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The Best Eufy Cyber Monday Week Deals of 2020: Up to 40% off

Do you want a robot vacuum, or do you want to make more additions to your growing smart home? Eufy deals on Cyber Monday can make it happen. Eufy is a big company, offering not only their Robovac, but other products that can be perfect for your home.

Today’s Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Friday September 17, 1am PDT:

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What Does Eufy Offer?

They are a brand that makes various smart home appliances. Let’s look at some of them.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuums are quite popular, having come a long way since the days of iRobot Roomba. Eufy Robovac vacuums offer strong vacuuming and smart features while being affordable for most homes. Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner can be hard because there are several, but their lineup of robovacs are quite good. This Black Friday, look at various robot vacuum deals and decide if Roomba, Eufy, or another lineup is the best for your situation.

Besides the robot vacuum, this company also includes other appliances for vacuuming, such as a hand vac or a stick. They can vary in suction power and other features, so compare them all. From iRobot Roomba, Neato, and the Shark Ion, these all have various suction power and features to offer.

With that said, the Eufy Robovac is a worthy contender to iRobot Roomba and beyond. Check out the best vacuum deals on robot vacuums and compare.


Eufy offers various night lights and smart lights to make lighting your home easier for you. It’s much easier for you to turn off the lights with their lineup.

Smart Scales

Eufy offers various smart scales. These not only weigh you, but connect to an app and offer holistic health advice. With a normal scale, your weight doesn’t mean much. In contrast, a smart scale can give you a lot more insight. Your health is more than the number on the scale, after all.


Having home security is something you may want to consider. Even if you aren’t rich, a burglar can always come to your door. Eufy offers various home security cameras to tell you who is there. In addition, home security can include knowing who is at the door when they knock. Eufy offers video doorbells to allow you to do just that.

They also have a smart floodlight, which includes a camera. No matter the occasion, we do believe that Eufy has you covered.

Baby Monitors

If you have a little one, you do need to be watchful of them. A traditional baby monitor allows you to hear your baby if there’s something wrong, but Eufy’s lineup of smart monitors allows you to do so much more than that, from seeing the baby to monitoring their vitals.

These are just some products that they offer. Whether you want a robot vacuum or you want to renovate your entire home, Black Friday deals can make it happen.

These are just some of their products that they have to offer. Smart homes make it easy for you to live your life without lifting too much of a finger. If you’re looking for products that can make that a reality, Eufy offers several products that will make your life easier. We recommend looking at their selection and seeing what they have to offer. There’s a good chance you’ll find something you are looking for.

What Are the Features of Eufy’s Robot Vacuum?

Their robot vacuum is the main product they sell, so let’s break down some of its features.

Smart Capabilities

This Wi-Fi vacuum can be controlled by your phone or through smart home devices like Amazon Alexa. Being able to schedule your robot to clean can be quite convenient for you, and their Robovac lineups can make it easy. Some models even include home mapping to allow you to select a certain room.

Big Batteries

Many of their vacuums have a battery that lasts a long time. You can get up to 100 minutes, or possibly more than 100 minutes, on their Robovacs. When the battery is low, the robot returns to its charging station.

Good Brushes

Their vacuums come with some rubber brushes that make cleaning pet hair and other messes much easier. Their cleaning system will ensure that your home is clean with the most minimal effort.

BoostIQ Tech

BoostIQ tech involves the vacuum using more power if there’s more dust, pet hair, or other forms of dirt on the ground, and vice versa. This allows the vacuum to avoid using too much power when it shouldn’t, meaning that it can clean a bigger home better on a single charge.


One feature of their vacuums is that they are quiet, claiming to be no louder than a microwave. The downside to most vacuums is that it can be loud, offering a terrible experience for others in the house. This one manages to be quiet. While loudness is subjective, most seem to agree.

A Good Price Tag

The Robovac isn’t a high end machine. Unlike some Roomba models that have advanced tech like a self-cleaning dust bin, you’re not going to see anything that costs too much. However, if you have a lower budget, this is a great alternative to Roomba for the price.

This is a case of a robot vacuum being affordable, but not cheap. For their price, you get quite a few features that will satisfy most people. Wait for a sale on Amazon or Walmart if you want something with more features, but for the time being, the Robovac is satisfactory.

What Eufy Deals Did We See on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

If you want to know what sale is happening during this Black Friday event, looking to the past can give you some insight. Last year, the company had some great robot vacuum deals. Besides their robot vacuum, Eufy had some other products offered in their bundle as well.

Their robot vacuum is already affordable, giving you smart Wi-Fi features for a price that will make you smile. Last year, their robot vacuums had a good amount of money cut off them. If you are looking for a robot vacuum, they had several that will allow you to save.

Many of their deals also involved bundles. For example, not only could you get a robot vacuum, but they offered a free scale to go with them.

We expect this year’s Black Friday sale to be great as well. When looking for their products, be it robot vacuums or other Wi-Fi smart devices, try finding the store or site that is having the best sale on whatever it is you’re looking for.

With Eufy, it’s important to look at all websites when you want to buy a product from them. Amazon can offer some good deals, but so can Best Buy and Walmart. Additionally, their own website has plenty of deals available as well. This Black Friday, we expect to see deals on Amazon and at other stores, so look on all fronts.

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Final Words

Black Friday is a good time for you to look for robot vacs. You’re staying inside more, and you may need to do more cleaning.

All of Eufy’s other products are perfect to buy this time of year, too. When you’re doing shopping, a good smart camera can protect your home. If you’re trying to avoid winter weight gain, their smart scales can help you to stay healthy.

Look at what Eufy has to offer and see if there is a product for you. We hope this article has made it easier. Good luck on your search.

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