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The Best Instant Pot Early Black Friday Deals of 2021: Up to 42% off

It’s the season for shopping and Instant Pot Black Friday deals and sales are here!

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Wednesday October 20, 2am PDT:

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What are Instant Pots, you ask? Here’s a summary of everything you need to know:

You know you should cook more at home. It saves money, delivers a more wholesome meal, and is a skill worth learning. However, for so many parents, and people from other walks of life, cooking is a hassle. One problem is you need so many appliances that cost so much money and take up too much space. Plus, time! When you have work, school, kids, and other commitments, we don’t blame you for ordering a pizza.

As the cliché line you hear in infomercials goes, there’s got to be a better way. Meet the Instant Pot. If you are unfamiliar about this appliance, read on and we’ll tell you why it’s the hottest appliance of the season.

Just What is an Instant Pot?

It’s a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that takes several functions of other appliances and puts it into a melting pot of convenience. Here are some things you may expect out of it.

  • A slow cooker. These are great for cooking delicious meals over a long period, saving time and resulting in some well-made foods.
  • Rice cooker. Need some nourishing rice, but don’t want the hassle? Just throw it in the pot!
  • Yogurt maker. That’s right. No need to buy yogurt when you can make your own.
  • Warmer. Want to keep your food warm, or warm up some leftovers? The Instant Pot does it better than a microwave!
  • Sauté pan. If you want to sauté some veggies or other foods, no need to whip out a separate  pan.
  • Steamer. Want some steamed hams? No need to wait for the aurora borealis for that to happen!
  • Pressure cooker. Ever wanted to try some pressure cooking, but the cost of a cooker was too much, well, pressure? Here you go.
  • All of these functions come with a bonus of faster cooking, too, eliminating the time component. Of course, slow cooking is an option, too.

In addition, you’ll find buttons on the appliance that help you cook specific meals. Want to eat a nice Thanksgiving turkey? Pop that bird in and push the “Poultry” button. Are you participating in a chili cook-off? There’s a “Chili” button.

Types of Pots

There isn’t just one type of pot on the market today You have quite a few options, and knowing what they are will help you shop better. While the shape and idea of these pots remains the same, there are a few differences, such as:

  • Size. You’ll find pots of all sizes, from three quart mini pots to 10 quarts! If you have a big family, you may need one that is bigger. With that said, don’t spend more than you need to and get a giant one.
  • Color. For some, color doesn’t matter, but if you are remodeling your kitchen, you may want an Instant Pot that matches the color scheme.
  • Functions. All pots offer lots of ways to cook, but some offer more. For example, the Ultimate adds the ability to cook eggs, bake cakes, and sterilize after you’re finished.
  • WiFi. You can find smart pots. That’s right! Using your smart device, you can program the pot when you can’t reach it.

These pots don’t come cheap, so thinking about how much you need and what you want it to cook may help make the decision much easier. This leads us to our next point: the deal.

Getting Them on Black Friday

If you’re considering purchasing something for yourself or a loved one on Black Friday, check the prices online you’ll find Instant Pots for a great deal, since many stores offer discounts and savings in November and December. For example, in 2018, you could find pot sales on Amazon, Kohl’s, Walmart, and more,. that went from $79.99 for $59.99. Expect anywhere from $20-$40 off the typical price off.

Always do your research beforehand. This way, you can take advantage of any deals and great prices beforehand and get a head start.

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Some Other Tips

Here are some other tips to consider when shopping for one.

Heating and Releasing Speed

Despite its name, the pot isn’t instant. It takes some time for it to heat up, and some time for it to release. For example, if you’re pressure cooking, the pot has to heat up, then release pressure afterwards. More expensive or updated models may improve the speed. With that said, these pots are still some of the fastest cookers around.

The Two-Thirds Rule

You cannot fill the pot all the way if you want to cook it properly. The general rule is to fill it up 2/3rds. If you buy a 10-quart, fill it about 6.5 quarts. If you’re unsure if the pot will be big enough to feed your family, it never hurts to go bigger, unless you’re on a tight budget. With Black Friday around the corner, you may get lucky with deals.

Of course, here’s a little cheat sheet to help you out.

  • 3 Quarts: These are great for 2-3 people who just want one serving or side dish of food.
  • 6 Quarts: These work for a family of 4-6.
  • 8 Quarts: Good for larger families of 6 or more.
  • 10 Quarts: If you gotta cook for a party, whip out this bad boy.

Remember, These Are Great for a Vacation

When going on vacation, trying the foods of the area is a must. However, eating out every night may eat into your vacation budget. Buying a smaller instant pot for travel may be a smart idea, especially if you travel a lot. Cooking your own foods while on the go is easier than ever.

So Many Are Satisfied

Finally, we’ll mention that most Instant Pots deliver the best customer satisfaction. For example, the Ultra has around 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with over 3,600 reviews as of this article.

In an age where we never seem to have the time to cook, these little devices are bringing back family meal time, just how you used to love. Prepare to find a good deal and buy one this Black Friday.

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