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The Best Early Black Friday Smoker Deals of 2021: Up to 24% off

Looking to heat things up this holiday season with some nice, smoked food? Then you need a smoker. This is a slow cooker that uses smoke to turn your meats and other foods into pure perfection. If you are looking for a smoker grill, Black Friday deals can help you out.

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Sunday October 24, 12pm PDT:

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How to Choose a Smoker

Choosing a smoker is a process that you shouldn’t do spontaneously. You need to do some thinking and try to look for the best smoker for your situation. From how much you are willing to spend to what kind of features you want, you should consider the following when looking for a smoker.

Fuel Source

Just like people debate on charcoal vs. gas, a smoker has different fuel sources to consider as well. There are four main types: charcoal, pellet, electric, and propane.

Charcoal and wood pellets are quite similar. Charcoal smokers involve heating up charcoal. They can give a great taste but can be hard to master. Charcoal smokers may not be beginner-friendly, but if you have experience with a grill, one may work. Wood pellet smokers use wood pellets to smoke the food. These are easy to use and give your food some flavor as well. They tend to be more expensive if you want a good wood pellet grill smoker that’s high quality.

Propane and electric are similar as well. They offer a streamlined experience, and modern smokers of this kind can still give you that delicious taste.

Black Friday is a good time to find smoker deals. You may be able to spend less on Black Friday in order to find a smoker that works for you.


Smokers come in various sizes. Some are more portable, being able to fit in your trunk, while others are bigger and are designed to stay in your backyard. A bigger smoker tends to offer more room for you to cook, but not always. In addition to measuring the outside, measure the cooking area, too.

Temperature Control

With any smoker, it is always important to have easy temperature control, so you can get the food as good as possible. A digital electric grill may make it easy, while a charcoal smoker may require more strategy. Advanced smokers may have easier ways to maintain temperature control, so that’s something to consider.


A smoker, just like any other apparatus, may require some assembly. If it does, picking from a smoker that has easy assembly is important. Some, especially cheapies, may have assembly that is confusing. Meanwhile, a heavy-duty smoker may, ironically, be easier.


You may want to look at all the accessories that come with the smoker. From the cooking grates to the smoking racks, having all the accessories needed to barbecue your food is always important.


A good smoker will cost you some money, and it can depend on what fuel type you want. For example, you may find high-quality smokers for under $500, with the exception of pellet. With more money, you can end up with a smoker that has more cooking modes, a better build, and other barbecue equipment to make your food the best it can possibly be.

Luckily, Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales can make it easier for you to find a cheap smoker. The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will hook you up with a higher-end smoker that won’t cost as much. This Black Friday 2020, you may want to consider purchasing a smoker.

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Why Are Smokers So Popular?

Smokers are becoming an outdoor cooking staple for several reasons. If you’re new to the smoker world, here are some reasons why you may want to try one.

That Smoky Flavor

One reason people love a good smoker is for its flavor. Nothing beats a good piece of meat or a veggie that has been on a smoker. It just tastes so good. Nothing quite beats it. You may have your electric grills and your ovens, but an outdoor smoker hits different taste notes. There’s a reason people will grill all the time once they get one. This Black Friday is a good time to experience why people love them.

Outdoor Cooking Is a Bonding Experience

Outdoor grilling is not just for you; it’s usually also for friends and family. Cooking food off a charcoal smoker, electric smoker, or combination wood pellet grill involves bonding with your friends and family. Whether it’s for a summer barbecue or a unique twist on a holiday dinner, a good smoker works wonders for that.

It’s an Art

Whether you choose a pellet grill, an electric smoker, or a charcoal smoker, cooking off one can be an art. While certain types of smokers can be easier than others, no matter which you choose, all will require some trial and error to get the best food possible.

What Smoker Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

Last year, Black Friday deals abounded for smokers. While you may not want to think about food after Thanksgiving, you should look for Black Friday smoker deals ASAP. While we are not sure what 2020 will bring, we do have some deals from last year to give you examples of what to expect for 2020’s Black Friday smoker sales.

Amazon had up to 1/3rd off smokers, with brands such as Weber, Smoke Hollow, Char-Broil, and Masterbuilt joining the Black Friday smoker deals. Walmart had nearly $200 worth of discounts. With Walmart’s Black Friday sale, this applied to their store as well as their site.

As always, look for deals across every outlet. Black Friday deals can happen online as well as offline. Look at your local grill shop as well. You may end up with a great smoker that will make your outdoor cooking experience even better. As we said, this is something that you should think about before you make a decision on which smoker to get.

Final Words

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times for you to find some incredible smoker deals. We expect Black Friday 2020 to have plenty of deals on an electric smoker, charcoal smoker grill, and other types of grills. While we tend to associate the smoker with summer, you can smoke with them year round.

Picking a smoker is an important decision, so do some research to find the best smoker for the job, as well as the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. This Cyber Monday and Black Friday 2020, look for the best deals on all your favorite smokers.

With that said, we hope you find the best smoker this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Good luck!

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