The Best Roomba E5 Black Friday Deals of 2020 : Up to 34% off

The original cost of the Roomba E5 is around $379, but on Black Friday you can get it for a big discount, making it one of the more affordable Roomba models on the market. Take a look:

Deals we recommend, last updated on Saturday November 28, 12am PST:

Robot vacuums are just like hand vacs in regards the cost. You can find models that cost over a grand and have all sorts of bells and whistles. Then, for those on a budget or who don’t need much, you can find one that costs only a couple hundred. This is the case of the Roomba E5, a cheaper robot. Does it deliver? Is it something to look out for on Black Friday? Let’s discuss.

Its Features

Now, let’s talk about the features of the E5. Despite being a cheaper model, it has quite a bit going for it, like:

Strong Battery Life

You may think a cheap Roomba would only run for a half hour, maybe an hour if you’re lucky. However, the E5 runs for quite a while. Up to 90 minutes, as a matter of fact. The 90 minute length should work for most homes, and if not, the Roomba can always return to its station automatically and take a break.

Smart Capabilities

Almost all current Roomba models, even the cheaper ones, have an app and WiFi capabilities. You can connect the Roomba to an app, Alexa, or Google Assistant. There, you can turn on the Roomba through your device, schedule a cleaning, and much more. You can set everything on autopilot so that the Roomba cleans everything when you’re not home, or during your downtime. Gone are the days when you had to press the switch.

A Decent Cleaning System

While not as advanced as some of the more expensive models, the E5 still has that powerlifting suction with over five times the strength of the 600 models. The E5 is excellent for pets, cleaning up their hair and dander. A pet home means you may have to use daily maintenance, and this Roomba has you covered. Its filter manages to keep all the allergens in your home. If someone with pet allergies is coming over, run the Roomba and they should be fine!

The E5 has multi-surfaces brushes as well, meaning it works for both the carpet and hardwood floors. However, this model performs much better with hardwood than carpets.

It manages to go under furniture and around the house quite well, too.

Not Too Many Cons

Being a cheaper model, don’t expect deep carpet cleaning or a self-emptying dustbin. Despite this, there aren’t too many cons. Okay, it’s a bit loud, but just schedule a cleaning while you’re gone and you should be all set.

Some Tips

A cheaper Roomba can work wonders for your carpet, but because it doesn’t have all the camera features and mapping of more expensive models, it can sometimes frustrate you. Here are some tips to make the experience much easier:

  • The Roomba won’t be too friendly for any cables on the ground. Always remove those using cable clips or by putting them away before you clean.
  • Always empty the dustbin after every cleaning. This way, you won’t be surprised with a full dustbin in the middle of cleaning.
  • Maintain its filter and brushes regularly. Clean the filter by hitting it against the side of a garbage can. If you need to replace the brushes, make sure you do so.
  • Watch out for chairs. Roombas can get stuck on them. Move them back a little bit, propping them up against a table or something else whenever possible.
  • Use a regular vacuum and a mop, too. The Roomba isn’t a substitute for a deep cleaning vacuum, especially if you have high pile carpets. One day, the Roomba may be able to do it all for you, but it’s not quite there yet. This is especially true for the E5, as it lacks deep cleaning.


Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is here.

There are other Roombas from iRobot on sale this year such as the the Roomba s9, the Roomba 980, the Roomba i3, the Roomba i7, the Roomba s9+, the Roomba 960, and the Braava Jet. You might also want to look at our Black Friday neato deals an other robot vacuums.

If you want a budget Roomba, but that’s too expensive even for you, then that’s okay. Look for the Roomba Black Friday deals. Every season, iRobot’s website, along with Amazon and other retailers, have some great deals to be on the lookout for. You can find hundreds off a Roomba if you’re lucky. This model is already quite cheap, but with the deals you can find, you may be able to knock out a few hundred off it already.

Be on the lookout all week, and try your local retailers as well. They may have some deals you cannot find online.




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