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The Best Early Table Saw Black Friday Deals of 2021: Up to 41% off

If you want a table saw, Black Friday can help you slice through those prices. This year, in 2020, we are seeing plenty of deals on saws and other power tools.

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Wednesday October 20, 3am PDT:

The Complete Table Saw Book
Price: $23.06
Was: $27.95
Discount: 17%

The Table Saw Book, Completely Revised and Updated
Price: $6.67
Was: $24.95
Discount: 73%

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How to Choose a Table Saw

When choosing the best table saw for the job, there are many considerations you need to make. Let’s look at some of them.

Location and Use

A table saw has many places you can put it and many different uses. Some people will want a table saw for casual use, while others may want the best table saw for commercial use. Knowing what you’re going to be using the table saw for can help you determine which saw is the best for your situation.

Also, think about where you’re going to use it. Some people will have a shop or a garage they are going to put the table saw in, while others will want to put it in their small apartment somewhere.

Size of the Table Saw

In general, it’s important for you to pick a table saw that is big enough for the job, yet small enough for your location. While smaller saws have managed to do more for their size in recent years, a bigger saw is just better for you if you are serious about your saw work. We will explain this further in the next section.


In addition to the size, you need to think about its features as well. A table saw will come with various features that can make or break your decision. Let’s look at some of them.


If you want to make the most accurate cuts, you need to have a flat table. Look at the flatness deviation of the table saw before you make a purchase. If it’s 0.005″, then that’s good for a cabinet saw.

Rip Fence

If you are going to make rip cuts, you need to have a rip fence. A good rip fence will be parallel in relation to your blade, and it should be able to lock with ease.

Miter Gauge

This allows you to make the best cuts at the most accurate angles. Your miter gauge should be accurate and be able to stop at 45 and 90 degrees. The slot should be parallel to the table saw’s blade, too.

Dust Collector

Outdoors, you may not have to worry about this too much. Indoors is a different story. You don’t want dust getting all over your face, so having a dust port can make it easy for you to collect it. A dust port allows you to use a vacuum in order to collect the dust.

The Ability to Add Wings

If you have a bigger saw, you may want the ability to add other tables to expand your workspace. If you have the space for it, you may want to make it happen. It’s as simple as that.

The Blade Itself

You need to figure out how you change the blade, especially if you’re someone who needs to change it frequently. A good saw will have the ability to change blades in a way that is simple for you to do.


The bevel capability refers to the ability to tilt your blade left, with some table saws allowing you to tilt right as well.


A table saw is dangerous, even for someone who has a lot of experience. You want to have a saw that includes a blade brake that works automatically when it touches someone’s skin.

With any table saw, you’re always going to risk getting hurt. However, modern saws tend to have safety features that make this less likely.

Build Quality

No matter the size of your table saw, you want to look for something that seems sturdy. Cheaper table saws may have a weaker quality. The stand may wobble, or it may feel loose when you are done assembling it. Meanwhile, a higher quality saw will feel sturdy, with a stand and blade guard you can trust. Whether it’s a small rolling stand table saw or something much bigger, you want to make sure that it feels tough.


There are many different types of table saws, and they all come in different prices. Just like regular power tools, more professional table saws will cost more, and vice versa. Some manage to be that right balance between affordability and power. Also, table saw Black Friday deals can allow you to find deals on table saws that would normally cost more.


Finally, you want a table saw that has a decent warranty. With a table saw, you want to buy it from a company that stands behind their product and has a warranty of at least a year or more.

These are some of the many features you should look for when purchasing a table saw this Black Friday. Taking some time to figure out what you want in a table saw can allow you to find the best saw for your needs. Everyone’s needs are different, so it’s important that you look for something that best fits you. Look over the features and decide from there.

Types of Table Saws

When choosing a table saw, there are several different types to choose from. Let’s look at some of them.


This is a portable saw that’s light and small. For those who want a table saw they can put away, and for those who want a table saw that can make construction cuts, this saw works well. If you have plenty of space to work with, you may want to consider a different type of saw, as this one isn’t as powerful and can’t take on some thick cuts. However, if you have a small area, this may be the saw you’re looking for.

These tend to come in the form of a 10-inch table saw. If you are looking for a 10-inch table saw, you need to realize that you are purchasing a mobile table saw that can be powerful, but may not be for heavy duty jobs. Make that consideration when purchasing.


This is a more powerful saw, and it weighs a lot more. Expect a contractor table saw to weigh hundreds of pounds and have a motor of up to 2 horsepower. They are a bit bigger, so you may not want to get one of these table saws if you don’t have too much space, but many find it to be that perfect medium between big and small.


This is the biggest table saw around. If you are serious about your woodworking career, you may want to consider this one. It has up to 5 horsepower and can make the greatest cuts. Some of them are almost 500 pounds, so you need to have plenty of space to use them.

Also, while the previous two should work with your home’s voltage, you need to make sure that your house can handle this baby.

These are the main types of saws. You may find several as well that are in between what other saws offer. That’s something to consider whenever you’re picking a table saw.

What Table Saw Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

Last year’s Black Friday saw table included deals that were immense. If you were looking for a table saw, Black Friday was a good time to get it. While we don’t know what Black Friday 2020 deals will bring just yet, we can look at the Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals of 2019 and see what they brought.

Last year’s Black Friday sale brought plenty of good deals. You could get a DeWalt table saw for $70 off. A DeWalt table saw is powerful, yet it manages to avoid taking up too much space. The DeWalt table saw deals also included accessories like a table saw stand, which was over $100 off its original price.

Metabo saws were also a part of the Black Friday sale. For example, the Metabo Black Friday sale was over $50 off.

With Black Friday 2020, it’s worth it to check bigger websites as well as your local tool store. You may be able to find better deals there, or end up finding good brick and mortar deals. As long as it’s safe to shop there, looking for a table saw in a store may be a smart move.

When buying a table saw, Black Friday or otherwise, it’s also important for you to buy a table saw that has free shipping. Bigger saws tend to cost a lot if they don’t include free shipping.

Final Words

We are all staying indoors more, and many of us are looking for table saws that can make our woodworking dreams a reality. This Black Friday, choosing a table saw for your needs can make you feel great. The thing is that you need to find the best table saw for the job.

Finding the best table saw Black Friday deals, for 2020 or otherwise, is something you’ll need to think about for a while. From looking at the guarding system to deciding if you need telescoping fence rails or not, choosing a table saw can be a long process.

With that said, the best table saw Black Friday deals do apply to most types of table saw. This Black Friday, do some research on the greatest table saw Black Friday bargains available.

We hope this article about table saw Black Friday sales was helpful for you. Good luck on your search.

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