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Our Choice Of The Best Garmin Cyber Monday Week Deals of 2020: Up to 50% off

Cyber Monday week is here and now a great time to buy a Garmin product. Here are the best deals we found for today.

Today’s Deals

The Garmin flash sale is offering huge discounts and free shipping on many products.image 100127189 14395692

Amazon Deals

Deals we recommend, last updated on Friday September 17, 1am PDT:

Garmin 010-01746-00 Forerunner 935 Running GPS Unit (Black)
Price: $269.99
Was: $499.99
Discount: 46%

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I’m a big fan of consumer electronics and the Garmin range of sat navs is no exception. That’s why, today, I’m going to discuss these products in detail, what sort of discounts you can expect, and how to make your purchases as cheap and easy as possible.

How much do you spend on your car – from gas to maintenance to insurance? America is a country built on the backbone of automotive technology from Ford to the glory years of American Car manufacturing.

With the amount of time we spend in our cars, including going the wrong way, it’s about time you invested in a little more peace of mind and dedicated navigation tech. This means less traffic jams, less time waiting, and maybe even enjoying your time on the black-top!

Why a Sat Nav

Satellite navigation has been one of the most exciting developments over the past few decades but it hasn’t seen quite as much appreciation as it should. As little as 15 years ago, you’d have to have a map for everywhere you wanted to go or, at least, have some familiarity with where you’re going.

Now, it’s as simple as having a zip code and the ability to follow directions. While some of us still aren’t so hot on the latter, sat navs have made it possible to venture further afield without any need for a map, experience in the area or even knowledge of which direction is North.

They’ve truly revolutionised the way that we travel and live. If you ever have to go outside of your own city, you’ll see this almost immediately. In many ways, it’s simply an investment in never being lost ever again. This is a pretty big deal, especially with increasingly awesome technology and better price-points every year.

Why a Garmin?

So why are we talking about Garmin? To start with, they’re one of the industry-leaders and that makes a lot of difference when it comes to SatNav technology. Being experienced and well-renowned on the market means better satellite quality and uplinks, as well as better features and a general sense of reliability that matters to this type of product.

Garmin’s products also have a variety of features including real-time traffic updates that make them an essential investment for a commute. While these take you through areas you’re probably already familiar with, they can save you hours every month by providing alternative, less-congested routes.

If you’re looking to spend more time moving and less time staring at ugly bumper stickers, Garmin’s products have your back.

Beyond this, we’ve found that they’re just some of the most easy-to-use and good-quality products on the market. You don’t want a SatNav to break or falter when on the road, so it’s an important investment in quality that will pay off over the next few years of use. You might find yourself replacing the car before the Garmin!

Other Products with Great Deals

We’ve covered a bunch of the best picks – the following are just some of our favorites:

Sales History

We’ve seen big sales on Garmin products in the past, with huge % discounts. In the past, we’ve seen the mid-level SatNavs selling as low as $80.

In the 2017 Prime Day sales, we saw Garmin products dropping from $169 to $115, for example – a reduction of around 30%. This is a big deal, especially if you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend too much on this type of tech. This is for a product with all of the features mentioned above and 24-hour driver alerts.

This is interesting because you’re more likely to save $$$ in the first few years of use simply by using shorter, more efficient driving routes. After all, $80 of gasoline isn’t as much as it used to be and, depending on how much you drive, you’ll make this back in a relatively short space of time.

Buyer Tips

Getting the most from Garmin’s sales includes following a few simple tips on how to navigate deals and shop smarter.

  1. Upgrade While it Lasts: Get a better product at an entry-level price rather than rushing to the bottom. Quality matters and better products have better features, so you’re going to see a better return by hitting these products, especially while they’re on large sales.
  2. Look for the Bundles: some sales are made far better by the inclusion of bundled products, services or discounts. When it comes to consumer tech, this might mean cases, stands and the like – an essential purchase with the legality of driving while fiddling with SatNavs!
  3. Lists Matter: A few good Wishlists can save you plenty of time and effort. They’re an easy way to compare products – we recommend building Wishlists by feature, price range, brand and a simple “favourites” list.
  4. Look for Lightning Deals: These are the huge savings that last for minutes at a time. They bring the biggest discounts, but you need to be fast on the buzzer. Get the Amazon app and you’ll be notified if you set up your settings for desktop/phone notifications.


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