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The Best Black Friday Toy Deals of 2021

This Black Friday 2021, toy deals are everywhere. You can save on many different toys, including Legos, Star Wars, stuffed animals, and much more. This post is all you need to know about the best Black Friday Toy deals. Let’s begin.

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Friday November 26, 5am PST:

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What kind of toys go on sale on Black Friday?

With Black Friday toy deals in 2021, no toy is off-limits. You can find toys of all types, from traditional to modern. Let’s give some examples:

Legos/Building Blocks in General

Lego sets tend to be a hot Black Friday item. You will find some great Lego deals here. One reason is that they teach children about building, and they inspire creativity. Lego is also a hot deal because they’re for all ages. You can find Lego sets meant for young toddlers who are just learning how to put blocks together. For older kids, there are more complex sets. From teens to adults, you can build mini sculptures out of them. What’s not to like?

Stuffed Animals and Dolls

One of the many Black Friday toy deals you may find are deals on dolls and stuffed animals. For example, Barbie dolls and Barbie accessories tend to go on sale. In addition to Barbie, other brands that offer something similar tend to have deals.

Not to mention, the stuffed animals. Some stuffed animals are larger than life, and you can find limited deals on them.


No, we’re not talking about video games, (that’s a whole other article,) but instead, board games or any other toy that has a game built-in. These toys can teach your children how to follow rules and the value of healthy competition. Of course, board games are also on sale on Black Friday.

More Expensive Figurines

For the collector, there are many figurines that are on sale on Black Friday. These toys tend to cost more, and the price can be reduced drastically during the holiday season.

What should I look for when buying a toy on Black Friday?

Criteria 1: Age Appropriateness

Look at the age rating on the toy. In some cases, it’s crucial. For example, don’t buy any toys recommended over 4 years for your toddler, as they may contain choking hazards. Other times, it’s more helpful. For example, a toy meant for kindergarteners may not be good for a third grader.

Criteria 2: Lasting Appeal

How long do you think the toy will last your child? Is it a fad toy that will last them only a few weeks, or does it have lasting appeal? For example, a board game may be able to last a child a long time, especially if they have people to play it with.

Criteria 3: Materials

Finally, what materials is the toy made from? Does it have cheap plastics and can break easily? Or is the toy one of those products that’s durable? With this, you usually get what you paid for, but there are exceptions to this rule, of course.

Black Friday Toy Shopping Tips

Try All Retailers

You can get good deals on Amazon without leaving your house, but there are other retailers that may have unique deals of their own. For example, you may be able to save more if you look to your local toy shop, or venture out to Walmart early. Not to mention, Walmart and many other outlets have online shopping if you don’t want to venture outside the chaos that is Black Friday.

Shop Early

To get the best Black Friday toy deals, be sure to shop early. There are many who will be lining up for the hottest toys, games, and other goodies.

Don’t want to shop early? Are you a night owl? Try online shopping. There, you can take advantage of the best Black Friday toy deals and you may even be able to shop at midnight.

Follow Social Media

There are many social media accounts you can follow if you want to be the first to hear about the latest deals. Sometimes, following a retailer, like Walmart, can inform you about deals. Other times, there are social media accounts you can follow. For example, one account to look at is Wario64, a Twitter account that posts the best deals. While this account’s niche is video games, they also post toys and other products too.

Stick to a Budget

With Black Friday shopping, your eyes tend to be bigger than your wallet. You may expect to save a lot of money when Black Friday shopping, but you may end up buying too much and you’re back to square one. To avoid this, be sure that you make a budget and stick to it.

There are many ways to do this. If shopping in a physical retailer, use cash. If you’re shopping on a website, use a gift card and don’t go over.


If you’re shopping with Amazon Prime, you don’t have to worry much about shipping. However, if you are shopping at other retailers, some may make you pay for shipping. If you’re paying for shipping, there may be ways to get it for free. For example, some retailers offer coupons, or give you it for free if you pay a certain amount.

In addition, you can choose the least expensive option, as you have plenty of time until Christmas.

Remember, Have Fun

Black Friday shopping should be about fun and not be a source of stress. Too many people, especially parents, stress over not buying their child the right toys, or worrying about being about to afford everything.

But it should be about fun and giving to the people you love. Can’t find a product? Remember, there are shortages everywhere. You can find it some other time. Can’t find a certain brand? There may be better brands that are just as good.

What toy deals did we see in previous years?

Last year, we saw plenty of interesting toy deals.

If you shopped at Belk, there were buy one, get one 50 percent off deals. Some products were up to 70 percent off, such as Discovery Kids toys.

For the little ones, Fisher-Price toys were 20 percent off at Macy’s. Star Wars toys were up to half off on Amazon.

The list goes on and on. Pretty much all retailers have deals that are good. Whether you’re shopping for a Lego product at Walmart, or are looking for early Amazon deals, you can find the toy you’re looking for at a good price.

Do I Have to Wait Until Black Friday to Get Good Toy Deals?

Many don’t want to shop on Black Friday. You may be recovering from Thanksgiving, or you may not be in good finances at this time. So do you have to shop on that day? Not necessarily. Cyber Monday is a growing alternative to Black Friday. Other websites will have deals all month long. While you can usually get the most deals on Black Friday, it’s not necessarily a rule that’s in stone.

We would say to keep a lookout on all your favorite retailers all year round. Sometimes, you can find clearance sales and other coupons that will give you some great savings if you don’t want to drop money on Black Friday due to whatever reason.

Final Words

With Black Friday toy deals in 2021, there are plenty to choose from. Obviously, we don’t know what your child likes, so do research on your own. Chances are, you can find some good Black Friday toy deals that fit your child.

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