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The Top Shark Black Friday Deals (2021)

This year we’ve been able to find plenty of Shark deals for Black Friday. Take a look at the discounts that clean out the competition 🙂

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Sunday November 21, 1pm PST:

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Whether you have a carpet, a hardwood floor, or a little bit of both, you need a vacuum. Dirt, dust, grime, crumbs, pet hair, all of that loves to fall on the floor, and for the sake of your home, you need a vacuum that sucks it all up and has no problems doing so. Today, we’ll look at the Shark brand of vacuums.

What Are Shark Vacuums?

These are a brand of vacuums that are known for being the perfect balance of quality and value. When choosing a cleaner, many run into cheap brands that don’t clean well, and break down quickly, or overpriced units with too many features.

Shark is that nice medium that fits most household needs. Let’s dive deeper into some features these vacuums have.

Shared Features of Your Typical Shark Vacuum

There are many Sharks out there, all of which have their unique pros and cons. Let’s look at some features most shark vacuums share.

Great for Hardwood and Carpets

If you’re unsure if your vacuum is good for the floor you have, Shark seems to cover all floor types. Not all vacuums cover them evenly; some are more focused on carpet, and vice versa. However, most cover both in some regard.


Most vacuums of the Shark brand use bagless dust collectors. This allows you to empty the container and reuse it with ease, saving you trouble when it comes to buying more vacuum bags. With that said, some types may have bigger or smaller collectors, which is important depending on how big your home is.


All Shark units are competent in what they do. A vacuum is something that is surprisingly easy to mess up. From underpowered units to electrical failures, buying a unit that is cheaply made can ruin your day. Shark has stayed consistent in offering quality vacuums for a cheap price.

Types of Vacuums Shark Has

Shark has a variety of devices to choose from. Here are some examples.

Stick Vacuum

This is a cleaner that is thin. It’s great for smaller houses that don’t need much cleaning and for tight spaces. The stick is quite easy to put together as well. Try it if your house fits the criteria.


There are many types of robot vacuums. These run automatically and sometimes are controlled via a smartphone. They may require a bit of preparation before running; how many times has your Roomba or other robot ran over cords or something it wasn’t supposed to? However, they can be quite convenient for cleaning your house when you’re busy with something else.


These are tiny vacuums you hold in your hand. These are great for couch cushions, countertops, and other areas a traditional just doesn’t cover. The handheld is usually cordless, and may use a charging station. Always make sure it’s charged before use!


Most traditional cleaners use a cord, but those are inconvenient. Having to wrap them back up, always pulling out the cord when you need it the most, and having to switch outlets are just a few hassles of a corded vacuum.

Going cordless has existed for a while, but they used to be underpowered and have a battery that didn’t last. Nowadays, you can find rechargeable cordless units that are quite good.

Pet Vacuums

These are cleaners that specialize in pet hair and dander. If you love your puppy or kitty, you want to make sure the home is clean from any excess pet hairs and dander. Plus, a clean home smells better and is good for someone who may have a pet allergy.

More Vacuum Deals You Can Get This Black Friday

Questions to Ask Before Shopping for a Vacuum

If you’re shopping for a Shark, here are some questions you should ask yourself when you’re thinking about buying one.

How Big is My House?

Tiny, one-bedroom apartments probably won’t need a cleaner that is high-capacity. However, if you have a bigger home, you may want a vacuum that has more storage, has a longer cord, or has a stronger battery.

What Types of Floors Do I Have?

If you have a hardwood floor, make sure that what you buy specializes in that. If you have carpets, your vacuum should specialize in high or low pile carpeting. Homes that have both should get their cleanings by something that has a balance.

Is Pet Hair a Problem?

If you have pets, look for a vacuum that is great for pet dander. Pretty simple.

Do I Have Tight Spaces That Need Cleaning?

If your house has tight spaces, a bulky vacuum may not suffice. Alternatively, you may use a robot vacuum or a handheld to reach those tight spaces. Sometimes, you may need more than one to do the job, and that’s okay.

What Are the Best Ones of This Year?

Shark always comes out with some new products every year. Having the hottest cleaner is quite satisfying, and as you’ll find out, there are quite a few every year worth purchasing. Look at the ones that are popular, as there should be one that may fit your home needs.

Black Friday Deals

Shark vacuums are quality, and have some great value to them, but some people on tight budgets may hesitate before purchasing one. Luckily, Black Friday is around the corner, and you can find some amazing deals.

Last year, these babies had some stellar deals. On Amazon, you could find some for almost half off. Some retailers were knocking over $100 off. When you’re on a budget, this is one amazing deal you don’t want to miss before it gets sucked away.

Always check out your local online retailer or store. By knowing what deals happen beforehand, you can find one that’s a great deal, but is not low-quality.

If your house needs a cleaning, yet you don’t want to suck up all your money, a Shark vacuum is a good investment. Try one out.

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