The Best Lego Cyber Monday Week Deals of 2020: Up to 49% off

For nearly 90 years, Lego has captured the imagination of people of all ages. From simple building blocks to elaborate sets with thousands of pieces, there’s a Lego set for everyone of every age. If you’re looking to buy one for you or your kids, Cyber Monday Lego deals can make it easy. Let’s look at Lego and what Cyber Monday Lego deals you can expect.

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Thursday March 4, 11pm PST:

Get Up to 49% Off

Today we are seeing deals of up to 49% off at Walmart


How to Choose a Lego Set

Consider the following when making your choice.


There’s a Lego set for every age range. Lego Duplo is good for toddlers or young children, as these blocks are bigger and meant for tiny hands. For children between 4-8, Lego Juniors is a good set for you to try. It comes with figures, some pieces assembled already, and other features to keep them entertained.

The Technic and Mindstorms sets tend to be meant for older children. You can even find sets appropriate for teens and adults. Some have STEM elements to them as well.

How Many Pieces?

Some sets can have hundreds of pieces, and some can have thousands. If you’re someone who has a hard time keeping up with the pieces, you may want to buy something with fewer pieces, especially if you live in a smaller home. However, more pieces means you may get more out of a set.


You can find Lego sets themed around different properties or concepts. From building a Lego city to recreating the Death Star to other Lego Star Wars sets, having a theme that matches you or your child’s interests can narrow down your selection.


You can find sets of all prices. Some are affordable, while others do cost a bit. The bigger and more elaborate the set is, the more you will probably have to pay. Some can cost hundreds of dollars, which may not be ideal if you’re on a budget. However, if you’re buying Legos for older kids, teens, or adults, the cheaper sets may be boring and not offer enough stimulation to keep them interested.

Luckily, Lego Black Friday sales can help you soften that blow. Later on in this post, we will give you some examples of how.

Why Is Lego So Popular?

Lego is popular for several reasons.

It’s for All Ages

For little tykes, there are simple blocks that they will love. For older people, there are elaborate sets with moving parts. A toy that can fit all ages means that it will be quite popular.

With that said, we should mention that if you’re building yourself an elaborate Lego set, keep it away from small children. You don’t want to build the Death Star out of Legos, only for your little Luke to knock it down.

It Keeps Up With Trends

From timeless franchises like Lego Star Wars to more contemporary phenomena like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lego manages to grow with the times. In addition to toys, they also have created movies and video games, allowing Lego to capture the imagination of kids who are more into those forms of entertainment.

You Can Learn

Besides being entertaining, Lego teaches kids. From stimulating their imaginations to teaching them STEM skills, Lego is not just mindless fun, though you can definitely have that with Legos as well. Even freeform Lego sets can capture the imaginations of kids by allowing them to create their own masterpieces.

Brand Recognition

When someone thinks of a building block toy, Lego is what they first think of. You have your K’Nex and your Mega Bloks, which make good products, but Lego is the name most think of. As a brand that people have recognized for nearly a century, it will have lasting power for a long time.

What Lego Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

If you’re looking to buy some Lego sets, Black Friday deals can save you some money. Everywhere, from the official Lego Store to Amazon, has deals available. While we don’t know what 2020 will bring with Lego Black Friday deals, looking to last year can give us a little bit of insight.

With 2019, you had some good Black Friday sales and deals, especially if you were looking to purchase the more expensive sets. For example, there was the Disney Train and Station. This big set cost $329, but thanks to Black Friday deals, customers got about $100 off that. The Lego Star Wars Landing Craft was about $20 off its $89 price tag.

These Black Friday deals are quite good, and they can vary in quality depending on which site you’re on. Check Walmart, Amazon, the official store, brick and mortar shops, and areas of interest. You may find some great deals on Lego products and take advantage of some good sales.

With that said, make sure you’re on the lookout, as Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals could be a little bit different this year. This is because Black Friday/Cyber Monday could last a while longer because of the pandemic. When people are staying home or trying to count every penny, the idea of having a day or a weekend dedicated to deals in a store or on a site sounds a little outdated.

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Final Words

With Black Friday, Legos tend to be up to half off. Since some sets cost hundreds of dollars, these deals can add up and tend to be the best Lego deals. Even if you’re buying cheaper Legos, Black Friday can still give you a Lego deal you can’t refuse.

So get to your favorite site or store this season and see what Lego products they are offering. Chances are, you can find a good Lego set this Black Friday.

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