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The Best Cyber Monday Week Washer and Dryer Deals of 2020

When you’re taking your old holiday clothes out of the attic, you may notice that they smell a little funny. Time to put ’em in the wash! What, your washer has seen better days? Good news, then! Cyber Monday washing machine deals are plentiful. The same is true for dryer deals.

Today’s Deals



In this post, we will look at the best Black Friday deals. In addition to discussing Black Friday, we will also look at the washer and dryer machines. What is better: a top load or front load washer? What is a combo good for? Let’s discuss it all and help you to get an insight into which item is the best for you, and for what reason.

How to Choose a Washer

Choosing a washing machine is important, as you’re going to have it in your house for a while. Here are some things to consider.

Size and Capacity

Washers can be quite large, so buy one that will fit. Washers that are full-sized are around 25-30 inches in width. Measure your laundry room as well as any doorways or hallways you may have to drag it through.

Besides the outside, the capacity of the inside is important. If you have a large family, you’re always going to have laundry, so it makes sense that you’ll want something with a bigger tub. A front load wash tends to have the biggest, while a top load may have something big depending on if it has a central agitator or not.

Energy Use

Modern washers use much less water and electricity to get your clothes clean. An Energy Star washer is especially good at that. It lasts longer, too. A top loader tends to take up more energy than a front load, but it costs less. Besides the cost, an efficient machine is better for the environment as well. Take a good look at how much energy it will use and make a choice.

Washing Settings

Cheaper washers tend to have a couple settings, such as for delicates or colored shirts. For some, a top load washer’s settings are good enough. However, more expensive washers may have more settings. For instance, they may have a speed wash option, or more levels of heat/cooling for your water.

In addition, a modern washing machine may include Wi-Fi. A model that has this will allow you to control the top load washer or front load through your phone or Alexa. Everything can be smart nowadays.


When searching for washing machines, it’s important to shop within your budget. If your budget is limited, think about what features are most important to you. Something energy-efficient, but lacking in settings? Vice versa? With Black Friday deals, you may also get a more expensive machine for less money.


Finally, choose from a company that is known for standing by their product. Since good washing machines should last for years, make sure you buy from a seller who stands by their product. Different brands may offer different warranties, terms and conditions, and other features. Be it Samsung, LG, or stores like Home Depot, always look at their warranties before you make the transaction. You don’t want a washer to break, especially the company or store doesn’t honor their warranty.

How to Choose a Dryer

Choosing a dryer is similar to choosing a washing machine, so we won’t repeat similar features. Accounting for size, capacity, energy use, price, and warranty is as important for dryers as it is for washing machines. Let’s look at some unique things to consider.

Gas vs Electric Dryer

You can choose between a gas or an electric dryer. What’s the difference? A gas dryer can heat up faster, and it may cost less depending on the price of natural gas in your area or country. Meanwhile, an electric dryer is more accessible, as not everyone has gas. Ultimately, the choice between gas or electric dryer is up to your preference.


Modern dryers may have a feature that can detect the dampness of your clothes, and then dry them just enough. This can save energy and time.

How to Choose a Washer and Dryer Combo

Now, let’s discuss the washer and drying machine combo. This is one of those home appliances that can be convenient, but there are some things to keep in mind.

Definition of a Combo

A combo can refer to an appliance that has a washer on the bottom and a dryer on the top. This is known as a stackable. These tend to have a top load washer and a front load drying machine.

Alternatively, a combo may refer to appliances that have just one area to put the clothes in, and the machine can both wash and dry your clothes without needing to switch. These are known as all-in-ones.

Pros and Cons

A stackable can be convenient, but it may take up extra space. Some of them also have lower quality washing and drying settings.

Meanwhile, an all-in-one is much more convenient and offers way more storage space due to only needing one machine. You’re saving time, and you can choose whether to wash, dry, or do both.

However, a combo does have drawbacks. The dryer part can only handle half a load compared to the wash part. Also, a combo takes longer and is only available in electric.

What Washer and Dryer Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

Last year, we saw various Black Friday deals. Both washing machine deals and dryer deals were present. For example, the Electrolux Front-Loader was around 25 percent off, and stores like Home Depot had them. The LG front loader, which you could find at Best Buy, was a third off, going for $599 of its usual $900 price.

Many combination washers and dryers were discounted as well. The Whirlpool Smart 2.8 cu. ft. Cashmere Ventless Combination Washer and Dryer was around 10 percent off. This was a more expensive washer and electric dryer, but a discount is a discount.

Also, look for deals particular to a certain brand. For instance, LG may be having a sale on their products on their own website. LG is a big maker of quality washers, so that may be one place to look. When shopping for any appliance, trying different shops can help you find the best sale or deal. The best Black Friday sale is usually not just in one store. This Black Friday 2020, doing research will help you find the best deals, 2020 and beyond.

What Else is on Sale?


Final Words

If you can hold off for a new washer or dryer, Black Friday deals can offer you quite a bit of savings. A good washing machine and dryer can be pricey, and finding some good appliance deals can allow you to avoid buying cheap appliances. You can own more expensive products that won’t break your bank.

A washer and dryer is an investment, so Black Friday 2020 will be a good time to make that investment. Look at various retailers, from site-based shops to your local stores. Best Buy, Home Depot, and other stores may have deals. Some may have a good deal on their online store if you don’t feel comfortable going to a physical store. They should offer free delivery and installation services, too.

With all that said, whether you’re shopping at Best Buy, Home Depot, or another website, we hope you find the best deal on these appliances. A good machine to wash and dry your clothes is important, and it’s not something you should take lightly. We hope you find the best deal. Good luck!

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