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The Best Massage Chair Pre Black Friday Deals of 2021: Up to 25% off

2020 has not been good on anyone, and that’s why you deserve a nice massage. But in the age of social distancing, many are wanting to avoid going to the masseuse. Why not get a good massage at home through a massage chair? These chairs can give you a deep massage for your lower back, upper back, and other parts of your body. With that said, there are so many to choose from. In this post, we will look at the massage chair and look at massage chair Black Friday 2021 deals, too.

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Wednesday October 20, 4am PDT:

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair, Bone
Price: $1500.48
Was: $1999
Discount: 25%

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How to Choose a Massage Chair

Picking a massage chair can be confusing. There are so many, and they can vary in price. Some are under $1,000, and others can cost as much as a new car. Which is the best for your situation? Let’s discuss this.

What Do You Need it For?

Everyone wants a massage chair for a certain purpose. Some people want chairs because they need a replacement for a massage therapist. Others may just want a chair that’s designed to provide relief after a long day’s work. Do you want to target your full body, or do you want certain parts targeted? Asking these questions can help you find the best massage chair for you.

What Is Your Budget?

Massage chairs can vary in price quite a bit. Cheaper massage chairs, which are under $1,500, use older tech and have limited settings and massage programs. They can be good for relaxing after some household chores, but you may not get that deep full-body massage you want. They may not have built-in heat therapy, or they may not recline. The materials may be made from faux leather that wears out.

Mid-range chairs tend to be $1,500-$6,500. That is quite a bit of a price range, and they can include more features. They can target most areas and come with some more modern conveniences. These may be made from better materials, such as higher quality leather. They may be a massage chair recliner, too.

Finally, we have chairs over $6,500. Some can go over $10K. Some of these can feel like a space chair, offering a full body, zero gravity experience like none other. They are an investment, but Black Friday 2020 deals may allow you to get one for cheaper.

Also, remember that some chairs will have financing, allowing you to spread out your payment. Just like a car, you may be able to spend a few years paying off your zero gravity shiatsu massage chair. With that said, some financing options won’t allow for Black Friday sales.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Some chairs are bigger than others. If you live in a small home, a giant chair may be unrealistic. Also, if you have to move the massage chair, having a tiny doorway can be problematic. Measure beforehand. A smaller chair doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality, by the way.

Massage Track

The track is what massages your body, so looking at the track is important. Not all of them are created equal. The cheapest one is a fixed frame, which doesn’t move. It can be good to relax, but won’t give you that full-body massage experience. Dual roller tracks may also be found in cheaper tracks. Some will go in an S-shape, while others will consist of massage balls.

Air Bags

The air bags in a massager will give you a better massage. Depending on what generation of air bags they are, the massage chair may provide you a better massage overall. The first-gen of airbags isn’t as good as the second-gen. Also, how many air bags that are in the massage chair can determine how good your massage is.


Some higher-end massage chairs will have body scanning. These are designed to provide the best massage experience, as they will learn the exact shape of your figure. They are found in a more expensive chair model.

Remote Control

Some massagers come with a remote found on the arms or attached to the chair. Higher-end massage chairs may offer smartphone control, too. Since nearly every device has smartphone control nowadays, we do expect this feature to be found in cheaper products soon.

Zero Gravity

You’ve heard about the massage chair recliner that has a full body, zero gravity experience. No, a full body, zero gravity massage doesn’t mean that you’ll be floating in the air. Instead, zero gravity is technology inspired by NASA that offers the best gravity position to relieve your soreness. By providing the best posture, zero gravity products give you the best massage.

Foot Roller

A good massage chair will massage your feet, too. Any full-body massage chair should come with this.

Built-In Heat Therapy

Many chairs will come with a heat feature, which can make you feel great. Many massage chair products will have them, but some will target only certain parts. A full-body experience tends to be found on massage chairs that are a little more expensive.


A massage chair may stretch your waist, hips, or other parts of your body. Stretching can make you limber and prevent injuries, so that is something to consider in a massager.

