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The Best American Girl Pre Black Friday Deals of 2021

If you’re looking for dolls for your daughter this Black Friday, American Girl is a good lineup for you to check out. Since 1986, they have offered 18-inch dolls that kids love. Each doll has their own story that will keep your little one engaged. They are high-end, so Black Friday is definitely a good time for you to snag a doll or two.

In this post, we will look at the best American Girl doll deals and more. Let’s get into it.

The Best Deals Are Here:

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Amazon only has deals on accessories. For example:

Amazon Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Monday October 25, 1pm PDT:

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Why Are American Girl Dolls Popular?

While the sales of American Girl dolls aren’t what they used to be in retail locations, they still have some appeal for little girls. These aren’t cheap dolls; they are 18 inches and well crafted.

American Girl dolls have an appeal due to their stories. Each doll depicts a character with a story included. Sometimes, the girl can be someone from history, and other times, they represent girls of today.

American Girl dolls are also popular because there are select locations where you can take the doll in for repair or for service. You can shop for doll clothes and request a sort of makeover for your doll. While this store is only available in some locations, these stores add to the appeal.

How to Choose an American Girl Doll

If you are a parent, you may wonder how you should choose a doll for your daughter. Let’s look at some considerations.

First, Check The Website

Go to the American Girl store online. They have a selection for parents to make choosing a doll easier. Also, for kids, they have their own part in the store. You and your little one can peruse their selection and see which doll fits the best.

Try to Pick a Doll Who Matches Your Kid

What’s the appeal of American Girl? American Girl has various dolls that have stories to share, and you can find a doll that matches your child’s personality and attitude. Picking a doll that looks just like your kid can allow your kid to enjoy their doll even further.

Consider Other Accessories

Like any doll, the store has access to accessories, clothes, and other parts that can expand upon your child’s enjoyment of the doll. With a Black Friday sale, you may be able to find deals on bundles, allowing you to buy various clothes and accessories.

Keep It Within Budget

Finally, you need to remember that these dolls are expensive. They tend to go well over $100, and even with a Black Friday sale, you may have to pay a lot in stores to get one. There are various other doll makers you may want to consider as well.

What American Girl Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

American Girl dolls are a bit pricey, so being able to purchase them for less money is ideal. While we don’t know what the American Girl Black Friday 2020 deals will bring, we do know what deals they had last year.

They had up to 25 percent off on certain bundles and doll accessories, and you could save up to 20 percent off if you spent more. These deals happened on, which is the main retailer to purchase these dolls from.

This year, there are some good American Girl deals, such as the ability to save up to 30% off select items, or an American Girl coupon code for an early Black Friday sale. Also, you may find free shipping coupons or deals this Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Final Words

If you are looking for something nice for your kid, American Girl is a good doll to consider. They offer girls that have a backstory, and they’re more than your average plastic doll. A Black Friday sale is a good time for you to get American Girl accessories and other products, too.

Look around stores that are having a Black Friday sale. You may end up finding a sale that offers a good discount and no cost shipping. This Black Friday, why not connect your daughter with a nice American Girl? You will be glad that you did.

We hope you end up finding the best doll during this Black Friday sale. Good luck!

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