more, trampolines are a good investment. Here are some health benefits you can expect:

  • It helps improve overall weight and fitness. In fact, it may be better than jogging.
  • Bouncing on a trampoline for a while could help you cleanse your body of toxins. In addition, it may help improve your immune system.
  • Jumping is good for the bones. It could help improve your bones mass, preventing broken bones and other injuries.
  • Jumping on a trampoline could mean more energy. If you or your child feels down, bounce a little bit.
  • Bouncing puts less pressure on the feet. You’ll be able to work out more while feeling less tired.

These are just a few benefits of regular trampoline jumping. Besides that, it’s just fun to do. When you’re a child, a large trampoline can feel like an entirely new planet, and your kid can spend hours coming up with some imaginative adventures. Trampoline time is a great bonding experience for friends and siblings, too.

Which trampoline should you buy? As it turns out, there are a lot of them to purchase. Here are a few of them.

Types of Trampolines

If you’ve been out of the springy loop for trampolines, you may be surprised with how many there are nowadays. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, and types. Let’s look at a few.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Most bouncers you buy for your kids are going to be outdoors. At this time of year, it may be a little too cold for you, depending on where you live. However, buying an outdoor trampoline off-season, and on Black Friday, could be a good investment for next summer.

Many indoor trampolines are fitness training tools. Chances are, this may not be what your kids want.

If your kids are small, consider getting them one of the many mini trampolines available for indoor use.


You may be surprised to learn that trampolines come in all different shapes. Let’s look at some of them.

  • Round. These are your normal shaped bouncers, and they are well-rounded. Decent bounce, good price, and having some great safety features, these are the first choice for many.
  • Rectangular. These take up less space and cost more. So, what’s their appeal? They can jump high! If your child likes gymnastics, they may love the rectangular trampoline, as it can do more than its round counterpart.
  • Square. These are in-between round and rectangular. They are small and in the middle of the price range. If your child is into gymnastics, but is young or a beginner, it may be hip to be square.

Springless or Spring?

Most trampolines have springs, but there’s been a recent wave of springless trampolines. What is the appeal of these? For one thing, they are safer. Some people injure themselves on the springs. This is unlikely, but it does happen. Those edges can hurt if you’re bouncing a little too much and hit one of them! A springless uses material such as bands to provide the bounce.

The downside? It’s much more expensive than a spring. However, it may still be worth a try if safety is your priority.

Other Things to Consider


Many trampolines have a safety net (or safety enclosure net) around them. Not only can this prevent a child from falling off, but many of these nets have UV protection as well. When it’s a little sunny outside, your kid can have a safe bouncing session regardless.

Safety Pads

As mentioned, your child may get injured on the springs. Besides purchasing a springless, one way you can prevent them from injuring themselves is by purchasing a trampoline with thick safety pads.

Weight Limit

Another factor to consider when purchasing a trampoline is a weight limit. This is something you don’t want to underestimate. If you have a big family, you don’t want them breaking the limit. Always check the weight limit and compare it to the total weight of the kids who will be using it. Even if you have a single child, having a little more weight for their friends is smart.


Most trampolines are relatively easy to put together, going up in under an hour, but some may have you scratching your head. One that requires complex assembly may require you to hire a professional, as it is not something you want to cut corners with. The last thing you want is an injury because a screw was missing!


Consider what accessories are included with your trampoline. If your kids are into basketball, consider getting one with a basketball hoop. You can also purchase accessories such as LED lights separately.

Black Friday Deals

An outdoor trampoline is something that you may already find a deal on in the colder seasons. In climates where it’s cold outside this time of year, no one is buying trampolines. Top that with Black Friday deals, and you may have a cheap trampoline for the summer.

Last year, there were quite a few good deals going on. Amazon sold trampolines for over 50 percent off. Other brands, such as Skywalker, offered hundreds of dollars off. They were in high demand, ad many Black Friday shoppers walked off with good deals.

Other Black Friday Deals

Head over to an online outlet, a sports store, or your local Walmart, Target, or similar store, and see what they’re offering. There’s a good chance that you can figure out the best trampoline deals beforehand and purchase something good for your family.

If you’re looking for a great gift that will last for years, a quality trampoline is worth purchasing. This time is a good time to purchase them as well. You can get quite a bit out of some springs and a mat.

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