Other Features

In addition, there are several features in a massager you may want to consider when making a purchase. Some will come with lights or colors that are pleasing to you. Most will have a black color, but some items come in more colors than just black for your back. A massage chair may come with the ability to play music. Massage chairs can come with USB ports or Bluetooth as well. These can add a little bit of flavor to your massage experience.


Massage chairs are a big investment. Therefore, you want to purchase them from a company that will stand by their product and offer repair or replacement under a reasonable time frame.

Why Are Massage Chairs So Popular?

Massage chairs are popular for several reasons.

People Love a Good Massage

Whether it’s used because your muscles are sore, or for therapy reasons, a massage chair can feel so good. Plus, a massager can stretch you, which is always good for a workout. A massage chair recliner can double as your lounging chair, too. From improving blood circulation to helping you feel relaxed, a massage chair can offer it all.


Many people are investing in a good massager because visiting a professional is out of the question during this pandemic. We are doing more things from home, including getting massages.

While there is no substitute for an actual masseuse on your back, a zero gravity shiatsu massage chair can come close. The modern massage chair, even some of the ones on the list that are cheaper, can give you a massage you won’t soon forget.

What Massage Chair Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

Because a good massage chair is so expensive, looking for massage chair deals and discounts is very important. It makes sense that many will be looking for Black Friday deals this year. While we don’t know the Black Friday 2020 deals at this moment, we can look at the Black Friday deals of last year and tell you what savings and discounts you can expect.

Last year, Black Friday deals were all around Walmart, Amazon, and various other retailers. Walmart offered Black Friday deals up to 70 percent off. Obviously, Walmart is going to offer lower-budget chairs, but you may be able to find some gems.

Online retailers like Amazon and Wayfair saw other massage chair deals, too. Some were up to half off.

Black Friday deals for a massage chair can depend on the original cost. You may get a better discount if you buy something more expensive. Investing in a nice, zero gravity shiatsu massage chair recliner may be ideal this Black Friday 2020.

Massage chair Black Friday deals will also depend on where you visit. Look at all retailers, from online to offline. Also, look for a sale at your local furniture store. By weighing in on all the massage chair Black Friday deals, you could end up finding a great deal.

In addition, make sure that the deal includes free shipping, too. A massage chair is big, so a good massage chair Black Friday deal will cover shipping.

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My Massage Chair Picks

If you are looking for a massage chair, Black Friday or otherwise, here are some to consider.

Osaki OS-4D Escape Massage Chair

This a high end, zero gravity massage that will make you feel like you’re getting an air massage. This is a chair with built-in aromatherapy, and it also has an ergonomic tracker that relieves most pain, and other features, too. With that said, it is big, so make sure your house will fit it before you add it to your list.


This is a mid-range, full-body, zero gravity shiatsu massage chair that has several gravity settings, a nice leather appearance, and plenty of praises. This shiatsu massage chair is a nice compromise between the astronomically expensive massagers and something cheaper. Besides, you may find a good deal on it this Black Friday 2020.

Best Massage Full Body Electric

This is a great chair that is under $1,000. It has everything a casual lover of massages will want, from a nice leather exterior to more features than most lower-budget massage chairs. This may be a good chair to consider if you’re looking to get into the massage chair world. Black Friday deals may make this massage chair recliner available for an even better deal, too. With great reviews for a lower budget chair, this is one of those products you may want to consider this Black Friday.

Final Words

Black Friday sales are a great time to find a chair. Massage chair Black Friday deals are great if you are looking for a sale on an entire body, zero gravity shiatsu massager. Whether it’s for your back or your muscles, or you want a chair with built in conveniences, Black Friday is a good time to find a decent chair on sale.

Massage chair Black Friday sales deals will be found on websites and in brick and mortar stores, too. You have plenty of options to choose from with this upcoming Black Friday 2020 sale.

We hope you find those best deals to relieve your sore back. Good luck with your options.

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